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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 99

Episode 99. The beginning of the 21st century.

Daewon hyung continued.

“..It’s a yard that we’re going to lose, but can’t we just give it another week or two? It looked like he was suffering quite a bit too.”

“I know it won’t be easy. However, it is not that we have only walked an easy path. Only companies that can do that difficult thing can become our partners. There will be far more thorns than flowers on the road ahead, but I can’t go there while wiping away the blood my partner has shed.”

Daewon-hyung nodded as if my words made sense.

“It is. okay. I will tell Go Won Electronics that way.”

And as the saying goes, even a mouse bites a cat when it’s cornered.

When a person is put in a desperate situation, he exerts unbelievable power.

This is something I experienced a lot while I was working at Hwansung Display.

Quite often, when delivery deadlines could no longer be delayed, a solution to the problem was found, surprisingly.

After Daewon receives the notification from hyung, Gowon Electronics will somehow extract the remaining 150,000 units within two weeks and deliver them to us.

It’s a company that has the capacity to do that, so I signed a contract with it.

I said to Hongin Media President Oh-chan Jung, who was next to me.

“The first D-Tab launch countries are Korea, the United States, and English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, but the second release will be in Europe as well. Please prepare programs for use in various European countries such as Germany and France.”

“And please take this opportunity to set up the Nyworld server in the US as well. Nyworld is included in D-Tab’s basic program, so there are probably many people who come in just out of curiosity. As a country that is sensitive to personal information, please make the registration process for Nyworld as simple as possible.”

“yes. We will prepare.”

“How long will it take to prepare the server?”

“One week is enough. After all, there is a server that I have been managing for the P store, so all I need to do is add Nyworld there.”

“I’m happy. So, can we finish opening the Nyworld US server before D-Tab is released?”

great. Looks like you’ve done everything you need to check.

It wasn’t without problems, though.

The launch of a new product was fairly smooth.

‘I look forward to it. How will people react when D-Tab is released?’

#December 24th.

Kowon Electronics started selling LCD TVs in department stores, large marts and electronics stores across the country.

And the next day, December 25th.

It was a holiday officially designated by the state.

All the executives of Kowon Electronics’ TV division went to work for the company.

I was listening to the report of the sales team leader on the market reaction.

“More than 2,000 orders came in on the first day yesterday alone. On average, about 5,000 TVs are sold per day in Korea, so we can say that we accounted for more than 40%.”

“The first released product is 40%. It came out better than I expected.”

The sales manager replied with an encouraging face.

“yes. The outstanding performance of our products is probably the most important reason, but I think we also benefited from the fact that the domestic media reported the reactions of foreign media to LCD TVs. There were a lot of customers who visited the store yesterday and asked if this was a TV that was brought from abroad to promote national prestige.”

“I am glad that the response is good. Sales team leader, starting tomorrow, let’s find out the sales channels that can be exported to other countries such as the United States. The TV market in Korea is small, so even if the market share is 40%, it cannot exceed 1 million units a year.”

“haha. It sounds like you don’t have to worry about it. I’m already getting calls from all over the world saying they want to receive the goods. Rather, it is difficult to know where to send it.”

After all, it seems that the advertisement effect was great by exhibiting at the IFA.

It was a good thing.

This could lead to production issues, just like the D-Tab.

“okay? Selling shouldn’t be a problem. Then, head of the manufacturing team.”

“How is Wardo production going now?”

“We already have 200,000 units in stock.”

“Twenty thousand. I feel a little lacking. How many cars can you pull out per month if you make the most of it?”

“It can be done up to about 300,000 units.”

“30 million? Is the quantity too small than expected? Is there any problem with the line?”

Vice-Chairman Jin said that he would prepare more than 6 million cars per year, so it’s strange.

With 300,000 units per month, the annual maximum production was only 3.6 million units.

I think we can sell more than 5 million units next year.

In that case, at least 1.4 million units would not be sold.

“Since it is a line designed to produce up to 600,000 units per month, there is no problem with the line itself. However, I heard that the maximum amount of LCD panel materials received is 300,000 units per month.”

“..LCD was the problem? I’ll fix that. Are you saying that if you have enough materials, you can pull out 600,000 units a month?”

In order to increase the production of LCD for TV, which is insufficient, the first and second production team leaders in charge of lines 1 and 2 were called.

After the successful new product development I led this time.

The way executives look at me has completely changed.

In particular, Kim Chan-myeong, the 2nd manufacturing team leader, who had a confrontation with me on the first day of the meeting, gave a burdensome look every time I saw it, and it was rather difficult.

Executive Director Kim raised his finger as soon as he saw me.

“These days, newspapers are completely covered with articles on Kowon Electronics’ LCD TV. And our TM display is also being mentioned a lot. This was accomplished with one idea from the CEO. You are so amazing!”

“It’s all thanks to the help of our employees.”

