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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 77

Episode 77. rosé meyer (2)

Dio, who was watching from behind, whispered.

“Rosé, why is he here? Shouldn’t all dropouts have to stay in the auditorium?”

“I don’t think I saw you in the auditorium before… … .”

Rosé has been at home all month and has just returned to school.

I was going to attend even late because I had a schedule in the auditorium. The schedule was already over, and I bumped into Dante coming out of the auditorium.

For a moment, Roger Mayer couldn’t control his anger.

Failed to control emotions.

Dante was still looking at Rosé with an absurd expression.

In no time, close to a hundred people gathered around the area. The unpleasant air choked her breath. Rosé wanted to get out of here.

the moment you turn around. Dante grabbed Rose’s wrist once again. much stronger than before.

“are you kidding?”

At that time, the Zordic twins broke through the crowd and approached Rosé. As always, it was her older sister, Courtney Zordic, who spoke first.

“Oh my, Rosé. Are you okay? There’s a strange rumor going around. isn’t that real? How could such a perfect Rosé Meyer be a rare disease? That’s ridiculous.”

Thanks to this, students who had not been exposed to chirashi came to know the situation.

‘A rare disease? Roger Meyer?’

‘no way… … Nonsense.’

This time, Katarina Zordic patted Rosé’s back as if she had been waiting.

“Cheer. There are so many bad people in the world. right? How could they spread such ridiculous rumors?”

Rosé’s mind went white.

‘no way. was it you no. It can’t be.’

Only Dante knew about Rosé’s illness. So, was there some kind of deal between Dante and Zordic?

The twins quietly disappeared, leaving behind the frozen Rose.

The students who were watching diligently rolled their heads.

‘So, did Dante Prime spread the rumor about the rare disease of Rosé?’

‘Is that why you slapped me on the face?’

Rose gently bit her lip.

Whether Dante is the culprit or not, what happened now is clearly Roger’s own fault.

‘Have I been this emotional?’

Just then, a savior appeared.

Jeremy came over and quickly assessed the situation.

The red handprints were still visible on Dante’s cheeks.

“Dante. Shall we move and talk?”

Dante thought for a moment.

To be honest, I felt like I wanted to shout for an explanation right now.

But seeing Jeremy’s earnest eyes, I couldn’t bear it.

Dante looked at Alicia and talked.

“I’m going home with the kids first.”


Although she replied without saying anything, Alicia was also saddened inside. I thought there were no secrets from each other.

The three, including Dante, moved to the Stella Tower private practice room. I asked the staff to turn off the CCTV for a while.

Dante was the first to speak.

“I didn’t properly look at the circumstances before and after. Is it your way to start by flirting?”

“I have only you. No matter how much I think about it, there is only you.”

“I’ve never been open-mouthed, even to my closest friends. what about you? There was only one person who did. Senior Jeremy.”

Rosé was dumbfounded.

So you’re saying that Jeremy is the one who spread the rumor?

“Are you crazy?”

“It’s not me who’s crazy, it’s you. Are you unable to control your anger? ah… … When it comes to the Mayer family, people will take care of themselves, so there’s not much to be angry about, right? But not me. Are you living without me like me? Then, there are so many really unfair and embarrassing moments. But I don’t look at it all the way like you do. If you do, you’ll go to jail. I have no money and no power.”

Dante asked, looking at Jeremy this time.

“Do you think I was bragging too?”

“I’m sorry, but I hope you understand. Because from our point of view, there was no one to doubt you. Of course, it was Rose’s fault for slapping me.”

“ha… … .”

Dante felt like he was going to cry.

Am I the only one who has this?

Was he such an untrustworthy person?

“Do you know what I am thinking right now? It’s very unfair, but how can I solve it? Who are you talking to? No, you promised to keep it a secret. After all, do I have to suffer alone? Thinking about it makes me very miserable. Since you seem half-sure that it’s me anyway, I’m afraid I’ll just say it out loud. no! How can you doubt people so easily?”

Jeremy reached out and grabbed Dante’s forearm.

