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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 96

Awakening (6)


All the memories I had with her passed in front of me like a lantern.

He looked blunt when we first met. The moment when they became close and finally expressed the sadness of losing their parents in front of me.

After that, she gradually got healthier and smiled more. chasing after me like a chick, ‘Oppa, oppa!’ The moments I called.

I even remembered her with various aegyo and pranks.

These are the impressive memories I had with her that were painted like a painting in my head.


And I knew that this moment, too, will never be forgotten.

It was also not drawn in my memory as gently as a picture. It will fade as if it was stamped with an iron, and it will remain in your mind as an indelible trace.

That cute Kirsi, who followed me around, was now urging me to hug her without a thread.

I stood stiff.

When I thought of the first word to utter a word, I couldn’t think of the next one. It started with any word.

My mouth couldn’t do anything, so I moved my body.

He grabbed the arm that wrapped around my waist.

I tried to loosen her back, but her arms didn’t come loose.

I didn’t know if it was the right thing to do, or where this power was coming from.

In the end, as if holding a sword, he clenched his skinny arm tightly.

After giving strength without mercy, her arm was finally freed.

and sounds at the same time.

“..ah..ah..it hurts.”

She moaned in a whisper that was barely audible to me.

The sound relieved my strength for a moment, and Kirsi relentlessly wrapped her arms around my waist, which had been loosened again.

Now, with his face buried on my back, he did not let me go.

I tried to pull the doorknob.

Then she pushed me from behind. The gap between the door and me narrowed, and this too could not be opened.

She was still shaking and hiccups from time to time, but her sense of purpose was not shaken.

I finally closed my eyes and made up my mind for a moment.

He twisted his body toward the door.

Knowing that he was going to look at him, Kirsi weakly released the power of his arms.

As my body turned completely towards her, she hugged me tightly again.

The composition itself was very familiar.

Except she’s naked.

Perhaps the words were not bluff, and underwear were seen next to clothes soaked in wine.

He moved his hand and grabbed her shoulder. Even holding the bare shoulder now feels unfamiliar.

Maybe my whole body contracted, or my cold hand, which had become cold due to poor blood flow, melted as it met Kirsi’s soft and warm shoulder.

Then she slowly raises her head and looks at me.

“Look at me, brother.”

As she said, I was already avoiding my eyes.

I’m not weird. We’ve always been like this. It’s just that Kirsi has changed so quickly.

I push her away and say

“…..stop it.”

“…what are you going to stop doing? I love you, brother..I love you.”

“Stop here, Kirsi.”

“…Heat…today…you’re acting cold during the day…? Oppa knows best that it’s not true… You know I can’t hate you…”

“…Please, don’t do this anymore.”

They were gradually erasing our line. The line of brother and sister drawn on the floor is approaching, erasing the line with your feet over and over again.

No matter how much I draw and draw the line again, the distance between me and them is getting smaller and smaller.

They say that they want to have a relationship by showing their naked body…but they can’t draw the same line as before.

No matter how hard I tried, the normal sibling relationship passed.

The relationship as a man and a woman is established more and more as they wanted.


I pushed her body away with force.

She, whose body was like cotton, fell away from me.

I wasn’t looking at her, but I could get a rough idea of how she was moving.

Kirsi did not cover his body, which would have been exposed.

He tried to come back to me, but I couldn’t release the strength from my arms.

In the end, she did not give up and took hold of my arm that was pushing me on the shoulder.

I eventually clenched my teeth and scolded her.

“…aren’t you ashamed?”


“…I told you… I couldn’t accept your heart. You said we wanted to go back to normal siblings. But like this… by putting up your body…!”

bit his lip.

I tried to spit out harsh words to her with consciousness in her emotions and with all her heart in this frustration, but once got caught in her throat and could not come out easily.

But I had to spit it out. Even useless efforts to put the broken glass back together had to be devised.

“…like…if you approach me like a whore…don’t you feel ashamed…?”

