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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 39

Episode 39. midterm evaluation (4)

A middle-aged male professor looked at Jia Han and talked.

“Professor Han is young, so he doesn’t know yet… … .”

“Are you going to stop? Older people always bring up their age when they have nothing to say. Do you know how ugly that is?”

“Hey, Professor Han! You speak harshly.”

“I was really disappointed. If I had known Stella was in a place like this, I wouldn’t have come.”

The dean interceded for them.

“Can’t you both stop?”

The dean was equally troubled. The Zordic family donated a staggering 20 percent of this year’s budget.

“Did you know the dean? That the donated Zordic family children enter our school.”

“I know, I know.”

“Is there such a thing as donation admission at our school?”

“Hey, Professor Han. You know the Zordic twins’ entrance grades. It’s a donation admission. It’s nonsense.”

“I live in the same apartment as Dante. I saw it for the first time on the rooftop. And he gave me a business card. I was proud. But I’m really ashamed. If you don’t deal with the Zordic twins, I’ll quit. I will give you back double the salary you received. You can use that money to add to your tight budget, dean. Then let’s get up first.”

that evening.

Dante summoned the club.

They met today at the boarding area of the southern airship.

“Why did you do that?”

Even Dante wasn’t sure yet. But no matter how you think about it, the answer is the club. she was the only one

The club did not deny the fact of the ‘crime’.

“… … I hate twins. Because I can’t really kill it. Go, fake kill.”

“Then you should have stayed and fought. We prepared really hard to catch you. I haven’t used any of them.”

“hehehe. okay?”

Gu Danji recalled the time he had a meeting with the twins.

「Hey, bug. You kill Dante first. Understand. If you don’t do it, we’ll all come together and step on it. So do it right 」

From noble mtl dot com

‘I don’t want to kill you. I didn’t want to kill… … . Because there are people who have to die… … .’

The club opened its mouth again.

“I am. think so Kill all the bad guys! I think I will die too.”

“Why do you think that way?”

“hmm… … If the bad guy dies, I… … I am… … no need to live so.”

thought Dante.

Yes, you were a vagabond, right?

To be honest, I can’t even imagine what life would have been like.

‘Was this boy’s purpose in life revenge?’

Mother and brother died.

The target of revenge was most likely the gnome who killed his family.

Dante spoke.

“It will be a bit painful.”

“huh. It’s very painful to live. A little bit good though. It’s nice to have someone to talk to. All my other friends are afraid of twins. I hope the twins are gone.”

“You did just that. Don’t you know the twins?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been trying to hide it. I don’t know if it went well.”

but. Because they don’t know, the club site is alive.

If caught… … .

“What do you do on the weekend?”

“work out?”

“Do you want to go outside after the exam?”

“… … off-base?”

“no way. Let’s just go hang out in the main area.”

“… … play?”

Kudanji opened his eyes wide and looked at Dante. The eyes look pretty big.

“Let’s play. Don’t you know what that means?”

“hmm… … okay. Let’s just go hang out in the main area.”

She recited exactly what Dante had said. Kudanji seemed to be a rare breed of human with no experience of playing.

“But didn’t you speak English outside? What did you write?”

“A little English, a lot of Korean.”

“I know that. Nuna.”

I wonder if Gu Danji’s face is bright, and then the dialect bursts out.

“sister? how do you know that i am not a sister you’re our friend My younger brother always chased after me, calling me older sister. I have gone to heaven now, but I miss you a lot. It’s hard because Korean and English are so different. Even Koreans in the old days found English difficult. My mom told me not to forget Korean… … I have no one to talk to, so I’m afraid I’ll forget it.”

The Korean language used by Danji was slightly different from that of the old era. But the results were similar.

Dante listened to the end of what the club manager had to say. The voice without confidence is still there, but it’s ridiculously fast. It’s very fast. It seemed like he had a lot to say.

“hey. But I don’t know anyone but my sister (Nuna).”

“sorry. Noona means so much. As for me… … .”

“anyway. i have to go I have to prepare for the next exam.”


Around 10 p.m., the results of the first round appeared on the school website. The win-loss status and clearing time by group were recorded.

Students who saw the results of Article 17 naturally had doubts.

“Does clearing in 37 seconds make sense?”

“Besides, there is a club on the other side. You said you won in 37 seconds? Is it strange?”

“What are you thinking so deeply about? If there was a problem, Jia Han would have disqualified her. Let’s prepare for tomorrow’s game.”

Although there may be doubts about the verdict, now is not the time. There are still many rounds left.

In the second round, 44 groups, excluding Dante’s team, faced each other. As a result, Roger Meyer’s team went straight to the 4th round with the shortest time to clear.

Dante was relieved.

‘Then the team won’t meet in the third round.’

The third round was won lightly.

12 teams came out in the 4th round, and the top 4 teams who cleared with the shortest record advanced to the semifinals. Dante’s team was also included.

There were only 20 people left in the auditorium, which was packed with freshmen.

Once again, the draw was conducted.

This time, he couldn’t escape Roger Meyer.

Dante faced Roger Meyer’s team in Group 2. The team members were not very disappointed.

“hey. I’m just happy to have made it to the semifinals.”

“4th out of 90 teams. Kiya! I told my mom and he said he would send me some pocket money. I should buy a DVD with it.”

meeting time.

Team members shared information they had gleaned here and there.

