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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 85

Episode 85. dragon chaser (2)

[Humans can never win against dragons. ]

It was the first thought Dante had after seeing the pattern.

The magic unfolding before your eyes is on a different level.

The essence of mana and magic itself.

The word root came to mind.


It is a state that humans cannot comprehend.

Looking at the colorful mana threads that filled the space made me dizzy.

I felt sick to my stomach.

“There are very intricate patterns throughout the space. It’s too bright. It is at a level that I cannot comprehend.”

BS stared at the distant sea where dragons flew in groups. He became very curious about what Dante was seeing.

“Then the most complicated one might be magic that can cross space. Erase it.”

BS was heartbroken.

Why do cracks open?

No one has been able to pinpoint the principle of cracking. Until now, scholars have put forward many hypotheses, but they are only hypotheses.

So far, the dominant hypothesis is that dragons open warp holes and teleport.

However, Dante obtained valuable information that is slightly different from the hypothesis by reading the pattern just once.

‘It’s more likely to be a spatial intersection rather than a warp.’

Meanwhile, Dante concentrated and practiced self-hypnosis.

can do.

can do!

You have to penetrate the essence in countless patterns.

Just like you found the hidden hook in the BS pattern, you just have to do the same this time.

Dante erased the purple patterns that filled the space one by one.

‘This is not what I want to see.’

Hit it and hit it again.

The thick fog that had covered the essence began to slowly lift.

“That’s Okay. now i see I see only dragons. And yet, there are still many. It’s confusing. They are all different patterns. I have no idea what is what.”

“Don’t try to understand everything. If it was an object that the human mind could comprehend, he would have conquered it right away.”


“Take it as it is. With the idea of absorbing rather than understanding.”

At that time, the objects that jumped into the sea flew up to the surface at once and joined the group.

hey hey

Ooh oh oh!

A high-pitched, high-pitched sound.

There was a clear difference from the first ‘go oh oh’ sound.

If the sound I heard earlier was like a majestic heartbeat, this time it was more like a dolphin cry.

They flapped their wings and hovered over the sea for a while. The water droplets that fell from the giant wings spread and a double rainbow appeared.

Ocean, blue dragon, rainbow.

It was a scene that could have been published as an illustration in a fantasy fairy tale.

Normally, I would have closed my eyes for a moment and made a wish, but I didn’t have time for that.

New patterns spilled out around them.

From noble mtl dot com

“Each object is pouring out a pattern. It’s a very simple pattern, but that… … what was it You know, there’s a text I wrote a long time ago. Something like a painting.”

“Hieroglyphs, man.”

“right. That’s it. I see a pattern like that. Some of them I think I can follow… … .”

However, the group of dragons disappeared from sight in an instant. northwest across the sea.

It was in the direction of Echo Base.

“The attack will begin soon.”

“ha… … . It looks like this is how it ends.”

“Have you heard of the 1/7 rule?”


“Dragon annihilated 1/7 of humanity at the time of each rift. During the first rift, one red dragon killed 5 million. In the second round, 12 silver dragons killed 4 million.”

In the third rift, five green dragons killed 7 million.

And in the most recent 4th round, a black dragon killed 11 million people.

A total of nineteen dragons have visited Earth so far. Among them, three individuals were killed by humans.

One red and two green.

Black, who slaughtered 11 million, was not captured. He enjoyed the massive slaughter alone and quietly disappeared.

“You didn’t attack? Or did you attack and miss?”

“black. Wasn’t there only one Humanity launched an all-out offensive. However, I couldn’t leave a scratch. It watched the attacking humans while wearing a strong shield. And it disappeared when the shield was broken.”

Dante listened to BS’s explanation to the end.

“Then what is it this time? There are about 30 of them we have seen in the coastal waters.”

“According to the information, there are about 300 of them.”

It was a fact that I found out through a text message sent by Jia Han.

“The blue dragon must be the weakest, right? So in groups… … .”

Dante is at a loss for words.

So shouldn’t we run away?

The superman and the soldier were also at a loss for words.

The Mage Tower and governments around the world predicted that around 10 dragons would emerge from this rift.

Because it has always been like that in the previous rift.

But 300?

Most of the troops lost their will to fight.

Jia Han looked at the radar nervously.

A group of dragons headed for the sea were rapidly approaching Echo Base.

‘This is crazy. It’s a battle you can’t win.’

Jia Han also knew the rule of 1/7.

This crack is one of two things.

Either kill only 1/7 and disappear like before, or come to the real end.

There are 300 dragons.

The first to be exposed to danger were the most elite superhumans and soldiers.

The cell phone rang.

Jia Han confirmed the text message.

It was a text from the Magic Tower’s headquarters.

[Return to Double S Agras / Single action not allowed. (automatically deleted after 3 seconds) ]

Exactly 3 seconds later, the text was deleted.

same time.

The heads of state and superman association executives held a video conference.

Minister of Magic Agras was the first to speak. He belonged to the Mage Tower and was in charge of communication between the Mage Tower and the government.

[The Magic Tower has concluded that the odds of this fight are 0%. ]

The faces of the presidents of each country turned blue.

[Well, then what should I do? ]

[Is there a solution? ]

This time, the director of the International Superhuman Cooperation Organization spoke.

[ Superman belonging to the Mage Tower deployed on the site will retreat as of this time. ]

The Echo Base President covered his face with a look of despair.

[This is nonsense. Nonsense! Are you about to abandon our eco-people? ]

The Minister of Magic calmly explained.

[If they come with the intention of ending it, we will die in the end. If you follow the 1/7 rule, you’ll kill 14 million and go back.

