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Wizard Reading Patterns Chapter 16

Episode 16. Central Agras (2)

Ray Schultz was very uncomfortable.

“What did you just say?”

Ray’s expression hardened.

Dante responded calmly, not caring at all.

“I mean the LNP. Is it LNP only? Even terrorists and murderers say that in court. Someone had to do it and it was necessary. That someone was himself.”


Ray hit the table with his fist.

Dante quickly grabbed the wobbly glass.

“Yanma! There is nothing else to compare! uh? It’s this bastard’s son! With those crooked criminals. What’s going on?”

Dante smiles lightly.

Ray questioned with an angry look on his face.

“Smile? Smile?!”

“What a relief.”

“What is this… … !”

“I was a little suspicious. BS, my parents, and my uncle. Isn’t that what the LNP leadership is like… … . I’m so sorry, mister.”

“ha… … . So you guys dumped me? The eldest son of the 338th-ranked Schultz family, this Ray Shultz, a lawyer with 20 years of experience?”

“It will never happen again. I promise.”

“her. hahahaha.”

Ray was so dumbfounded that he burst into laughter.

Normally, I wouldn’t have fallen for such an obvious trick.

Because the other person is a 10-year-old boy.

Because I have to tell a difficult story.

I feel sorry for the child.

It was his own mistake of being careless.

‘Hi and my God. Pierre, El! are you watching Your son is like this.’

While Ray was lost in thought for a moment.

Dante opened his mouth again.

“And uncle.”


“It’s not him.”

“… … what?”

“You did that earlier. I said, ‘Boy’.”

A guy with a fluffy mustache isn’t a kid yet. Ray himself, who turns 50 the day after tomorrow, still hears ‘baby’ at home.

Ray knows too.

Children of this age know that they are adults. The same was true of himself.

“okay. When I was your age too… … .”

“uh? It is an island in the sky.”

Dante’s gaze goes out the window.

“This guy is an adult… … .”

“That’s an island in the sky, right?”

Ray gave up after trying to nag him more. The boy’s expression looked so pretty. Looking at Dante’s thrilled expression, my heart naturally swelled.

‘I must have had the same expression as you once, right? that expression and heart. Please keep it for a long time… … .’

“We will be landing soon. Would you like to take a look?”

“Can I?”


Dante followed Ray into the cockpit.

The structure is simpler than expected.

It was like the driver’s seat of an old car.

Ray turned on the radio and set the frequency.

“Ahh. CA8335 here. Scheduled to land at P035. Please check the control tower. over.”

A muffled voice came through the speaker.

– CA8335 Roger. Passenger identification and visa scan required.

“Visa scan? Are you checking your visa here?”

“It’s to be checked before entering the airspace of Agras. The airport where we land is on an island in the sky. Sky Airport.”


Agras had a total of five passenger airports. Except for Sky Airport, the rest of the airports were ground airports and were located on the outskirts.

“Sky Airport is an airport dedicated to small planes in the heart of the city. Landing fees are ridiculously expensive.”

The landing fee is literally the fee paid when the plane lands at the airport.

“Probably not much to come. This is your first visit to Agras, so I took care of it.”

“and… … thank you!”

Ray scanned Alicia’s and Dante’s visas and her own ID on the scanner next to the steering wheel.

– CA8335 3 passengers. confirmed. Landing approved on P035. welcome. over.

“Then shall we go?”

“Is it over?”

“The rest will be taken care of by this modern hunk of scrap metal. Why don’t you go out and see the city comfortably.”

“Ah, yes!”

After leaving Charlie’s base.

I was excited every time I opened my eyes in the morning, and I experienced something new every day. Now that the money issue, which I was most worried about, has been resolved, I thought that I would be able to enjoy myself.

When I went to the room, Alicia was doing light strength exercises with dumbbells in her hands. Dante was stimulated once again by that appearance.

‘You’re exercising even while moving for a while… … . I need to learn something like that.’

The pink-haired, tanned bully girl in a bad outfit was definitely a child with a lot to learn. Most of all, when she worked out, she looked genuinely happy.

From noble mtl dot com

‘The pleasure that comes when you break your limits and grow. He must know and enjoy it.’

Alicia asked as she crumpled the dumbbells into her bag.

“Mister, are we going to Sky Airport?”


“all… … Did you see that my uncle is making a lot of money these days?”

Dante clung to the window and looked outside.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]


A country surrounded by a giant dome-shaped defense magic.

Central Agras was right in front of me.

‘One, two, three protection patterns. Two purification patterns. If you put this all over the country, how many mana stones did you have to hit?’

A floating island floated above the huge dome.

There are two types of sky islands.

In Island and Out Island.

In the “In Island” located inside the defense shield, there are government offices including the academy, and the islands of the wealthy. In the outer ‘Out Island’, the superhuman family lives and protects the city.

‘So, when a monster invades, this will be the order. Out Island, Shield, and In Island.’

The monster could only reach the ground by breaking through the triple defense.

Sky Island was not just a product of desire created by rich people, but a part of the defense system against monsters.

So cool.

But at the same time, it’s bittersweet.

‘People in Central live enjoying all these privileges… … .’

Eventually, the plane passed through the barrier.

From here, it was the airspace of Central Agras.

Meanwhile, Alicia stood next to Dante and poked him on the cheek.

“What are you thinking about so intently?”

“ah… … I was just curious because it was my first time here.”

“This is the Main Area.”

“The main area?”

“Yes, the area inside the shield. Once you live in the main district, you can count on being in the top 30%.”

