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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 38

Episode 38. Midterm evaluation (3)

Stella Academy Auditorium.

It was the day to draw the team tournament bracket.

There was not a single member of the team that I thought of at first.

Dante’s team included three people, including Claudio. Two of them were children who did not know how to shoot magic bullets.

“hey. 90 teams.”

“Are 50 people out already?”

About 50 people dropped out in about a month and a half. It was mainly children with weak physical and mental strength.

The future of the children who dropped out did not completely disappear. What can I do if I have money? It was enough to re-enter a lower-middle class academy, not the top 5.

Claudio and other team members clenched their fists and talked to Dante.

“Hey, just avoid Kudanji and Roger Meyer.”

“Let’s avoid dropping out in at least one round!”

“Still, isn’t there hope because our team is in third place?”

In terms of entrance grades alone, Dante’s team was just average. Even if half of the 90 teams passed the 1st round, it was like I had done my best.

Jia Han is in charge of this freshman tournament. she stood on the podium

“Hello, I’m Jia Han. In the box placed in front of you, there are pairs numbered 1 through 45. It contains 90 marbles in total. Teams that draw the same number will face off in Round 1. Is it easy?”

There are many reasons for choosing this analog method. If you draw a matchup ahead of time, there will inevitably be dissatisfaction. When I run the program, it complains about manipulation.

one student asked.

“Then, 45 teams advance to the second round. It doesn’t match, what should I do?”

“Good question. The team that knocked out all of their opponents in the fastest time in Round 1 advances to Round 3 with a bye. The same goes for after that. Any more questions? Then, the team leader of each group goes forward.”

As the team leaders moved, each team member cheered.

The number Dante picked was 17.

There are 90 people on the podium. It wasn’t easy to find someone who picked the same number.

Jia Han opened her mouth again.

“Then, come forward, starting with the team leader who picked number 1.”

From 1 to 16.

Gudanji and Roger Meyer’s team have not yet been called.

“Number 17 next.”

Dante grabbed the ball and took two steps forward. On the other side, Courtney Zordic came out.

‘Oh man, man… … No, no matter how it takes.’

It is a club team.

Dante, who joined the table, was not welcomed.

Only Claudio patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him.

“We are third. Were you an asshole?”

“hey. did i pick first? ha. It sucks, this.”

Not only Gudanji, but also the Zordyk sisters had quite good mana control. Moreover, all five members of the opposing team knew how to shoot magic bullets.

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That night.

Dante told his team about the strategy he had in mind.

“oh… … If that’s the case, what’s the odds?”

“How can you come up with such a novel idea?”

“oh my god.”

Dante also told Alicia about last year’s second-place team.

“There were only two Matansa, but he was second. Are we three? So, don’t give up and do what you can.”

Still, they were all enthusiastic friends, so the atmosphere was friendly.

same time.

The club’s team was also gathered in one place.

Team leader Courtney Zordick led the meeting.

“Hey, bug. You know how to see mana, right? I can grasp a tolerable flow of mana. Of the five opposing teams, Dante Prime has the most mana. And two bastards who can’t shoot magic bullets. They don’t even have to worry about it. In the end, it will be a 5-3 match. So our strategy is… … .”

With everyone devising a strategy, the long-awaited day dawned.

The tournament proceeds sequentially from group 1, and the video of the other team’s attack is not released after the match.

Dante anxiously awaited his turn.

Equipment was provided towards the end of the 15th match. It was a mana protective suit that looked like a military uniform, a helmet with a blue belt, and a mana gun.

The instructor who is helping with this tournament explained.

“You are the blue team. The managun has minimal output, so you won’t be seriously hurt even if you hit your bare skin. However, it is best to avoid shooting with your hands and feet. After putting on the helmets, we check if they can communicate with each other, and Managan tests them in the booth next to here. Are there any questions? If not, go in.”

Inside the simple booth, there was a dressing room and an area where you could simply test the managun.

When everyone finished wearing the equipment, Dante opened his mouth.

“Ahh. mic test. Can you hear me?”

“Nothing more than twice.”

“No more than 3 times!”

“More than 4 times.”

“Five times no problem.”

“okay. Then Claudio and Daniel. Do you remember what I said? Let’s begin.”

The team members prepared for the tournament according to Dante’s strategy.

Before long, the speaker called Group 17.

Claudio spoke as he left the booth.

“But it’s a male-female match?”

“I know.”

In fact, there were not many cases where men and women mixed together to form a team. Children who usually live in the same dormitory become friends quickly.

Dante’s team was also children using A103 except for one person.

“Hey, let’s have a fight before we go in.”


“One, two, blue team fighting!”

“”Go for it!””

Both teams start from opposite entrances. Jia Han was planning to grasp the flow of the game through a monitor and mana detection from a distance.

A guide sound was heard through the earphones in the helmet.

[The 17th match will start soon. Red team, blue team ready. One, two, three. start! ]

Forest terrain with low hills and other cover. Dante and the children were scattered from the start.

Then, the announcement sounded again.

[Red team one out. ]

[Red team two out. ]

The blue team members communicated while hiding in their respective locations.

“what? Who shot you?”

“Have you already had two of them?”

“Dante. is it you?”

“It’s not me.”

“Not me either?”

“Then who are you?”

Meanwhile, the announcement sounded again.

[Red team three out. ]

[Red team four out. ]

[Red team powers out. Blue team wins. Students move quickly out of the power arena. ]

Dante was dumbfounded.

It was the same for all the blue team kids.

As soon as they came out, they took off their helmets and chatted.

“what? Don’t play around and come out quickly. What kind of kid are you?”

