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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 180

Episode 180. Be sure to take it down.

I answered my friend’s question.

“Of course. Don’t worry, Japan Pride will put you in the world’s largest mixed martial arts team, which is unparalleled.”

“..I’m going to go to the military, so please save me!”

“haha. Okay, so go to the military and be careful not to get injured.”

#Baekwoo Motors union office.

Baek Woo-cha union chairman Yoon Tae-soo was talking to Ko Won-cha union chairman Oh Cheol-man, who visited the office.

Oh Chul-man said to Yoon Tae-soo.

“As you are well aware, it is the season for collective bargaining. Again this year, Kowoncha’s management company is likely to engage in unfaithful negotiating attitudes, so the union’s executive department has decided to temporarily strike.”

“However, the public opinion is a little burdensome for us to go on strike alone. You know? In a few lines of provocative writing by reporters who do not know well, the public opinion these days is quite negative for the Kowon-cha union. So, I hope that the white cow tea union will also join the strike and give us some strength.”

Yoon Tae-soo asked with a shaky face.

“..Do you want me to join the strike?”

“Yes. I heard that the sales performance of white cow tea this year is good. It can show that the Kowon Tea union is not unusual, and if the business is going well like this, a strike will be very effective, so the Baekwoo Tea union will also have an advantage in the collective bargaining agreement. The Jin-A car union has already agreed to join us. Wouldn’t it be possible to properly protect our interests only when the same auto unions come together?”

Yoon Tae-soo made a troubled expression.

“..the white cow tea union has already decided not to go on strike this year.”

Oh Chul-man asked in surprise.

“No, have you already finished the collective bargaining negotiations?”

“It is not. Negotiations haven’t even started.”

Oh Chul-man asked with a surprised face.

“You gave up the strike without even negotiating? Chairman Yoon. Did you find any weakness in the company?”

“Hmmmm…you are a bit harsh. There are no weaknesses to be caught, and even if there are, we are not of low quality enough to threaten our White Ox executives with such weaknesses.”

Oh Chul-man had a humble expression on his face.

“..I apologize if I said too much. But if not, why the hell did you give up the strike before you even negotiated?”

“The management paid 50% of my annual salary as a bonus at the beginning of this year.”

Oh Chul-man asked with a blank face.

“Not your salary, but…50% of your annual salary?”

“Yes. And this year, business is going to be even better, so we expect to receive 100% of the bonus early next year. There’s no reason to go on strike in this situation. If we go on strike, we will only turn over all kinds of criticism.”

At Yoon Tae-soo’s answer, Oh Chul-man was unable to speak immediately.

“So it seems difficult for our white cow tea union to participate in this strike struggle. I’m sorry to say no to you after coming all the way here.”

Oh Chul-man looked at Yoon Tae-soo with envy and opened his mouth.

“..I did not know that there would be a car company that would give 100% of their annual salary as a bonus. The management of your company and the management of our company, who give all kinds of excuses to save even 10 won in wages, are very comparable. You are blessed to have met such a management team.”

Yoon Tae-soo nodded.

“Exactly, not the management, but our CEO is an unusual person. At first, to be honest, I was a little dissatisfied, but now I think I have met the best owner as Chairman Oh said. I’ve been rolling on this floor for over 20 years, but it’s the first time I’ve seen someone like that.”

“If you are the owner, you are talking about CEO Kang Jae-woon. I don’t think I’ve heard any bad rumors about him. I’m really envious of the white cow tea unions who have such an owner…”

Finally after a week.

Strikes started only in Kowon and Jinacha, except for Baekwoocha.

Seoul Hwansung Hospital VIP room.

My aunt, who was lying with a bandage on her head, saw me and smiled.

“yes. pure lady. How is your body?”

“I got better. Until then, I was dizzy and only cards, but from yesterday I’m a bit fussy.”

As I expected, my aunt’s head was already starting to bleed.

It was found on an MRI scan and was immediately operated on.

Fortunately, the results of the surgery were good.

Although the professor in charge said that he was really lucky to have arrived at the beginning, like Heaven helped him.

To put it bluntly, it would be more accurate to say that the devil helped me.

I glanced at her and grabbed her aunt’s hand.


“Live a long time. So, watch me give birth to a child, and watch my child give birth to another child.”

The aunt laughed bitterly.

“Are you surprised that your aunt might even die? She won’t die for me. She lives a tough life, so I can’t wait to see how your fortunes do better.”

“Really? Did you promise?”

“I know. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

late July.

Jin Chang-ho looked at Ko Won-sik, the president of Kowon Motors, with a displeased face.

“Go boss. I think I received a report two months ago that Kowon Motors, a subsidiary of Kowon Motors, finished developing the navigation system. Why is our car’s performance like this? Kowon Tea alone has already been overtaken by White Cattle Tea, and when Jina Tea is combined, the market share of White Cattle Tea can only be suppressed?”

Hoon-shik Ko replied with a firm face.

“..We have finished developing the navigation system, but the customer reviews were not as good as we thought. In addition, it was even more difficult to come out with a new battlefield option called the front and rear monitoring system from the white cow.”

“A front and rear monitoring system? What else is that?”

“It is a system that records images of the front and rear in case of an accident and displays the image of the rear on the navigation screen when reversing.”

“Hmm… I’m sure customers will like it. By the way, this kid Kang Jae-woon has a good head. By the way, did customers say that our navigation system was not well-received?”

After hesitating for a moment, Hoon-sik Ko opened his mouth.

