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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 117

Episode 117. In the VIP room.

Jae-Woon asked Song Ki-Cheol.

“why? Would you like to come to our company?”

“..if I tell you to go, will you accept it?”

“haha. I usually look at my work ability a lot, but Ki-cheol is unconditionally accepted if he applies.”


“yes. First of all, I liked Ki-cheol because of his large liver. Did you know when that bus was going to explode, and did you do everything you could to get me out?”

“I hadn’t thought of anything before. Just thinking that a precious person might die, my body moves on its own.”

“Thanks, I survived. I still wanted to reward him, but if Ki-cheol wants it, he will be specially appointed as an employee of our secretariat.”

At that time, Lee Kuk-hyun, who had finished the rescue of the 9th car, put his hand on Ki-cheol’s shoulder.

“Hey! Son Ki-cheol Song, you said you would never get a job at a company like that?”

Gicheol answered.

“I thought the top government officials and the company presidents were all the same, but the CEO seems to be a little different.”

“Think well, man. It’s been two years since the Ministry of National Security and Public Administration came out, but it’s a little different that you’re still playing. As you think, our CEO and CEOs of other companies are very different. You’re a good person, so you made a good choice.”

Jae-Woon asked Lee Gook-Hyun, who was smiling happily.

“Is Ki-cheol from the Ministry of Security and Security too?”

“yes. I mainly do hair, and this guy specializes mainly in body work.”

Jaewoon looked surprised.

“Is it possible that all of the people who came today are from the Ministry of National Security?”

“haha. Could it be? It’s only Ki-cheol. We’ve been friends since a long time ago, and they’ve been playing lately, so we called once. You said that it was easy to just ride the bus for a long time and get paid, but I guess I was scammed… By the way, what Ki-cheol picked, you did well. I don’t know about anything else, but there is no one who can follow Ki-cheol when it comes to body use. He’s good at interpersonal fighting, so you can use him as a bodyguard.”

“A man-to-man fight?”

“yes. Even after seeing Ki-cheol, he was in the Navy’s Special Operations Forces.”

“Why doesn’t such a person go to the bodyguard company and think about coming to our company..?”

“..because of bad things happened in the past, you didn’t have any intention of getting a job at the company. I don’t think they would do such a thing as throwing away an employee for a company run by someone like Geun-Di.”

“Thank you for looking at me that way. At least I can assure you that it is not a company that treats its employees as consumables.”

“It’s going to be okay.”

Jaejoong held out his hand.

“haha. I will leave it up to you. Ki-cheol.”

“yes. I would also like to thank you for this. CEO.”

#Seoul Moeun Hospital VIP room.

After I was brought to this hospital by ambulance, the first person to arrive was also my aunt.

“high. Pure Ms.”

My aunt stared at me with a shocked look and then slapped my arm.


“Oh! hurt.”

“What? high? Jumping into a burning bus? What kind of superman are you?”

“..the students all look like they’re going to die, then what?”

“Even so, Gulchi, did you say that if you die then you’ll be funny?”

“I wish I hadn’t died. Why are you imagining such a sad ending?”

“Ouch! pure lady. I am still sick.”

“Sleeping as a patient, I hope you are like that again. At that time, it didn’t end like this. I’m going to make a mop on my back, so don’t worry.”

“yes. Sorry for worrying you. I will never do that again.”

asked my aunt, who was staring at my face.

“..is it really a gwaan?”

“then. It’s just a little swollen ankle. According to the doctor, you should be able to walk for about a week without any problem.”

“I hope you’re lucky.”

“Have you eaten?”

“I haven’t eaten yet.”

“I thought I would. Come on, stay here even.”

My aunt handed me a warm lunch box.

“Are you killing abalone?”

“It’s made in a hurry so it won’t taste as good, but don’t leave anything behind and stay. It’s good for you, baby.”

also aunt.

Although he grumbled, he seemed like someone who cared for me more than anyone else.

“I will eat well. thanks Pure Ms.”

The abalone porridge that my aunt made in a hurry was tastier than any abalone porridge I had ever eaten.

As I was explaining the situation to my uncle and Kyung-a, who came to me right away, I had to eat cold porridge.

The principal, who came with the teachers at Hwawon Girls’ High School, bowed his head deeply at me.

“hello. CEO. I’m not in a hurry, so I’m just saying hello.”

“no. You have worked hard to get here.”

The principal continued with a heavy face.

“I really don’t know how to thank you for this. If the CEO hadn’t been there, I would have been a sinner in heaven. You said that you did not feel good when you asked to change your school trip destination this time? I didn’t know that, and I was just being stubborn, so it was a stupid thing to do. Thank you once again for saving our students.”

Na-hee’s homeroom teacher, who came with a cast on her arm, also bowed her head.

“Thank you very much. CEO. The brakes on the bus, which had undergone a safety check just a month ago, are likely to break… If the CEO had been a little late to rescue us, not only me but also most of our students would have been sacrificed. When I think of the burning bus back then, my heart still shudders.”

I’m happy!

I smiled and answered the teacher.

