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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 158

Episode 158. Over The Top.

Oh-chan Jung, president of Hongin Media, answered my question.

“yes. I thought Yeonhee was only talented in singing and dancing, but there are many positive reviews saying that her real talent was acting. Because it is the director recommended by the CEO of Entertain Kim Soo-chan, the story is better and more interesting than most public TV dramas.”

“It’s nice to hear that it worked. Then we will make use of this momentum and make additional web dramas. I think it would be good to produce about 5 episodes at the same time this time.”

President Jung gave a surprised expression.

“Is it episode 5?”

“yes. When the reaction is good for a while, you have to push it. Besides, the reason I want to make web dramas is not just because of the DAJI portal.”

“Do you have any other purpose?”

“yes. We are planning to launch a service that provides real-time video content over the Internet called OTT, or Over The Top. We will make it possible to watch over-the-air dramas, movies, and even popular programs on the Internet. These web dramas will be used as content for the service.”

“It’s OTT… I think people will like it, but I don’t know how to make a profit.”

“I’m not going to give it away for free. I want to get a fixed fee.”

“Um…but should people pay for that? You can watch it for free as long as you turn on the TV.”

“haha. It’s not free. Now those people are also paying to watch. Just to the cable TV company.”

It’s easy to think that it’s free because you can legally watch TV programs by paying a TV license fee.

In Korea, there are many mountainous areas and the quality of radio waves is not good, so most households were watching TV through cable broadcasting companies.

It was definitely paid.

“I will provide those programs on behalf of the cable company.”

“Um, I know what you are talking about, but even if I get paid, will it make a lot of money? Cable companies are not that expensive.”

“We will not compete on price. In fact, as President Jung said, it is difficult to make a big profit with a fee of 2,500 won to 5,000 won at most.”

“Then how?”

“The fee will be set at 10,000 won or more. Instead, we plan to provide consumers with a service that allows them to watch the programs they want, called VOD.”

Video On Demand (VOD).

It is a service that stores video content on a central server and allows consumers to select and view the video they want.

Although it is one of the core services of cable broadcasters such as IP TV that emerges in the future.

There is no company that provides this service yet, so people have no choice but to passively listen to programs broadcast by broadcasting companies.

Seeing President Jung with a surprised expression on his face, I continued.

“Now, even if you want to watch the broadcast you did a few days ago, there is no way to see it, right? It would be nice to be able to watch it because it was re-broadcast, but there are many cases where this is not the case.”

“Even if it’s a rerun, if I don’t have time at that time, I won’t be able to watch it again. It is said that there are not one or two inconveniences. We plan to launch a service that allows people to watch the broadcast they want, at any time they want, even if it was broadcast two days ago or a year ago. And the best way to create a service like this is through the Internet.”

Exclamation flowed from the mouth of the president.

“Ah…if there is such a service, I think I would want to use it too.”

“Is that right? However, in order to use this service, you need to make Internet videos available on existing TVs. To do this, you need a device called a set-top box that converts Internet data into TV images. That’s why the name of this service is Over The Top. It means everything is done through the set-top box.”

“okay. Over The Top…it sounds good.”

“haha. Since most regions still have only ADSL lines, it is not possible to launch a service, but as Damoye Information is working hard, VDSL will be installed nationwide before the end of this year. Then we will launch it. Of course, this business will have to be negotiated with each broadcaster, so the entertainment will take the lead, but I plan to leave the actual execution to Hongin Media. We have to create a platform that can stream real-time video, and we also need to manage a large-capacity server well.”

“I understand what you mean.”

“I named it D Flix, so please prepare well.”

“D Flix…that’s a cool name. Platform development will begin immediately. CEO.”

The office of the CEO of US PC maker Nell Corporation.

CEO Michael Nell was sitting alone with Luke, the head of tablet PC development.

“Mr. Nell, I have a call from MS.”

“From MS? why?”

“It is said that there is an OS that is almost finished development for the drill CPU. They seem to be calling it D-window, but I’ve been told that it’s better than the Easy OS made by Damoye, so why not try theirs?”

“Hmm…it’s a Windows for drill CPU…it’s not that different from Windows for desktop anyway, is it? There won’t be many applications, so even if consumers are used to Windows, would they buy it? Besides, we have already invested in Easy OS, so I don’t think there is a need to pay money to use Windows.”

