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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 76

Chapter 76. rosé meyer (1)

“wow. What is it all about? Do you have a Halloween party?”

Stella Academy.

The campus was amber and ornately decorated with ghosts and the like.

It was a festival planned by the school for students who have worked hard for a month and come back. Four days from today, October 30th. Students are given breaks.

As soon as Dante entered the room, he lay down in a sleeping capsule. Jun Mori also swiped the desk with his fingertips and saw that it was a capsule row.

“Looks like you cleaned it up. clean.”

“ah… … good night.”

Dante turned on his phone.

[ 2 new messages ]

I’ve been away for a month or so Two stupid messages?

One was from Xian, and the other was from an unexpected person.

[Roger Meyer: Talk to me after practice. ]

October 5th?

How did you text me on October 5th?

“Hey, Tsun. Aren’t you close with Rosé?”

“huh. why?”

“Is there a text message? October 5th.”

“really? I knew it. You said SkyTeam would have given up sooner.”

‘Is that so? But why did you ask to see me?’

[B: Arrival at school. What’s going on? Contact me when the time is right.]

I sent a text message to Rosé and checked the stargram. 300,000 followers in no time. There were a lot of new comments on the most recent photo.

It was a comment like ‘The 30th day of Dante’s safe return’.

Dante put down his phone and closed his eyes.

It’s embarrassing to come back to everyday life.

‘It’s normal to be splitting a monster’s stomach by now.’

Jun Mori did not clean up the monster until the end. Instead, I took charge of cleaning, organizing, and tidying up afterward.

“Jun. Good work. really.”

“I am very proud of myself too. But that’s it. Isn’t the club a bit strange?”

“only? what?”

“I think he likes me.”


At what point did you feel that way?

Is it because it’s dull?

Dante hadn’t felt anything like that for a month.

“Why do you think so?”

“I thought you would have noticed too.”

“… … at all.”

“I’m meticulous, so I can clearly see what your intentions are and how you act.”

It’s not.

I think I stumbled on the wrong leg.

“First, Gudanji fed me food first at every meal.”

That’s because you’ve been having a hard time with food. It must have been because he was afraid he would die if he didn’t eat something.

“Second, the club magazine praised me more than three times a day. Just laughing.”

did you?

I’m not sure about that.

Dante was not free enough to monitor Jun and Danji’s every move.

“And the last. It kept hovering around me. Perhaps the most time was spent by my side?”

“… … I see But by any chance, don’t you like the club?”

Jun said that Gudanji seemed to like him, but Dante thought the opposite. Maybe that’s why he gave meaning to trivial actions? doing.

“Are you crazy? It’s not my style at the club.”

Jun answered after about 2 seconds.

So I was a little more confident.

“How is the club? You’re cute.”

“that’s right. But it’s not my style. Are you sure.”

In Dante’s eyes, it appeared to be self-hypnosis.

‘Looks like he really likes that kid.’

A young man and a woman have been together for a month, so love can blossom. It wasn’t strange.

In any case, it didn’t matter to Dante who Kudanji and Junmori liked.



Dante and June talked at the same time while lying down.

“Oh no! Knock and come in!”

“Let’s keep basic manners, my friend.”

Dio was the only one who would open the door and rush in like this.

“Hey hey hey. Did you guys hear that? Rosé.”

“Why Rose?”

“I heard you had a rare disease? He said he might drop out. He said he was dragged in the middle of practice.”


A chill went down Dante’s spine for a moment.

How did that get rumored?

There may have been some misunderstanding.

‘So you asked to see me?’

Claudio, the CEO of Stellar, confided in detail the information he heard.

“Because it’s a joke, the source is a bit like that. Isn’t it strange though? Because I missed the practice right away after spinning around.”

This incident was a bit of a shock to Jun Mori as well.

‘Is Rose Meyer a rare disease?’

In addition, contrary to what is known to the public, the stock market chirashi was quite reliable information.

Usually, false information in Chirashi is considered to be around 20%. 30% was exaggerated information, the other 50% was true.

