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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 82

Episode 82. 5th Rift (3)

“Aww. Are you our Lisha junior?”

Carum put his arm around Dio’s shoulder.


“Isn’t our Lisha pretty?”

“Ah, of course. Isn’t Stella’s beauty ranking number 1?”

“Yo-yo-yo, are you grinding your teeth? Is Rosé Meyer pretty or is our Risha pretty?”

“The two have different charms. If I had to argue, Senior Al is closer to my ideal type. so. Do you marry your son-in-law from today?”

“Oh, my son-in-law.”

Inside Ray’s private plane.

Danji asked Dante.

“Where are we going?”



“Yeah, really.”

“wow. Wow, wow!”

Alicia, who was next to her, slowly turned her neck in pain.

“Why do I have such a long back neck? It’s strange.”

By the time we arrived in Seoul.

A photo arrived on Alicia’s cell phone.

[Brother: Take a picture with your son-in-law! ]

“Oh my. … … mi! Oh my, I’m hungry for the back bone. Carum Smith… … Don’t leave me alone, Jin-tzu!”

[Me: D.O. You’re really going to die, bastard. What did you and Dad talk about? ]

[Transmission failed (1) ]

[ Failed to transmit (2) ]

[Transmission failed (3) ]

[ Failed to send (100) ]

“I’m back, really.”

Autumn rain was falling in Seoul.

Silent as if dead

‘Creepy… … .’

Dante rubbed his forearm with his palm.

the sky has changed

Outside the base, there was no place to properly prepare.

what are they doing now

… … pray?

Ray dropped the children off where he always did.

“Can I find you from here?”


Is Uncle Ray not going with you?

Dante asked, looking at Ray standing in the doorway.

“What about you?”

“I must go back to Agras. my family is there I have to go and lend a hand.”

The Shultz family also resides in Sky Island.

Ray is alone and stays on the ground, but that doesn’t mean his duty is gone.

Duties as a member of a family and a resident of Sky Island are bound by ‘points’. Ray was registered as a member of the Schultz (13) family with his father.

If Ray comes out of the family independently, it is classified as the Shultz (16) family. From then on, the points are also measured separately.

The same goes for the Meyer family.

When you think of the Meyer family, you think of the Meyer (1) family, the second in the hierarchy, led by Silas Meyer.

However, there were actually two Mayer families who moved into Sky Island. The Meyer (8) family, led by Silas Meyer’s older cousin, resides in Sky Island as the 400th-ranked family.

“Then go straight to the bunker.”

“yes! mister. be careful.”

It is complicated to let Ray go.

‘Why didn’t I think of that? You have a family too… … .’

The children headed straight to the bunker.

Tramps that were not normally seen were seen frequently.

They were just staring up at the sky.

It was then.


A gunshot was heard not far away.

Tramps hid with frightened faces.

“Hey, looters!”

The club site also took a defensive posture while being wary of the surroundings.

Alicia crossed her arms with Danji.

“Don’t worry, my sister raised her guard.”

As magic was revealed, there were many advantages in many ways. First of all, the fact that people around you are not afraid and are relieved?

Even if you overcome your fear, more than half of them eat and go. So, it was a big help during the last survival practice.

Alicia quietly whispered to Dante as well.

“Probably BS shot.”

“… … why?”

“There are a lot of people with me. There’s nothing good about seeing what we’re going through.”

“… … .”

So you’re saying you shot them on purpose to scare the bums into hiding?

BS is also… … .



After that, two or three more gunshots were heard.

Seeing the sound getting closer and closer, it seemed that BS was the right one to shoot.

As expected, BS was out in the yard.

Seeing the machine gun in his hand, Gudanji hid behind Alicia’s back.

BS said with a benevolent smile.

“Let’s go in and say hello.”

The children followed BS into the bunker.

BS put the machine gun with the magazine removed on the floor.

For BS to put the gun on the floor meant that it was not a cherished model.

“This is a bolt action machine gun called K3.”

Dante asked as he sat down on the sofa.

“Eh? Is there a bolt action machine gun too?”

Bolt action is a method of manually removing and reloading the shell after firing, so there is no continuous firing or the firing rate is slow.

By the way, a machine gun that grinds hundreds of rounds per minute is a bolt action type?

Dante didn’t understand.

BS explained while drinking lemon tea.

“Even though that guy is a machine gun, he can’t go. There are a lot of leftovers. By my standards, sh*t is sh*t.”

“ah… … . But if 500 years have passed, even the goddamn thing will be sh*t… … no.”

If you start arguing with BS about firearms, you will lose for a few hours.

No mention of Bell Simon.

No mention of second place, including the number 2.

No talking about guns.

If you keep these three rules well, you can continue a peaceful conversation with BS.

BS put four glasses of lemon tea on a tray and sat down at the table.

Alicia passed a glass to Danji and said.

“Just you know Bell Simon, right? this person… … .”

Alicia broke the first rule from the start,

“wow! i know. Wow, wow. Glory to you, Bell Simon.”

Danji jumped up from his seat and folded his back.

Alicia panicked and slapped Danji’s back. I felt a sense of urgency in the quivering fingertips.

“No no, that’s not Bell Simon-sama. It’s the BS wizard who acted as his closest colleague and team member… … .”

Danji bent down and quickly shook his head.

‘… … What do we do?’

3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds.


She straightened her folded waist and raised both thumbs up.

“A team like Bell Simon is the best in the world! I respect you, BS Wizard… … .”

“okay. Is your name Kudanji?”


“nice to meet. Sit back. I’m about 50 years older than you, so I can treat you comfortably, right?”

“Yes, yes!”

Gudanji fluttered his hand fans with his face flushed red.

