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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 99

Weight of Vengeance(3)


Day 3 of the trip. With only two days left until Bons’ estate, the merchant who stopped by a nearby small town groaned.

After sweeping his chin for a while, he immediately gathered all the people and declared.

“…the destination has changed. Bones can’t.”

I had doubts in my head, but never showed them off. Anyway, the purpose of coming north has been achieved to some extent.

It is neither curious nor important why he changed his destination.

“Where are you going?”

I asked.

He looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, you were there. Yes, the destination has changed, so I have to tell you. We go to House Benthrak. Will you follow me?”

Benthrack House.

Even this is a familiar name to me.

You know that family’s son, Kyle Benthrack.

Kyle Benthrock is a fictional informant who has been digging behind the twins. He was later caught and sentenced to death.

In terms of my relationship…well, he was also the first person to tell me that Kirsi was talking behind my back.


It was a little burdensome.

You have to be careful of the Amman Benthrak family, but you will enter the estate of a family who is good at gathering information.

will it be okay like this

Well, it wouldn’t be a big problem because my identity was discovered again, but it was still a bit awkward.

Of course, I don’t have any other options. Even if we separate the road from the merchant here, the distance to the next city is considerable.

After all, the Bones family was not the destination. It would have been better to find another means of transportation to the Hexter family in Benthrak’s estate.

“I will follow you.”

“Okay, then let’s do that.”

He points to the rest of the guard and says:

“Don’t you guys worry. I’ll give you one less day to escort, but I’ll pay you properly.”


That evening we arrive at Benthrak’s estate. The Benthrak family did not have a very large territory, and they surrounded all of their territories as castles.

Unlike the Cecils, who were near Pryster’s estate, this was their first visit to the Benthracks, so they didn’t have to worry about the gatekeepers noticing me.

I didn’t even have to prove myself. With the merchant’s guarantee, we all went through the gates together.

Shortly thereafter, I parted with the merchant.

The merchant says he doesn’t have time, pays the mercenaries in haste and leaves.

The city was filled with the sound of music and the smell of food. The trip was long, so I shook my head even if I wanted to relieve my fatigue with delicious food and a little decent accommodation.

It wasn’t that much of a strained situation, but I don’t know how long the journey will be. It was better to save money as much as possible.

After filling my stomach moderately, I rented a cheap lodging and rested.





The next day, I found a merchant who would take me to the next town in the same way again.

If there was one problem, this merchant only departed after 3 days.

He succeeded in proving his skills and receiving the accommodation and meals, but as time passed, he could not help but feel a faint and sticky feeling of pressure.

It may be just an enemy created by my imagination, but it feels like someone is watching me. Is it because you abandoned twins? Or maybe it’s because it’s on the Benthrak family estate? Anyway, the more it happened, the tighter the hood got, the more I covered my face.

Even in the Benthrak estate, the news about me was ringing. Asena’s influence has spread all the way here.

It was a fact I already knew, but when I left, I realized how great Asena’s power was. No, should I say Pryster rather than Asenara? Kirsi must have had similar powers.

It was only after they became commoners that it became clear how far away they were.

As Asena said, even if I cried and prayed, I became a person who could not be seen.

That’s not to say I’m going to do that, but it means that there’s a certain distance.

This was the first time we had become so far apart.

So I suddenly think. A personal thought that I can do because I am left alone. The thought of not even showing off in front of others.

What are the twins doing?


Asena has a new habit.

When you hear a knock, you are startled.

Is it the news you’ve been waiting for?


This time, Asena, who had flinched from the chair, opened her mouth.

“come in.”

Helen opened the door and entered. Just like the twins, she was also becoming emaciated with her master.



Asena pretends to be calm and looks down at the papers. He wasn’t reading anything, he wasn’t writing anything, but he still pretended to be doing something.

“…I couldn’t find it.”

It’s the same word I hear every day, but for some reason, my heart drops every time I hear it.

Asena expressed her anger towards Kaden for two days, and then ordered him to be found on the third day.

As long as he’s gone, I can’t bring him back, but I wanted news about him. In fact, if you use the power of the duke, finding people was not a task.

where he is what are you thinking do you miss them I wanted to know everything about him.

If you were dating another woman, you should know that too. Daisy can’t do anything right now, but it’s different if it’s a woman who isn’t tied by another kite.

While leaving them behind, I could not see them befriending other women.

Anyway, for a number of reasons, Asena tried to find Cayden, but he disappeared from the world like a mirage. A lot of time passed, but there was no mention of seeing him anywhere.

Every time she heard that, Asena struggled with pain. He doesn’t even know where his brother has gone.

No matter how much she swore she would never see his face again, she was truly afraid that it would happen.

“…get out.”

Asena couldn’t stand the abnormal reaction of her body that exploded any longer.

As Helen immediately followed orders and left the room, Asena grabbed her head and fell on her desk.

Both shoulders trembled like aspen trees, and breathing was rapid.

It was only now that I realized how dark the world without him was.

And it was harder to hold on than expected.

The feeling of missing him grew stronger day by day. And it was very painful to not know the end of this.

she knew too that it’s a start now. It had only been seven days since he left.

No matter what he did, he wasn’t going to come back anytime soon.

That fact bothered her.

Asena felt the fishy taste in her mouth and woke up.

Suddenly, she was unconsciously biting her lips.

Asena stood up.

I really couldn’t stand it any longer.





For the past 7 days, I didn’t even want to come here because of my pride. No matter how much he missed Cayden, he sent a chaser and an informant to find him, but he pretended not to wait for news from Helen, the maid, or Thein, the butler.

But even that is the end. Like a drug-addicted person, Asena stood in front of Cayden’s door.

