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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 20

Episode 20. Catch the export ship.(2)

My uncle asked me, who was looking at me.

“…you didn’t do anything bad, did you?”

“sure. It’s 100 percent fair money.”

My uncle muttered with a half-passed look on his face.

“No matter how great the Kang family’s bloodline, how can a guy like this come out? A high school student earns 100 million won in just five months? Is there anything that can be won?”

At that time, with 200 to 300 million won, you could buy an apartment of 30 pyeong in Seoul.

It was not unreasonable that his uncle was surprised.

“There is no such rule that a high school student can’t make 100 million won in five months, right? If you have a good idea, you can do it.”

If it’s the second time in your life.

But my uncle shook his head at my suggestion.

“I don’t get that money.”

Why is this gentleman doing this again?

“I’ve become an uncle, so I can’t give you money, but would you rather spend money from your nephew? I couldn’t do it like that.”

Well, are you doing this for your pride?

Then there is another way.

“Then I won’t just give you money, I will lend you.”

“Can I borrow it?”

“yes. With that, you can catch this export and pay it back later, right?”

“why? Are you not confident? My uncle said it like a habit. One day, when I have enough money, I will go into international wholesale trade.”

“..It’s not that I don’t have confidence. Still, it’s hard to get your money back.”

“It’s not about giving. If you feel bad about it, you can pay it back by paying a hefty amount of interest.”

When my uncle was hesitant despite my repeated recommendations, my aunt slapped my uncle on the back.


Even on my back, which didn’t fit in the moment, a thrill came up like a hallucination.

Oh, that hurts so much.

“Ah! Will you hit me?”

“Are you going to hit me? You, now is not the time to be proud of yourself. My nephew wants to help, so are you hesitating?”

Oh ho, fighting Ms. Soon!

Perhaps because of the pain in his back, the uncle frowned and answered.

“..because of self-esteem, and whether or not I really deserve that money, I keep getting caught up in waiting like that.”

“Is that muffled sound? Are you not worthy? You are the one who fortune has fed me so far.”

sensible words.

“All I did was a child. Just eat and sleep. that’s the end I can’t give you expensive tutoring like everyone else. I can’t even buy good clothes. Do I deserve that kind of money?”

At that moment, I remembered the will my uncle left before committing suicide in a previous life.

The will, which was written in rough torn books, had only four letters written on it.

– sorry

Now I could understand why my uncle had left those words.

My uncle, who always smiles, must have felt that guilt inside.

‘There’s no way I could have survived this when my business went bankrupt.’

don’t even know that

I hated my uncle for a while for running away irresponsibly.

‘I can’t run away like that this time. uncle. ‘

I asked, looking straight at my uncle.

“uncle. Am I your uncle’s son?”

“Not that. In my heart you are like my son.”

“But he’s not a son. You put a guy who isn’t a son to sleep, fed him, and made him go to school, but you didn’t do anything else? That’s enough for my uncle to really do it.”

“The things my uncle and Ms. Soon have done so far are to the point that I will never be able to repay them for the rest of my life. Stop being stubborn and accept it. ”

Uncle’s head nodded.

“..to say that far, I know. Don’t be grateful.”

It’s hard.

I’m not asking for money.

I was going to give it to you, but I didn’t expect it to be this hard.

“Of course you should.”

“I’m sure I’ll pay you back by paying interest.”

“yes. but uncle Can it be 100 million?”

“One billion is enough.”

“I can give you more if you need it.”

“done. mind. No more needed.”

“If so. I will send 100 million won to your bank account tomorrow morning.”

“..thank you. Jaune.”

“Hey, don’t say things like that.”

“..I get it.”

So I wanted to end today with a warm atmosphere.

My cousin’s sister’s door creaked open, revealing her.

It looks like I’m going out.

Unsurprisingly, Kyung-a glanced at us once and took off her shoes without saying a word.

Seeing this, the aunt cried out.

“This is Kashina. What time is it, Nagala Kano?”

“Never mind. It’s my heart!”

Leaving those words behind, Kyung-a left the front door.

His aunt’s sad eyes continued to follow him.

Kyung-a didn’t turn her face in the end.

‘Once the urgent work is done, I’ll have to pay attention to that guy too. Before it gets any worse.’

I got a call from my uncle into the office.

“Are you free this evening?”

“Um… I’m a little busy, but I think I can try to empty it. But why?”

“I have a long way to go to the hearing meeting this evening because of the export of pears, so let’s go together.”

“A hearing meeting? What is a hearing meeting?”

“I call the Export Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers Association that way, child. If a ship is to be exported, it must not go through a hearing meeting. Gira is holding on to the orchard owners who have been certified for export.”

“I know what you mean. Do I have a reason to go?”

“Yes. You are the money owner. You need to know how your money is being used.”

Is this the business class you’ve only heard of?

It seemed that my uncle had something he wanted to teach me.

but. He got that big money from his nephew, so he must have wanted to do something.

I was not very interested in the agricultural wholesale business.

There was nothing wrong with learning from this opportunity.

“I see. What time are you leaving?”

“Come in front of the Banpo-dong Daeun Building by 7pm. Let’s meet there with me.”

At 7 o’clock in front of the Daewoon Building, my uncle was already waiting.


“Oh, are you here? Let’s go.”

