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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 100

Episode 100. The consumer’s eyes were honest.

Bestseller Los Angeles clerk Joseph said to the man standing in line.

“..We still have one more hour to open the door.”

he said with a disgruntled face.

“1 hours? There are a lot of people waiting like this, but do they open just in time for the opening time?”

A sigh escaped the mouths of the people standing behind them.

“Wow. I waited all night shivering in the cold, do you still have an hour left?”

Joseph answered.

“I don’t know if it will work, but I’ll tell the manager.”

The man’s face filled with anticipation.

“thank you. Please.”

After the conversation, Joseph went into the store and found the staff running around frantically, and asked a staff member.

“Louis. What’s going on? Why is everyone in such a hurry?”

“The manager said to open 30 minutes early. He saw the line outside and said no, let’s open it as soon as possible. So, all of a sudden, my work doubled.”

“I was about to say yes, but I’m glad.”

“Fortunately, horns. Thanks, I’m going to die busy. Oh, that’s right, the store manager told me to come see you right away.”


“Where is the manager?”

“You’re going to be in the warehouse right now.”

As Joseph went to the warehouse, the store manager, who was rummaging through the shelves stocked with inventory, looked pleased.

“Joseph! You are here.”

“Yes, manager. You said you found it?”

“okay. Do you know where the D-Tab stock is? Apparently the D-Tab inventory manager can’t be reached. I’m looking for it, but I can’t find it.”

“Am I not in charge of inventory?”

“But you’re close with the inventory manager. Haven’t you heard of where they put it? I thought it might be on the laptop side, so I looked all over and couldn’t find it.”


Joseph recalled the conversation with the inventory manager.



“yes. I think they said it was like a small TV because there was no keyboard, and they put it in the TV inventory area.”

“okay? no wonder…”

They went to the TV inventory area and started looking for the D-Tab.

After a while, I could see the D-Tab boxes piled up in a careless way.

The manager looked at it and frowned.

“no. Why did you stack these precious products in this way? What if it collapses and breaks down?”

“Joseph, count how many of these there are. I’ll go out and see how many people are standing there.”

The store manager left, and Joseph started counting the D-Tabs.

“one. two. Three… one hundred… one hundred. one hundred? Is this all you need?”

Although Joseph didn’t count the number of people standing outside.

At first glance, it seemed that there were well over a hundred people.

He felt sweat dripping down his forehead.

“..this is a big deal. Opening hours was not a problem.”

Joseph ran outside and informed the store manager.

The manager’s complexion deteriorated.

“..this. There was a bigger problem. First, I will contact the head office to see if I can send more quantities. Joseph is making number tags and handing them out to people. And he tells everyone after the 102nd that he’s sorry, but he may not receive the item today.”

“then. What do I do as the manager?”

“..no. I will do it.”

As Joseph recalled the faces of those who would be disappointed by his words, his feet did not fall.

I quickly moved forward and started making number tags.

January 12th, the day after the #D-Tab release.

Damoye Headquarters, Korea.

Daewon put down the phone with an expression that his brother was exhausted.

“Where are you this time?”


“The first batch of shipments is 100,000 units. Did it all go out in one day?”

“It was not sent to one country. It was split into 6 countries. About 50,000 of them went to the US alone. It would have been a little less than 10,000 cars in Canada.”

“..whatever it is. The population in that area is smaller than ours, but does it all go out in one day?”

“In Korea, over 20,000 cars were sold yesterday alone. After a long time, the shopping mall traffic rushed and Hongin Media was in an uproar. Noon-chan-senpai, you probably couldn’t go home yesterday.”

To be honest, I knew it would be popular.

It was not expected that 100,000 units would be frozen in one day.

“In Korea, almost all newspapers said that a product that shocked the world came from Korea. There are so many articles out there, I think I would have wanted to buy it at least once, even out of patriotism. But in a foreign country, it’s not like that, is it?”

“I thought so too, but it must have been a matter of patriotism. This time, I deeply realized that the eyes of consumers are honest. Good products seem to be recognized regardless of country or race.”

“..It’s good, but if this happens, the D-Tab production from Kowon Electronics’ computer assembly line will not be enough?”

“I know. Shouldn’t we be looking for a way to increase production right now? I don’t think there will be more than 400,000 copies a month from that side.”

“First, let’s talk to Vice Chairman Jin to increase the assembly line for Kowon Electronics.”

“Hmm. Even if Vice-President Jin says okay, it will take some time to add the line… Why not just look for another assembly company? In the past, when you didn’t get the right amount from the plateau, you were thinking of dualizing an assembly company.”

