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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 21

Episode 21. Catch the export boat.(3)

“Wait it won’t happen. Because they are so immoral, the orchard also has a lot to do with the water hearing.”

I don’t know how much money the hearing meeting has.

If it’s not at the level of a large company, there won’t be much difference from me.

We have similar conditions, but we can’t give up without trying once.

The weasel guy was also a jerk.

“Then, we have a chance to win.”

“multiplication? U.S?”

“Jaewoon. It’s true that 100 million is a small amount of money. But the people of the hearing meeting move in billions of units, kid. With 100 million, you have no choice.”

“I am too. Those billions.”

“I am too. I didn’t calculate the exact amount, but I have about 2 billion dollars that I can use right now.”

Surprisingly, Uncle did not move, as if he had forgotten to breathe.

“uncle. breath! You have to breathe.”

When I tapped my uncle on the back, his spirit returned with the sound of a ‘gagging’ air leaking out.

“..Is that a myth that there are 2 billion?”

“I told you. I’ve earned over 1 billion. Although it is in a corporate account, I can take out about 2 billion won in cash if I want to.”

“..what is your business?”

“It’s an online shopping mall business.”

“Is that online.. shopping mall so much money?”

“Good job. I didn’t know either, but I have some aptitude for business.”

Uncle smiled with a dismayed face.

“haha. I thought you were me, but I can’t figure out what this is. What should I do to make a high school student 2 billion won in five months?”

“It was a bit of luck and I had good ideas. Anyway, I have that much money, so why don’t we try to negotiate with the orchard owners ourselves?”

“Shall we build a wall by ourselves?”

“yes. Combined with my money and my uncle’s experience, I think it’s worth a try.”

The mouth of the uncle, who was deep in thought, opened.

“You are right. It’s hard to give up without even trying to become a man.”

“OK. So what can I do first? To get the ships.”

“From what? I met the orchard owners and the story went well, and that’s the end of it. Everything else is an administrative process, so it only takes time.”

From the next day, he and his uncle started walking around the pear-producing areas and meeting the owners of the orchard.

However, as expected, meeting the orchard owners was not easy.

“There is no yangban outside right now. Can you come next time?”

The lights were on inside, so I could tell there were people there.

I turned around thinking that nothing would change if I told you.

“yes. Will you come back to the wall?”

He came to visit the orchard owners, but had already walked in vain more than ten times.

“Also. I don’t get along well. I’ll have to see your face to convince you.”

“Of course. They are all individual entrepreneurs. If you behave wrongly, you could be ruined in an instant, so where is it easier to take a risk?”

Eumseong, Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.

I went all the way to Cheonan through acting in Chungcheong Province, but the results were not good.

Tomorrow we decided to go to Naju, the largest pear producing area in Korea, but there was no guarantee that there would be an orchard owner in the state we met there too.

No matter how you think about it, wandering around like this was not a good way to go.

“uncle. I don’t think it should be like this.”

“..Gram? Is there any good way?”

“First, let’s attack the small orchard.”

“Even if we attacked such a place, we would not be able to export ships. Halamun certification is required for export of pears, but it is not easy for small orchards to obtain the certification.”

“I’m not talking about exporting the pears from the orchard. Let’s start with the rumors.”

“rumor? Innocent rumors?”

“The rumor is that we are good water drinkers.”

We walked around the little orchards and started buying pears.

“Is it 1500 won per kilo? Are you really buying it for that price?”

When the orchard owner asked with a surprised face, his uncle nodded.

“That’s right. Then what are you going to do?”

“If you buy it like that, we would be grateful. I’ll hand you over to you right away.”

I spent about three days wandering around like that, and over 200 million was spent.

At this point, my uncle also asked me if it was a burden.

“I’m just throwing money away like this all the time, don’t you feel sorry for me? A child who has already spent over 200 million.”

“It’s okay to spend a little more. After all, you can return the amount you’ve bought so far to the domestic mart, right?”

“Even if it is Gulkin, it will take several months to recover all the investment.”

“does not matter. Not having enough money doesn’t mean that your business is disrupted.”

“..Suddenly I can’t tell if I am a nephew or a son of a chaebol.”

“Fufu. Just think of it as being with the nephew of the chaebol.”

It wasn’t just a joke.

I still have a long way to go to become a real chaebol.

Eventually, at the end of this road, you will become a real conglomerate.

The next day, I’m going around Cheonan with the same schedule.

Someone came to visit us.

“Which religion?”

“I’m Chan-dong Lee, and I’m a pear orchard here in Cheonan.”

My uncle gave me a glance, “I finally asked.”

Are you right? Are you saying this person is the owner of an orchard certified for export?

Anyway, I thought it was time for one or two to come.

Uncle asked pretending he didn’t know anything.

“yes. But what happened?”

“I hear you say that you are a big hand from Seoul, but you are also looking for ships to export to the United States?”

“That’s right. I can give you a generous price, but no one is selling it, so I’m just looking into the domestic market.”

“If you haven’t given up on exporting yet, how about our ship? My orchard is already certified for export and I am confident in the quality.”

“Is that kind of religion? Then let’s talk a little bit more about it over there.”

Chan-dong Lee was just the beginning.

As the rumors spread that we had taken the goods at a more generous price than the Sou-Hui-Hui, more and more people started to come.

And two days later.

Uncle opened his mouth with excitement.

“Jaewoon. come!”

