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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 141

Episode 141. The identity of the neighbor’s owner.

Hwansung Electronics’ PC business division head and vice president Choi Ki-hwan answered the question of Yang Ki-moon.

“You can use a drill CPU on your desktop. However, if you do that, you can’t use Windows as the operating system, so the likes and dislikes of consumers can vary greatly. You will not be able to use the applications you used in Windows.”

“Aren’t D-Tab supposed to be able to use Windows anyway?”

“Are you still selling well? Let’s also dualize PC products. There are products that use Drill CPU and products that use Onetel CPU. Risk can be distributed, and sales are expected to be better than when going with a single Onetel CPU. What do you think?”

“The president is right. It would be nice to do that.”

“okay. How about doing that and making a tablet PC like the D-Tab?”

“All important parts and operating systems are commercially available, so we can make them. However, it is not easy to make it perform better than D-Tab, and we have to pay a lot of royalties for all the pending patents…”

Seeing that his horsetail is blurred, he seems to think that it is not easy, but almost impossible, and Yang Ki-moon clicks his tongue.

“Tttttttt. Vice President Choi. Do you think that the PCs we have made so far have sold well because their performance is far superior to those of other manufacturers?”

“okay. Since we used similar parts anyway, the performance had to be mediocre. Still, the reason why our PCs sold well is because of the strength of the brand, such as cheering and thorough after-sales service, and other advantages other than the product. The same goes for tablet PCs. Damoyaga’s products are well made, but at least the brand power in Korea is not comparable to ours. In addition, if you consider our A/S centers with branches all over the country, there will be many consumers who choose our tablet PC. Isn’t that right?”

Choi Ki-hoon, who had been thinking for a moment, opened his mouth.

“Certainly, it is true that such things have been a huge force in selling our products. Even if we are not ahead in terms of performance, if we add enough marketing and services that only cheers have, it seems to have a chance to win.”

“Even mutts eat half of them in their houses, so how much less we are cheering, aren’t we? Let’s show Damoye the strength we’ve built up over the past 30 years.”

Choi Ki-hoon nodded his head strongly.

“All right. I will clearly imprint the fact that the homeowner of the Republic of Korea is cheering.”

#Jeju Island, New World Townhouse.

After unpacking, my aunt asked me.

“Is this really your house?”

“It’s like my house because I’ve been renting it for 50 years.”

The aunt made a look of dismay.

“Ha… I thought that a house like this was only in a foreign country. The Mushin living room is only on the playground, so it takes a long time to get to the window. Each room is the size of two of our big rooms combined. How the hell are you cleaning this house?”

“haha. Mrs. Soon, there are other people who clean here, so you don’t have to worry about that. The maintenance fee is not expensive for nothing.”

The aunt’s eyes darkened.

“..I guess it’s expensive anyway. You can see the beach through the window when you wake up, and there is a park right in the back, you don’t need to clean, and they give you a hotel meal… This is Mureungdowon Day. that day?”

“Sun Mrs. If you want to live here, you can.”

“Of course. I can only hear it like this anyway, so it’s not bad for Mrs. Soon to write it.”

The aunt, who had been contemplating for a moment, shook her head.

“Thank you. But your uncle is still correct, so think about moving in later when your uncle retires.

“Ms. Soon, do what you feel comfortable with. Now, shall we go out and play in the water?”

“Let’s go.”

After changing into comfortable clothes and heading out to the beach, I could see that the fence that started at the entrance of the townhouse continued to the end of the sea.

It was the same sandy beach, but there were no more than 10 people on this side, including 4 of our family.

On the other side of the fence, there were so many people that the whole sandy beach felt black.

Seeing this, his uncle looked surprised.

“I wonder if this is a townhouse property right up to the white sandy beach. There are a lot of people.”

“That’s right, Uncle. Isn’t this better than getting a separate hotel-like lodging?”

“You are right. Even if I say I’m sleeping in a hotel, I can only imagine being among those people… I hate to even think about Haigoma.”

“Is that right? So, enjoy yourself!”

“okay. Thank you.”

Unlike general beaches, where you can easily bump into other people even if you just glance at it for a moment.

In a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, my family took a dip in the sea.

The eyes looking at us from the other side of the fence as if envious were a little stingy.

It added to the sense of pride because it seemed to prove that I had succeeded as much as this.

As I watched the family soaking in their satisfied faces, I smiled.

‘Good. This is healing.’

#After about an hour of playing in the water, while taking a walk in the park.

Daewon received a call from his brother.

“Jaewoon. I’m sorry I’m on vacation.”

“it’s okay. What’s going on?”

“I got a call from Hwanseong. I want an easyOS license.”

“From cheers?”

“okay. I haven’t been interested in it until now, but suddenly they contact me.”

“haha. Probably because of our D-Tab, the PC sales there fell a lot. When it comes to D-Tab3, there are a lot of applications and games run well, so there are probably a lot of people who buy D-Tab3 after buying a desktop PC.”

“is it? Anyway, what about the easyOS license? Give it to me?”


