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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 83

Episode 83. Fifth Rift (4)

Dante eventually unpacked into BS’s room.

There are five large monitors that weren’t there before.

“What is all this?”

“The screen the Magic Tower guys are watching.”

I didn’t ask how you were watching this in the living room. If I asked, they’d yell ‘I’m BS, man!’

There was also a screen filming around the bunker.

“Did you fly this drone yourself?”

“OK. That guy is 50 billion won per unit.”

One, two screens being filmed by a 50 billion drone… … .

There are 12 split screens.

“How much money do you have?”

“It’s not enough to pour water into a bottomless dock, cancer.”

BS grinned and pointed at Dante with his index finger.

“Me? Are you saying I’m poisonous?”

When are they tempted to become superhuman by saying that they are talented, genius, or special?

It’s poisonous treatment.

“If I were a bottomless poison, there would be no healthy poison in the world.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? All the poisons in the world are out on the battlefield by now. It means you’re a kid who has to hide in a bunker even when the cracks open.”

“Yes, thank you. Hiding with your grandfather is very reassuring, isn’t it?”

“Um, that Gooyan Noh… … !”

cool cool.

BS couldn’t finish talking and coughed.

Dante was worried about such BS.

The average life expectancy in Agras is around 60 years.

Along with the police and military, the average life expectancy of a superman belonging to the dangerous occupational group is 48 years. And a whopping 30 percent of deaths each year take their own lives.

In this situation, BS survived to over 70, so it was a longevity.

Dante went to bed and sat down next to BS.

“Grandpa. You have to officiate when I get married.”

“Are you treating me like someone who will die soon just because I coughed a few times?”

“Because he lived 24 years longer than the average superhuman lifespan.”

“No work.”

Usually, many young superhumans die.

10 years was a turning point.

After 10 years of experience in the field, the mortality rate drops significantly. Since there are many superhumans who cannot overcome that hurdle, the average life span is also decreasing.

BS swallowed his cough with a ‘bump’.

‘You can’t even cough comfortably because of me.’

Dante got out of bed and talked.

“Would you like a cup of bellflower ginger tea?”

“It’s okay, man.”

BS pulled out a card key from deep inside a drawer and handed it to Dante. It was a universal key that could access most of the facilities in the bunker.

“Don’t think about lounging around and go away to the training ground.”

“Yeah yeah.”


“Curve success. Currently, it is possible to simultaneously express up to eight including straight curves.”

BS clicked his tongue as if he was pathetic.

“it serves him right. Poisonous bastard. So at what age will you catch up with me?”

“Do not worry. Whether it takes 10 or 20 years, I will do it! But can I take you to the library at the club site?”

“The study is not allowed. Feel free to look around the rest. in my collection… … .”

“You think you’ll get a puncture in your head if you touch it? Yes, I understand. Then I will go out.”

BS thought as he watched Dante walk away.

‘It looks like he learned how to breathe mana.’

All of the BS Kids were outstanding superhumans. It wasn’t because BS taught them well, it was the result of selecting only outstanding children in the first place.

He did not teach his disciples much. A good disciple did not have to teach. because you understand yourself

Great players don’t necessarily make good managers.

So was BS.

Instead of teaching, he did what the children needed.

To provide an environment where children can concentrate on their growth by removing obstacles.

Because of this, life in the bunker was not lonely. Even though I complained that I had a lot to do, I felt great happiness in being able to do something for them.

The sound of Dante’s footsteps was completely distant. BS jumped up and sat down in front of the desk. and sent a text

[Me: The mana storm has moved again in the meantime. What’s your situation? ]

[Big slut: Waiting for dispatch]

[Me: Are the words a bit short? ]

[Big slut: that bar, ㅡㅁ ]

[Me: Goo-yan guy! ]

[Large bastard: ? ]

BS trembled and put the phone down.

Dante went straight down to the guest room.


“Can I come in?”

Alicia’s voice came from inside.

“come in!”

Dante opened the door and entered the guest room.