“I got a call from the owner of the largest pear orchard in Cheonan. Let’s meet Ham, I said.”

“okay? Good for you. Where can I go?”

“Cheonan Jiksan-eup. I’ll see you at his house.”

What began as a fervor for the weasel began to show signs of being resolved.

We ate breakfast and headed straight to Jiksan-eup.

But when I got to my destination and got out of the car, I heard a woman’s voice.

“Oh. Advertisers!”

This is a voice I’ve heard a lot.

Where did you hear that?

I turned my head to see Kim Yeon-hee, the model for the P-32 commercial, running over here.

Kim Yeon-hee, who came all the way to us, couldn’t raise her head because she was out of breath.

“Ugh. Ugh.”

He was wearing striped slippers and a large T-shirt.

It didn’t look bulky, and it fit well.

Isn’t that why models aren’t for everyone?

“Long time no see. Yeonhee Mr. But what’s going on here?”

“Ugh. Advertiser. Ugh. This is it. Ugh. What are you doing here?”

“Me? I came here for work.”

“Work? What’s going on?”

“yes. I’m here to buy some boats.”

“uh? Aren’t you the president of the MP3 player company? Oh, are you just doing other business together?”

How do I explain this?

I’m upset.

“This is not an official business. It’s your uncle’s job, and he’s helping out for a while.”

At my words, Kim Yeon-hee glanced at her uncle.

“Oh, so your uncle is doing something related to the boat? understood. But my father is the only person who owns a pear orchard near here. Did you come to see my father?”

uncle asked her

“Is your father’s name probably Kim Yu-han?”

“Right! Seriously, my father came to see me.”

Come to think of it, this woman gave me pear juice at that time and told me that my father was running an orchard.

This is how things go.

Kim Yeon-hee took the lead, telling her to follow her.

Following her, a two-story country house appeared.

bang. bang.

Instead of taking out the key, Kim Yeon-hee knocked on the iron door.

“Aren’t you carrying the key?”

“I’m a bit rambunctious, so I lose it easily.”

At that moment, the door just opened.

“Do you open it without asking anyone?”

Kim Yeon-hee smiled with a humble face.

“Haha, I’m the only one knocking on the door like this.”

Kim Yeon-hee, who went inside, opened the front door and shouted loudly.

“Dad! A guest has arrived!”

A hoarse voice came from inside.

“Guest? Oh, have the people from Seoul already come?”

The front door swung open and a man in his 50s came out.

“Hello, how are you? Kang Ho japnider who answered the phone.”

“Oh, are you here? I was still waiting. Please sit there for a moment.”

As I was sitting in the living room with my uncle, I saw a picture of Kim Yeon-hee’s family hanging on the wall.

Looking at the people in the picture smiling with relaxed faces.

I suddenly realized that I had never taken a family photo before.

‘After this work was over, I had to gather all of Kyung-a and ask them to take a picture.’

Kim Yu-han, who had entered the bedroom, approached me with a recalled face and held my hand tightly.

“Gosh. I heard a lot from my daughter-in-law. You are the one who entrusted the advertisement to our Yeonhee.”

“Ah yes. Because your daughter is so attractive. It was a good choice for each other.”

“Anyway, I was so thankful that I tried to visit him. I didn’t expect you to come like this.”

“yes. How did it happen? It may be more sudden than that, but can I talk to you about work?”

“Look at my mind. You must be busy. I was wasting my time without notice. Honey, bring me a prize here. Valuable people have come.”

We started negotiating in earnest after a prize so generous that it was hard to believe it was set up suddenly.

Negotiations ended as soon as they started.

“How much do you need?”

“How many boats do you need?”

“..we are many, but the more the better.”

“This year, the yield from my orchard will be around 150 tons. Would that be enough?”

“..Is that you will give me all of that?”

“I’ll give you everything.”

“Our orchard pears, I’ll give you everything.”

I thought I could get the stock.

I didn’t expect to hear that they would hand over the whole thing before even negotiating the price.

“How much are you thinking about?”

“Please take care of it.”

“I will take what you gave me.”

It was a proposal that was not generous and even questionable.

Kim Yu-han, who saw our faces, continued.

“Ah, I think I spoke too short. Originally, I was planning to make 1,500 won per kilo. Until I heard that my nephew gave us Yeonhee an advertisement.”

Since Suhyeonghoe took it for around 1,400 won, it means that I sang it higher than that.

That price was what we expected.

“However, it is a different story for the person who advertised our Yeonhee. Do you know what I regretted the most while growing a 50-pyeong plow that I inherited from my father into an orchard of 100,000 pyeong?”

“I was crazy about work and couldn’t take care of my only daughter properly. By the time I realized that, it was much too late. I’m stuck in the corner of the room, and I’m going crazy. Such Yeon-hee came out after an advertisement for an MP3 player. Her nephew saved Yeon-hee.”

Did something like that happen?

Then, it was understandable that Kim Yu-han made such a generous offer.

“Then you will receive the entire amount for 1,400 won. Are you okay?”

My uncle is also a merchant.

You don’t miss this opportunity and secretly lower 100 won.

Kim Yu-han nodded happily.

“Thank you. Mr. Kim.”

“I am more grateful. I was thinking of giving it to you even if you just took it, but give me a reasonable price. haha.”

But Yeon-hee’s father’s words were not over yet.

“Can I ask you a favor regardless of the deal?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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