Even so, the majority of people believe that chirashi is false information. It was because the rumors were written in advance before they turned out to be true and were published in the article.

‘Who touched the Mayer family?’

At one time, the Mori family also climbed the chirashi.

[A family show window couple. Actually, the husband who lives right? ]

The rumors were true and took three years to subside.

Expressing affection at official events,

Upload the daily life of a loving couple on social media,

Arrest those who spread false information.

Currently, the Mori couple has established themselves as a parakeet couple representing Sky Island, and they have actively utilized that image in their business.

The public evaluated it as an example of turning a crisis into an opportunity, but Jun Mori knew the truth. It’s just a carefully crafted script.

Chirashi is a tool for those in power to keep each other in check. The first circulator of the Mori couple’s discord was also a rival family.

By the way, did the Meyer family rise to chirashi?

I had a feeling that something big was going to happen.

same time.

The faculty held an emergency meeting.

Those who heard about the freshman situation laughed.

“It is nonsense.”

“From what I heard, other schools also rated this year’s freshmen as the weakest.”


Bibiano Perez, who was quietly drinking sweet coffee, opened his mouth.

“I think it is because of the curriculum reform. The current 2nd and 1st graders have studied with different textbooks since childhood.”

“No, it’s ridiculous that there is such a difference just because the textbooks have changed a little.”

After hearing what Professor Han said, Professor Bibiano frowned.

Have the textbooks changed?

It was a really pathetic comment.

“It makes no more sense to say such a thing out of an educator’s mouth. It’s 10 years of elementary and middle school. Children are taught in the direction the government wants.”

“Are you saying that the government intentionally injected distorted information?”

“It’s not distortion, it’s bias. They plant the illusion of a magic tower or a superman. I don’t think superhumans appearing on TV is undesirable.”

Jia Han let out a short sigh.

My stomach swelled up.

Hasn’t she also recently appeared on TV? I felt like being shot. But this time, it was difficult to refute.

Jia Han chewed on the ice floating in the coffee.

“Anyway, we can’t just let this case pass. We originally planned to give the top three teams a perk. That alone isn’t enough. We should give definite benefits to all survivors, and take this opportunity to treat the students who gave up properly.”

Other professors also agreed with Jia Han.

“To be honest, I want to send you back home.”

“How can those who can’t cross a river face monsters?”

“Most of the students who gave up in the beginning are at the top? That’s even more shocking.”

“But wouldn’t they be dissatisfied if they suddenly changed their benefits?”

“If you have any complaints, you should leave. Simple. I don’t think it’s worth dragging those who can’t last three days on Earth.”

From noble mtl dot com

that evening.

All students were summoned to the auditorium.

The dean took the microphone first.

“Our Stellines, who returned safely after a month of practice, worked hard. First, a senior who left for the DS-class planet, the highest difficulty among D-class planets. Everyone succeeded in surviving.”

clap clap clap

The juniors lightly applauded the seniors.

“And a middle school student who left for an ES-class planet. There were 3 people who got off due to injuries in the middle. But no one gave up. You did very well.”

This time freshmen and seniors applauded.

“Lastly, our freshmen. Did you go practice on Earth? 93 survived and 187 gave up voluntarily. There was an unfortunate incident where as many as 110 of them gave up within three days of starting.”

The quiet hall became noisy.

“oh my god. Aren’t you crazy?”

“and… … It seems our juniors gave up and came back and sucked on honey.”

“For some reason, everyone said I had a good expression.”

Dante was equally astonished.

It was not an easy mission, but I had no idea that there would be so many dropouts in the beginning.

The dean continued with a sad expression.

“So our faculty decided to take extraordinary measures.”

Jia Han took over the microphone.

“First of all, out of 93 survivors, only one team finished. All five of them succeeded in completing the race. Team leaders Dante Prime, Gu Danji, Jun Mori, Freesia Carol, and Claudio Grom. These five students received a perfect 5.0 for this semester, regardless of final practice grades.”

The Revolution team members clenched their fists. But it was a situation where I couldn’t be happy.

The back of my head stung.