“I am glad that what I did was helpful. How are the students?”

“There are a few children who have been seriously injured, and they say they are not life-threatening. Most of the rest of the children have minor injuries, so I think they will be discharged tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

“okay. Is Nahee in the class okay?”

“Ah, it seems that the student you know was Nahee. Nahee has a fractured rib and will need to be hospitalized for a while, but other than that, she eats well and is in good condition.”

I can finally see the end of ‘Future Stone’.

“haha. Good luck.”

“It’s all thanks to Mr. Thank you again.”

After that, I was not able to send the teachers until after hearing the words of thanks 10 more times.

‘Whoa. I’m tired.’

After they left, I sighed.

It was just the beginning of a long day.

#Minkle Kim Yeon-hee was in the middle of getting makeup for the broadcast in 2 hours.

Hongjin, who was doing makeup with me, spoke to me.

“sister. Did you see the news?”

“What news?”

“There was an overturning accident in the high school bus procession going on a school trip to Gyeongju.”

Kim Yeon-hee had a worried expression on her face.

“okay? Are the kids okay?”

“yes. They said no one was dead.”

“phew. thank god.”

“Is it? But it didn’t happen by chance, it was because a man jumped into a burning bus and saved the kids.”

Kim Yeon-hee said with a look of admiration.

“really? Awesome. It’s not even a movie, is there really such a person?”

“I know. But there is something even more amazing!”

Hongjin continued with her playful eyes.

“Is that person, someone you know?”

“Damoyo, representative.”


Kim Yeon-hee jumped up from her seat without realizing it.

Her makeup artist looked embarrassed.

“oh! You must not wake up suddenly.”

However, Kim Yeon-hee did not care about it and asked Hong-jin.

“What? Did the representative say that?”

Hong-jin, who had not expected Kim Yeon-hee to be so surprised, nodded her head blankly.


“CEO, is that person okay?”

“..I don’t know about that, but wouldn’t it be ok? There was no mention in the news that the CEO was wrong.”

Perhaps she was not relieved by her words, Kim Yeon-hee immediately called Jae-woon’s cell phone.

Jaewoon did not answer the phone until the signal was cut off, so this time he contacted CEO Jang Dae-won.

“Chairman Jang. This is Kim Yeon-hee.”


“Are you okay, CEO Kang?”

“Oh, you were surprised to hear the news, so you called? As long as Jae-Woon is in the hospital right now…”

Before Daewon could finish speaking, Kim Yeon-hee asked urgently.

“A hospital? Which hospital?”

“..Moeun Hospital. But it’s all…”


Daewon looked at the hung phone with a bewildered expression.

“Huh… what the hell is this? Manager Chae Sang-ah and Mr. Yeon-hee, why aren’t everyone listening to the end? I am.”

After the #Hwawon Girls’ High School teachers returned, I asked Director Lee Kuk-hyun.

“This manager. Has the process of acquiring the stake in World Telecom has been completed?”

“yes. After completing all the paperwork, the 51.3% stake in World Telecom has been fully transferred. ”

“Good. Then, I will have to have a meeting with the executives of World Telecom, but before that, there is something the head of the department has to do.”

“Please find those who are related to the Doosung Group among the World Telecom executives.”

“..Doosung Group? Hasn’t it already failed to acquire World Telecom and become Nagari?”

“haha. Right. But it almost went right before the acquisition. If it was Doosung Group Chairman Yeo-beom Koo, he would have worked hard in the world telecommunication industry to make the acquisition easier.”

The manager nodded at my words.

“Oh, I see what you mean. In a word, are you saying that you want to cover the people who got the hands of President Koo?”

“Yes. Such people are bound to become problems in the end. You have to pick it up early and hit it.”

“All right. We will investigate.”

At that moment, the door to the hospital room swung open and Sang-a ran in.

“Jaewoon! it’s okay?”

Sang-a was looking at me with a look that looked like she was about to cry.

The manager, who was next to me, looked at me and said to me.

“..I’m going out for a while.”

“No, you don’t have to…”

Sang-a cut off my words and bowed her head to the manager.


Sang-Ah continued to speak as Manager Lee went outside.

“How the hell did you get hurt so much that you were hospitalized?”

I pointed to an ankle in a cast.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I hurt my ankle a little. It was difficult to move, so I was only hospitalized for a short time.”

Sang-a looked carefully at my ankle and asked again.

“..how could you do such a dangerous thing?”

“They all look like they’re going to die, so what?”

“Nevertheless. Then if you did something wrong…heh.”

In the end, Sang-Ah burst into tears from those big eyes.

Not knowing what to do, I put my hand on Ivory’s shoulder.

“..Sang-ah. ‘Cause I’m really fine So stop calming down.”

But even with my words, Sang-a did not stop crying easily.

After a while, I finally stopped crying.

For 20 minutes or so, I had to listen to the explanation of why I should cherish my body.

And around the end of the sermon, the door to the hospital room swung open again.

When I turned my head, this time it was Kim Yeon-hee.

She came straight to me.

“CEO. it’s okay?”

“..haha. Yeonhee, are you here?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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