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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 142

Episode 142. You’ll say thank you.

At 7 o’clock that day, Na Woong-cheol’s house.

On the dining table were galbi-tang, grilled pork belly, and several side dishes of vegetables.

His wife, Jang Eun-hee, smiled as if embarrassed.

“I made this together. I don’t know if it will suit your taste.”

My uncle answered her.

“I heard that you are not feeling well, but you just order food from a restaurant and come…”

“I only helped, but Lee Yi prepared most of it. It’s not a grandiose dish, so please enjoy it.”

“Oh my God, it’s an honor that the chairman himself…”

Na Woong-cheol smiled and waved his hand.

“haha. He has long since retired. Now I’m just a retiree playing at home. Anyway, I eat restaurant dishes too often, so I get bitten, so I cook it often. Today, I just increased the amount of what I usually eat, so don’t feel burdened.”

Uncle bowed his head.

“Then you will eat well.”

When I scooped up a drink of galbitang and put it in my mouth, I smiled at the taste of sincerity.

The meal ended while we were talking about light topics such as hometown and school.

The conversation continued with the coffee brewed by Na Woong-cheol in front of him.

“I heard that you export a lot. Do you have any business with Yuhwan Bank?”

“yes. It is more convenient for foreign currency transactions through a currency exchange bank. But why are you asking that?”

“Actually, my younger brother is the bank president of Yuhwan Bank.”

“Ah, the bank president Na Woong-jin is your younger brother? I’ve seen his face a few times, but I didn’t know your brother was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

Na Woong-cheol’s face brightened.

“okay? I thought it might be, but it really is. Do you have any acquaintance with my brother?”

“It’s not like we have great friends. We just met a few times for work.”

Na Woong-cheol hesitated for a moment and then asked me.

“..Actually, I think something is going on with my brother’s bank, but he doesn’t say anything. If it’s CEO Kang, I’m sure many of you know the banking industry. Have you ever heard any rumors or stories about Yuhwan Bank recently?”

Come to think of it, in my previous life, I read an article that the head of the bank had changed for some unknown reason a few months before the loan super fund took over Yuhwan Bank.

Could it be that Lone Super is already working on the acquisition?

After all, the center has been taken away from me, so it wouldn’t be strange if the next plan, the acquisition of Yuhwan Bank, was pulled and executed.

At that moment, a good idea flashed in my mind.

What if Lone Super went under the hood for the takeover?

It seemed possible that I could bring a currency bank by using their work in reverse.

“I don’t know the details, but I know that the atmosphere at Yu-Hwan Bank is not good these days.”

“Isn’t the atmosphere at Yuhwan Bank bad?”

“yes. I’m not sure, but I’ve heard rumors that the head of the bank will change soon.”

If my guess was correct, it was clear that I, the bank president, would not be able to hold out for long, so it wasn’t entirely unfounded.

Na Woong-cheol said with a surprised face.

“You’re going to change the bank president, what do you mean? Please tell me a little bit more.”

“As I said, I don’t know the details. Except that the pressure to step down inside and outside is growing stronger.”

Na Woong-cheol let out a sigh with a dark face.

“Um…somehow…that kind of thing happened.”

I asked Na Woong-cheol in a suggestive way.

“Can I meet the head of the bank just once?”

“yes. Maybe there’s a way I can help myself, the bank manager. Meeting the chairman like this is a relationship, and personally, I don’t want to see a great person like me or the president of a bank step down due to pressure.”

To be honest, I didn’t really know what Na Woong-jin was as a bank president.

However, if it is right for him to step down as president of the bank for not cooperating with the loan super fund, as I thought, he could at least guess that he wouldn’t be the only one making his own.

Na Woong-cheol’s expression brightened a little.

“yes. I can’t guarantee it will definitely help, but I’ll try to help as far as I can.”

Na Woong-cheol bowed his head.

“Thank you very much! Representative Kang.”

I handed him a business card and said.

“Please give thanks after things are well settled. Please tell the head of the bank that you can come over here when you have time.”

“I know. I will tell you to come and see me.”

#As I left Na Woongchul’s house, my uncle asked me.

“You have a very big liver. Right, can you talk to a 4-star general with an innocent face? I’m so nervous that I can’t even speak well…”

“I also talked to the president, what? They’re all just the same person. He’s just different in what he can do. Chairman Na is an influential person in the military, and I am good at making electronic products. So there is no reason to be particularly nervous.”

“Heh, when I see you, sometimes I wonder if you are of the same bloodline. How could a child like you be born in our family… Is the grave of my grandfather relocated 30 years ago a famous place?”

“I guess so, what? haha.”

#Seoul National University’s Korean Language and Literature Ph.D. student Taehan Ki visited the Central Library to prepare his thesis.

After finding a reference book and borrowing it, I struggled to bring it to the table.

At that moment, I saw the face of an acquaintance.

“Kim Hwa-kyung.”

She raised her face and said with a smile on her face.

“senior. Are you here to prepare your thesis?”

“yes. you also?”

At that moment, Ki Tae-han looked at the tablet PC in front of her and narrowed his eyes.

“like! But why did the guy who came to prepare his thesis bring a D-Tab? It seems that the thesis is not very urgent.”

“It’s urgent. That’s why I brought it.”

“D-Tab? There is no internet here. What are you going to do with the D-Tab?”

Seeing the senior tilting his head, Kim Hwa-kyung laughed.

“Aha! senior didn’t know The recently released D-Tab3 can access the Internet wirelessly.”