On the other hand, the seniors applauded and cheered for the five people who might be sitting somewhere.

“Is this really something to clap for? It’s ridiculous even though I’m hitting it.”

“Still, you did well. There may have been circumstances that we did not know about.”

“By the way, didn’t Roger Meyer even finish?”

“Didn’t you see the chirashi? I heard that the family took them out in the middle of practice?”

The applause subsides.

Jia Han continued.

“Next are the survivors, excluding the Revolution Team. All have been well done. I applaud your tenacity for not giving up until the end. You have a median practice GPA of 4.5. There will be a plus 1 grade benefit in final practice grades.”

“”Oh yeah!””

Exclamations poured out from everywhere.

Dante and his teammates also cheered on the comrades who survived to the end with applause.

Jia Han looked at the students with a happy expression. There was still something left to give.

“Also, all survivors will not have physical training in the future. Everyone is free to train. Do you deserve it?”

Unable to control their excitement, the survivors jumped up from their seats and embraced each other.

2 hours of morning training.

Evening training is 4 hours.

That was 6 hours a day turned into free time.

“Absolutely awesome!”

“Red Devil. b*tch! bye!”

At this point, the students who had given up halfway were getting rid of it.

‘It’s X, really.’

I never expected that the results of the midterm practice would have such a big impact until the end of the semester.

The dropouts watched Jia Han with a stunned expression.

Before long, Jia Han’s mouth opened.

“The last 187 people who gave up. The midterm grade is 0 for all, an F grade, and there will be a minus 1 grade penalty on the final grade.”

“… … .”

“And 110 people who were eliminated in the early stages within 3 days. You will no longer be able to use sleeping capsules. Until the end of the semester, students will live in a camping zone within the CQC training ground. Also, you cannot participate in theory classes this semester, and classes you have not taken must be completed through seasonal semesters during vacation.”

Then someone shouted in a loud voice.

“All 2nd and 3rd graders stand up!”

It was student council president Fabio Morrone.

Starting with Fabio, all the 2nd and 3rd graders applauded Jia Han.

It meant supporting the faculty’s decision.

Jia Han raised her arms with a pleased expression and shook them lightly.

“Stop sleeping. Finally, there is something to be said. Everyone knows that there will be an academy match next summer, right?”


“We are accepting applicants for team sports for one week starting tomorrow. Keep in mind that you can only compete in one event, both individual and team events.”

In the first semester of next year, all academic schedules will be replaced with preparation for the competition. All students must choose an event without exception.

Non-participation means that it is impossible.

“Then, 187 freshman dropouts will remain here. The rest of the students are welcome to return. Who are we!”

““Stella One Star!””

““Stella Two Star!””

““Stella Three Star!””


those who remain and those who leave.

The temperature difference was stark.

The classmates passed by tapping the shoulders of the members of the Revolution team.

“You guys are really crazy. How do you plan to finish?”

“As expected, I am as expected.”

Most of the responses were great.

Of course, the high-ranking students who hated the club were still in the auditorium.

“Guys. I’ll go first.”

Junmori sped up to get out of the crowd.

Dante met Alicia on his way out.

Gudanji ran to Alicia’s arms.

“Sister, I missed you!”

“Oh gu oh gu oh good job my kids!”

Alicia stroked Danji and Dio’s crown in turn.

Dante defended her by slashing her wrists.

“Don’t touch it because it’s waxed. Because my hair is precious.”

“I get sick as soon as I see it. where injured.”

“You’re not very talkative. you? You have lost a lot of weight.”

“Don’t talk. Let’s go to my house. After drinking cool carbonated drinks. how is it?”


It was then.

Dante’s head turned with a ‘pop’ sound. The eyes of the students passing by gathered.

Roger Mayer was standing in front of me.

She looked at Dante with contempt on her face and turned around.

Dante grabbed Rose’s wrist roughly and pulled it.

“Are you crazy? What are you doing?”

“… … .”

Roger Meyer was consistent with an expressionless expression.

Dante asked again.

“Answer me. What are you doing?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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