I don’t know how I uttered those words. Without hesitation, she might have spit it out in shock. Would you say it strongly? Did I say it in a way that sounded suffocating?

Kirsi’s body trembled and trembled. Once… I heard. That trembling creates a wave in the chest again. ‘Cause I’m sure it hurt

How much longer do you have to be like this? I think I’ve already hurt them countless times. tell him to leave the room. I declare that I will not be friendly with you in the future. Ignoring the pleas in the letter. Until now they call me a whore…

Kirshi’s head lowered slowly.

The fingernails of the hand holding my arm pierced me very lightly.

If you love me… How does she feel when she hears a whore from the person she loves?

I can’t push her away just thinking about it one by one.

I also endure this pain.

I was talking.

“…if you catch someone you don’t like and keep approaching you like this… won’t you feel humbled by yourself?”


“Do you want to show your brother like this? I keep getting frustrated with you…”

The power gradually drained from Kirsi’s grasp.

“Did you forget that you already have a partner? it’s already over Accept it.”

Her hands tremble and fall down.

I was then able to move my eyes to her.

There was no energy in Kirsi’s beautiful body with feminine curves.

She hasn’t said anything since my mouth opened.

It was hard to imagine how much my words would hurt her.

she turned around

After washing the body, the scent of flowers is wafting out.

She slowly moved onto my bed.

Then he pulled the duvet up to the top of his head and sat down in it.

A small hill made of duvets appears above the bed.

The sound of breathing grows louder and becomes a cry.

I listened to her cry for a while, clenched my fist a couple of times, pinned it, and then left the room.

She didn’t say anything, and she looked even more pitiful in my eyes.


That night.

I couldn’t sleep.

The first thing I said to my grandmother.

I can’t seem to delay any longer.

After talking with the family members for a month, it is not sudden to leave now.

The situation is more serious than expected, and the speed at which they become radical is accelerating.

have to act

As the morning dawned, I knocked on Asena’s door.


There was a familiar scent.

It’s always been like this. It was always my responsibility to wake the sleeping Asena.

If she doesn’t respond when you knock on the door so gently.

– Profitable..

I quietly opened the door. I called her while sweeping the sleeping Asena’s cheeks.

Today is a little different.

She had already opened her eyes before I came in.


Calling her, Asena spreads her arms. She also remembered our routine.

As usual… now it was my turn to hug her. Then in the meantime, she kisses me on the cheek.

Today was different.

“…Asena. I have something to say. Get dressed, and wake up Kirsi in my room. Come to your office.”

And turned around coldly.


Asena entered the room with Kirsi. I got up and gave Asena her seat.

Kirshi did not make eye contact.

Asena rolled her anxious eyes and sat down on an empty seat.

Kirsi was also seated next to him.

I stood before them and declared.

“…I will leave.”


Asena’s expression slowly hardened, as if her anxiety had been matched.

“You said it many times. I’m leaving. I think that is… now.”


They weren’t people who couldn’t understand what I was saying.

Perhaps because of yesterday, Kirsi had nothing to say to me, and she turned her head to look out the window and shed tears.

Only Asena objected to my words.

“…how long have we been leaving?”

“You know you are coming and leaving.”

“……Didn’t you ask me to stop hurting you?”

“…not everything goes the way you want it to.”

“Then what should I do…? brother…..”

Immediately after, she clenched her teeth and said strongly.

“Do not leave.”

“The preparations are over.”

“Are you saying you’re leaving us and going to Daisy? For the crime of loving your brother?”

“I never said it was a sin. But… it shouldn’t be happening.”

“If it’s not a crime, why is there a punishment? Why shouldn’t it happen? Even my brother…! Grandma too…! I couldn’t explain exactly why it didn’t work…!”

“We are siblings-”

“You are not siblings!!”

Asena exploded and shouted loudly. The fact that we were brothers and sisters felt insanely disgusting.

I had nothing more to say.