Ki Tae-han asked in surprise.

“Can you connect to the internet wirelessly?”

She pointed to the Wi-Fi repeater on the wall.

“yes. With the introduction of new technology, it is possible to access the Internet wirelessly in an area called a Wi-Fi zone. And here at Seoul National University Central Library is a Wi-Fi zone.”

“okay? I also have a D-Tab3. I’ll have to bring it next time. Come to think of it, I think I’ve seen Wi-Fi blah blah blah in the manual. I didn’t quite understand what you meant, so I just skipped it, but was it written like this? It would be really nice to write a thesis if I put the materials I found on the Internet and the materials I found in the library together.”

“Right. Besides, when you have a headache, there are many things you can do while taking a break. So the number of people who bring D-Tab3 to the library has increased a lot these days.”

It was as she said.

About a quarter of the people in the library were studying with the D-Tab on the table.

“I see. I didn’t even know that, so I studied and left the expensive D-Tab3 in the room.”

“Ho Ho.”

Kim Hwa-kyung, who was laughing at those words, remembered that he had left out one thing and continued.

“right. Senior, but where do you use your company’s internet for your home?”

“me? Communication to the future. why?”

“Um…then it’s going to be a bit of a problem. Here, Wi-Fi service is provided by Dareo Information Technology. Only subscribers there can use Wi-Fi.”

“What? Where is that? What about people who use other companies’ internet?”

“Other companies do not provide Wi-Fi service. There is no need to think about the users of other companies as well.”

“..it isn’t…”

Kim Hwa-kyung, who looked at Ki Tae-han’s disappointed face, opened her mouth.

“senior. Take this opportunity to just change your internet company. D-Tab3 already exists. If you sign up for Damoyeo Information Technology, you will receive a wireless router.”

“Wireless router? What else is that?”

“Literally. It is a product that allows you to use the Internet wirelessly. Simply put, it turns my home into a Wi-Fi zone. With that, I can surf the Internet with my D-Tab around the house.”

“..Anyway, at home, you can connect to the Internet using a LAN cable, but do you really need a wireless router?”

“It’s something that seniors don’t know. It’s a whole new world because you can eat while watching the D-Tab while eating, and you can browse the Internet while lying in bed. If you try it once, you will be able to see how inconveniently your senior has used the Internet until now. You never want to go back, do you?”

Ki Tae-han’s heart moved at her words.

“okay? Then why don’t you change your internet company?”

“yes. I bet you’ll say thank you to me. Ho Ho.”

#Yuhwan Bank’s headquarters, the office of the bank president.

Bank president Na Woong-jin was frowned upon when he met Yoo Hwan, managing director of Morgan Star, who was in charge of the sale of Yuhwan Bank (a kind of intermediary role).

“Mr. Yoo. Didn’t I say no to that? I also agree that Woori Bank is not in a very good shape, so it should be sold to an acquirer who can afford to invest. However, it does not mean that we intentionally lower the BIS ratio we have and hand it over to an unqualified acquirer.”

Director Yoo said with a frustrated face.

“Anyway, there are rumors that Yuhwan Bank is insolvent, so no one is trying to take over. What if you lack qualifications? Isn’t it important to save the bank first?”

“There is a reason why the Banking Act stipulates the qualifications to take over a bank. When an unqualified acquirer takes over a bank, both the customer and the bank can suffer a lot. And, in my view, that loan superfund is an underwriter who should never buy a bank.”

Director Yoo sighed.

“Whoa… Even the German bank Komatsubank and the Export-Import Bank, the major shareholders, are in favor of these measures, but I don’t know why you are holding on like this.”

“It is as I said. Lone Super is a private equity fund whose goal is to make the most of any profit. If Lone Super takes over Woori Bank, it will sell off all the remaining solid assets, and lay off bank employees in large numbers. It seems so obvious, how can I agree?”

Executive Director Yoo shook his head.

“Bank chief. I wasn’t going to say this, but now is not the time to worry about bank employees. Even the president of the bank is feeling the bad mood on the board of directors these days, right? If you keep holding on like this, you won’t be in good shape.”

“..are you threatening me now?”

Managing Director Yoo shrugged.

“A threat? I’m just an executive in charge of a sales manager, how can I intimidate the bank president? However, looking at the atmosphere around me, I’m giving you advice that it seems so.”

Director Yoo left without saying a word to Na Woong-jin, who was staring at him without a word.

“The remaining time will not be very long, so please think carefully about my advice. Then I will.”

Na Woong-jin smashed the table hard as Executive Director Yoo left the office.

“No matter what happens, you’re only going to eat well and live a good life? Like selfish children! Thousands of dollars go up inside me when I think of people like that flirting with social leaders…”

Around the time Na Woong-jin was fighting over his temper, he got a phone call from his older brother Na Woong-cheol.

“Woongjin. I heard it all.”

“You said you might be replaced soon?”

“..how did you do that..?”

Na Woong-cheol sighed.

“Whoa…I hoped it wasn’t, but it’s true…you’re getting to that point, so why don’t you talk?”

“..even if hyung knew, there was nothing he could do but worry. Even as a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it is difficult for my brother to help me with this task. Foreign capital with huge amounts of trillions of dollars and government officials are intricately intertwined…”

“Even so, I should have said it. Isn’t that family?”

“···Sorry. older brother.”

After a moment of silence, Na Woong-cheol opened his mouth.

“I know someone who can help you.”

“Damoye representative!”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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By SerenPanda What did you just say? Selling time?


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