“The situation has changed since then. This is because the yield of Kowon electrons is quite high now. If you leave it to other outsourced assemblers, you will have the same yield problems as the plateau at first. In the beginning, the quantity will not come out properly anyway to raise it. Considering the materials that will be consumed when raising the yield, it is best for Kowon Electronics, who already has know-how, to extend the assembly line. It’s good from a management perspective as I don’t have to manage multiple companies.”

“..I see what you mean. But will Vice Chairman Jin try to increase the line just because of us? If we run out of stock later, it will become a play line.”

“I do not know. You can tell by talking about it. If the vice president says no, then please look for another assembly company.”

“okay. I will do that.”

As I entered, Vice Chairman Jin stood up with a happy expression on his face.

“hello. Vice-President.”

Vice Chairman Jin pointed to one side of the sofa with his hand.

“Come on. Kang representative. sit here.”

“okay. Do you have anything to say about the D-Tab assembly business?”

“yes. LCD TV and D-Tab are also very popular than expected. But even if it’s popular, it’s really good, so there’s another problem.”

Vice Chairman Jin nodded as if he had guessed what I was trying to say.

“Also. Are you here to make a request to expand the D-Tab assembly line?”

“That’s right. At least 700,000 units are expected to be sold this month alone, but the maximum production of Kowon Electronics’ assembly line is only 400,000 units per month now. Since the volume is expected to increase in the future, the current line cannot meet the demand at all.”

Vice-Chairman Jin, who was thinking while fiddling with the cup of coffee in front of him, opened his mouth.

“Chairman Kang. Aren’t we going to sell that D-Tab once and finish it?”

“You only sell once?”

“So, you’re asking if you’re going to continue developing a sequel to D-Tab.”

“Oh, yes. This product is just the beginning. There must be at least one new product every year.”

It was a natural story.

In the future, the display, CPU, communication environment, camera, etc. will continue to develop, and there was no reason for D-Tab to stand still.

At the very least, the D-Tab was going to be upgraded until it could at least replace all the laptops in the world, and be small enough to be held in one hand like a smartphone.

“Right. Well then! If you want to increase it, make sure to triple the line.”

“..3 times?”

“What are you playing? We need to increase that level to produce more than 1 million units per month. why? Are you not that confident in your arms?”

“..It’s not that I don’t have confidence, but the Vice-President, do you believe I can do that?”

Vice Chairman Jin nodded his head without hesitation.

“Of course I believe. If you can’t trust the person who brought the TV business up to this point, who can you trust?”

When I saw his eyes that didn’t move even a single inch, my heart swelled.

It felt good to have someone trust me.

Especially if it was the head of one of the country’s leading conglomerates.

“haha. That faith will not be in vain.”

“okay. And if the amount of D-Tab is more than 1 million units per month, even if the assembly cost is set to the lowest price, it will be quite profitable, so it will be good for me. If all goes well, I’m thinking of turning the computer division into a division specializing in assembly.”

“..If you are investing with that intention, it is not a bad choice. Even if D-Tab fails, products with a touch screen as an interface will pour out in the future. There are probably quite a few companies like me who are looking for outsourcing companies because they do not have their own assembly lines. If I go bankrupt, I just need to get that amount, right?”

“haha. I can’t be beaten by CEO Kang. right. Given the current popularity, it seems that it will not be long before the tablet PC becomes the mainstream. If that happens, the amount of outsourced assembly will increase, and when competing to win that amount, I thought it would be okay to invest in Kowon Electronics, which has D-Tab’s assembly know-how, as it would have an advantage over other assembly companies in many ways.”

“okay. In any case, if you decide to do so, increase the line as quickly as possible. We’re all getting together, and CEO Jang Dae-won is getting dry every day because he’s been taking calls for orders.”

“okay. Let’s start the line extension work right away.”

“thank you. Vice-President.”

“What. Thank you for not looking for other companies and asking me first. CEO Kang is very loyal. haha.”

Well. It wasn’t because of the loyalty.

“I am a man of integrity. haha.”

“okay. We ask well.”

#end of January.

American PC maker Nell received a call.

“hello. Mr Kang. This is Luke Garcia from Nel.”

“Yes. hello.”

“You recently launched an interesting product.”

I think you’re talking about D-Tab.

“It was the type of PC I had always dreamed of. So I made it once.”

“okay. It was definitely fresh. I think the feedback from consumers has been good.”

“yes. I am also satisfied with the response because the response was better than I expected.”

“That tablet PC, you used a drill CPU, right?”

“Also. Did you not forget that last year we invested $30 million in the OS for the drill CPU? The contract date for handing over the OS to us is close.”

I got a data center up thanks to the blind money that fell from the sky.

can you forget that

“of course. If not, I was just trying to contact you.”

“I am glad that you are. So when can you send us the OS for desktop PC?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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