Not all people in Central Agras lived above ground. More than half of the population still nested underground.

“The other 70 percent live in underground cities outside the shields. It’s the same as the Charlie base you used to live in. The outer zone and the main zone are connected by high-speed rail.”

“There will be an underground area in the main area as well.”

“that’s right. Even in the main district, about 10 percent of the population lives on the ground?”

The total population of Central Agras is around 50 million.

This meant that only 5 million of them would enjoy life on earth.

That’s about 5% of the world’s population.

Dante continued.

“Still, it’s a much better environment than other bases. Even if the house is underground, you can go in and out of the ground whenever you want.”

“That’s right. That’s why everyone wants to live here.”

Down there, I saw a circular building with a hole in the middle. It was a sky airport equipped with a vertical take-off and landing pad capable of accommodating 100 small planes at the same time.

‘It looks like it’s a structure where you get off and enter the building right away.’

Then Ray’s voice was heard.

“ruler! Everyone, pack your bags. Check carefully to see if anything is missing.”


Dante, who packed his bag, wore a mask out of habit.

Alicia swiped the mask off his face and stuffed it in my pocket.

“Ugh! I’m a country boy, do you want to show off?”

“what. Does it make you feel secure when you use it?”

Just wearing a mask that blocks 99% of harmful substances such as droplets and fine dust can reduce your chances of getting sick by more than five times.

There was no reason not to write.

Ray laughed and joined the conversation.

“Alicia, that’s just being arrogant. When he first came, he wore a mask for two months.”

“Not until two months?”

Alicia was almost terrified of taking off her mask. He was greatly influenced by his deceased mother.

Dante held out his hand to Alicia.

“Give me the mask.”


Alicia took out her mask and rubbed her lips together before handing it to Dante.


“and. Really childish.”

“You know now? hehehehe! I’ll buy you something pretty. this is too old Will you go shopping with me? I also have an extremely good eye.”

“… … .”


The plane landed, and it was time to get off.

We finally set foot at the airport.

Staff dressed in clean clothes greeted them politely.

“Welcome to Agras.”


An employee once again scanned his ID, visa, and blood vessels.

“Thank you for your confirmation. I’ll help you through security and blood tests right out here.”

Immigration, security checks, and blood tests were all done individually and quickly. I couldn’t see any long lines at all.

There were rows of empty taxis parked in front of the airport. It was an unmanned sky taxi.

The three got into a taxi.

Alicia entered the destination with familiarity.

“right. Where is Dante going?”

“Your house.”

Alicia and Dante said at the same time.


“To be precise, you will become a neighbor. Once I found the same apartment. Are you fine?”

Alicia used to shrug her shoulders.

It was to be expected.

Dante asked.

“Isn’t that the apartment provided by the research institute?”

“that’s right. You can move whenever you want, it doesn’t matter. It won’t happen, though.”

That’s not going to happen… … .

You have to live to know that.

a taxi flies

He said it was only 5 minutes to the apartment.

Dante could not take his eyes off the scenery outside.

“Is the building built like a pyramid?”

In the center of the main district was a high-rise building with more than 200 floors, surrounded by buildings with 150, 100, and 50 floors.

“yes? Because perspective is important. Does everyone have such a dream? Enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while watching the night view. Even in the same building, depending on the number of floors, the price can differ by more than two or three times.”

The taxi landed on a building, not on the ground. Public transportation here was thoroughly divided into ground type and air type.

The aerial type cannot fly within 50 meters of the ground. In short, it meant that only residents of high-rise buildings taller than 50 meters could use Sky Taxi.

‘Could this be an apartment? Isn’t it?’

The taxi stand is located on the middle floor of the building. Looking up, it seemed that there were about 30 to 40 more floors upwards.

‘I’ll do my best to reach the 100th floor.’

For reference, Hamel’s house was a 20-story apartment building, and it was the tallest building in Charlie Base District 3.

“Let’s go in.”

Upon entering, I saw a counter that said ’50th floor lobby’.

Why is the lobby on the 50th floor?

Isn’t the first floor originally called the lobby?

is it a hotel?

There, I made a list of residents, entered the access card information into my cell phone, and received a spare key to use in case of emergency.

Dante asked Alicia in a clear voice.

“hey. Is this an apartment?”

“huh. Sunrise River Sky. The name of the apartment.”

The name of the apartment is so grandiose.

Sunrise Riversky.

It will be a luxury apartment that is close to the sky and can enjoy the sunrise while being on the riverside.

Agras has the Agras River, which flows around the city. It is not a natural river. I’ve seen on the news that cute fish with monster awakening suppressants live in artificial rivers.

while waiting for the elevator.

Alicia asked.

“Mister, what floor is Dante on?”

“The 99th floor.”

“what. Then you live on the same floor as me?”

children don’t know

That the owner of this apartment building is BS.

“why. Are you dissatisfied?”

“no. am i good? hehehehe.”

For some reason, Dante sensed an aura of uneasiness.

belt ring.

The three climbed into the elevator side by side.

In the elevator, a male student who came up from the floor below was standing in the corner.

[ Detect Mana Pattern ]

Some people live in Central.

‘uh… … .’


Ray and Alicia looked at Dante with puzzled eyes.

‘It’s almost like BS.’

The third pattern that BS told me to look closely at.

A very similar pattern was seen in male students.

Wizard Reading Patterns

Wizard Reading Patterns

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I see mana patterns in my eyes. Was it around the age of five? From then on, the world started to look a little special. A complex pattern consisting of dozens or thousands of lines was visible. I could remember it at once. I am a mage who reads mana patterns.


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