“It must have been, but the most important thing is that no matter what anyone says, you are the CEO.”

“haha. Thank you for thinking that way.”

I forcibly shook off Executive Director Kim’s hot gaze and continued.

“The number of LCD panels for TV that we are currently producing at Line 3 is very short. Stop production of all models in Lines 1 and 2 and produce LCD panels for TVs instead.”

The manufacturing team leader asked.

“Line 1 is an LCD production line for mobile phones, so the original plate is small. If we convert this to TV, there are only about 2 panels per sheet, so production efficiency will decrease. Is it okay?”

When making an LCD panel, a circuit is drawn at once on a large substrate called a circular plate, and then the original plate is cut to complete the LCD panel.

The bigger the original plate, the more panels come out at once, and the cost reduction effect is great.

Conversely, if the disk is small, the number of panels that come out at a time is small, and the cost increases.

“it’s okay. Even considering that, it is much more profitable to choose it for TV than LCD for mobile phone. There is no competitor for TV LCD yet, so the profit margin is high.”

“All right. Line 1 will be converted into a TV LCD production line.”

“How long will the transition take?”

“We also have to make new LCD masks for TVs, and it will take at least a month as it is a place that originally produced LCDs for mobile phones, so we have to set new process conditions.”

A mask is an original engraved LCD circuit.

Later, if you put this mask on the disk and irradiate it with ultraviolet rays, the same circuit will be drawn on the disk.

“It’s been a month to prepare… I understand.”

This time, I looked at Executive Vice President Chan-myung Kim, who is in charge of the 2nd line, the 2nd manufacturing team leader.

“How long do you think Line 2 will take to convert to TV?”

“One week is enough.”

“Is that all it takes? how?”

One month was too long.

One week is too short.

Even if it’s me, I don’t think I’ll be able to switch lines in a week, but by what means?

When I asked in surprise, Executive Director Kim smiled.

“It’s not that there’s not much difference in the size of the 3rd line and the original plate, and I was preparing in advance for fear of giving such an instruction. We are already wearing LCD masks for TVs.”

There is also a pulpit that has something to say.

I’m pretty good at judging the situation.

“haha. You are as talented as you are. We will keep this in mind.”

“Please continue to do so. I do not underestimate a person of ability.”

“yes. We will try our best to live up to your expectations.”

#The year has passed and it has been 2000.

Contrary to the ideas of the apocalypse who talked about the end of the world soon.

Even in the 21st century, the same days continued as before.

The rapture or the end of the word, the words went out in an instant.

The unfounded expectation that ‘the century has changed, there may be some big change’ was spreading among people.

And taking advantage of that atmosphere, January 11th.

D-Tab was released simultaneously in Korea and English-speaking countries such as the United States.

LA, California, USA.

Joseph, a clerk at a Best-Sell store, was surprised as he went to work to prepare for the opening.

‘What’s this?’

Hundreds of people lined up along the winding road with several stores in between, such as stores specializing in electronics, music stores, and large supermarkets.

Although it has been two years since I worked at Purdue Avenue, where commercial facilities are concentrated.

It was the first time I saw such a sight, and my eyes went unnoticed.

As Joseph got closer to the store, he sensed that this line was becoming the same as his commute to work.

“..Is this supposed to be our store?”

Curious, Joseph asked the man standing at the front of the line.

“excuse me. Why are you waiting in line?”

“Why? Of course they are doing this to buy the D-Tab.”


Those words reminded Joseph of a conversation he had with the stock manager yesterday.

“Joseph. A strange product arrived yesterday.”

“Is this a strange product?”

“yes. It’s from Korea, and it’s a D-Tab laptop without a keyboard.”

“Oh My God. Don’t have a keyboard? How do you use it because it’s uncomfortable?”

“I know. Anyway, yesterday, the sales manager had a hard time finding it, so he asked me to handle it with care. I don’t think it’ll even sell, but I don’t know what he liked.”

At that, Joseph nodded.

“Really, in Korea, there are many people who have money, but there is no place to spend it. I don’t know why I wasted my money making such a product.”

“haha. I don’t even know his face, but isn’t that too harsh an evaluation? There are millions of people living in LA alone, so there could be some geeks who buy stuff like this. do you know Will there be a line from tomorrow morning to buy this item?”

But the stock manager who said that was sure that it wouldn’t happen.

Joseph replied with a grin.

“Please. When that happens, I put the intestines in my hands. I can never do that.”

“haha. Are you here to buy the D-Tab? All these people?”

The man nodded his head.

“sure. It’s an amazing product that can do everything with one display. It is a perfect fit for the beginning of the 21st century.”

The person behind him also interrupted the conversation.

“Right. I was worried that the US release would be delayed, but fortunately, I was relieved that it was released at the same time as Korea. By the way, when do you open the door? It’s already been eight hours since I lined up like this.”

Joseph wanted to sew up the mouth he had said yesterday.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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