Usually when I visit the bunker, I stay here.

Alicia was changing her clothes. If it was like before, ‘Why do you ask me to come in while changing clothes?’ I would have said something. I’m so used to it now.

Dante lay down on the bed waving his card key.

“I got the key. Let’s go and have a magic bullet match.”

After recovering at the speed of light, Gu Dan-ji sat down on the bed. A bright blush rose over her face.

It was still awkward to change clothes in front of a man. It was a level I had barely gotten used to through 30 days of survival practice.

It is difficult to live in the military if you spend all your time changing clothes. Superhuman women always wear sports bras that they wear when exercising.

Danji also lived at the academy for a year and had to adapt to some extent.

Frankly, in terms of being obscene… …

The bikini I saw in Alicia’s closet is much more erotic.

Dante threw a word while watching Alicia wrestle with tight leggings.

“Are you fighting pants? Then I’ll tear it up.”

“It’s because my legs are slender, but my bun is full.”

Alicia eventually threw off her leggings and changed into shorts.

“You ugly M-size leggings bastard. Are you saying it won’t fit?”

“See if you’ve gained weight. Ha ha ha!”

Alicia snorted and snatched the card key from Dante.

“That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. You bastard like Fabio.”

“Why is Fabio-senpai here?”

“The goon is also a cynical Sibelomsheki just like you. Dandan, let’s go and play with each other.”

Alicia grabbed Danji’s right wrist and Dante’s left wrist.

“The club. It’s me Alicia. Pick one of the two.”

Danji trembled and shook Dante’s hand.

“I like both. why should i choose Dante, be childish.”

“Did you hear? Before hanging out with you, I didn’t say anything like that at the club. Get away from the club right now!”

“Yep disease. They say it’s childish because it’s childish. Why are you blaming me?”

The club manager, who was restless in the middle, spoke quietly.

“I know a lot of swearing.”

Is it really rough outside the base?

English swearing is a learning process, but Korean swearing was mastered a long time ago.

Dante snapped his fingers and raised himself.

“That’s right, the club. did you talk about that? He cursed at Red Devil in Korean and it caused a stir.”

“Hey, don’t talk about that!”

“sorry. Can’t we talk?”

“It’s not like that… … Is swearing bad?”

“You would have cursed at me even though you knew it was bad? dog! Childish?”

“… … huh!”

“… … .”

Alicia asked with a curious face.

“what? why? What? Why am I the only one who doesn’t know?”

“hmm… … . Because I can’t understand when people curse in Korean. I even laughed and cursed at the twins.”


“I forgot that Red Devil is of Korean descent. So I cursed.”

From noble mtl dot com


Gu Danji quietly whispered in Alicia’s ear.

“If it’s in English, it’s roughly… … A bastard like a doggie penis.”

Upon hearing what Dan said, Alicia burst into laughter.

In fact, Dante didn’t even know what the club manager meant exactly.

At the time, Red Devils sentenced Gudanji to ‘PT No. 8 until the end of training’. It was such a harsh punishment that I could only guess that it must have been harsh.

“Wow, I thought we were just puppies, but we were tiger cubs, right?”

“It’s not that baby, it’s an adult tiger. Wow!”

That’s right.

Because Danji’s English is poor, people see him as foolish. Normally, it was difficult for Kangdaguro to survive 16 years outside the base. Even with a woman’s body.

In fact, Dan’s body was full of scars.

I remember seeing it during survival practice and even Dante was surprised.

The three moved to the shooting range.

The complex burst out with exclamation at the size of the bunker, which is much larger than expected.

“wow… … . The bunker is very big. As expected, Bell Simon-sama’s best friend, BS Wizard!”

To meet the wizard who worked together with the archmage, who is now only a legend.

The complex just felt like it warmed my heart.

Two days to practice matan like that, watch the news, and eat the steak that BS grills himself.

New news came.