– Kick.

She opened the door without delay.


And I could see it right away. Someone already occupying Cayden’s bed.

It was Kirsey. I couldn’t see her, but it was very clear that she was lying down with a blanket over her.

Was it because Kaden disappeared and couldn’t afford it? Recently, as her anger, which is very easy to burst, has rekindled, she approaches the bed and pulls the blanket.

When the blanket covering her disappears, Kirsi wakes up with a blink of an eye. There were clear tears.

She didn’t say anything to Asena. She glanced at Asena once with her weak and sleepy eyes and then closed her eyes again.

“…Wake up, why are you here?”

Asena wakes Kirsi who is about to fall asleep again.

With this situation, I had a lot of thoughts.

It occurred to me that Kirsi was taking Kaden’s body odor away.

His younger brother is rubbing his whole body to erase the traces of Kaden, who doesn’t know when he will return.

“…leave me alone…”

“Then don’t erase your traces and come out..!”

“You said you would hate your sister.”

At Kirsi’s words, Asena was at a loss for words. All of a sudden, I wondered what all this would be.

Losing something too big will make you feel small. When he received a lot of love from him, he didn’t fight over who was lying in bed.

he doesn’t exist anyway

Those who are greedy for the leftover residues like this… There is no way they can be satisfied anyway.

For a moment, I felt so humble that I had come like this.

Kirsi, who was lying on the bed, closes his eyes again. Tears streamed down from her eyes and pooled like dew on the bridge of her nose.

The sound of her breathing was shaken little by little as the appearance of Asena caused a ripple in her calm emotions.

Then, as if to vomit the thoughts he had been holding back, he said, holding back his trembling breath without mercy.

“…Sister…can you see…?”


Asena didn’t understand her, so she didn’t say anything.

Kirsey closed her eyes and continued speaking.

“…Oppa’s room…I used to come here every day…I came here every day…Uh…why do I see these broken things until after my brother left…?”

At Kirsi’s words, Asena stiffened for a moment, then slowly began to roll her eyes.

And as she said, the broken things caught my eye so easily.

The room that had lost its light and specialness called Cayden was very shabby. When he was there, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

incontinenced windows. Teacups and kettles that became rustic without Cayden by their side. A faded wardrobe. stained floor. Worn Sword Stand. Old table and chairs.

It was not an intentional discrimination, but I was shocked by the sight.

Kirsi murmured.

“…I’ll do better…Heh…I’ll do better when I have an older brother…”

Asena chewed her still lips once more.

“What if I left because of something like this…? If we don’t like it as an excuse, and the accumulated complaints explode and leave, what do we do…? Why didn’t I see…?”

Asena had no choice but to clench her fists. I can’t weaken my heart already. No matter how much he missed him, he secretly visited Cayden’s room, but externally, she had to hate Cayden. I promised my brother to do that.

Only then will Kaden regret it. Because I can let you know that I don’t live with it.

But… the more flaws in this room were seen, the more he sympathized with Kirsi’s words. As much as there are things that I can only see now, I thought that my brother might have been accusing me of unknowingly.

He always took care of herself, but it seems she didn’t do it until the end.

Until the very last moment, in the end, he only spit out hateful words. It was selfish and dirty to the end.

Asena began to feel frustrated.

I regret it, but I knew that if that situation came again, I would do the same.

Because I couldn’t let him go with a smile.

Because this was his personality.

…what else should I have done? How did I have to contain that anger? He wanted to hold on to him by force, but he left, so what the hell was he supposed to do?


No matter how much he justified himself, he could not easily look at the room where Cayden had left.

It wasn’t such a messy room, but whenever I saw a flaw, I regretted not being able to treat him with more respect.

Kirsi squirmed and stood up.

“….sister. So give me the blanket. I can’t see you… My brother…”

She swallowed her tears once and suggested to Asena.

“…Ooh… Let’s fix this room first.”


“…when my brother comes back…no. If you come back… No. turn…”

Another drop of tears fell as Kirsi frowned, unable to speak. This time, she can’t even finish her words.

“…..anyway. I can’t see this room. Fix it… so that he’ll be satisfied when he comes back… huh…?”

Asena had no other answer. Except for a slight nod of his head.


From the next day on, everything in Cayden’s room began to change. All the old furniture has been thrown away, and any faulty or dirty items have also been replaced with new ones. The objects he had touched disappeared, but the twins had difficulty letting them go.

The only thing he didn’t change was Cayden’s bed and blanket.

A lot of the scent that I had buried while turning the room upside down was also blown away, but I had no choice but to give it up.

For some reason, Asena and Kirsi were cleaning up his room and felt the most comfortable among the last 8 days.

Of course, while cleaning his room, he shed bitter tears again every time a memorable item appeared.

Letters or flowers that they gave him as a child. Even stones, he kept them all in one corner.

They sighed with difficulty and finished organizing the room after putting away the items of memory in one place.

Heavy furniture was removed and installed by the users, but everything else was decided by the two of us.

Looking at the room that was organized only in the evening, Kirsi slowly sat down on the bed.

I’d be happy if he came to this room again. It would be nice to see the new room, compliment yourself, pat your head as if you were grateful, and then hug and kiss you dearly.

I didn’t even try to think that it was a dream that couldn’t come true.

I already knew all too well that thinking about it hurts.

Asena slowly approached her and sat down next to her.

The two didn’t say anything.

They were the two who knew each other’s pain best.

After organizing the room like this, the two of them felt the emptiness.



Their silence is broken in an instant.


“Asena! Kirsey!”

Asena’s heart jumped at the sight of Helen rushing in without even knocking.


she says

“I found it…! Kayden…!”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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