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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 157

Episode 157. Because everyone is gathered.

Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

University student Han Dong-hoon looked at his watch after arriving at the PC room with his friend Lim Kang-joon.

“Miss, you came too soon. I have 20 minutes left until my appointment. What are you going to do until this bastard comes?”

It’s also awkward to play.

But it’s a bit too long for me to be dazed…

When I clicked on the web browser without thinking much, the main screen of the DAJI portal set as the homepage filled the monitor.

“Is there anything to see for a little while?”

Scanning the main screen, he found a section he had never seen before.

“uh? web drama? What else is this?”

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the section and entered, there were 12 dramas called ‘Spicy Life’.

“Ten minutes at a time? Why is the drama so short? But it would be nice to kill time until Kang-jun comes.”

Han Dong-hoon, who started watching the first episode of ‘Spicy Life’ with headphones on, felt someone grabbing his shoulder.

When I turned my head, Kang-Jun Lim was making a happy expression.

“uh? Kang-jun, why did you come so quickly?”

“Coming soon. I was 10 minutes late for my appointment.”

Han Dong-hoon looked at the clock and was startled.

“Why has the time been like this already?”

Lim Kang-jun smiled bitterly.

“What have you been watching so you don’t notice the passing of time?”

“this? web drama. I saw you for a moment while you were waiting, but time flew by.”

“Web drama? What is it?”

“I didn’t know either, but there was a section called web drama on the DAJI portal. It’s a 10-minute drama per side… Wow! The story is good, and Kim Yeon-hee is here?”

Lim Kang-jun asked in surprise.

“What? The Kim Yeon-hee who left Minkle?”

“yes. I haven’t seen him in a while, so I wondered what he was doing, but he was filming a drama. He’s also pretty good at acting.”

“okay? Look where.”

Former Minkle member Kim Yeon-hee appeared as a female college student, and her emotional acting was quite impressive.

“Hey! As you said, Kim Yeon-hee is acting.”

“Is not it? If it’s a song, it’s a song, if it’s a dance, there’s a dance. It’s perfect for my wife.”

Lim Kang-jun shot him with an absurd face.

“You’re a bountiful man… Shut up, ma’am.”


In the midst of arguing for a while, episode 4 of ‘Spicy Life’ ended.

The two looked at each other, and Lim Kang-jun opened his mouth first.

“Would you like to watch one more episode and become a star?”

Han Dong-hoon also nodded his head with an expression of sympathy.

“Yeah, let’s just watch one more episode!”

As one side became two and two became three, they fell in love with the charm of web dramas.

Director Lee Kuk-hyun came in and said.

“Lude Group Chairman Jo In-hwan received a call saying he would like to meet the CEO.”

Chairman Cho me?

The purpose seems to be either an apology or intimidation, but…

I wonder which one it is.

“Hmm… please make an appointment for tomorrow evening.”

“Where is…?”

“Tell me to come over here to my office. It’s not like we’re having a nice meal together.”

#The next day, gather around the center.

Lude Group Chairman Jo In-hwan visited Jae-woon’s office with one of his assistants.

Jo In-hwan, who was looking at his fortune with a serious gaze that was not appropriate for his age in his 70s, gave a brief greeting.

“This is Jo In-hwan.”

Jaewoon responded briefly and pointed his hand at the sofa.

“This is Jaewoon Kang. Sit down.”

Jo In-hwan, who sat across from Jae-woon, opened his mouth first.

“As the group president, I would like to apologize to our CEO Mo Han-koo for making a big mistake. He must have acted like that, since the position of the representative is a place where performance is tied to performance, but it was something that should never be done. If I had known about it in advance, I would have stopped it with a stinging sting, but I am very sorry that I only found out after it had gotten to this point.”

‘It may be true that I didn’t know, but Chairman Cho himself must have been the one who pushed Mo Han-goo to do such a thing.

“I am really upset that CEO Mo planned such a thing, but I don’t think Chairman Cho personally ordered it. However, in the future, it seems that internal control should be a little more clear. If you make a mistake, come to Chairman Cho. You can get it.”

The corners of Jo In-hwan’s mouth trembled.

‘How dare this cheeky kid!’

He barely managed to keep his expression wrinkled, and responded to Jaewoon’s words.

“Since the group has grown so large, there are cases where we unintentionally go out of control. CEO Kang will naturally experience it when the business grows to the level of the Lude Group, but this is a very difficult problem to solve.”

If I say that the business of fortune is going well, it means that I can’t compete with the Lude group, so don’t be reckless.

From the point of view of Jae-Woon, it wasn’t even funny.

Even without considering the revenue from TM Mirae Corporation, it has far exceeded the total revenue of the Lude group just from Damoye.

“Hmm… I don’t know. Now, the annual revenue from affiliates alone is about 13 trillion won, but how much more do we need to face such a problem?”

Jo In-hwan’s eyes, which received a great shock, stopped as they were.

“..Did you just say 13?”

“yes. Since Damoye is not a publicly traded company, everyone doesn’t know the exact amount of profit, but that’s about it now, and the operating profit continues to grow.”

“..are you increasing there again?”

“yes. There are a lot of businesses that are still growing.”

It was only then that Jo In-hwan could understand why the president cares about this young businessman.