“Compared to YourNavi’s navigation, many reviews said that the response speed was slow and the operation was inconvenient. In particular, they tell us that they only guide us on roads that are clogged even when we guide them… That’s why some consumers call our products Makgilnae.”

Jin Chang-ho couldn’t contain his anger and hit the table.

“No, how the hell did you make a navigation system so you can hear all those sounds? Go boss! Aren’t you going to do it right?”

Go Hoon-shik bowed his head and answered.

“sorry! Vice President. Now, the navigation development team is working day by day to find solutions for improvement, so we will be able to solve it soon.”

Jin Chang-ho, who was staring at Ko Hoon-sik as if he was about to eat him, opened his mouth.

“Fix it quickly! And why are the unions still on strike? It’s been a month already. Isn’t this the right time to listen to what you’re going to listen to and finish it?”

“..this year is moderately difficult. One of the demands of the union is to pay 100% of the annual salary as a bonus.”

Jin Chang-ho, who was startled, smirked.

“Ha… 100% of your salary? Did the union executive suddenly go crazy? Even if the management performance is really good, the performance pay usually does not exceed 300% of the monthly salary, so why suddenly make such a demand?”

“After Baekwoo Cha was incorporated as a subsidiary of Damoye, the salary system has also been following Damoye’s.

Jin Chang-ho frowned.

“Is it because of that bastard again?”

Jin Chang-ho, who had been in trouble for a while, opened his mouth.

“For now, the strike cannot be left as it is, so play the media as if the management of the company is becoming difficult because the high-ranking noble union of Kowoncha is making too much demand. And the union notifies the union that if the strike is any longer, the Korean plant will be closed and all production will be transferred to overseas plants.”

Hoon-sik Ko, surprised by the unexpectedly strong instructions, asked.

“If that happens, hundreds of billions of dollars of damage a month will be inevitable due to production setbacks, is that okay?”

“It will cost hundreds of billions of dollars. I’d rather just blow it up in the air than give my money to those who try to eat it raw. Even if you dare to make fun of me, it’s fair to say… I’ll never grant that kind of request.”

“.. so I will notify you.”

“Improve the navigation quickly and add a front and rear monitoring system to the options. And find a way to enhance your battlefield options by contacting all the battlefield companies you want to do, whether domestic or overseas.”

“Absolutely! To go beyond Jae-Woon Kang, we need to work together with all of the world’s leading battlefield companies, not just one or two companies. He’s such a great guy. I don’t care how much it costs. From now on, please respond positively with the mindset that the battlefield is just as important as the engine.”

“All right. Vice-President.”

#WorldCommunications U.S. subsidiary, Executive Vice President Shin Hyun, was on the phone with Brad Hal, the CEO of Bon Mobile, an American MVNO operator with which it was affiliated.

“Mr. Did the number of subscribers increase a bit?”

Brad replied with a smile.

“haha. It was truly a godsend to have signed a partnership agreement with you. Over the past 5 months, the number of subscribers to the D phone plan alone has increased by 4 million. The market share, which was less than 2%, has risen to 4%, and the rate of increase is increasing. Especially in California, where your company is building a 4G infrastructure, seeing the subscribers increase by 50% every month, it really shows how powerful 4G is.”

“If your company’s market share has risen that much, it seems that the four major telecommunication companies will also respond. How are they moving?”

“Anyway, that’s why I called you. Viewizon launched a plan that combines a landline and mobile phone earlier this month.”

“A combination with a landline phone?”

“yes. There is a lot of demand for landline phones in the United States, and Viewizon is known for it because it was originally a company specializing in landline phones. It’s only been a month, but it seems to have worked quite well in defending the customer churn rate. The other four major telecommunication companies who saw it are also in the mood to launch similar services soon, so the rate of increase in D-phone plan subscribers is likely to slow down…

“Hmm… you don’t have to be so conclusive yet. Once we report the situation to the head office, we will come up with a solution.”

“Five! If it’s the head office, it’s the place where Mr. Kang is there. Okay. We are waiting for the good news. haha.”

When I heard about ViewRizen’s new plan, I was troubled.

‘It’s a wired and wireless combined plan…’

It wasn’t that I didn’t expect to use such a method because it was basically the strategy that telecom companies were taking in the future.

The timing was a little early.

‘I thought it would take at least the end of this year to think like that, but the CEO of Viewizon doesn’t seem to be that incompetent. Well, at least it seems to be the last move.’

I instinctively felt that this was the last resistance offered by the four major telecommunication companies against my attack.

‘I’m sorry, but when you defeat an enemy, you have to defeat it with certainty so that there is no repercussion.’

I called Hongin Media CEO Jung Oh-chan and D Flix’s head of business department Kwon Woo-myung.

As soon as they arrived, the subject was brought out.

“The reason I asked the two of you to come was because of the US launch of the Dflix service.”

Director Kwon asked with a surprised face.

“It hasn’t even been a year since it was released in Korea yet, right?”

“yes. The reaction in Korea was pretty good, right?”

“..Yes, but I didn’t expect it to go so quickly in the US market, so it’s almost unprepared for launch.”

President Oh-chan Jung also spoke in a worried tone.

“Besides, the internet speed in the US is not fast enough to enjoy Dflix content smoothly. Even when it comes to high-speed Internet, most of them are ADSL or cable modems, not VDSL like in Korea, and the speed is even lower because the land is wide.”

“If you think about wired communication, of course it is.”

President Jung made a face as if he realized something from my words.

“Ah… are you planning to use 4G wireless communication?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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