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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 97

Weight of Vengeance(1)

I left the twins and headed straight to my grandmother’s room.

It was as if I had to say goodbye to her as well.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to see her. Asena’s wrath, the declaration that she would never see me again, might last for the rest of her life. If that happens… this will be the last time I see my grandmother.


Running out of time, I knocked and slowly opened the door before I was allowed to come in.

Grandma was sitting and looking out the window, and as she slowly looked up at me, she was startled by the look on my face.

Perhaps, he seemed to see the now determined will on my face.

My choice also seemed to be expected.

She grimaced, and stood up.

Without saying anything, I approached her with my arms open.

Grandma also came over to me, and we hugged each other softly.

“…Kayden…does this have to be the case…”


“Isn’t that the same as losing another child…”

“I’m sorry.”

“…Didn’t you say you don’t have to sacrifice?”

I was heartbroken at her words… and frustrated at the same time.

“…Grandma, I don’t know any other way…I can’t say this is a good way. But is this all?”


“…Asena is very angry.”


“He said he would never see me again… haha. So maybe… this might be the last time with Grandma.”


“In the twins’ minds, I said that if I disappear, I will come back… But wouldn’t even that be difficult now?”


“Thank you for that. You really raised me like a grandchild.”

Grandma stepped out of my arms and looked up at me. Her eyes were full of indescribable confusion.

The fact that we will be able to meet in the distant future is different from a complete separation.

That is why the death of a person is so sad.

I say

“…I don’t know what will happen next. Grandma, I’m going to the Hectors now. I will become a commoner, but… Count Hexter agreed to accept me thanks to his promise to his grandmother, right? No matter how much I become a commoner… Grandma will support Hexter.”


“But if you think the conflict with Asena is going to grow, you can give up. It’s not up to me to decide, but I’ll stick with the Hexters on my own strength. I’ve heard that the Hexter’s Youngji people already like me. Because of the grain support. In addition to that, I will continue to develop my skills as a knight… I hope you will accept me. You have to go to know.”

“…..Can not be done..”

“You must be healthy, Grandma.”

I grabbed Grandma’s right hand with both hands and kissed the back of her hand.

After that, he turned around without saying a word.

Only after I turn around, Grandma catches me.


Asena was like this before. You held me when I left Once again, I felt that the two of them were really similar, and I laughed out loud.

“…Kaden…Hello…Do I have to do this…”


“…if you sacrifice like this…”


“…yes, it’s okay to make any choice. I was wrong. Kayden….any choice is fine. I can no longer see all my grandchildren ruined…”

I frowned slightly.

“…what do you mean…?”


She didn’t speak.

Did you mean what I had in my head?

I shake my head.

“….no. It’s…it can’t be…the brothers.”

Then he turned around.


When I arrived at the stable, the stable keeper looked at me and smiled.

“Kayden. What are you doing?”

He didn’t seem to know the commotion inside yet.

“Where is Rush?”

“It’s in me. Where are you going for a walk?”

I nodded and smiled.

“…..okay. A walk is a walk.”

I went into the stable and found Rush. It wasn’t that difficult. All I had to do was find a big black horse.

He walked over to Rush and stroked his hair.

“…Rush. It was good.”

Rush reacts with a weird noise.

“You don’t change.”

There was comfort that came from that fact. that there is no change.

I grabbed his reins and opened the wooden fence.

At that moment, I heard the sound of numerous men in heavy armor approaching. It was a familiar sound, so I could recognize it right away.

Looking out of the stable, there was Sir Lawrence standing there. He was my teacher and the knight I wanted to emulate.


His voice was full of confusion. Pryster’s soldiers line up next to him.

Even if they were the Freister soldiers… they were all young men who could also be called my friends.

I tried mixing swords with them once while training, so a look of embarrassment was evident on their faces as well.

“…what have you done?”

Lawrence asks.


“Because of what you did…the order to imprison Kaden-sama…”

Have you ever been ordered to jail? Did you plan to punish me? Our relationship is really on the verge of catastrophe. you must have had a bad heart to hate me

“Lawrence. give way Guys… give me a way.”

I didn’t explain it to them. just beg

“Are you not on good terms with Kaden, Gaju-sama, and Kirsi-sama? It is clear that there is some misunderstanding. For now, let me tell you the story-”

“- Lawrence. That’s why it’s hard to explain. I can’t go back, and I can’t go back. So make way.”


“You know me, Lawrence. There is a reason.”

Lawrence clenched his teeth. All the soldiers next to him were waiting for his choice. But maybe they want to do my request, or the sword in their hand loosens.

Lawrence continued.

“…I heard that you are being expelled from the Freisters.”


