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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 17

Episode 17. Central Agras (3)

“why. What!”

At Alicia’s questioning, Dante shook his head.

“No, nothing.”

Alicia whispered in Dante’s ear.

“Did I tell you or not? I hate to stop talking. Shake it.”

The male student got off the 75th floor.

Only then did Dante open his mouth again.

“Just that guy. Have you seen it before?”

“no? face for the first time. have you moved? why? if… … .”


“You man… … .”

“Don’t keep saying that. If you don’t want to lose.”

“To be hot is… … ?”

Dante ignored Alicia and asked Ray this time.

“mister. Do you know what kind of magic BS uses?”

Alicia interrupted instead of Ray.

“BS is a two-pattern. Didn’t you know that until now? The skill names registered in the association are BS-Flare and Perfect Purify. Isn’t it childish to put a name on the skill name? I will never… … .”

Dante let Alicia’s words go.

‘Two patterns? When I saw it, it was definitely a multi-pattern. Didn’t you reveal the last skill to anyone?’

A scolding voice could be heard from the side as Ray laid honey chestnuts on Alicia.

“You’re childish. Are you saying that a two-pattern wizard is childish when it comes to a single pattern?”

Dante was puzzled once again.

‘Does Uncle Ray know BS as a two-pattern wizard?’

I can’t.

I have to ask.

“Here, uncle. I mean wizards. Are there times when you don’t disclose your skills?”

“greatly… … .”

Again, Alicia quickly intervened.

“What kind of bastard brags about his skills? it’s you! Probability of being… … .”

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Ray saw clearly.

The shaking of Dante’s fist.

He quickly intervened between the two.

“Lisa, stop it. Wouldn’t you be one of those assholes without your father or me?”

Alicia only knew that Dante’s parents died, whether they were superhuman or how they died. I didn’t know the details.

‘but. If your parents aren’t superhuman, you might not know… … .’

Alicia quickly reflected and apologized.

“ah… … yes. sorry. shoot! I was short-tempered.”

Dante smiled wickedly and raised his middle finger.

Ray said, patting Dante on the shoulder.

“Dante. you too man… … .”

“Oops! Shoot. My middle finger automatically rises when I see no concept. My stop said, think before you speak.”

“Insensible? this dog… … ! Stop My Precious, he told me not to have any dealings with human scumbags who ignore sincere apologies.”

“yellow dog? Are you done talking?”


Ray felt the feeling of ‘giving up’ after a long time.

The fierce and rough Ssangkkuck Q workshop ended only after the elevator stopped.

99th floor.

“Then I’ll unpack and call you.”

Alicia entered Room 9901.

Dante’s house was 9903.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“What are you doing standing there?”


“You have to open the door. You have the height.”

“Ah, yes.”

Take the key card and go inside.

It was a 30 pyeong apartment with two rooms and a bathroom.

The moment he saw the panoramic view through the glass, Dante made up his mind.

‘I’m going to have to live here for the rest of my life. and… … .’

The interior is also very luxurious.

Except for the all-white color that a mysophobic patient would live in, everything was a perfect dream space.

“how is it. Do you like them?”

“Do you think you will cry?”

“Then let’s sit down for a minute. I have something to take care of, so I think I should just answer that and go.”


The two sat side by side on a comfortable sofa.

It feels like 100% pure cotton and smells really good.

‘I need to change the sofa cover. Couldn’t the master bedroom be like this?’

Ray leaned comfortably on the backrest and opened his mouth.

“What am I going to say… … right. I mean skill There are unspoken rules among us superhumans. Don’t ask the opponent’s skill first. It’s very rude, so you’d better be careful.”

Don’t ask your opponent’s skill?


Dante tilted his head and asked again.


“At the academy, everyone is a colleague, but when it comes to society, it’s a different story. They compete with each other to improve their performance, and fights between superhumans often happen.”

“Even if humanity drives out the monsters with one heart and one mind, it won’t be enough. Fighting with superhumans?”

“It is a sad reality.”