“Oh, it’s a bit hot. Isn’t everything hot?”

Dante dragged a glass of iced lemon tea right in front of the ballpark.

“Drink this and calm down.”

“huh… … .”

Actually, BS didn’t really care.

Bell Simon is the only member of the BST team whose name is known. Perhaps it was a natural reaction.

It’s only after we get to know each other that we get angry about Bell Simon. The children gradually raised their nerve with Bell Simon stories, and BS would tune in to their rhythm.

“ruler. Today we are meeting suddenly because of a rift, so it would be good to talk about it.”

Dante was also curious.

In class, they are taught that dragons are not opponents to be confronted with, but ‘existences to be avoided’.

“Did your grandfather ever fight a dragon? no. Have you ever seen a dragon?”

“There have been several times. One of them was a very big case. Twenty-eight was a time of great blood. I ran into a magnetic storm while on a mission with my teammates. We crash-landed on an unknown planet. There was a dragon’s nest, rare.”

“oh my god. Then you saw several, not just one?”

“It did. There were no other monsters on that planet. Only thousands of silver dragons were staying.”

BST was not the first to discover rare. It had been discovered a couple of times before.

The first is the Green Dragon’s Lair.

The second is the Red Dragon’s Lair.

The third was the silver dragon’s lair where BST crash landed.

Alicia, who was listening, asked a question.

“But if you found a rare, wouldn’t it just blow up the planet? If you destroy all the rares, the rifts might disappear.”

BS shook his head slowly.

“I planned to do that, but I didn’t.”


“When I visited again with a load of weapons, the planet had already disappeared.”

From noble mtl dot com

People at the time had similar thoughts to Alicia. Should I say that it was pride stemming from ignorance?

However, let alone attacking, they failed to find the planet they had visited once again.

“Why do you think the cracks open? Dragons are a race of space and dimensions. Rare wanders the universe. It means that the planet they chose is itself a huge flying ship.”

Dante was puzzled.

Dragons are the top level monsters classified as EX ranks.

Can you face such a monster and win?

“How did you get out of there alive?”

“If you think about it, crash landing on a rare is a strange thing. Is not it?”

BS later concluded that the dragon had ‘intentionally’ cleared the landing.

Even though they didn’t talk directly, the BST team members felt the same way.

[Humans can never win a war against dragons. We are strong and humans are mere creatures. ]

“Then I spent a day at Lair. It was the first time in my life that a space was so full of mana. EX-class mana stones bloomed and disappeared repeatedly. Another mana stone is created in response to the mana of the dragons that absorb mana. It was an amazing sight.”

Dante shuddered as he shook the remaining lemon residue from the glass into his mouth and chewed it.

“Oh Sher. But why do they keep attacking Earth? While returning the crashed airship safely.”

“That’s right. We are also very curious about that part. Why do they periodically visit E-class planets with nothing to gain… … .”

Rare has only been discovered three times in history.

However, there were quite a few superhumans who had experience facing dragons. The planets where dragons were seen were mostly S-class planets.

If even one dragon is found, the mission is abandoned. There were probably dozens of S-class planets that were missed.

It was a pity for a human thirsty for rare stones. A dragon on a high-level planet that I barely found. However, I couldn’t just jump in blindly.

Because there are more losses than gains.

“Then go unpack your things and relieve your travel fatigue. Lisa and Danji should use the guest room, and Dante and you can stay with me.”

“… … .”

“What’s wrong with your expression, man!”

“You know what? Grandpa talking in his sleep is really bad.”

Dante was a light sleeper.

In addition, BS’s sleep talking was creepy in many ways.

PTSD is a lifelong companion of superhumans and a disease that is not easily cured. BS, the second most powerful wizard in the century, was no exception.

“Lord, don’t die. Wake! 」

“Those bastards, sweep them away! charge! charge! 」

“A ghost wanders around. This will gnaw away at the spirit. go away! I’m not crazy never. 」

It wasn’t just superhumans who showed signs of mental abnormality.

All modern people live with a deficiency.

Depression is no longer an illness.

In order not to go crazy, he had to constantly find a reason to live in the narrow underground city.

A philosopher representing the era of AA left these words.

[I didn’t go crazy until the end.

What a successful life! ]

When the philosopher turned 45, he changed his name to ‘Edward Anti Monster Precious Earth Hero Murphy’.

He was crazy, and he closed his eyes, never admitting his mental illness.

There are many crazy people, both for the good and for the bad. It is a society in which madness has become normal because everyone has gone insane.

It was an era where you couldn’t survive without being crazy.

* * *

Wizard’s Tower meeting room.

Twenty colonels from Double S (SS) were gathered in the conference room.

Jia Han sat back comfortably in her chair and looked at the large screen. A mana-sensing drone was scanning the world’s mana concentration in real time and displaying it on the screen.

‘under… … . Will it be held in Agras as well?’

Supernatural Special Task Force.

It is a special unit composed of superhumans and is called SS or Double S by taking the first two letters.

Each platoon has 10 members, totaling 200 people. From 1st place to 200th place in the current superman ranking. If you think that only SS rankers are gathered, there is no mistake.

When we say colonel, we usually mean a regimental commander. The current Agras General Army Regiment consists of about 2,000 people.

But at Double S, only one in ten had a colonel.

The reason is simple.

One Double S platoon was equivalent to the military strength of a regular army division. When it came to fighting monsters, DoubleS was the best unit in existence.

Double S operates as a separate unit. Separate from the main unit and launch an attack at your own discretion.

Jia Han was the youngest among the 20 people gathered now.

Looking at the screen with a peaceful expression, she narrowed her brows.

‘They changed the target. Are you going to Eco?’

The mana storm that struck the skies of Agras has moved.

Over Echo Base.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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