“…Then, you can’t take the horse with you.”

At his words, I turned to Rush. yes, if that’s the case.

I grabbed Rush’s head and placed my forehead on its nose bridge.

“……It’s farewell to you too.”

Yes, leaving… this might be neat. I’m leaving all traces of Pryster here.

Putting Rush’s reins away, he looked at Lawrence.

“……Now will you let me go?”

Lawrence thought for a while longer. He could see the pain on his face.

As a knight, you must be loyal to your master.

That’s what Lawrence told her to sting her ears.

That’s why he’s conflicted with me, who taught me swords since childhood.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate to say that a shrimp’s back would burst in a whale fight? I’m just sorry he got involved in our fight.

Had I known this was going to happen… I was leaving so quickly that Lawrence wouldn’t even see me. But again. I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to my grandmother.

The servant beside him whispered to him.

“…Sir Lawrence…”

It was as if he was begging for me.

Lawrence closes her eyes.

“…we didn’t see anything.”

he said to the soldiers.

Everyone nodded in unison.

At the same time, he paved the way.

I stood in the gap and looked at Lawrence.

At the same time, me and he hugged each other. It was a strong and tight hug.

“…Lawrence. Thank you.”

“Kayden… you must come back someday.”

“…haha, if possible.”

So, with only my sword in hand, I left Priest Castle. The snake shape of the Freisters clinging to the shoulder was torn from the clothes and thrown on the floor.


Asena was imprisoned in a mental prison. No matter how hard I tried to shake my thoughts, my eyes couldn’t see. My eyes keep returning to those memories.

At the end, Kayden left without a word.

That fact was not accepted.

It hurt as if I was feeling all the sorrows of the world alone. Even though he struggled and screamed in bed, ordered Lawrence to be imprisoned for two days in a solitary confinement for failing to bring Cayden, nothing changed.

Destroying everything in the room, the new emotion that began to rise was … anger. Burning deep anger.

obviously told him. You will regret your choice. you’d hate him I won’t love you anymore.

I hated him for ignoring even him and leaving. angry

The feeling he wanted to hurt continued to grow.

I really, really, really wanted him to get hurt.

…and it hurts so much, and I wanted to come back to myself. I wanted you to know that it would be difficult if you left your side.

He wanted to regret it. I wanted to miss myself.

So Asena roughly wipes the tears away.

He immediately sat down at his desk, opened the inkwell, and shoved a quill strongly into it.

I scribbled and started writing letters. It was a letter to many families.

The news that Caden Priest is no longer Priest. The fact that there is no longer an eldest son in the Pryster family. Now that he is just a commoner. He writes down the fact that there is nothing good about taking care of him.

If this letter spreads across the kingdom… Cayden will not be treated like a noble. Rather, they may be treated harshly. Since he was expelled without explanation, the nobles will infer that there will be a conflict between him and Pryster.

So, the families that don’t want to be stamped by the Frysters will take care of themselves.

Even that was Asena’s plan. All the families wanted him to be against him.

Then, in the end, he might come back after losing his home.

Of course, as much as he wanted it, he also wanted him to be in pain. I wanted you to feel at least half of the pain you felt. I prayed so much, but I was so resentful that he had left.

She wrote letters not only to powerful noble families, but also to the fallen nobles on the outskirts. Some people would have noticed that she was tainted with madness by looking at her appearance.

Later, there was a shortage of wax to seal the letters.

Even after sending out all the letters Helen had asked for, her anger did not go away.

Even if the emotions calmed down, when he realized that Kaden was not by his side, his emotions rose again.

She wondered what could be more troubling.

…..House Hexter.

I wanted to do harm to that hated family.


He opened his mouth to turn his violent thoughts into action, but even when he prepared to call Helen, his voice did not come out.

Cayden will be there soon.

what if.

If he decides to annihilate the Hexter family and raises an army…the eldest daughter’s husband would have to come out to war.

Then if you get seriously hurt.

I wanted him to get sick…but as much as I wanted him to come back. So war is impossible.


Asena could not hide her distorted expression in an instant. After a long wave of rage passed… She was left alone again, and tears began to fall from her eyes.

At the tip of his eye, Lawrence gave him the Pryster pattern, which Caden tore off.

Asena grasped the pattern with two snakes in her hands.

Being here, it seemed that all ties with him had been severed. I didn’t know how I was going to get the kite going again. Previously, he had been tied with a fryer, but now he is not.

Is it really like this, I can’t see him for the rest of my life?

We broke up like this, how can we meet again?

The head gets complicated. The anger that had been extinguished at the fact that he had left rises again.

That promise again.

For once, it will hurt him in some way.

…so that he comes back with regrets.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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