“You know that first-team short-haired girl. Is it Freesia? It seemed like he was using defense magic. I’m not sure.”

“My roommate was up against Rose’s team in the 4th round? They said they killed the ones who shoot magic bullets first. Won’t you approach us similarly?”

Dante had many thoughts.

‘The kids who shoot magic bullets were killed first… … .’

In a way, it is natural so i liked it That he attacked in a way that was too obvious.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

Dante checked the mana of his teammates.

In the middle of the middle of the day, Claudio has much less mana, and Dante himself has more.

‘From the other side, we’ll look like moving mana chunks, right?’

Dante sees the shape, color, and even pattern of mana accurately, but other people do not.

To borrow Alicia’s expression, it was ‘the feeling of a transparent slime passing by’. Even Alicia, who is quite sensitive to mana, can only see that much.

Dante asked.

“hey. When we enter, everyone wears a helmet. How did you tell the difference between a kid who can shoot magic bullets and a kid who can’t?”

“hmm… … I know. Isn’t it just that the kids who use magic bullets came out and went first? I didn’t target them first.”

‘Hearing enhancement magic. Is that it?’

During the game, quite a few conversations take place. Therefore, it is possible that it was identified by voice.

‘But I don’t understand. If it’s just them, there’s no reason to kill the magician first.’

to go safely

Then it becomes a reason.

Only managun attacks were recognized anyway, so if you didn’t know how to shoot magic bullets, you could only serve as a decoy at best.

It was the same that Dante’s team also aimed at Matansa first. Dante distinguished the opponent by looking at the state of the magic bullets preloaded in the mana gun.

Since the opponent is a strong team, they approach the same tactics in different ways.

“Hey, if we win tomorrow, it’s the final. What were we trying to do in the first round? Let’s use that for this round.”



That night.

Jia Han visited the sleep pattern recording room.

“How are the children?”

“There have been no major problems so far. But there is a strange one.”

“is it so?”

“Dante Prime. Look at that student record. Why are you doing that because tomorrow is the semifinals?”

Jia Han laughed while looking at Dante’s record.

“Iknow, right. Do you think there’s something on your mind? I hope you look forward to it.”

the next morning.

The students belonging to group 2 gathered in front of the CQC training ground. The entrances are on opposite sides, so there was no chance to run into each other.

“ah… … I’m dying. Aren’t we going to collapse during the game like this?”

This time it’s the red team.

The team members were groaning before they even started.

“Will it work?”

“I’m just trying to do something. Even if I lose, I’m in 4th place.”

“Then let’s fight and go in. Red team fighting!”


Both teams enter the field.

[The 2nd group match of the semi-finals will start soon. Red team, blue team ready. One, two, three. start! ]

I used the same arena all the way from the first round. Even the children now knew exactly what was where.

Roger Meyer signaled to his teammates.

“No.2. Come with me to the center. Numbers 3, 4, and 5 wait in the back line.”

There was a two-story abandoned building in the left center of the stadium. A good place to get a view. Rosé intended to observe the enemy’s movements there.


Rosé and Jun Mori crossed the forest at high speed.

“The base has been secured.”

Rosé alerted her whole body and inspected the enemy camp.

‘The one behind rock number seven. Both at the starting point. also… … doesn’t exist?’

The enemy team is five. So, I had to feel five mana points. But there are only three.

‘What happened?’

Roger Meyer had already hovered around members of the opposing team and observed their mana status.

If you are a child with too little mana that you can’t check, you can’t enter Stella. That’s for sure.

‘Dante Prime. I can’t see that bastard.’

Dante was a child with an overwhelming amount of mana compared to the rest. Besides, he couldn’t control mana, so his condition was always the same. So it was normal to be the first to notice.

But it was not visible.

Then, a familiar voice was heard.

[Blue team one out. ]

Blue team’s urgent voices come and go through the headset.

“Team Leader! Call the enemy position.”

“It’s four outs. Where is the bastard you shot?”

“Looks like our location has been exposed. in action?”

“Hey, quickly!”

Rosé took a deep breath and cleared her mind.

‘Let’s stay calm.’

“Sniper position behind cover 13. Go 3 and deal with it. I’ll cover you from this side. Number 5 joined us… … .”

I wasn’t confident when I said it.

The magic bullet that knocked out number 4 definitely flew from the side of cover number 13. But there were no signs of popularity there.

‘no way. Did you completely hide your mana? how?’

The announcement sounded again.

[Blue team two out. ]

“Hey, chief. 3 times out I’ll go there at once.”

Roger Meyer froze.


Three do not budge near the starting line, and the other two are invisible. In the meantime, two team members were out.

Moreover, this magic bullet flew from the starting line of the blue team camp, not from the enemy camp. Even with two feet in different directions.

It was absurd, but it was the same for Jun Mori.

“There are three guys who remain on the starting line behind enemy lines. One did not move behind cover 13. I’ve been watching all along. Then there should be only one person left. But a little while ago, magic bullets flew from two completely different places… … .”

Jia Han, who grasped the situation from one side of the stadium, giggled.

‘Look at these guys? Dante aside. Who’s that stupid impersonator? This is why I like school.’

Jia Han recalled Dante’s sleep record that she had checked at dawn.

Dante slept two more hours than usual, and the mana concentration in the capsule was 30 percent. Normally, the concentration of mana in the air is 0.3%.

It meant that mana was intentionally released from within the sleeping capsule.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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