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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 36

Episode 36. Age World.(1)

The StarCraft tournament recordings were immediately gathered and delivered to the PC room.

After gathering together for a while, the sales of the PC room surged more than five times compared to before the competition, realizing the popularity of the competition.

The number of PC room chain store contracts also started to increase again.

However, in order to continue this atmosphere in the long term, the StarCraft regular league was necessary, not a one-time event.

And the most important factor in the establishment of the regular league was to recruit excellent gamers.

I immediately started moving around to scout gamers who did well in competitions.

The first target was the winner, Park Dae-ho.

The brain rotates fast.

He was good at various strategies and tactics, and often created situations that people would like.

I found his house in Gwanak-gu.

The old iron door opened and Park Dae-ho’s face appeared.

“..who are you?”

“hello. My name is Jae-Woon Kang, from Damoyeo.”

At my words, the vigilance on his face vanished.

Instead, curiosity took hold.

“Ah, yes… But what’s going on here?”

“Can I come in for a moment? I think it’s going to be a bit of a long story.”

Park Dae-ho hesitated for a moment, then nodded his head.

Upon entering, a damp smell wafted from the faded wallpaper.

Park Dae-ho’s current feelings seemed to be felt in the cluttered things and clothes.

“Congratulations again on winning the competition.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“The competition is over, what are you doing these days?”

“..not much different from before the competition. However, thanks to the prize money I was given, I was able to quit my part-time job, so I had more time to play.”

Despite the fact that the time he spent playing games increased, Park Dae-ho was not very happy.

The public interest and praise he gained while beating powerful opponents in the tournament was lost at the end of the game, so there must be a lot of emptiness in the current situation.

It was the perfect time to make a Scout offer.

“Actually, I came here because I have a suggestion for you.”

“Suggestion… this?”

“yes. At Damoye, we believe that StarCraft, like sports such as boxing and tennis, can be a good culture that the public can enjoy. But for that to happen, you need to consistently come up with a topic that can grab people’s attention. We need Mr. Park Dae-ho to make that hot topic.”

Park Dae-ho asked with a face full of anticipation.

“Are you saying you’re going to hold another StarCraft tournament?”

“haha. It is difficult to hold a national competition like this one often. It takes a lot of work.”

“..Then why do you need me?”

“It’s not a national competition, but we’re going to create a regular league where we have regular matches around proven gamers. I’m going to make an offer for you to participate in this regular league.”

“If I go to that regular league, will people see me play?”

“Sure. Everything will be made into a video and distributed nationwide.”

It’s distributed exclusively in PC rooms with all of us.

As soon as I finished my words, Dae-ho Park nodded.

“I will participate.”

I haven’t said any conditions yet, but I’ve already agreed.

It seems that people have been interested in quite a while.

This will make things a little easier.

“The league will be played twice, divided into the first half and the second half. If you are within 32nd place, you will automatically qualify for the next league, but if you are out of 32th, you will have to compete with new gamers for league entry.”

“..so you’re saying that if you don’t get good grades, you might not be able to participate in the league?”

“yes. And once you join our league, you will not be able to participate in any other matches except our league for 2 years. Instead, even if we are unable to participate in the league due to poor performance, we will be paid 1.5 million won each month as long as we remain in the league.”

Even if you popularize the StarCraft League by attracting gamers before others.

Later, if huge capitalists jumped in and took our gamers away, it could be like doing only good things for others.

So I was thinking of signing exclusive StarCraft gamers.

“Even if you can’t participate in the league, you will be paid for your living expenses. I know what you mean.”

“Have you changed your mind?”

“..Anyway, if you win a lot, you can still participate in the league, right?”

“Fufu. That’s right.”

“Then that’s it. I will participate.”

So the contract with Park Dae-ho ended easily.

Most of the other gamers weren’t too hard to convince.

A week later, Damoye’s StarCraft regular league was officially launched.

This news heated up the bulletin board of the PC communication game club.

People’s interest is increasing day by day.

That wasn’t the only number I prepared.

We ranked the StarCraft records accumulated in the PC room by ranking, and provided special benefits such as ramen service to customers above a certain ranking.

Those with exceptionally good grades were given the opportunity to become regular league players.

Thanks to these policies, the perception that everyone has to go to a PC room to play Starcraft has spread.

Thanks to the popularity of StarCraft, the PC room market share in the country has been consistently maintained at over 85%.

As I was paying attention to the PC room business, it was September 1st.

Celebrating the opening of school?


“Choose No. 1 for Kanghyun University, No. 2 for KAIST, No. 3 for Chungin University, No. 4 for Baerae University.”

This time it’s college.

Among them, KAIST was the only university I had heard of.

If I were to choose, wouldn’t it be better to go to a famous university?

I pressed 2

the call is over.

He opened the note he was holding in his hand.


This one needs some investigation.

We got together and went to the office, and the crew called my brother.

“brother. ICCLUB must have something to do with KAIST, please find out how it is related.”

“Is it because of work?”

“It looks like it will work. I don’t know yet.”

“okay. I will find out.”

However, the face of the older brother who answered was not very good.

“brother. What’s going on?”

“no. why?”