“We are re-developing programs that people use a lot for D-Windows. About 2,000 types of programs, including document processing programs such as Word, professional tools such as Picture Shop, which are currently only available for Easy OS, and various famous games, are said to be finished before the release of D Windows. I said this because I thought it was worth considering.”

Michael asked, surprised by the number of two thousand.

“Are so many applications going to be all made for Windows D? That’s ridiculous. I don’t know if they were all made by MS, but most of them are programs made by other companies. I don’t know if the D-Windows will succeed, but I don’t understand why those companies spent a lot of money on re-creating it for D-Windows…”

“It is said that MS provided full development costs to the program producers.”

Michael chuckled in shock.

“Huh… the full development cost? Microsoft CEO Bill Arts, did this guy go crazy? A billion dollars would be enough… you just applied for it?”

“yes. Microsoft seemed to have felt the threat of Easy OS that much. Now that most of Microsoft’s development manpower is hanging on the D-window side, I think there might be some pretty good stuff, what should we do? Besides, as long as you use D-Windows, we will distribute it for free.”

“..Free distribution…It seems that Microsoft really put its life and death on D-Windows.”

After thinking for a while, Michael opened his mouth.

“Easy OS is said to have expanded its reach a lot, but Windows is still the dominant force. Since most consumers are familiar with Windows, it would be ok to release our tablet PC for Windows D. In particular, I think it would be even better because it could show the difference from D-Tab. For now, let’s apply D-Window and take Easy OS as a spare in case any problems arise.”

“And if the response is good, let’s consider changing the operating system of half of our desktop product lineup with a Drill CPU to D Windows.”

“Ah, even the OS of the desktop PC?”

“Until now, there was no alternative, so I used Easy OS, but as long as a great alternative called D-Window appears, I have to use it properly. That way, we will no longer be dragged around by Damoye, and we will be able to take the initiative. I had a feeling that the price of applications such as word processors was too high, but it worked. I should take this opportunity to get everyone together and ask the other side to lower it.”

Luke nodded his head.

“You intend to use it that way. Then I will reply that MS will use D Windows.”

Michael laughed, thinking he had a good chance.

“yes. Anyway, I had a lot of trouble these days because PC sales keep dropping, but I’m sure MS will help out like this… The timing is good. haha.”

#Hwansung Electronics LCD Division.

Ho-man Jung, the head of the business division, called the head of the HR team and asked.

“Oh, Chief. Why is there so little progress in scouting manpower from TM Display? I told you to hire me unconditionally because I can treat you as good as you like. I need to build the 8th generation line equipment now, but I don’t have anyone I can trust.”

The head of the personnel department replied with a puzzled face.

“..that’s because he said he wouldn’t come even if he doubled his salary or tripled his salary, so I’m looking for another way.”

President Jung smiled in shock.

“Huh, what else does that mean? How can no one come when I say I’ll give you two or three times the money?”

“..I want to say this, but most of them answered that they would not come because the LCD division of Hwansung Electronics didn’t think it would last long.”

At those words, the tail of President Jung’s eyes soared upward.

“What is it? Is our business going to go bankrupt soon?”

The head of the personnel department spoke hurriedly.

“I have a different opinion… Anyway, TM seems to be the way a lot of people think. There were people who said that they would come occasionally, but when I brought them, most of them did not know much and did not have the will to work. Because of that, there are some sites that say they won’t be accepting scouts… I’d like to stop scouting for a while…”

President Jung, who had clenched his fists and trembled, immediately drooped.

“Oh, Chief.”

“How did Hwansung Electronics’ LCD business unit come to this point? Until TM Display was sold to Jaewoon Kang a few years ago, it was a place where the chaff from our company went, right?”

“For one person to change the fate of the entire company… Isn’t this a foul?”

“It’s definitely a foul. In terms of soccer, it’s a situation where one adult is playing in an elementary school soccer team match.”

President Jung waved his hand helplessly.

“Whoa… stop it. If I said more, it would only make me miserable. Let’s just do it for today, and call an emergency response meeting tomorrow morning. All the executives are told to gather. If you squeeze it, something else might come out of it.”

#YourNavi Headquarters, conference room.

“Chief Joo-Han Kim. It’s been about a month since U-Butterfly was released, how is the reaction?”

President Kim said with a broad smile.

“very good. Currently, we are taking orders mainly for new vehicle options, and about 100,000 have already been sold. We keep getting calls from the three automakers asking them to increase their supply.”

“haha. okay?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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