I pondered for a moment.

‘This is a hand-made monster… If the annual revenue is 13 trillion won, the size of the business should already be equivalent to that of Hwan-Sung or Gowon Group, but since a 24-year-old started a business of that size, the president deserves to be cherished…’

In the end, Jo In-hwan decided that it was better for him to have his fortune as a friend rather than an enemy.

We decided to change the original plan to reduce Mo Han-goo’s sentence a little.

“Chairman Kang. Do you want to start a business with me?”


“exactly. I want to transfer all distribution-related businesses such as Lude Mart and department stores to the other side.”

“What do you mean when you say “Egwan”?

“It means that we are gradually closing off offline sales of department stores and marts, and moving to Damoye’s online shop instead.”

Since this was almost like a declaration of unconditional surrender, Jae-Woon was surprised.

“..I welcome you, but why are you making such an offer?”

“Because of all this, the distribution sector has been in the red for a long time. If it didn’t work out, we were going to start a money fight, but today, after listening to President Kang’s words, I thought it was useless. You can’t wage a money fight on a company that makes 10 trillion won, right? That’s stupid.”

“haha. In that sense, I see. If we do that, we will create a separate section for the Lude Department Store in the online shopping mall and minimize interference with the feeling that the mart will only rent a warehouse.”

In a word, it meant that I would only receive a commission and not touch any other sales methods.

Hearing this, Jo In-hwan exclaimed in admiration.

‘Hey… it’s about giving the surrendered enemy the respect he deserves, but he knows how to do business. After all, he wasn’t the one who got to this place by luck.’

“It’s a condition I wanted to ask for, but I’m just thankful that you take care of it. Then, I wish you all the best.”

As Jo In-hwan held out his hand, Jae-woon smiled and took it.

“haha. Take good care of me. President.”

#Seoul Detention Center.

Mo Han-goo, the former CEO of Lude Department Store, was wearing a brown prison uniform and was looking through the bars of the detention center with empty eyes.

Chairman Cho In-hwan, whom he had served for 25 years, had only visited once in the early days of his arrest.

Instead of helping him, Jin Chang-ho and Jin Kang-ho, who had planned a conspiracy together, sent a lawyer and sent only a threatening message stating that they would not let him go if he misbehaves.

Through this incident, Mo Han-goo, who was deeply feeling the coldness of the people of the world, turned to the call of the guard.

“Number 206!”

Instead of a stone man named Mohangu, he was called here.

“It’s a meeting.”

“Meeting?..who is me..?”

“If you go, you will know.”

When he went out to the meeting room, an unexpected person was waiting for him.

Mo Han-gu barely opened his mouth with a frozen expression.

“CEO Kang…Jaewoon.”

“Mr. Mo Han-goo. It’s a bit like the first place we’ll meet, but let’s sit down.”

As Mo Han-gu sat down, Jae-woon continued.

“Aren’t you going to stay?”

Jaewoon said again as he looked at him with his head bowed and not saying anything.

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Only Mr. Mo Han-goo is doing this. We have sinned together, but you are the only one here, right?”

Of course it was embarrassing.

But even the wicked have pride.

I couldn’t put it into words right away.

“..you’re saying you don’t know what you mean.”

“There’s no way you don’t know. Even if I had gone to the end this time, it probably wouldn’t have done much damage to me. It would soon be revealed that the email was tampered with by hacking. But even if you think about it for a little bit, it seems that you are not reckless enough to do something with obvious consequences, so it must be saying that there was a way to cover up the hacking case, and the easiest thing is to recruit the police or the prosecution, right?”

“I want to know who helped. You don’t mean to say that you did it all by yourself, are you?”

At that moment, Mo Han-gu felt an eerie feeling as if he had been stabbed with a knife.

‘You know everything as if you had seen it from the side… I touched someone I shouldn’t have touched… So it’s only natural for things to happen like this.’

“CEO Kang…you are a scary person…”

“It feels good to hear that from an enemy. I ask you again. Who are you?”

Mo Han-goo grew more and more afraid of Jae-woon’s intense gaze.

In the end, he couldn’t stand his feelings and confessed.

“..Chang-ho Jin, Vice Chairman, and Kang-ho Jin, CEO of Gowon Department Store.”

There was no big agitation as if Jae-Woon knew already.

“Chang-ho Jin, Gang-ho Jin… They were also them.”

“Of course there is no evidence. Because that’s what I promised in words. So if you file a complaint with the prosecution, it will be of no use.”

Jaejoong smiled coldly.

“Who told you to file a complaint with the prosecution? I have no intention of doing that either.”

“It doesn’t fit my castle that much. You can say that they lost everything because Mo Han-goo came down from the CEO position and was locked up in a detention center, but they have a lot, right? We are going to take it all away.”

It was said to the vice president of Gowon Group, the second in the business world.

Mo Han-goo felt a chill at the strong foreboding that something would happen.

#Damoye Center, Hongin Media Conference Room.

“How is the DAJI portal share this month?”

“Over 65%.”

“Five! It’s been around 60% for a while, and it’s gone up quite a bit.”

“It’s thanks to Kim Yeon-hee’s recent web drama Spicy Life, which has become quite popular.”

“haha. Yes? Do you think Yeonhee’s acting was good?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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