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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 118

Episode 118. Of course I win.

Kim Yeon-hee continued with a worried face.

“Chief, are you okay?”

“yes I’m okay. My ankle is a little swollen, but I am doing this because I want to take a break from this opportunity.”

Kim Yeon-hee’s expression softened slightly at my words.

“I was very worried when I heard the news.”

“I’m sorry for making you worry.”

“I was not seriously injured. I am very happy.”

At that moment, Sang-a leaned close to me and opened her mouth.

“hello. You are Minkle Kim Yeon-hee, right?”

Kim Yeon-hee looked at Sang-a with a firm expression.

“..Yes. Right. But that one…?”

“Nice to meet you. My name is Chae Sang-ah.”

“..yes. But maybe you and the CEO are dating..?”

“Well, that’s not it. It’s my friend. Friend. We’ve known each other since high school for over 5 years. Jae-Woon works at the company, so I see him often these days.”

After hearing that, Kim Yeon-hee thought about something, and opened her mouth with a determined face.

“I think we will see each other often in the future, so I will greet you formally. My name is Yeonhee Kim. If she’s the same age as the CEO, she’s probably the same age as me. Can I call her Mr. Sang-Ah?”

“That’s fine, are you going to see us more often in the future?”

Kim Yeon-hee smiled with a strange expression.


The atmosphere was strange, and the moment I was about to break in, I heard a nurse’s voice.

“The VIP room visit is over. Excuse me, but please visit next time except for guardians.”

Their confrontation for unknown reasons ended like that.

After Sang-a and Kim Yeon-hee left, the manager Lee, who was staying as a guardian, came inside and gave an admiring expression.

“Hey! CEO. You’re popular. The woman who entered first was also a beautiful woman, but she was surprised to see the woman who came after her. That person, Minkle Kim Yeon-hee, right?”

The manager looked at me with respectful eyes.

“It is said that if a man has the ability, a woman will come naturally, and it was true.”

“..As I said before, neither of you has anything to do with me. They are just close acquaintances.”

“It’s just an acquaintance… big! Those words are great too.”

What can’t I say

I changed the topic.

“This manager. By the way, the gifts piled up over there, the mountain seems to be getting bigger and bigger, so I must be mistaken, right?”

Director Lee Guk-hyun, who was next to me, shook his head.

“It’s not like that. Hundreds of gifts from the CEO have been coming in since yesterday. Even though most of them have been moved to the company, they have already accumulated that much.”

“..Is that part of it? her. I don’t understand. I’m not even an idol…”

Director Lee got excited and opened the newspaper.

“At least now, you are more popular than idols. Look at this. Hero Kang Jae-woon! Preventing a catastrophe that almost killed dozens of high school girls. How amazing was the interview?”

The manager mimicked my voice and continued speaking.

“I just saved students from danger. In that situation, everyone would have acted like me…”

Director Lee made an emotional expression on his face and continued.

“Ha…really, even thinking about it now makes my heart flutter.”

Since our Damoye had only been established for a few years, the recognition was low compared to the size of the company.

I think newspaper articles and interviews will be a good opportunity to raise Damoye’s fame.

Despite his embarrassment, he worked hard.

“..Stop talking about the article, and prepare one large whiteboard.”

The manager put on a shaky face.

“Are you thinking of doing something here?”

“yes. I have to do this for more than a week, but it’s a waste of time. From now on, this is my office. Manager Lee, gather around and send a notice to all my business divisions and subsidiaries. The meeting we used to have in my office, starting today, will be held here.”

“Well, can I ask you just one thing?”

“Are you having fun?”

“Of course it’s fun. Isn’t the manager having fun?”

Director Lee shook his head with his eyes, ‘What’s with all these guys?’

“..I think I asked the wrong question. The whiteboard will be prepared immediately.”

#An hour after I notified that my office had changed.

Daewon grumbled as his older brother entered the hospital room.

“Hey, do you really have to call the busy person all the way here? It takes almost an hour by car.”

“Hey. For a person who visits only once, and even only for a short time, is it too confident?”

Daewon hyung put on a stern expression on his face.

“..that is..how busy must I be without you? You know it too. How much work we have.”

“I know. I know, but a five-minute visit between us, who shared the ups and downs, seems a bit too much. Isn’t it?”

In the end, Daewon-hyung declared surrender.

“..Call me anytime. I will run right away!”

“haha. Then let’s talk about work. Everyone, online mart, how far are you ready?”

“The warehouse and logistics system are ready. Now we just need to get things to put in the warehouse, but there is one problem.”

“There are many living things such as fruits and vegetables among the items we handle. Even though they look fine on the outside, there are often problems on the inside, so you need to find a reliable contractor, but you have to be able to tell who is trustworthy. Sometimes it looks like a scammer, sometimes it looks like a trustworthy person…”

Those words reminded me of my uncle.

