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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 35

Episode 35. Starcraft competition.(2)

Around the time when more than 10 CDs of the competition video were already replaced.

There was one video that stood out.

“Hey. This is quite a bit.”

As for the balance of the original version of Starcraft, Zerg has the most advantage and Terran has the most disadvantage, it was not easy to win with Terran.

In the video I’m watching right now, the Terrans are on a winning streak against the Protoss and Zergs.

Compared to future pro gamers, there were a lot of clumsy things.

He was also good at defense and was particularly good at battling.

“brother. What is this person’s name?”

“Wait a minute.”

Daewon-hyung looked up the list of contestants and continued.

“My name is Park Dae-ho.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-two this year. I am two years older than you.”

early twenties

age is fine

“brother. Dae-ho, please make a separate list and record it.”

“okay? Do you think you are doing well?”

“yes. It may be a hasty decision, but I think he will be the star of our competition.”

So, during this tournament, a separate list of people showing stardom was made.

If any of them did not advance to the finals, the intention was to contact them separately and recruit them as regular league players to be created later.

Thanks to over 10,000 participants in the contest alone.

It took three weeks to complete the qualifiers.

The final 32 contestants selected from the 10,000 people all had distinct characteristics, so it was fun to watch the game.

Even five of them were women, so it seemed like a good topic of discussion.

I laughed while watching the video of the finalists.

“Fufu. It’s also a gaming powerhouse. It’s been about three months since StarCraft came out, and there must be a lot of talented people here.”

People’s interest has increased to the point that a separate bulletin board related to Starcraft has already been created in the PC communication game club bulletin board.

I could be sure that this contest was going to be quite a success.

The finals decided to rent a broadcasting studio in Seoul and record it.

There seems to be a demand for intuition (direct viewing), so we prepared about 400 seats.

All tickets were sold at the shopping mall.

“As you said, the ticket price was set at 50,000 won, but isn’t it too expensive? Is there anyone who pays 50,000 won to watch other people play?”

It was possible because I did not know that Starcraft opened the future e-sports market.

I shook my head at my brother’s question.

“Do not worry. The 400 seats are not for 50,000 won, but for 150,000 won, they will all be sold.”

And as I assure you, the tickets for the first match were all sold out within 10 minutes of the sale.

The first match on the 9th of August.

Fortunately, I was able to hire a comedian who is very interested in Starcraft, so he took charge of the game commentary.

“Hello, this is comedian Jongmin Yoon. Today is a special day. Because today is the first StarCraft competition in Korea. Daewon Jang, the CEO of Damoye, who prepared this special event, was here. Let’s hear it one more time. hello. CEO.”

To the commentator’s words, Daewon hyung answered with a very nervous face.

“Ah, hello.”

“haha. CEO. You seem to be trembling more than the players in the game, can you tell me?”


Laughter erupted from the audience at the commentator’s mischievous question.

Although I am a little sorry that I forced my brother who refused to hate it.

I had fun watching.

An interview with the narrator followed.

“You held a very unusual competition called a game competition. What does this competition mean to you?”

He took a deep breath and recited the lines he had prepared in advance.

“People tend to only think negatively when they play games, and I wanted to change those thoughts. If you enjoy it in moderation without being too addicted to it, it can be a good tool to relieve stress and build friendships with your acquaintances. I wanted to show the pure function of such a game.”

“That’s a good thing. But with the words you just said, I think you practiced a lot. I thought you were reading even a Korean book. haha.”

Laughter erupted from the audience again.

Sorry. brother.

Thanks to Daewon hyung’s sacrifice, the atmosphere in the studio has softened quite a bit.

The commentator immediately announced the start of the game.

“Have you been waiting a long time? So, from now on, let’s start the 1st Damo Girlfriend Starcraft Tournament, the final round of 32. Players, please come forward!”

Players in space battleship uniforms appeared with the popping background music.

The audience cheered.

wow! cool!

Soon the match started.

“Now at 2 o’clock, Woon-gi Hwang’s Terran is seated. Jaemin Do’s zerg is at 8 o’clock.”

Both were cautious in the beginning.

Zerg only picked two zerglings and used them for reconnaissance.

Terran also focused on gathering resources as a worker, only reconnaissance.

Terran was the first to break that balance.

“Ah, Woon-gi Hwang tries to attack first. Marines and Firebats are attacking the Zerg Multi.”

The zerg quickly pulled out the zergling and counterattacked, but it was too much to deal with the combination of Marine and Firebat.

