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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 100

Weight of Vengeance(4)

“I found it…! Kayden…!”

At Helen’s words, Kirsi jumped up from her seat and stuck to her.


“It seems to be in the Benthrak family estate. You’ve been staying there for a few days…”


He was already farther away than he had imagined. It was as if he didn’t look back and left.

Asena asks.

“…from whom did you hear about it?”

“This is a story told by Earl Benthrac. Kaden-sama is in the estate.”

Asena’s heart was beating fast. When his distant traces appeared, I cried.

But finding it isn’t enough. I can’t even bring him back anyway.

Even so, there was a big difference between knowing where he was and what he was doing.

Any news about him was good. It seemed to be the same for Kirsi.

“…Please tell me to keep monitoring you from now on. I will pay for it.”

“…Asena-sama, is Benthrak’s information expensive-”

“-I know. Do it anyway.”

Kirsey also nodded. Helen looked at them and no longer vomited.

Helen bowed her head and tried to leave the room.



“Tell me to send you all the little information. I need to know what you eat…what you think…and these things.”

This time, Helen only nodded, but didn’t say anything.


It’s been a while since we arrived at Benthrak’s estate.

Today I went out to get a meal. Put on your hood, and walk on a road where not many people pass by.

It is tomorrow to leave the estate of Benthrak. During that time, I spent a lot of free time.

He didn’t even leave the dorm unless it was to get some exercise or get a meal.

Now, I was getting sores all over my body. I was happy to finally leave.

Today, I headed to the nearest restaurant. Somehow, he became a hiding place, but it was impossible.

A restaurant began to appear in the distance. Without thinking, I put on my hood and moved on.



At that moment, I bumped into someone. The hood slid down from the shock.

The unidentified man groaned and said.

“Ah…really…you didn’t look at the road?”

I looked at the man who bumped into me and handed me an apology to go my way.


And then when I was about to put on the hood.

“…uh? Aren’t you that escort?”

His words caught my footsteps.


“The top escort departs tomorrow. Didn’t you come and ask for it a few days ago?”


I looked up and down at him. He certainly seems to know me, but I don’t know him.

short height. solid looking body. messy rowing.

It didn’t seem like the merchant at the top or the person involved.

he said, waving his hand.

“Oh, this. My introduction is late. I’m Yoren Take charge of the top escort that departs tomorrow with you.”

“Oh, you are.”

I lightly grabbed his hand. We’ve been working together since tomorrow.

“Where are you going?”

he asks

“I’m going to fill my stomach.”

“Go together. Still, I was trying to fill my stomach too. There’s nothing wrong with establishing a close relationship a little earlier.”

I pondered for a while and answered.

“…that’s right.”





This man, who introduced himself as Yoren, had a strange story. It is said that since childhood, he worked diligently in farming and led a life without discomfort. He got a wife and had two cute sons and was living a happy life, but he said that he lost all of his family and gave up everything due to an accident and a story he did not explain.

During the time he gave up, the farm work was ruined and the land had to be crossed, and all he could do was pick up a knife. In fact, it has conveyed a grim story that doing this job, which you do not know when you die, may be hoping for death.


Of course, the story has flowed in this direction, but I thought this man who introduced his strange story from the first meeting was unusual. But I can’t say that to someone who tells the sad story of losing a family, so I just listened.

Although I am a commoner, I have lived my life like an aristocrat. Therefore, it was not very bright in the culture of commoners. They may live like this.

“Now that I’ve told you all my story, it’s your turn.”


“Oh, you should talk too! Wouldn’t it be unfair if I was the only one talking about it?”

“No, I have to…”

“You have a troubled face, but what can you say? speak quickly.”


Did I get a spot on my face? I wiped my dry face without a word. It is impossible to say completely. It is a burden to say that I am an aristocrat kicked out of the family.

Even in the nearby plazas, I’m always calling out my name and promoting that I’ve been kicked out of the family. How do you say that?

But, as he said, it is not without problems.

There are also those who are left alone and lonely. Maybe it’s because of the atmosphere that Yoren brought.

I finally started to open my mouth to him.

It wasn’t like I was talking about my younger siblings or anything like that.

Just as he said, I also have problems and I have to solve them on my own, but I don’t know if it’s the right choice.

Our story deepened and continued into the evening.

The last day, laughing and chatting with someone I haven’t seen in a long time, and waiting for Sang Sang to depart, time passed quickly.


– Tick Tick.


deep dawn. Asena opened her eyes. Was there something waiting? Her sleep was not deep and she was able to wake up quickly at the slightest noise.

“come in.”