“That trustworthy person, I’ll save you.”

“yes. My uncle runs a fruit distribution business. He has been in the fruit business for 20 years, so he has an eye and many people know him.”

“Oh, the one who raised you?”

“yes. You may believe that you are just like your parents. Let’s leave the online mart biology department to my uncle.”

“okay. Let’s do that.”

“Then I think the online mart should go like this, and how is the production of D-Tab2 going?”

“I received an IPS mode LCD panel from TM Display two days ago. As you said, there are no press marks on the screen, so it’s perfect for a touch screen display.”

“yes. The CPU and display are ready, and I’m in the process of building a new motherboard. The work will probably be finished by the end of this month, so the prototype will come out early next month.”

“Next month, early May. Hmm. That’s not bad enough. What was the reaction of the game companies that sent the D-Tab?”

Daewon hyung smiled brightly.

“It was great. More than 70% of the replies said they would try making a game for our D-Tab. A number of large companies such as Blizzard and Toei are included in that 70%. I have a CPU that shows such a monstrous performance, but it’s no wonder I’m not in love with it.”

“haha. That’s fine. Then, starting tomorrow, spread the rumors about the release of D-Tab2 to the US media little by little. Approximate specifications as well.”

“Ah, let’s promote this before release, right?”

“There is a purpose for that, but there are other things that are bigger than that.”

“Any other purpose?”

“yes. By the time the US is heating up with rumors of a D-Tab2 release, we will release another article. D-Tab2 will not be released in the US. This article.”

“..why are you writing such an article? Are you really not going to export D-Tab2 to the US?”

“Is it possible? We will release it.”

Daewon hyung looked relieved.

“right? I am again.”

“But the release will come after we get one thing from the US administration.”

“one thing? what is that?”

“Withdraw Super Article 301.”

The crew spoke with a surprised face as if realizing something.

“..So, the rapid development of Drill 2 this time, the hasty release of D-Tab 2, and the convincing game companies to create a game for D-Tab were all because of the Super 301!”

Other than that, there was more to prepare.

First, I’m going to get Apple to declare that it’s moving its assembly lines out of the US.

If that didn’t work, I was thinking of making other PC makers’ assembly lines make such a declaration.

In addition, it was considering using Drill 2 as an excuse to pressure companies that produce supercomputers to increase the security threat felt by the US administration.

“yes. Super 301, created for the national interest of the United States, is seriously threatening my interests. It must be withdrawn.”

Daewon made an expression on his brother’s admiration.

“What a wonderful child! You were really going to fight the nation of America alone.”

“yes. And I have no intention of losing this fight. We will win by all means.”

Daewon-hyung looked at me and nodded his head.

“Maybe I’m crazy for thinking like this about a guy fighting a country called America, but I don’t think you’re going to lose at all.”

“haha. It’s perfectly normal. Of course I will win.”

#end of April.

He was finally discharged from the hospital after removing the cast of the dreadful ankle.

After visiting the office after a long time, I sat on a chair and looked out the window for a long time.

“As always, the scenery is beautiful. I haven’t seen this good thing in a week. She was cramped and thought she was going to die.”

I looked at the intercom on the desk, which wasn’t there until I was admitted to the hospital.

‘Isn’t this the hotline directly connected to the presidents of subsidiaries and the heads of business divisions? Is it all right? Shall we give it a try?’

When I pressed 1, I was connected to the representative office of Jang Dae-won.

“Brother, can you hear me? This is my first time doing this, and I love it!”

“..that’s only good for you.”

“haha. Do not worry too much. My brother doesn’t call me often.”

“Please, please.”

“yes. Then I will quit.”

Putting down the handset, he grinned at Lee Guk-hyun, who was standing next to him.

“Chief, it’s fine. Thanks for your efforts.”

“yes. They told me to make it, so I made it, but the moment I went to install it on another floor, the expressions they showed me… I still can’t forget.”

“haha. Let’s just assume that the manager installed it with over-loyalty.”

“yes. I’m still hated because I’ve done a lot of this and that, so the manager, please ease this case a little.”

“..mmm.. I understand.”

“Instead, the secretariat was decorated nicely. how about it? Are you okay?”

“That is undeniable. All the equipment and furnishings on the highest-spec PC were all luxurious, so it was rather burdensome.”

“It’s embarrassing. All you have to do is do as much as you can.”

“So I must say that it was even more burdensome.”

“haha. Are you hiring secretarial staff?”

“I’m looking into it now, but it’s taking some time because I’m looking for people I can trust.”

“Well, first of all, Ki-cheol-san is there, so it’s not that urgent. The manager will do it for you. By the way, how did it go when I asked you to learn about world communications?”

The head of the department presented the report and said.

“It was all sorted out yesterday. I thought you would find it anyway, so I brought it.”

“You also have a sense of humor. Manager.”

After reading the summary, I smiled.

“haha. This is fun.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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