“I think it looks kind of difficult.”

My brother laughed bitterly.

“Oh, it’s just that I haven’t been able to sleep lately.”

“Can’t you sleep? why?”

“Why? You just asked for a PC room business because you barely had to adapt to the shopping mall. Now, if I could divide my body in two, I would like to share it.”

Oops. I forgot that this hyung is on the tactless side.

“brother. Don’t do that, give your employees some work. As hyung said, we don’t even have two bodies, so how does hyung do it all?”

“..the staff are all too busy. Few people leave work before 9pm now. In a situation like this, how do you go about doing more?”

“Then hire more people. Looking at it, it seems that all the other employees are having a hard time right now.”

“..it’s okay. They’re all young, but they can handle this. Besides, the cost of labor should not be neglected. People are easy to pick, but not easy to let go. If I start hiring people to be comfortable with my body, I may not be able to handle it later.”

There was some truth to his brother’s words.

I didn’t like the way people grind people and get results for a fraction of the cost.

No, it would be correct to say I hate it.

And guaranteeing the employees a minimum amount of rest was possible at the expense of even a small portion of my interests.

“Hmm. I’m not saying hyung is wrong, but please elect more people. Unless there’s something special, the company’s employees can leave work before dinner. I would never create a situation where it would be difficult to bear even the labor cost that hyung was worried about. You know how talented I am, right?”

“…if you say that, okay. We will pick more people.”

“yes. And hyung is leaving work early too. When the hell are you going to make it and introduce it to me?”

“..you are doing well, man. Don’t let a lush 20-year-old just think about making money. Make a girlfriend, date, and have fun. Those days will never come again.”

Like hyung said, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to make a girlfriend and live happily ever after.

I liked the life of running forward as fiercely as it is now.

“I’m still having fun, so don’t worry about that. Whoops.”

“I am not having fun. You, luncheon-senpai, and everyone around you is just crazy about work, so what is this, isn’t it fun to watch?”

“haha. It’s the same with my brother. It’s basically a way to get together with the same people.”

“..that is undeniable.”

“Then tell me about ICCLUB as soon as you find out. They pick people up quickly.”

“Jaewoon. ICCLUB, I figured out what it was.”

“okay? What was it?”

“It was a club at KAIST Techno Business School.”

“A club? What are you doing?”

“It’s a group that studies e-commerce, but I haven’t been able to find out more details.”


The online shopping mall I am currently running is also a kind of e-commerce, is it related to shopping malls?

Daewon hyung held out a piece of paper to me, who was lost in thought.

“This is the club member list.”

The list that my brother gave me contained the names of nine people.

As I went through the list, I noticed a few people who stood out.

“Kang Hyung-jun? Woonggi Lee? These are the names I know. Oh, please. Is that?”

“Do you know anyone there?”

“You will know for sure when you meet them, but there are people who don’t know me and I know them.”

“okay? who?”

“My name is Kang Hyeong-jun and Lee Woong-gi. They are networking experts.”

“A networking expert? What else is that person doing?”

“I will come to meet some of these people and tell you the details. Whoops.”

Nyworld, the first social networking site in Korea.

In the 2000s, the mini-hompy that introduced the savage relationship became popular.

It was a popular site that once had over 30 million subscribers.

Hyung-Jun Kang, who was a co-founder and an idea provider, left the company because of an investment contract before the business could come to fruition.

Woonggi Lee remains and introduces the minihompy, opening the heyday of Naiworld.

Wasn’t Nyworld coming out next year?

You must be preparing hard right now.

“Where do I go to meet these people?”

“I heard that there is a club club room on the KAIST Seoul campus. I think we should go find it.”

I thought KAIST was only in Daejeon.

Did you have a campus in Seoul?

Anyway, I’m glad it’s closer than I thought.

Taewoo asked as he left the Seoul National University engineering classroom.

“Today, the kids are going to have a drink to commemorate the start of the school year, what do you think?”

“I can’t go. I have work.”

“Because of the business you do, there will always be work. How about taking some time though? There’s nothing wrong with being close to the kids. It seems that there are quite a few kids who want to get to know you.”

It wasn’t really a secret.

I have already revealed to Taewoo that I am working at Damoye.

It might be a little surprising, but the guy’s reaction is ‘Is that so? They are also diligent.’ was the end.

Even that guy looked surprised when he saw that my first semester grade point average came out to be 4.1 when I was working and studying at the same time.

I was even more surprised.

Because his GPA was 4.2, higher than mine, who attended college twice.

Geniuses were everywhere.

There were quite a few at Seoul National University.

“There is nothing wrong with what you said. I really can’t today. I have a place to go.”


Taewoo looked surprised.

“Are you going to join KAIST?”

“It’s not like that. If I was going to transfer, I would have gone to KAIST from the beginning, why would I come here? I have someone to meet.”

“I am again. There is nothing you can do if you have a prior appointment. Then see you tomorrow.”

After leaving school, I headed to the KAIST Seoul Campus in Dongdaemun-gu.

“Did you say it was Room 307 on the 3rd floor of Building 5?”

I arrived at the KAIST Seoul campus and knocked on the door of the ICCLUB club room.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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