At her words, Helen enters the room.

It was one thing Asena asked Helen, who found her at dawn.

“…are you here?”

“yes. Jeonseo-gu arrived at dawn.”

Then she handed a letter to Asena.

Asena got up from her bed and sat down at a nearby desk to open the letter.

Helen gave additional explanations in the meantime.

“Kaden said he was escorting the top and moving.”

“…the top…?”

Asena’s heart becomes heavy even with those light words. It looks like Kayden is doing a tough job. At first, I wanted him to be in pain and suffering, but nevertheless, hearing what he is doing makes my heart flutter.

Asena shook her head. had to be stricter. couldn’t shake

“It is said that Count Benthrak handed money to the other mercenaries escorting the top and ordered them to become friends with Cayden-sama. The contents of that letter were written based on the testimony of a mercenary who became close to Kaden-sama. It is not unreasonable to say that it is Kaden-sama’s direct thoughts.”

At the words of Kayden’s direct thoughts, Asena’s heart pounded madly. A connection that was thought to have been broken has been reconnected.

There was a lot of content, but nothing important. his daily life. Something that has been bothering him lately. the joke he uttered. his condition. that he ate recently. Depart for the next city the next day.

However, Asena read the article and her heart sank. Because he was alive and breathing in this letter.

She knew immediately that this information was not false. It was just reading the letter, but Asena vividly portrayed Kaden in it.

His joking voice came through, his deep eyes voicing his worries, and a smile that tried to disguise everything as if embarrassed.

Her lips began to go down. It was so good to hear of him like this… but at the same time, I miss him so much.

He is so vivid. I feel sad again, wondering if I really can’t meet him now.

The last conversation I had with him was full of anger and I regretted it. What does he think of himself now?

I promised myself that I would resent the rest of my life.

He forgot the grace of his parents as a substitute for him, and broke up with only curses.

It hurts the more I think about that it was the last time.


Asena shook her head. not. It can’t be the last I live in the hope of seeing him again someday. I believe he will come back to me someday.

“…Helen. Keep asking me to send you my brother’s information.”

“yes. You will be able to receive Kaden-sama’s information every day from now on.”


Helen stood looking at Asena reading the letter for a moment, then slowly opened her mouth.

“…. Asena-sama?”


Asena looked up at Helen quietly.

Helen asks her like that.

“…I know that Kaden-sama left the estate on my own feet…but if you were going to miss Kaden-sama even while buying Benthrak’s information like this… Maybe?”


“…I thought that it would be even more difficult for Kaden-sama to come back because he was expelled—”


Asena interrupted Helen and said.

“…a traitor like you is no longer a Priest.”

Asena spoke, her voice trembled as she cried. Helen was in front of him, so he pretended to be even stronger. This kind of anger was what he wanted to show Kaden, but without him, he could only express his anger.

In fact, I didn’t even know that sad feelings preceded angry feelings, which intensified emotions.

Asena needed more time. If I wasn’t alone, I couldn’t be completely myself.

The only time she could be fully herself was in front of Kaden or when she was alone in her room. Without Kayden, alone time was more important than ever.

I wanted to ponder the letter alone.

“Get out.”

She orders Helen.

Helen nodded and began to close the door.

“…have a good night’s sleep.”

The door closes with one final goodbye.

– Kick. thud.

Asena reads the man’s letter again alone.

His suffering and anguish can be seen in everything.

So he’s worried. Again, I hoped he would suffer… but I feel uncomfortable. So, I hoped he would stop being stubborn and come back.

…even if my heart doesn’t accept it right away. Can’t you just stay by my side for now? Can’t I just love myself again? Can’t you do that anymore?

My heart was complicated by a mixture of anger and love.

His resentful heart and his loving heart coexisted.

I wanted him to be in pain, but I didn’t want him to suffer.


Her eyes quickly reached the end of the letter. The last line was a question from Earl Benthrac.

‘Would you like to serve Kaden like a Priest?’

It was a simple question. It was no secret that Asena had expelled him, but only Count Benthrack knew that he was still spying on him because he could not let go.

So he had no choice but to ask Asena. Do you need to be treated?

Asena prepares a reply right away.

When someone asked if he would be kind to him, her head reflexively ripped out a thorny reaction.

In reply she wrote:

‘Kaden is no longer Pryster.’ Called.


The day of departure has finally come. The sword, which had been kept in the dormitory for a while, was ready to go out again.

After eating breakfast, I went to the meeting place and the merchant was getting ready to leave.

Unlike the previous merchant, this time it was a little bigger. There were 4 wagons, and there were more than 10 escorts.