[ … … Experts predict that the rift will open over Echo Base. ]

[Our Agras Army decided to dispatch 300,000 soldiers to Echo Base… … ]

[ The location of the mana storm has changed twenty-seven times in two days. It’s unprecedented. This made it difficult to deploy troops. ]

[A large-scale escape is taking place at Echo Base at this time. The military is in the position that forceful suppression is inevitable. ]

Alicia shook her legs nervously.

“Payment. What about my dad? I can’t contact you… … .”

“Karum is also my baby. Don’t worry about anything.”

“ha… … .”

The situation at Echo Base was projected on the news in real time.

A mana storm accompanied by thunder and lightning was raging. It was so intense that a stranger would mistake it for a fireworks display.

While the children were anxious, BS smiled meaningfully.

‘I’m lucky.’

Cracks always open no matter where they are.

It was a wish that it would be opened near the Echo Base closest to the bunker.

“Everyone, get ready to go out.”

““… … .””

The children looked up at BS with dumbfounded expressions.

“Are you leaving?”

“Where are we going?”

“You didn’t just go out and run away, did you? It’s close to Echo Base here.”

“Among the existing superhumans, there are only around 100 people who have seen a dragon at least once. If you don’t see it now, there’s a high chance you won’t see it for the rest of your life.”

BS was convinced after seeing the children’s expressions.

[System: Archmage BS failed to enhance <Three Kids> +99. ]

“I don’t think I need to look… … .”

“I want to live a long, long life.”

“Go alone. I want to watch the news with the kids. Guys, lie down! Don’t fall for the tricks of the wicked archmage. Alicia Smith is casting the Dispel Charm skill!”

Danji muttered in a very, very low voice.

“Sister, you are a meongmongyuchi… … .”

He felt a stinging gaze on his temple, but Danji never turned his head.

BS let out a deep sigh and muttered.

“The future is dark. Like weaklings. Follow me, kids.”

Just thought.

This is a place where you can’t survive without being childish.

Children moved along BS.

A low and narrow tunnel that could barely fit an adult passed through.

Dante and Alicia have never been there either. Judging by the travel time, it seemed to be a long way from the bunker entrance on the ground.

Dante carefully looked around.

The tunnel was fully armed with advanced magic. It felt as if some great treasure was buried there.


The automatic door opened and I stepped inside.

BS explained right away without even giving a chance to admire.

“It’s a car that can fly low.”

Dante had also seen it on the Internet.

Alicia spit out exactly what Dante had been thinking in her mind.

“i know. It’s the car that rich people buy when they’re looking for money.”

“… … .”

“hmm… … . I didn’t shoot Grandpa.”

“… … .”

“Because my grandfather is not just a rich man, he is a rich man of a rich man, a great rich man… … ?”

Agras and each base. There is a separate roadway. However, very few people owned a car.

The public transportation facilities are so good, and if you buy it, you can only ride it in an area with a population of about 100,000.

Each district was connected only by rail, and there was no separate road for cars to move. Charlie’s base alone has over 100 zones, which means that zone movement is impossible.

Of course, the most decisive reason is always money. Because of the huge taxes.

BS didn’t care and continued the explanation.

“This is the S700, the most expensive model in the Devil series. There are only five of them in the world.”

The S700 is around 400 billion won per unit.

Silas Meyer was one of the S700 owners. The other owners have not been named.

The Rolls-Royd Boattail, which could only drive on the ground in the old days, was about 30 billion won, and the Bugatti La Voiture Noir was in the early 20 billion won range.

“The old fighter F-35 Lightning cost 100 billion won. If you add in the software upgrades, the price is staggering… … .”

Dante carefully cut the words of BS, who had been explaining every phrase.

“I-maybe… … Are you making excuses for Alicia’s statement that rich people are money suckers?”

“anyway. Considering the performance of this guy, 400 billion is not necessarily money… … I mean.”

Just then, BS’ cell phone rang.

It was a text message from a big bastard.

[ Big Cumshot: On the way to Echo ]

[Me: Take care of yourself. ]

The big deal is exactly what BS expected. I sent a reply without making a mistake.

[Big slut: That’s Han Ji-ah]

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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