In the end, the front yard multi collapsed, and I wanted to push the Zerg as it was.

“Mutal. Mutal is already out! Jaemin Do. You were aiming for this.”

The mood changed as the Mutalisk popped out.

Do Jae-min captured the Marine and Firebat troops with meticulous control, and then advanced to Terran’s multiplayer.

A missile turret was erected for defense.

Since there was only one, it was quickly breached, and even the command center was captured.

“The Terrando frontyard multi is broken. If this is the case, victory is the starting point again. Until recently, I thought Woon-gi Hwang had won everything, ah! Player Do Jae-min is not too strong.”

A group of Goliaths and Vultures from the Terran base ran towards the Mutalisk.

The mutalisk swarm used their quick mobility to avoid the battle and instead rushed into the terran base.

The Terrans managed to stop the Mutalisks with their intertwined missile turrets.

Many of the workers suffered great damage to death.

“This is big. Woon-gi Hwang. It’s a big shock to be hit by something like this in a situation where resources are scarce.”

Terran attacked the Zerg base with the already existing Vulture and Goliath combinations, but it was not enough.

In the meantime, supplemented mutalisks and zerglings poured out to block the attack and rushed towards the terran base.

The terrans running out of resources couldn’t properly block the zerg’s attacks.

The match ended in a Zerg victory.

“In the first match of the round of 32, Do Jae-min’s zerg won. However, Hwang Woon-gi’s Terran wasn’t easy, was it? Both are players with a bright future.”

The first match ended with the commentator’s closing remarks.

The second and third matches continued.

After all the games in the Round of 32 on that day, reviews of watching the game poured out on the bulletin board of the PC communication game club.

– Front Yard Well: It was really fun. I haven’t been able to watch TV for a long time because I don’t have a lot of concentration, but I really enjoyed today’s game without realizing how time flew by.

– Guitar Zerg: You don’t need two words. Come and see. The pulsing feeling is amazing.

– Let’s not talk about it: I almost got tired of playing Terran by Park Dae-ho. Park Dae-ho I’ll have to wear a diaper when I watch a game. haha

– I’m sorry: I couldn’t watch the game because I was looking at Hong Hee-na’s face. Hong is the best lol

“brother. Please distribute the CD of the video recording of the competition directly to the PC room directly managed stores and chain stores. There are probably many people waiting. Whoops.”

“We are already getting a lot of inquiries about when the next tournament will be held. that’s interesting. Was this competition that good?”

“To be precise, it would be more accurate to say that I saw hope rather than good.”


“I can do something better than others. You can make money just by playing well. What kind of hope is this?”

“..is that so?”

“yes. Besides, Starcraft is a really well-made game. There are numerous strategies to bite and bite each other like scissors, rocks, and paper, so once you fall in love with them, it’s hard to get out. It’s fun, but they say they give you money, so people flock to it.”

“..the combination of hope and fun is the secret to this popularity.”

“Right. And I will continue to use that combination in the future.”

After all the matches up to the round of 16, quarterfinals, and quarterfinals of the first StarCraft Tournament, only the finals remain.

It seems that the heat of the quarterfinals before the final has not yet gone away.

The spectators were waiting for the final with a recalled expression.

Eventually, the commentator announced the start of the final.

“Have you been waiting long? The 1st Damo-Yeogae StarCraft Final! Now let’s get started. Both players, please enter.”

Let the two appear in space battleship uniforms.

The entire grandstand was a melting pot of excitement.


Oh Gwang-jin is cool!

Park Dae-ho fighting!

Park Dae-ho, whom I had been keeping an eye on since the preliminary rounds, eventually made it to the finals.

“Park Dae-ho’s Terran, who overturned people’s expectations and made a commotion and made it to the finals. And Oh Kwang-jin’s Protoss, who showed good games with a sense of play. I am very excited to see what will happen.”

Unlike other matches that ended in a single-board system, the final was a best-of-three system.

Soon the first match began.

The first match was a victory for Oh Gwang-jin, who succeeded in an early rush by stabbing the opponent.

In the second match, Park Dae-ho, who defended the entrance of the main camp well and won the match in the second half, won.

In the midst of a 1:1 tie, the narrator shouted excitedly.

“The second match is a victory for Park Dae-ho! Oh, I can’t figure out the result if this happens. It’s really exciting.”

third game.

Because it was the last game to win the championship, both of them showed signs of nervousness.

At first, only careful reconnaissance was conducted, but Oh Gwang-jin moved first.

The protoss send the two Zealots towards the entrance to the terran’s base.

