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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 163

Episode 163. With interest and affection.

As soon as we arrived in front of the Seoul National University gymnasium to attend the graduation ceremony, flash baptism poured out.

“Chairman Kang. You are finally graduating from college, so please tell me just one word of your impressions!”

“haha. I’m a bit out of my mind…”

“CEO Kang! Dongwon Ilbo…”

As I entered the gymnasium after barely passing through the persistent reporters, the president came out to meet me.

“I was waiting. Thank you again for accepting the post of graduate representative.”

“no. President. It’s not bad to end the college days that I can’t get back to like this. haha.”

“Then shall we go in?”

The gym was already full.

The principal led me to the front.

Unlike the other rows of simple chairs, the first two rows had chairs that were only plausible for indoor use.

In the line were famous people in the political and business world, such as Jin Seon-ho, chairman of Gowon Group, In-hwan Cho, chairman of Lude Group, and chief of the Secretariat of the Blue House.

As I approached, everyone stood up and congratulated me.

“Congrats on your graduation. Representative Kang.”

“thank you. President Jin.”

“Chairman Kang. Congratulations on your graduation.”

“Chairman Joe. Thank you for attending.”

As I sat down, the graduation ceremony began with the host’s opening meal.

After the national ceremony and the introduction of the guests, which seemed to be quite long because of me.

After the graduation ceremony, awards ceremony, and a message from the president, it was time to visit the graduates.

“There will be an interview from Jae-Woon Kang as a representative of the graduates.”

After the presenter finished speaking, I took a deep breath and stood on the podium.

He opened his mouth with a calm face, receiving hundreds of pairs of eyes focused on me.

“I am honored to stand here today as the representative of the graduates of Seoul National University, one of the most prestigious universities in Korea. To be honest, when I started my business in a small store in Yongsan, I was confident that I could become the owner of a giant company that generates trillions of dollars a year in revenue. But I never expected that it would take less than five years to speak on behalf of alumni like this.”

A small laugh erupted from the audience at those words.

I continued my speech.

“ …omitted…Finally, fellow graduates! You don’t have to have something grand to change the world. Just imagining a better future and persevering until you get there. With these two things, you too can change the world. So, keep imagining. Don’t get tired. That’s all I want to tell you. Thank you for listening to me.”

As soon as I finished speaking, dozens of people stood up from the third point and clapped with all their might, all of whom I knew.

‘Ha… TM Display Vice President Chan-myung Kim, next to him is TM Logic’s President Lee Byung-hoon, and next to him is President Kim Woon-jin… These people told me not to come… They all came…’

The audience also applauded enthusiastically, as if their enthusiasm had been transmitted sideways.

The applause baptism that continued for so long ended.

When he returned to his seat, Chairman Jin Seon-ho, who was sitting next to him, smiled lightly.

“It was a good speech. Kang representative. I didn’t expect to see a standing ovation for the undergraduate alumni’s speech. good luck attending haha.”

It cannot be said that all the people who gave the standing ovation were executives of subsidiaries…

I just laughed awkwardly.

“haha. Iknow, right.”

“By the way, you graduated, what are your career plans?”

“For now, I want to go to graduate school.”

Chairman Jin asked with a surprised face.

“why? Is it because of the military? If that’s the case, then I can get you out of the defense industry.”

“Thanks for your consideration, but I plan to go to the military. But I will go after the big things are finished.”

To be precise, I was planning to delay until I paid off the loan to the time store.

If there was a situation in which the public phone could not be used in the middle, it would be the end.

“Five! Noblesse Oblige. That’s cool. Representative Kang.”

“haha. If you’re a Korean man, shouldn’t you go to the military?”

At those words, Chairman Jin turned his head slightly, avoiding my gaze.

“Hmmmm…what is it…”

As far as I know, Chairman Jin was exempt from military service.

While talking with Chairman Jin a few words, the moderator announced the end of the graduation ceremony.

After that, I had to be busy for a while with the influx of flower bouquets and photo requests.

Director Lee Guk-hyun looked at me and smiled.

“CEO. It is not a presidential speech, and it seems that the CEO is the first time that the full text of the speeches of graduates has been published in a daily newspaper. Now, if you are a Korean citizen, I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know your name, right?”

I waved my hand.

“Don’t float too much. It’s just a temporary interest that a young man shows because he feels like he’s quite successful.”

“Well, it sounds like you won’t be satisfied with this.”

“Absolutely. If there are no major issues, it will be forgotten by people within a year. Compared to the chaebol groups that have taken root for several decades, the years we have passed are too shallow. So we still have to keep running. Come to think of it, is there no contact from Korea Development Bank?”

“I’m still here because of that. They said that the board of directors had approved the sale of white cow tea, and they said that we should examine the specific terms of the contract.”

In fact, it was only a matter of time, and I thought that the Korea Development Bank would have no choice but to accept my offer.