“Dante. that is… … .”

Dante shook off Jeremy’s hand.

“Leave this. The only person I’ve talked about is a real senior, isn’t it? Also, the senior brought up the story first. It’s not me, it’s the senior. If you think about it, yes. It was a superman-only hospital there. Have you ever thought that someone might have overheard? It was you who dared to bring that up in a place full of superhumans!”

Jeremy was at a loss for words.

There was no mistake in Dante’s words.

‘My fault is big.’

thought was short.

It was also true that he had lost his mind after a major incident at the time.

‘Because there are magicians related to hearing. There’s a good chance it could have been overheard. It was my fault for asking there.’

Jeremy tapped Dante lightly on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry for once. We need to find out more about the real culprit… … .”

“First of all, I’m sorry… … did you say?”

Dante exploded properly.

“So you’re saying you didn’t get 100% of your suspicions? I’m sorry at first, but I don’t know again later. Is it like that? I don’t want to talk more. Hope you find the culprit. And when that happens, apologize properly.”

Jeremy couldn’t bear to catch Dante leaving.

Rosé sat down on the spot as if her legs had loosened.

“under. oh my god? If you catch a live person.”

Jeremy smiled as he stroked the top of Rosé’s head.

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“don’t worry. I still think Dante Prime could be the culprit. If it turns out not to be the case, then you can apologize.”

“still. It didn’t seem real.”

“Ugh! Why is my princess like this? i told you I don’t trust anyone but my family. Hannah incident. Have you already forgotten?”

Hannah was a housekeeper and nanny who worked for the Meyer family for 20 years. Rosé and Jeremy both grew up in her hands.

Then one day, there was a case of loss of valuables in the family. It took a while to find the culprit because there is no CCTV in the house for security reasons.

The culprit was Nanny Hannah.

Jeremy still vividly remembers Hannah’s expression at the time of the incident. The expression that appealed for resentment with a naive face that said he didn’t know anything.

Jeremy grabbed Rosé and lifted him up.

“Eat your heart out. You don’t have to think about hurting others. It is important that we do not get hurt.”

A friend of 10 years suddenly turned into a malicious commenter and met at the police station, and the reporter who believed and followed him like an older brother wrote an article about the conversation they had in private.

His passion for acting was denigrated for reasons of money and family, and his efforts to become a wizard were dismissed as a ‘natural genius’.

If you are hurt, can you hurt others?

If you ask me, I have nothing to say.

Not the right way. But at least I thought it was better than getting hurt.

Jeremy looked into Rosé’s eyes and straightened the tousled hair.

Rosé burst into tears at the friendly touch.

“Don’t cry. school?”

“I will go. I will make it through to the end.”

“Yes, I will protect you. So that our Rosé doesn’t get hurt.”

As soon as Jeremy graduated, he intended to become independent from his family.

* * *

No flying shuttle.

The students looked at Dante standing in the corner and giggled.

Dante took out his cell phone and wrote a text.

[Me: Are you really not going to contact me? If you’re not going to do it now, don’t reply forever… … ]

In the end, I couldn’t press the send button and deleted the text.

Let’s not get carried away by emotions.

Hamel must have had a problem. I didn’t want to let go of the strings of a long relationship first.

Instead, he texted Alicia.

[Me: On the way. do you need anything? Buy it when you go in. ]

[Choi Goe: All I need is you♥]

Today, thanks to Alicia, I can smile.

I’m dumbfounded.

Normally, I would have said ‘Heart is gone’, but I was in a good mood. I decided to react differently.

[Me: Me too♥]

[Choi Goe: Are we Dante crazy? ㅠㅠ I’m going to go to the middle of the day. My sister is treated with carbonic acid.

Suddenly, I had this thought.

It’s a happy day today.

I was the only freshman to complete the race, and I finished the second semester of my freshman year with a perfect score. Thanks to that, I got one step closer to the magic tower I was aiming for.

Besides, the people I like are waiting for me. You just need me.

But why do I have to face them in such a dirty mood?

‘What about the Mayer family?’