Without answering, I looked at them for a long time.

When I didn’t say anything, he slowly looked back at me until Kirsi, who was turning his eyes away.

They must have known, too. I have my eyes on them.

Before the long parting, I am engraving the last memories.

Kirsi jumped up from his seat.

He comes over and hangs on my leg.

“Brother… no… no… don’t leave…”

I take my eyes off Kirsi and look at Asena for a long time.

She blinked her eyes and shook her head.

I slowly cleared my mind. No, at least pretend to organize it yourself.

The reason I’m attached to them… is that one reason I still like them.

I haven’t been able to, and probably won’t be able to, rehabilitate my twins. As much as I loved myself, it was also obvious that my remaining in the family would be a huge obstacle for the family. Also, I already have an established fiance.

It is right to leave before the actions of the younger brothers become even more radical.

I said.


And then, with some force, Kirsi was removed.

I turned around and started to leave the room.


Asena’s tearful cry echoed behind my back.

It was a voice filled with stinging anger that had not been detected before.

I turned my head halfway and looked back at her.

she says

“now….! If you leave now…! We are done.”

trembling voice.


“As soon as you leave the door, as Pryster… I will be expelled. My brother will return to the status of a commoner.”


“And I know I will never see you again. I’m going to forget my brother. Throw away all your memories and love to the ground!! will hate you I’ll hate you madly, okay…? Even if my brother finds me again…! Even if I cry and cry, I won’t see you again!! The moment I leave… I know that you will never think of me again as a younger sister Asena. Just like everyone else…! You will only think of me as the head of Pryster. Just hearing my name will make you tremble in fear.”

Even if I went into the Hexter family and married Daisy, if she didn’t want to see me, I wouldn’t have to face her. That is why Asena was a high-ranking nobleman.

“Leave me like this…! Did you think you’d be able to see your smiling face again later? Do you think I’ll just be suffering? I’ve been begging for this!! What more can you do to love me!!”


I took a step

Asena speaks with every step she takes.

“stop..! Is this really the end?! No…! Come back!!”


“Oh, bro, how do you get to Hexter’s estate? Didn’t you say your name was expelled the moment you left this door? Not even a wagon, not even a horse. How are you going?!”

I stop in front of the door.

Asena said in a lower voice.

“…that… yes. Come back-”


Then, he turned his head and crossed the threshold.


Asena stared blankly in the direction where Kaden had disappeared.

he left

This is the end, and for the first time, he said that he was ending the relationship.

he didn’t come back


She blankly looked for Helen.

Several maids were gathering in this room where a loud noise was still heard.

And among them, the oldest maid, Helen, was also with them. she says hastily

“Duke..! Kayden-sama just passed by-”

“Your brother has been expelled from the family in the future.”

She exhaled with a blank expression.

For the first time in my life, I wanted Kaden to get sick. I wanted to hurt him.

They gave me so much pain that I couldn’t stand it…. I wanted to remember the memories I had with them now, and to regret this moment when I left them.

“Spread the news all over the kingdom. Don’t think of Kaden Pryster as a member of our family anymore.”

“Ah… Asena-sama, what is that…”

“-Don’t treat your brother as a nobleman. No… that’s not it. Get it now.”


“Catch him and put him in the dungeon.”

Asena’s head was confused. He didn’t even know what he was saying.

His voice began to tremble. Tears welled up in front of all the maids.

“Your brother… he’s leaving… get him… Helen… please get him…”

Then, Max, helping Helen, followed.

He looked at the two twins lying face down and looked at Helen with his usual light impression erased.

Helen followed Asena’s orders in the midst of confusion.

“…Max, tell Sir Lawrence to bring…Kaden.”

“I told you to catch me. I won’t forgive you for missing it.”

Asena corrects Helen’s words.

Helen didn’t dare open her mouth.

Max nodded.

But the next day.

Asena had to face the morning without Cayden.

Her heart was empty and painful like never before.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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