When I went up to the 10th floor of the building with my uncle, a wide open hallway appeared.

At the end was a brown desk with a receptionist.

In front of the desk, Uncle said to the receptionist.

“Are you in the branch manager?”


The guide took out the ledger and asked.

“What is your name?”

“This is Kang Ho-jae.”

“Kang Ho-jae. You have an appointment at seven.”

“The branch manager is in a meeting right now, would you mind waiting at the table over there for a moment?”

“okay? he can’t help it Jaewoon. Let’s just wait over there.”

However, after 30 minutes of waiting and an hour had passed, the branch manager still did not appear.

My uncle asked the receptionist, but she only replied that she didn’t know when the meeting would end.

Uncle’s face grew redder and he jumped up from his seat.

I grabbed my uncle’s arm in that unusual atmosphere.

“uncle. What are you going to do?”

“I can’t stand it any longer because I sold it to you. Can you wait here for a moment?”

“uncle. Calm down. If you wait a little bit, someone who seems to be the branch manager might come out soon.”

“done. This is waiting for you to deliberately ignore me. I usually do a little too much because I think the transaction size is a bit small.”

Uncle shook my hand and opened the conference room with both hands.

“Chief! Kang Ho japnider.”

I hurriedly followed my uncle and saw three men drinking tea inside.

Among them, a man with a particularly long waist and neck, which reminded him of a weasel, frowned.

“Mr. Hojae. We’re having a meeting right now.”

“Chief. Did I not contact you yesterday? I said I’d like to see you at 7 today.”

“by the way? Is there any reason why I need to fit into Hojae’s schedule? I’m a busy person too. What kind of rude behavior is this when you come here because I have something to do?”

“It is rude to be rude. Yesterday, he said nothing was going to happen at this time, so I made an appointment at this time. Branch manager, would you like to come to me?”

The weasel sighed.

“ha. It’s just that the sudden meeting is getting a little bit longer. There’s no other meaning, so I’m waiting outside quietly. I’ll call you when it’s over.”

Just by looking at it, it didn’t seem like an important meeting that had to be held with people waiting.

Besides, he is older than his uncle, so why does the invisible weasel keep cutting off the end of its horse?

As I watched it, my stomach began to twist a little.

“excuse me?”

The weasel turned its head towards me and smiled.

“Hey, are you Hojae’s son? no wonder. Are you doing this to me right now, because you feel like you have been humiliated in front of your son?”

“excuse me. Not my son. It’s a joke. And he’s respectful to people who are older than him. Did you learn it in moral class too? right?”

At that moment, the weasel’s expression changed colorfully.

“..what else is this guy doing?”

“Not a guy. I am a student.”

This time my uncle stopped me.

“Are you coming again, Ikano? Stop it, go over there and wait.”

“I do not like it. uncle. Do you really need him for this job? It seems like he didn’t learn manners properly.”

The weasel only snorted and screamed in surprise.

“Because they really want to see it. Mr. Hojae. you’re out It seemed pitiful to have a hard life, so I tried to listen to the story, but I didn’t even know the grace!”

Uncle’s face hardened at those words, but then he nodded.

“I, too, have lost my affection for the hearing meeting now, so don’t break it. I’ll never see you again. Let’s go, Jaewoon.”

With those words, my uncle grabbed my arm and left the conference room.

I left the building and asked my uncle.

“uncle. Who is that weasel?”

“weasel? haha. He looked like a weasel.”

“Don’t laugh. Who is the weasel?”

“The son of Park Han-Surako, the chairman of the hearing. It’s famous for being spoiled, but the president wraps it up too much. So no one can say anything.”

“But no matter how much you think about it, it seems that the weasel is being mean to her uncle on purpose, what happened?”

My uncle smiled bitterly and replied.

“There’s nothing crazy. However, the quantity of ships going out for export is fixed, so I guess I thought that the share would decrease if I intervene. I did that damn wait to stop them from coming in in the first place.”

Uncle sighed.

“Uh-huh, I’ll just be patient. Don’t buy it right.”

Seeing that, I felt frustrated and shoved it.

“What are you holding up for? Uncle did nothing wrong.”

“Still, I said kid. The orchard owners don’t even meet people who aren’t the people of the water hearing.”

“Why do the owners of the orchard only meet with the people of Sucheonghoe?”

“When I buy one, I buy them in bulk, as long as there are no problems with the product, I keep buying them regularly. From the point of view of the orchard, would he be a good customer?”

“Anyway, isn’t it strange that you don’t even meet other customers?”

“Even the orchard owners want to meet other customers internally. The more customers, the better.”


“I hate it at the Gramung hearing. No, it’s not possible to simply say it out loud, and after meeting with other customers, the deal with the Sou-Hui-Hui ends with that.”

It was amazing.

This was not just breaking the law, it could be called violence with money.

“You act like a gangster.”

“Yeah? That’s why small wholesalers like us don’t like Suhcheonghoe. I put up a wall so other people can’t get in, and they’re all hanging out with each other, so who would like it?”

Then a good idea came to me.

“uncle. Isn’t the reason orchard owners only deal with souk-hoi because the profit from the orchard is the greatest?”


“Then, if there is a customer who can bring similar profits to the company, will the orchard owners insist on only dealing with the company?”

I was planning to downgrade the hearing from ‘Only one’ to ‘One of them’.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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