The Meyer siblings are not important people in Dante’s life. It was just a moth-like existence that gnawed away today’s happiness.

“Whoa… … .”

Friends gathered at Alicia’s house. Dante stopped for a moment at home and changed into comfortable clothes.

‘right. I’ll have to call BS.’

I couldn’t contact you for a while because my cell phone was taken away. Dante sat in front of a window overlooking the night view and made a phone call.

– hello.

“It’s me, Grandpa! Have you been well?”

– OK. practice is.

“I got first place. They said only our team finished the race.”

– But why is your voice drooping?


Do you have CCTV installed in your home?

Horrified, Dante looked around the house and answered.

“no? I’m fine… … Actually, I had a small misunderstanding with my friend.”

– hahahaha. do you guys have friends?

“of course! Not just close friends… … My name is Roger Meyer.”

– Rosera. Poor kid. Are you suffering from facial blindness?

“… … what. How do you know?”

Dante was genuinely surprised.

He trembled, saying that it was a family secret.

If BS knows, isn’t it a secret?

– There is nothing I don’t know, Yonsuk-ah. Even the Mayers are in the palm of this BS-sama.

“… … yeee yeee So, do you know who started that rumor?”

– Who is it? Zordyk is such a piece of trash.

“all… … The fact that Zordyk is garbage… … .”

– Yanmar! I’m BS! If it wasn’t for Bell Simon Gonom, the title of wizard of the century would be mine.

Hearing the excited voice of BS, Dante let out a chuckle.

BS hated being treated like an old man in the back room. I mean, it’s kind of fun to play around with.

“Now I’m going to have an after-practice with Alicia. If you ever get in touch with Mayer, please tell them that the rumor was about Zordyk.”

– Why do you care about that?

“Because it seems that you are suspicious of me.”

– Heh heh heh heh. It seems that the Mayers have gone too. There’s something else to do. How dare you doubt my son? I will give you my heart, so rest in peace.

“yep! I love you, Grandpa. Wizard of the Century B To The… … .”


tu- tu.

did it go too far

I’d leave out the Wizard of the Century.

Anyway, after talking to BS, I felt reassured. With BS, at least it seemed that the truth would not be covered by lies.

So let’s be a person who can be proud of ourselves.

Dante did not want to disappoint those who believed in him.

Dante went to Alicia’s house with leftover non-alcoholic champagne.

“Why come now!”

“Look at the personality of coming late and bringing leftovers… … .”

Alicia and Danji, Dio.

And an unexpected person was there.

Fabio Morrone.

“uh? How is the senior… … .”

“I was on the same team as Lisa on this mission. Because I was doing a back-and-forth, I put on a little bit of a ponytail. Are you fine?”

“of course.”

Fabio unfolded the blanket and gestured to Dante.

“Come and lie down.”

“… … Me?”

“I heard you love lying down.”

What were you talking about?

Dante sat cross-legged on a sofa covered with a soft blanket.

Fabio tapped Dante on the back and asked.

“We talked about it. The strengths and weaknesses of the team members who worked together on this mission. How were you?”

“hmm… … Would you like to team up together in the future? The downside is that everyone has it. I saw a lot of advantages. Everyone appeals for their own opinion, but after a decision is made, they follow it without saying anything. So it was very comfortable.”

Gudanji and D.O. shook their shoulders and cheered.


“Dante, the best!”

“so. Shall we listen to what you guys said?”

Gudanji avoids Dante’s gaze and sneakily crosses his arms to Alicia.

“I got a lot of compliments. right sister?”

Dante grabbed the corner of the cushion and spun it around. The sight was very menacing.

“The club site. What are you talking about behind your back?”

“My friend, put down the cushion and talk. Violence is bad.”

“It is not violence. It just has a cushion and turns it. I accidentally flipped it while turning!”

Alicia grabbed the weakly flying cushion with one hand.

“You’re making nonsense. Dante, are you going to play basketball?”


“okay. I decided to play basketball too!”

Alicia grinned and drew a V with her finger.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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