“If you want to register your name with the Wizards Association, you have to register your skill name as well.”

“You’re right. If you are a one-pattern wizard, you will have no choice but to expose your power as it is.”

Dante nodded.

So, two-pattern or multi-pattern wizards hide the rest of their skills and use them as special moves?

“Then at the academy?”

“It’s not uncommon to only use magic bullets until graduation.”

“Then Alicia too… … .”

“The magic was not revealed. We are maintaining top-level grades with magic bullets alone.”

Children without money and background have to reveal everything from their freshman year. Because you need a sponsor.

However, if you can maintain the top rank without worrying about money like Alicia, only with magic bullet skills.

There was no need to unleash a special move early on.

“So that’s what… … .”

“yes. I won’t tell anyone. Even if I find out about other children’s abilities, I won’t talk about them in public. Is that okay?”

“To do so… … .”

“It would be good for me to have magic bullet skills as well.”

Ray lightly stroked Dante’s head and stood up.

“It’s nice that I don’t have to explain at length.”

“Are you going?”

“I have to go. Fill in what you need yourself. Don’t spend your money for nothing, use the lab account. Understand?”

“yes! thank you Then I’ll contact you.”

Ray is leaving.

Dante opened the bedroom door.

He rushes into bed and burrows into himself.

“This is my home!”

How nice it would have been to live with my parents in a house like this. What was the value they wanted to gain by giving up all the powers they could enjoy as superhumans?

‘But that student from earlier. The fact that the pattern was confirmed with the naked eye means that magic was being used… … .’

Still, nothing seemed special.

A magic that wraps superhumans in a normal way like normal people?

Or what? what is it

I asked BS several times, but I couldn’t get an answer.

‘hmm… … It’s a magic that can’t be revealed to others.’

ah! is that

It’s like a curse that makes you die if you tell someone else.

‘That’s right. That’s it. That’s it. I guess I’m a bit of a genius.’

I decided to come to a conclusion like that.

‘I’ll have to look around the apartment.’

Dante jumped up and left the house.

I put up a guide map for each floor of the apartment on my phone and wander around every nook and cranny.

Restaurants, gyms, conference rooms, swimming pools and more. It had all the facilities that Hamel’s apartment had.

The other thing is that there is a library in the complex and a grocery mart in the basement. and… … .

‘and… … . I have to swim here every day.’

A large infinity pool on the rooftop!

What is the beauty of water droplets breaking in the sunlight?

It was an inspiration in itself.

‘Hamelne was an indoor swimming pool.’

Sunrise River Sky also has an indoor swimming pool. But Dante had no intention of going indoors over the outdoor pool.

Even in the middle of winter, it’s not polite to go to an indoor swimming pool while leaving Paradise filled with hot water.

‘Kuhahahaha. ha… … life. After all, you don’t know what a person’s life will be like?’

Another curious thing is that many of the apartment residents are people who are expected to be superhuman. Basically, the amount of mana is quite high.

In District 3, Charlie, there were a lot of people with high-level mana that I would only see once or twice a month.

An employee who was passing by holding a tray spoke to me.

“Do you have any drinks you need?”

“hmm… … Do you have Coke? An ice glass, please.”

“yes. I will bring it to you soon.”

“how much is this?”

“All drinks are provided free of charge.”

“Ah, yes. thank you.”

The staff did not say ‘only for residents’.


It is an exclusive space that only residents can enter.

‘I’ll have to buy a swimsuit first.’

Exercise, training, I forgot everything.

I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest, even if it was just for one week.


In the midst of her happy thoughts, Alicia stuck out her tongue and stuck her head in.

Dante frowned and shouted out loud.

“b*tch baby… … It’s a surprise, I almost cursed! What. How did you know I was here? Are you watching?”

“I went up the rooftop as soon as I moved in on the first day. Isn’t that basic?”


“I have to go shopping.”


“Why is your expression like that? do you want to go alone? either way are you not the way Don’t you need a guide? I have an opening next week. When you enter the dormitory, you can’t help even if you want to help.”