Only 14 million people need to die. It would be foolish to put all the troops into it. ]

Ten enthroned positions (十卽圍之), five enthroned ones (五卽攻之).

Encircle if your allies are 10 times the enemy’s.

Attacks when allies are 5 times the enemy’s.

It’s from the Grandson’s Law.

To encircle at 10 times the number meant that even if you did not attack, the enemy, who was suppressed by the force, would surrender, so wait.

Now it is 700,000 to 300.

Nevertheless, the 700,000-strong army decided to retreat.

Possibility that the blue dragon is the weakest among its species?

Of course there is.

Who knows if one red and 300 blues would have similar strength. However, he could not believe in that slim possibility and attack.

The president of the Bravo base agreed with the minister’s words and came out. Bravo was also the area that suffered the most damage during the 4th rift.

[The Minister of Magic is right. If all superhumans die, how do I collect rare stones? Then base defenses and toxic cleanses. everything becomes impossible

If the superhuman disappears, the surviving 86 million will eventually die. You donated mana stones to use for defense, right? That’s the best we can do. ]

About 30% of the mana stones that were already stored in each country’s national treasury had been transferred to the Echo Base.

The Echo Base Prime Minister slammed the desk and yelled.

[ It can’t be like this! ]

In an instant, ridicule floated over the face of the Bravo base president.

[ 102 years ago. It was Echo who sent the fewest troops to our Bravo. is that all Whenever a crisis came, it was Echo who came out the most uncooperatively.

You handed over your weapons to the LNP and took the money. We let them roam around the base. To absorb their capital.

I also believe that the Echo Base should be held accountable for the Dazney Park incident. You have no right to ask your neighbors for help. It’s enough. ]

Starting with President Bravo, the connection was cut one after another.

The Echo Base President looked at the empty monitor and muttered quietly.

[It’s really over now. ]

same time.

Only 100,000 superhumans and soldiers belonging to Echo remained at the site.

The hearts of those who retreated leaving them behind were also not at ease.

There is no other way.

It was crazy, literally, to attack blindly.

The story of the noble sacrifice of a knight who died while facing an unwinnable foe?

It’s something out of a novel.

It’s cool because it’s a novel.

In reality, such a death is called dog death.

Twenty percent of Agras’s forces stood by near Vladivostok.

If they hit the Echo Base and then turn to Agras, then you really have to fight for your life.

Jia Han was also there.

Inside the fighter plane where the 8th Platoon of Double S is riding.

There weren’t many conversations.

“How did 300 of them show up?”

“Is this how it ends, us?”

They are veteran crew members who have passed the death penalty several times.

I wasn’t afraid.

It was just a messy mind.

At that time, Jia Han, who was watching the radar, spoke in an urgent voice.

“Everyone, take a look at this.”

Dragon disappeared from radar.

“What? Did you leave?”

“That’s not it. Communication with all drones in your area has been lost.”

“Look at the satellite image over there. what the heck… … what is it?”

A white curtain was created over Echo Base.

“I don’t think it’s a cloud… … .”


The soldiers guarding Echo looked at the sky with blank expressions. Communications were completely cut off.

“Where are you going?”

“To the southeast. Are you going to the sea?”

A huge ice barrier was created high up in the sky, and the surroundings became dark. Fine ice particles poured down. Things around me started to freeze.

“I guess he’s thinking of freezing him to death this time.”

The dragon disappeared from view.

* * *

BS prepared for takeoff.

I was thinking of going back to the bunker.

Dante had many thoughts.

‘Dio you son of a b*tch. Are you okay?’

It is a level 1 defense facility.

BS said it would survive.

Dante focused again.

‘It looked like this.’

A pattern made of eight long and short straight lines.


I drew the simple pattern I saw earlier in the air.

‘What magic is it? nothing happened… … .’

It was then.

Suddenly the air around me became chilly.

BS also stopped what he was doing for a moment and looked ahead.

Huge mana was coming like a storm.

Dante hastily erased the pattern.

It was embarrassing.

“… … uh? uh… … .”


“I just drew the pattern I saw earlier. however… … .”

BS’ expression became serious.

‘Couldn’t Dante have called them here?’

“I need to get out of here right now.”

“yes. song.”

“… … .”


no popularity

Dante turned his head to look at BS.


BS hardened as if under a petrification spell.

Dante’s heart sank.

He grabbed BS’s body and shook it lightly.

“grandfather. grandfather!”

What happened?

Dante looked out the window.

I saw a group of dragons flying in the distance along with the ice barrier.

however… …

‘There are no waves. the sea… … .’

Time seemed to have stopped.

In the frozen time, the only things that moved were Dante himself and the dragon.

‘What are these guys doing? Is it because of the ice barrier? I have to get out.’

Dante held the capsule that BS had given him.

I said it would teleport… … .

The moment you try to open the lid by applying force with your fingertips.

The capsule froze and shattered.

Dante despaired.

‘what. BS because of me… … Are you going to die like this?’

Dante reached out and pressed the start button.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay!”

It was in vain.

In the meantime, the dragons flew right in front of me.

They folded their wings and sat down on the shore about 20 meters away.

Hundreds of dark blue eyes flocked to Dante.

‘What, what is it? Are you looking at me?’

From noble mtl dot com

But to my surprise, my mind became calm.

As the anxiety subsided, this thought came to my mind.

‘I want to have a conversation.’

I don’t know why.

I just felt that way.

As if someone is injecting information into the brain.

Dante got out of the car as if possessed.

300 dragons emitted the same magic pattern at the same time.

[ Ħ ]

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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