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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 164

Episode 164. A guy I’ll be with for the rest of my life.

Seungjun Lee, a professor at Seoul National University College of Engineering, asked with a blank expression on his face.

“You’re asking how much it will cost you to break through that technology barrier.”

The professor, who was looking at my face, opened his mouth.

“Are you saying you want to invest in our lab?”

“To be precise, it means that you will invest in professors. You are so talented that you often get scout offers from foreign radar companies. But right now, research funding is insufficient, so it just doesn’t produce good results.”

About 10 years later, Professor Seung-Jun Lee leaves school and starts a venture company.

When you see that the radar sensor released there will be recognized for its technology all over the world.

The only problem with this lab must have been funding, too.

I looked into his eyes and spoke.

“If necessary, we are willing to provide more than 10 billion won.”

Professor Lee, who had repeatedly opened and closed his mouth several times, asked.

“..what are your reasons for investing in me? As I said before, even if the level of technology is raised, radar is mainly used for military purposes, so there is not much demand for it. Compared to CEO Kang’s business, it must be a profit that is nothing more than a penny…”

“The only time there is not much demand for radar is now. Demand from the private sector will increase dramatically in just 10 years.”

“In the private sector?”

“yes. A typical example is a car. When radar and automobiles are combined, the synergy is no joke. For example, it could be possible to make a device that maintains a constant distance from the vehicle in front, and it could also be applied to an emergency braking system that automatically applies the brakes if there is an obstacle in front of the vehicle and it is likely to collide. It could be used as a sensor that warns the driver if something approaches from his blind spot.”


I continued looking at this professor, who was in shock as if he had attained a great realization.

“And as automotive radar technology continues to advance, the era of self-driving cars will eventually come, which will automatically navigate to its destination without a driver. When that time comes, radar will become an integral part of a car just like a tire.”

By the time I finished speaking, a small flame was burning in Professor Lee’s eyes.

“At the graduation ceremony not long ago, I also heard President Kang’s speech. Imagine a better future… I thought to myself that no one could say it, but CEO Kang deserves to say that. Professor Han Seongwook, I think you can see why this friend left his professorship and went to Damoye. CEO Kang has the ability to warm people’s hearts.”

“It is worth explaining that you felt that way. haha. In fact, I recently acquired an automobile company. Besides, I’m also interested in wireless communication semiconductors for mobile phones. Although the characteristics are slightly different, the radar sensor is also a type of wireless communication semiconductor, so I wanted to research it. Having said that, there are many reasons to invest in your lab.”

The professor smiled and opened his mouth.

“Welcome to our lab. Let’s talk in detail about what we’re going to do next at the next meeting.”

“yes. Take good care of me. professor.”

#Gowon Group Vice Chairman Jin Chang-ho’s office.

Jin Chang-ho was listening to the report of the chief of staff with a serious face.

“The Korea Development Bank eventually handed over Baekwoo Motors to CEO Kang Jae-woon. The acquisition price is 1.8 trillion won.”

Hearing that, Jin Chang-ho, who had been thinking for a while, opened his mouth.

“Doesn’t it look like it was done targeting me?”

“It may have been acquired simply to expand the business, but the timing is too cumbersome.”

“okay. I don’t know if it was revealed by the CEO or if it was found out through his own investigation, but he must have noticed that I was involved in the imitation incident anyway.”

“..I think so too.”

After tapping the armrest of the sofa a few times, Chang-ho Jin looked at the chief of staff.

“It’s better. It seems that every business he undertakes has been successful, so he seems to have jumped into the automobile business with no regrets, but I have to show him clearly that he made the wrong choice. Dare to challenge me with the automobile business… I will turn Baekwoo into a money-eater hippo.”

“..what do you plan to do now?”

“From next month, we will strengthen marketing for all models that overlap with white cow tea. Whether it’s a discount sale or a free option, I’ll do everything I can to bring the Baekwoo car down completely. Director Yoo will convene a meeting of the CEOs of Go Won and Jin-A Motors immediately tomorrow. I have to come up with a concrete plan.”

I flew to Japan to attend a title fight with my high school friend Myung-Ho Yoon.

The day before the title match, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

As I entered the restaurant, Myeongho, who had his hair cut short like a soldier, raised his hand.

“Howdy. here.”

I smiled and sat on the other side of the sign.

“It’s been almost a year since you came to Korea last year and saw your face. Has nothing happened during that time?”

“Anything? there was a lot Because the martial arts group I belong to is a Japanese group, there is subtle discrimination against Koreans. Until last year, even the match didn’t go well, but last year, thanks to the pressure of the fans, they had no choice but to hold the match. After playing a few games like that, I got to the title fight in no time, and after that, I was busy training.”

“Five! Do you already have fans?”

Myungho smiled brightly.

“I’m famous for being a flawless fighter on this floor these days.”

“A flawless fighter?”

“okay. There’s nothing that can’t be done with a lying ground technique or a standing striker.”

“haha. Nice nickname.”

Then the clerk placed two bowls of udon in front of us.

“Bon appetite.”

After the clerk left, he said to Myeong-ho.

“But tomorrow is the match, can you eat these things and use your strength? Don’t you think you should eat beef ribs too? I heard that in the past, even the national football players ate a lot of meat the day before.”

“haha. What kind of hungry days in the 70’s and 80’s are you talking about? not these days The day before the match, I usually eat mostly carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the easiest nutrient to turn into energy. Proteins and fats have poor energy conversion efficiency, and acidic substances are released in the process, increasing fatigue, so you should not eat them the day before.”

“Ohh! To hear such an explanation coming out of your mouth…isn’t that Yoon Myung-ho, who got better scores by taking pictures?”