Indeed, it is.

In September, the second semester of the academy begins.

At Stella Academy, it was a rule to live in a dormitory on weekdays.

Dante asked.

“But can’t you come out on the weekend?”

“Maybe I can come out. If so, will you do anything more than goal-seeking at a poor club?”

“Do you study on weekends too?”

“Hey, student. I’m a girl who goes to a prestigious university. Got it?”

“I have a question. If you’re not in the top 5, it’s not that tough, right?”

Alicia snorted as if she wasn’t worthy of an answer and turned away.

“Don’t be silly, let’s go quickly. Write before the department store closes! You have to sweep it!”

“I ordered a Coke.”

“… … .”

The two shared a glass of Coke and got out of the rooftop.

Pass through the lobby on the 50th floor and stand at the taxi stand.

“Is the department store that high?”

“Yes, Rococo Department Store. It is the largest, tallest and most luxurious department store on the planet.”

Alicia also added that Rococo Department Store is the only department store that can be reached by Sky Taxi.

“You know what?”


“In the old days, luxury goods stores were all on the first floor. Perfect for the entrance! To imprint a high-class image on the guests who enter.”

“How are you now?”

“It still is. But Rococo is different. Rococo has a luxury goods hall on the top floor. It provides convenience to the upper class who travel by sky taxi or small private jet.”

“Are you a publicity ambassador for Rococo Department Store?”

“I know. I am confident that I will do well if advertised.”

Alicia licked her lips with a regretful look on her face.

There were no restrictions for superhumans to be active in the advertising or entertainment world. Rather, recently, it has been a trend to encourage it because it gives a familiar and positive image to the public.

Alicia put her clasped hands together in front of her chest.

“Would you be surprised too? How good is Rococo Department Store… … .”

“If it’s Rococo, I know. So gorgeous, elegant and delicate. Isn’t it like that?”

“all… … .”

“… … .”

“Ohhhhh! It’s all here. Let’s get off.”

Dante followed Alicia through the department store floor by floor.

The one who took the card was Dante, and the one who was excited was Alicia.

“Ahh. This is a better ska than Eomkaaka!”


Sponsor Card.

If you were a super-youngjae, it was common to have at least one ‘scar’ stored on your phone.

If there were several sponsors, it was possible to unleash a new technique of infinite rotation.

“hey! This and this and this and this and this and this! Please Packaging.”

Dante silently stamped the card.

From small furniture to daily necessities, tableware, clothes and sundries. I unexpectedly liked the things Alicia had chosen.

“But can I really use it like this?”

“How much have you spent so far?”

Dante checked the payment details.

“1 million?”

“Baby! We are still far away.”

“How much did you spend at first?”

“It’s a secret… … .”

They said that the products purchased at the department store would be delivered to the house on the evening of the same day.

‘I wanted to ship to a department store for how much I buy… … I’ll try it all out.’

And the last place I stopped by was the DVD store located on one side of the Luxury Hall.

Alicia opened her mouth with sparkling eyes.

“Are there a lot of old-fashioned DVDs here? I have 200 copies. So, buy 200 copies and share them with us.”

“You have a conscience too, don’t you? Why not just sweep the store. Didn’t you think that was a bit much?”

“yes! I have a conscience.”

Alicia grabbed Dante’s wrist and hopped into the store.

“Looking at you. Shall I ask the staff something?”

“I get it.”

Dante inspected the display case.

‘Do you have Tanya Tudor? I want to keep at least one of them… … .’

The time when I was looking around. Alicia’s voice came from behind.

From noble mtl dot com

“hey. Have you ever heard of Tanya Tudor Rare Edition? I made a reservation beforehand.”

“Yes, customer. Your name… … .”

Dante finds common ground with Alicia for the first time.

‘It’s a Tanya Tudor rare version… … .’

Whatever happens, it must be won.

Dante approached Alicia and spoke to her.


His eyes were full of desire to extort what he wanted.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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