The president is also kind to me.

Most of all, there must have been many companies out of the domestic companies that said they would take over.

“haha. Good for you.”

“I have an appointment for next week.”

#YourNavi Headquarters.

I was talking with CEO Kim Joo-han about the contract with Goggles.

“president. D-Tab4 is scheduled to be released in early June, but there are some things you need to do before that.”

“Please make an American version of the U map.”

“Ah… are you planning to enter the US market as well?”

“It’s not just America. I will develop U Map as a global map service. America is just the beginning. haha.”

President Kim looked at me with admiring eyes.

“As expected, no matter what the CEO does, the scale is different. I never even thought of making a map of another country.”

“Most of the businesses I touch are global items. It would be easy to run a business if you are settled in Korea, but it is difficult to make a lot of money.”

“Okay…Oh, come to think of it, I have one concern about the US version of U Map. Will Americans really write our maps? For some reason, if someone said it was made by a foreigner, I think I would look at it with sunglasses on.”

“It can be. So, we will combine our U-map with the search portal from the American corporate goggles.”

“Five! If it’s goggles, I know. There is no other good search site to find English material.”

“Right. Goggles is unique in its ability to search the Internet. As it is an American company, it is familiar to Americans and has excellent technology, so it will grow rapidly in the future. Currently, the service is centered on the United States, but the scope will soon be expanded to the whole world. That’s why we chose Goggles as our partner. When the goggles expand into the world, our U-map will also expand.”

“You are saying that it is not just a choice aimed at the US market.”

“You seem to be a good choice. So, when can we set the development deadline?”

“The finished version should come out by the end of May.”

President Kim made a very surprised expression.

“May? Ummm… we only have about three months left.”

“It will be quite possible. Do you have experience making it once? Update Street View slowly, which takes the most time. Geographic information can be obtained from the U.S. National Statistical Office, and there are some that sell both aerial and satellite photos, so you need to synthesize them and convert them into a U map first.”

“Hmm… you’ve become a map expert in no time.”

“haha. With interest and affection, you can learn anything. Then, please complete it by then.”

Korea Development Bank conference room.

After signing the contract to acquire the shares of Baekwoo Motors, I smiled.

“It was a good deal. Bank chief.”

The head of the bank also answered with a blank face.

“I didn’t get as good a price as I thought, but I am satisfied with the fact that I finally found a new owner for the lost and drifting Baekwoo car. Then, please take good care of the white cow tea.”

“haha. I will nurture it properly and make it a pillar responsible for the Korean economy. Later, you will hear that Korea Development Bank made a really good choice.”

“Thank you for doing that. But did you know that the white cow tea union is a pretty strong union? It’s running, but you can feed the kids.”

“I had that in mind. But they don’t want the company to go out of business, so they’ll help you out in the end.”

Despite my words, the bank manager still looked worried.

“The White Ox Tea union executive is optimistic that the country will support in some way so that the White Ox tea does not go bankrupt. Actually it is. If the white cow car collapsed, the economic impact would be too great, so it was not easy for us to let go. That is why, even in such a crisis situation, they sometimes go on strike, and it is very negative for the reduction of the number of people. It’s not that I don’t understand their position, but it’s true that they’re just fighting without any countermeasures…”

“haha. Thanks for the advice. Anyway, now that I am the owner of the white cow tea, we will talk about it when the acquisition process is complete.”

#Seungjun Lee’s lab at Seoul National University College of Engineering.

I was sitting next to Professor Lee holding a coffee machine from a vending machine.

The professor asked me.

“You want to come to our lab?”

“yes. Of course, it is not yet the time to decide on a laboratory, so we will make an official application during the second semester.”

The professor said with a face that he did not understand well.

“CEO Kang would be welcome in any lab, but I don’t know the intention of coming to our radar sensor lab, which is not popular even in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.”

The parts that can be said to be the eyes of an autonomous vehicle can be broadly compressed into two categories.

Lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) and Radar (Radio Detection And Ranging).

Both are devices that emit electromagnetic waves into the air and then measure the reflected waves to determine the direction, distance, and speed of objects around them.

The lidar had high precision, but was greatly affected by the climate, and even the price was very high compared to the radar.

The radar was a little less accurate, but it wasn’t very affected by the climate.

So I opted to use the radar as an autonomous driver’s eye out of the two.

“I want to try making a good radar. To do this, several technologies are required, but the most important and difficult technology among them is the semiconductor design technology used as a sensor. I came here because the professor is an authority in this field.”

“..are you planning on doing a radar-related business?”

After thinking for a while, the professor continued.

“I’ll be honest. Radar doesn’t make much money. Most of them are used for military purposes, so there is not much demand, and the barriers to entry for technology are very high. That is why some foreign companies monopolize it, and even large domestic defense companies import all their radars from abroad.”

“How much will it take to overcome that technical barrier?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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