Myung-ho had a look of embarrassment.

“Man, it was because I wasn’t interested in studying back then. Even a martial artist who is ignorant can’t win a match. If you watch the match, it seems like he’s fighting without thinking, but everyone is ignorant of research and sticks with it.”

“Is that so? Anyway, are you confident about tomorrow’s match?”

“then. Tomorrow’s opponent is Japanese, so there may be some biased judgments, but I don’t mind. I’m going to give you a KO.”

“child. It’s good because you look so proud!”

# The day before the title.

Tokyo National Stadium.

It was a little chilly outside though.

The stadium was filled with tens of thousands of spectators, and even the heat could be felt.

With the loud music, the challenger Myeongho appeared first.

Both the top and bottom of the shirt she was wearing had the words ‘Damoyo’ written in large letters.

Director Lee Guk-hyun, who was with me, saw it and laughed.

“haha. Maybe that’s what you were sponsoring Yun?”

“..no. Although I am a business person, I am not calculating enough to even take advantage of my friends. That guy makes people embarrassed by doing things he wasn’t even told to do… Really…”

“You two look really good.”

“He’s a really good friend. Since I’m running a big business like this, there are times when I ask for help, but I don’t get any more except for the cost of training. He’s a guy I’ll be with for the rest of my life, so I want to do it well.”

The manager, who was looking at me, said:

“IM jealous.”

“There is a friend who is trusted by the CEO, and the CEO who has a friend like that.”

“haha. I also trust this manager. So, let me tell you this story.”

At that, the manager laughed.

“Thank you for saying that. Oh, the game is about to start.”

When the referee signaled the start of the match, Myeong-ho and current champion Tetsuya looked at each other and started spinning around the ring.

The first attack started with Tetsuya.

Tetsuya, who lowered his posture and quickly dug into Myeongho’s underside, continued that momentum and tried to knock Myeongho down.

Myeongho wrapped his arms around his back and pressed his weight down.

Tetsuya, who had attacked, was rather lying on the ground.

Myeongho turned half a lap and got on his back.

After feeding a few light punches to Tetsuya’s face, Myeongho got up with a relaxed expression.

The audience who saw it roared.

“Wow! cool. Yoon Myung-ho!”

Since Tetsuya was guarding, the blow didn’t seem like much.

It didn’t go as planned, and he looked a little excited.

Tetsuya swung his fists at Myeongho several times.

Myeongho shook his upper body and calmly avoided it.

And while Tetsuya stopped attacking for a moment, Myeongho’s powerful low kick exploded on Tetsuya’s inner thigh.


Tetsuya began to stumble along with a loud sound like a drum being beaten.

Myeong-ho didn’t miss the chance and caught up and threw a punch.

puck puck.

Myeongho’s punches continued to hit Tetsuya’s face.

It seemed to end with Myeong-ho’s victory like this.

At that moment, Tetsuya, who had been staggering as if he was about to collapse, swung his elbow strongly.


Myeongho quickly tilted his head back to avoid a direct hit.

It had rubbed against his eyelids, and his flesh was torn and bleeding.

Once the referee stopped the game.

Director Lee got excited and pointed at Tetsuya.

“You obviously just swung your elbow, didn’t you? That’s a foul. I have to give you a penalty.”

In the martial arts group pride match to which Myung-ho belongs, elbow attacks were prohibited to protect the players.

Of course, I should have given him a foul penalty.

The referee continued the game because it was not intentional.

He stopped the bleeding, but after a while, the wound burst and blood flowed out of Myeong-ho’s eyes.

Myeongho, whose vision was covered in one eye, began to move.

Tetsuya pushed the name away without mercy.

Myeong-ho was barely guarding with a troubled expression.

I looked at the guy nervously.

‘This child. It’s not going to end like this, is it?’

Contrary to my wishes, Myeong-ho seemed to have lost a lot of strength, and later even loosened the guard and leaned against the ring defenseless.

Seeing this, Tetsuya smiled as if convinced of his victory and raised both hands.

“The best! Tetsuya!”

After appreciating the shouts of the audience for a while, Tetsuya regained his stance and threw a powerful hook at Myeong-ho.


At that moment, Myeongho leaned forward as if he was about to collapse, and Tetsuya’s fist hit the ring’s pillar.

Myeongho dug under Tetsuya’s face in that position and then raised his fists strongly upwards.

Myungho’s fist hit Tetsuya’s chin.

He fell backwards like a log and never got up again.

The referee immediately ran in and blocked Myeong-ho, who was about to hit the pound, and announced the end of the game.

A cheer like screams filled the stadium.


“Myung-ho Yoon! Yoon Myung-ho!”

“A new champion is born!”

#After the match, I asked Myeongho for a drink.

“You bastard, did you deliberately pretend to be tired at the end?”

“Of course. Man, my vision kept getting obscured, so even a little distance didn’t fit me well. So I waited for Tetsuya to come closer and gave him a shot.”

“Hey~ Even if you didn’t study, you have high martial arts intelligence. child.”

“okay. Forget the 400th place Yun Myeong-ho of the past and remember only the martial arts champion Yoon Myung-ho. haha.”

#Since Myungho Yun became the champion.

Not only the Korean press, but also Japanese daily newspapers began to pour out his articles.

– A champion was born in Korea, a barren land of mixed martial arts!

– Yoon Myung-ho, who is he?

– What is the relationship between Yoon Myung-ho and Damo-yeo?

Because Yoon Myung-ho has always said openly that he is supported by fortune.

Their relationship soon came to light.

Soon, articles about fortune began to increase.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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