“Lord? You used to hate cheers.”

“It is a personal feeling. They pay money to buy our license, but of course we have to sell it. Besides, if Hwansung uses our easyOS, the D App Store revenue will also increase, which is good.”

“..but in addition to that license, there was also a request to let us use the patent we put on D-Tab. From that point of view, it seems that the purpose is not only for desktop PCs, but also for tablet PCs.”

“does not matter. You can come up with a new product that is better than cheers. This is just the beginning. Soon other PC makers will make and market one or two tablet PCs. And since such challenges will continue in the future, hyung needs to get used to it too.”

“yes. If it is to the extent that it collapses after a few challenges like this, it is bound to collapse at some point. Conversely, if we can overcome these challenges, the throne will be ours forever and ever. So instead of avoiding the challenge, you have to fight it. And, crucially, there is me in Damoye, right? Competitors will eventually come to the realization that it’s impossible to get over the huge wall of Damoye. haha.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about it. All right, I’ll reply to the cheerleader saying I accept it.”

When Daewon hung up the phone with his brother, his uncle looked at me with pitiful eyes.

“Are you still working even when you are the CEO? Even the CEO of a big company is not a good place to be.”

“You still make a lot of money. haha.”

At that moment, a skinny man in his 60s spoke from behind.

“hello. They seem to be meeting people for the first time. Have you moved in?”

Uncle received his greeting.

“Yes, hello. It’s not like I just moved in, it’s a long day to visit my nephew’s house for a while.”

“A nephew?”

“yes. This is over here.”

I looked at the man and greeted him.

The man asked with a hopeful expression.

“yes. hello. But could you own the first house?”

“..I had not seen you for a long time, so I was curious, but you are a young man. My name is Woong-cheol Na, who lives next door in #2. He’s a former soldier, he’s retired, and my wife’s on vacation because she’s not feeling well.”


In the words of Chairman Jin, he said that the buyers were mainly selected by prominent people in society.

There is a high possibility that he must have been a fairly high-ranking person.

“That’s right. My name is Jaewoon Kang. He can’t live here because of the business he’s doing, he’s come down to rest for a while.”

“I also heard rumors that the first owner is doing a big business in Seoul. But when you say business, what kind of business…?”

“It’s a bit different. We also run a shopping mall, manufacture and sell electronic products… and run a company called Damoye.”

The man asked with a surprised face.

“D-Tab, MP3 player, and even telecommunication business?”

“haha. you’re right. You know quite a bit.”

“..my younger brother works in the bank. He said that once it goes public, he is the number one company he wants to invest in unconditionally. How impressive it was to say that the company is a company whose current value is very high, but how much more it will grow in the future. I still remember. But I never imagined that the CEO of such a company would be such a young person.”

the uncle asked cautiously.

“The losing is Kang Ho-jae. But if it’s not rude, what’s your rank when you’re in the military?”

“Oh, I was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It has already been five years, though.”

Na Woong-cheol said it with an insignificant face.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

As the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the united decision-making body of the three armed forces, the army, the navy, and the air force, he was the highest rank among the seven four-star generals, the pinnacle of the Korean military.

In a nutshell, the highest position that can be raised as a soldier is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It was a high-ranking position that even soldiers could not meet in person.

His uncle looked nervous as if he was surprised too.

“Huh… you’re the boss?”

Na Woong-cheol laughed again.

“When I retire, generals and generals are all the same civilians. I’m just a neighbour, so please treat me comfortably.”

Despite his words, the uncle could not relieve his stiff posture.

Na Woong-cheol continued.

“It’s a relationship that we met like this. Would you like to have a meal at our house? Maybe it’s because the house is unnecessarily large, and because it’s just me and the two of us living together, it’s a spiritual fit.”

The uncle nodded quickly.

“Thank you for inviting me. You will pass later.”

“yes. We’ll see you at 7 o’clock.”

#When former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Na Woong-cheol returned home, his wife Jang Eun-hee asked.

“Did you go for a walk?”

“yes. But someone came into the house next door, which had been empty for several months.”

“okay? What kind of person are you?”

“Damoye representative.”

Jang Eun-hee asked in surprise.

“Is that the company you talked about last time?”

“okay. A company that said it might surpass Hwansung Electronics soon. The president of the company was the owner of the house next door.”

“..haha. He was a really great neighbor.”

“I know. I invited you to my house to introduce me too.”

At that, the woman narrowed her eyes.

“Hmm… Even if the president of a large corporation asked for a meal, the yangban refused to invite businessmen for that reason?”

Na Woong-cheol laughed bitterly.

“..you can’t cheat. Actually, the last time we met, Woongjin’s face caught my heart. Obviously, there’s something going on with Woongjin’s bank, and he’s not talking, so I’m more concerned. Damoyo is a big company, so there will be a lot of transactions with banks, so I invited them because I thought they would know the information well.”

“but. Even to me, the master had a particularly anxious face.”

“Is not it? I wish CEO Kang knew something…”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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