I approached the janitor, informed him that I was coming, and took a seat nearby.

While I was resting, Yoren, whom I met yesterday, approached me.

“Friend, are you well?”

He came with a smile.

I smiled back and nodded my head.

Contrary to what we saw yesterday, he was wearing a weapon. A sword in cheap leather armor. It didn’t seem like a lie that he had been using a sword all this time.

“Come on, don’t be nervous. Let’s eat some of this and wait.”

He handed me a small piece of jerky.

With his favor, I ask.

“Are you nervous?”

“……Yes, I’m nervous.”

“Do I look nervous?”

I asked I really don’t know. A certain level of vigilance was being set up, but… he wasn’t particularly nervous. But there may be a side of me that I don’t know.

He blinks and looks at me.

“…well, I’d be glad if you didn’t. You seem to have grown up pretty well, so I talked to you with an old woman.”


He’s been training hard for half his life, and he’s grown up, but he’s probably grown up nicely compared to Yoren in front of him.

As I thanked him, I chewed the jerky.

Soon the merchant gathered us all. The journey was about to begin.





This shouldn’t be the case, but Yoren was trying to relieve tension, contrary to what he was worried about.

bright sunshine. The trees that surround us beautifully. The sound of horseshoes and the creaking of the carriage sounded like a melody. sturdy boat. Words that shake the body lightly.

It would be great if you could close your eyes at this moment.

In front of me was a merchant sitting in a wagon with an open back, and Yoren was also sleeping on a horse.

The coachman also yawned and closed his eyes. There was no need to drive them because the horses knew how to follow the forest path.

So were the other escorts and workers.

If you look closely, it seems that only me and the horses are holding on like this without falling asleep.


I yawn again, then tap the cheek to drive away sleep. What you want to do and what you have to do are different.

Of course, what’s going on, if you’d have that thought, you wouldn’t have to hire me.

I came to my senses and looked around.

It cannot be said that the forest is thick, but that does not mean that there is no place to hide.

I turn my head like that and watch it slowly…


Something is moving in the bushes. I thought it was an animal, but a strange feeling warns me that it is not.


Wake him up by whispering quietly. I hoped I was wrong.

But before Yoren could come to his senses, the sound of an arrow cutting through the wind came first.

– Wedge love liquid!

An arrow pierces the words of the mercenary who fell asleep in front of me.


He let out a loud roar of words.

“It’s a thief!”

Did I say that attacks always come at the most unexpected moment?

The day. Who would have thought they would attack such a large top?

Sang Sang, who had been sleeping at the same time as my cry, woke up and drew out his sword.

But we, who lost the right to precedence, had no choice but to suffer for a while.

In addition to the first arrow, several arrows fly through the trees and fall on us.

The arrow I saw was shot down, but in the end, my horse was also hit by the arrow.


The horse was only staggered by arrows, but I knew. Now that I ride this horse, it’s hard to fight. Since it was a forest in the first place, horseback riding was impossible.

The top is full of confusion. Between the trees and the bushes, bandits began to appear.

Yoren comes up to me as I get off the horse and asks.

“Kayden! Are you okay?”

“This is not my time to worry. Be careful of arrows..!”

Now that the first wave of arrows has passed, it’s time for the second wave to come.

“Stop shooting!”

It wasn’t something that came out of us.

It was a beautiful, clear, feminine voice. The voice continued.

“I have a story to tell with an old relationship.”

The tense tension is slightly relaxed. Everyone was overwhelmed by the voice of the one who paused the situation for a moment.

….it was a familiar sound when I heard it. He searches the forest to find the source of the voice.

“…this way.”

This time she lowered her voice and spoke with respect. There was no echo, so it was easier to find the location.

It was ringing from above me.

I looked up and saw a woman sitting on a tall tree looking down at me.

She couldn’t see it properly until she was conscious of it by putting a piece of grass on her brown and green clothes.

she says

“It’s been a long time, Kaden Pra….. Is it just Kaden now?”


she lowers the hood

It was Shalon Payne.

“…you haven’t forgotten me, have you?”

The second daughter of the Paine family, a dagger of the Fryster family.

The one I kicked out of the academy. A person who disappeared on the way home.

She reappeared in front of me.

Reflexively, I look at their scale. Because from the moment she revealed her face, she knew that combat would be difficult to avoid.

Twenty people passed by just looking at it.

…This was not at a level that could be called a robbery. From the beginning… she wasn’t missing. It was hidden under Payne’s skirt.

Sharon, who had a small smile, quickly hardened her expression.

And then whispered a question.

“…you say you’re no longer a Priest?”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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