From Terran, the Marines immediately jumped out and fought back.

However, the two Zealots rushed forward as if they were about to attack, and retreated back near the entrance.

The Marines returned to their original location.

As this kind of nerve war continued several times, the narrator’s startled voice was heard.

“River drop. River Drop!! Unbelievable. Oh Gwang-jin. You’ve been hiding a number like this!”

While Zealots drew attention from the entrance, the protoss produced rivers and shuttles to raid the terran bases.

Most of the Terran workers were killed by the scarab that River shot down from the shuttle.

Terrans suffered a major blow to their resource supply and demand.

“Ah, this puts Park Dae-ho at a very disadvantage. Oh Gwang-jin. Are you going to end it like this?”

The Protoss continued to send Zealots and Dragoons into the terran base, as if they would not miss this opportunity.

Even the command center of the main camp was broken and it seemed to end with Oh Gwang-jin’s victory.

Then the Terran counterattack began.

A swarm of vultures suddenly appeared and stormed the protoss’ base.

The surprised protoss tried to move troops from the terran’s base to their base.

Outside the entrance to the terran base on a narrow road, Marines and Siege Tank troops were waiting.

The Protoss forces, who tried to forcibly pass through the road, failed to break through the Siege Tank’s shelling and were all killed.

“Unbelievable. From the beginning, Bonjin was the bait!! Park Dae-ho. The Protoss Zealots and Dragoons that attacked the base were surrounded and captured from the outside. For some reason, I thought that the army of the main camp was too small, but they were hiding this number!”

As if Oh Gwang-jin could not collapse as it is, he tried to drop the river with a multiplayer shuttle.

Only River died thanks to the land mines the Vulture had laid in advance.

The defense of the protoss base was weak as the troops attacking the terran’s base were wiped out at once.

Terran did not miss this opportunity.

While the Marines and Vultures hold on to the defenses of the Protoss base.

This time, Terran flew a dropship and dropped a Siege Tank in the background.

The Protoss’s main base collapsed in the attack of Siege Tanks, Marines, and Vultures.

Although the frontyard multi was still alive.

The protoss had already declared surrender because of the difference in their forces.

“Park Dae-ho won! It is the victory of Park Dae-ho!!”

Cheers erupted from the audience.

As Park Dae-ho waved his hand, the cheers grew even greater.

Handsome Park Dae-ho!

The best!

The commentator took the microphone to Park Dae-ho.

“Player Park Dae-ho. How do you feel about winning a contest with over 10,000 people participating?”

Park Dae-ho wept with a shocked face.

“…I didn’t know I could make it this far… I didn’t know. To me, who only knew how to play games… I am so very grateful to CEO Daewon Jang for giving me this opportunity.”

I’ve never asked for a comment like that.

It’s good that you know how to promote it. fufu.

With the birth of such popular gamers, the StarCraft competition ended successfully.

Old Villa 302, built well over 30 years ago, in Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

Park Dae-ho’s house was the place where there was even a redevelopment plan, so you don’t know when it will be demolished.

My father died in an accident when I was young.

It was Park Dae-ho’s job to take care of his mother, who couldn’t get up because of back pain, and his younger brother, who was in high school.

The only pleasure he had was the game.

He had no money to pay tuition, so he had to take a leave of absence and work part-time.

With the money I saved while starving, I bought a computer that was pretty decent.

The night his mother and brother slept was his favorite time.

When night falls, the moment you sit in front of the computer and display the game play screen on the monitor.

He used to feel relieved that he had found a home.

His recent interest was a game called Starcraft.

The three races were perfectly balanced, so I could win any race I picked.

could have lost again.

Since it was a game with countless strategies, I fell in love with it from the moment it was released.

I applied without hesitation when I saw an advertisement in a newspaper about hosting a StarCraft competition a while ago.

I wasn’t sure I was going to win.

Being able to compete with other gamers was enough to satisfy him.

It was such a light heart at first.

However, they made it through the preliminaries and advanced to the finals.

When he finally won the championship, for the first time in his life, he thought, ‘It was good to be alive’.

A few days after that, there was still a lingering aftertaste of victory.

I was able to spend a lot of time thinking about what to do with the prize money I received.

Over time, an unknown thirst began to grow in my heart.

‘Something is frustrating.’

I defeated many opponents with StarCraft Battle.net to quench that thirst.

Thirst was getting bigger and bigger.

When he got to the point of regretting that he would rather not participate in the competition.

Fortune came to him.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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