“I am not. hey. How long ago did you kill five people?”

Dante also joined the conversation.

“Neither do I. Isn’t it a mechanical error?”

“ah… … is it? Shiba. I liked it knowing that I won.”

“Well, if there is a problem, I will contact you. Let’s go and take off our clothes.”

Rumors circulate even if the video of the match is not released. Stories about which teams won and how they lost.

If the strategy was exposed in the first round, it would have been difficult to use it as it is in the second round. So, if it ended like this, it was definitely a good thing for Dante’s team.

Claudio shook his body and spoke.

“hey. If this is the case, isn’t it our victory by default? I think it was over in less than 30 seconds.”

“Oops! Do you go straight to round 3?”

“Then, even if you finish last there, you’re still in 23rd place?”

The blue team was in a festive mood, but the red team was in a serious mood.

Courtney shouted at the club.

“Hey, worm! Did you see what happened to you?”

“Yes? Oh no. I did what you asked… … .”

“Then what the hell! How can this happen!”

This time Katarina Zordic pushed the ball.

“Couldn’t you have done this?”

“Oh, isn’t it? I wanted to win too… … .”

Courtney Zordick recalled the situation a moment ago. She had a fairly good mana sensitivity.

‘The magic bullet definitely came from the opponent’s formation.’

Of course, there was a possibility that the club site controlled the magic bullet and decorated it as if it flew from the other side.

‘But to do that, you have to fly from one side to the other and come back.’

However, the magic bullet’s trajectory clearly stretched in a straight line from the enemy camp.

‘Certainly Dante, that worm bastard. Were you hiding your skills? Or someone else?’

After the match in Group 17, the tournament was suspended for a while.

The Stellar faculty held an emergency meeting. The person who gave the summons order was Professor Jia Han.

Main building conference room.

The professors who were suddenly summoned burst into displeasure.

“What is this? Now that the kids are in midterm exam period, they are very sensitive. It’s an emergency meeting all of a sudden.”

“That’s right. Please finish as quickly as possible.”

Jia Han opened her mouth.

“There was an incident just during the freshman match. Everyone knows the club, right? That kid killed everyone on the team and committed suicide.”


“Oh, so it wasn’t a real suicide, but he got out by shooting himself in the head with a managun. Has anything like this happened before?”

Jia Han is not called a genius for nothing. She accurately saw through the flow of mana beyond the terrain.

‘The club. He’s really not a normal kid.’

Gudanji fired magic bullets that were only 1/10 of the minimum output. With such a minute amount of mana, you can’t go out. Because the out message appears only when you receive a hit that exceeds a certain strength.

‘oh my god. Why did you go so far? To trick the team members?’

Gudanji fired ten 1/10 magic bullets. The magic bullets, which flew at different speeds, turned around the enemy camp as one. And it was stuck right in the center of the RED team’s helmet.

It was an overwhelming control skill that even Jia Han stuck out her tongue.

One of the professors who heard Jia Han spoke.

“What the hell is that? Didn’t Professor Han get it wrong?”

“That makes me very uncomfortable. Do you think I can’t tell the difference between gore and gunfight? I’m Jia Han. Do you mind telling me about your career?”

“No, I don’t mean that… … .”

“Or not.”

“I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.”

It makes full use of an attack-type magic circle with overwhelming power, and its mana sensitivity is triple S-class. Besides, a genius wizard with a great fighting sense. Among the currently active superhumans, there was no one who could play Han Jia with her skills.

While the atmosphere was frozen, Ramil spoke this time.

“under. Is this a bit of a headache? Once this midterm exam is over, let’s take him to the club site and ask him about it.”

“It can’t be like that. What if the opposing team unfairly won by intimidating them? What about the team members who suffered damage?”

The dean, who had been watching, sighed deeply and opened his mouth.

“Then, after the first round, let’s call the club students. Will that work?”

“Yes, it is.”

evening the same day.

Gudanji was summoned to the gathering of faculty members.

Jia Han opened her mouth as a representative.

“Gudanji students. I called to ask about the status of the first round of the tournament.”

“ah. yes.”

“Why did you do that?”

“hmm… … what… … .”

In an instant, sharp mana was released from Jia Han’s fingertips.

The club manager swallowed saliva and talked.

“I just don’t want to do it. So it was… … .”

“is it so? I think I was threatened to lose to my opponent? If you don’t speak honestly, the opposing team will call. You know what I’m talking about, right?”

Gudanji was very embarrassed and waved his hands.

“Tongue, it’s not a threat. Dante is nice. You are the nicest.”

The faculty muttered.

‘Did the opposing team have Dante Prime?’

‘I guess so.’

Professors also worked all day as test supervisors, so they had no time to pay attention to other games.

“Student Dante is the nicest… … . So, do Gudanji students like Dante students? Is that why you lost on purpose?”

“Oh no!”

“therefore! We’ll have to give you a good reason. Got it?”

Jia Han’s voice and attitude were so coercive that even adults froze.

In the end, the team confided to the faculty about what had happened.

Jia Han sent out the club site.

“Okay, so let’s go.”

“Dante… … He’s a good person. good bye.”

In a deep sigh, Jia Han opened her mouth again.

“How did this happen? Our students receive counseling every day.”

“It’s just that the student didn’t talk about it during counseling.”

“But it must be the Zordic kids… … .”


Jia Han’s eyes sharpened.

“What does that mean?”

“Zordyk donated a lot this time.”

Jia Han’s expression, which had been laughing for a while as if it was absurd, hardened.

“So now. Let’s see if it’s money. What do you mean?”

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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