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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 94

Awakening (4)

After the last class, the happy shouts of countless nobles behind.

Asena and Kirsi returned to their room and packed their belongings.

Most of the people were dressing themselves up to join the party that was to come, but they didn’t want to.

He expressed his will to return to the territory as soon as possible.

There was no one I wanted to be friends with, and there was no one I had to protect. A person who satisfies all of these conditions was already in the Priest Territory.

Asena’s heart was already trembling. It took me several days to meet him even if I left now, but the fact that the moment to meet him again is finally coming makes my heart flutter.

It was the first time in my life that I had to say goodbye to Kaden because it was so difficult. I hadn’t heard of him in a while, so it made him even more sick.

It was a month. endured for a month.

Of course, it was not entirely positive. I also had a lot of negative thoughts that were similar to him. He was also afraid that Cayden would push him away… and more and more, his desire for him grew.

…Fortunately, as he was far away from him, he didn’t have a chance to get acquainted with another woman.

no matter what She wanted to see Kayden first. Even if things didn’t go well, I wanted to meet him and get rid of this nervous feeling.

Isn’t it better to sell quickly? It was hard for me to keep holding on to this fearful feeling.

Asena got on the carriage first and waited for Kirsi.


Since Kaden’s letter was torn, I haven’t had a proper conversation with her.

As if it was a big shock and dissatisfaction, from the next day Kirsi’s expression hardened terribly.

Because even her friends had left Kirsi alone because of the change.

Soon, Kirsi loaded with luggage gets into the wagon.

Kirshi’s still chilly expression. I had never seen her face like this. At least, this is the first time it has lasted this long.

Asena sighed inwardly and held out her hand first.

Just showing your pretty side in front of Kayden wouldn’t be enough. Arriving with a fight like this was no good.

Her hand gently touched Kirsey’s knee.


Kirsi rolled her eyes and looked at Asena.

Asena said without pushing back.

“…I’m sorry.”


“I’m going to see my brother, but we can’t keep doing this.”

“……What are you talking about? How are we?”


Asena started to get confused when Kirsi gave a look on her face that she didn’t really know what she was talking about.

Before saying anything, Kirsi added.

“….sister. I have something to think about, but let’s talk about it later.”

He didn’t show the aegyo that he usually showed to Kayden. When Cayden left, even the invisible faces of Kirsi were raising their heads.

It was the first time Kaden had left, so I had no idea that such a nature would be hidden.

And seeing Kirsi looking out the window of the carriage, as if nothing had happened, still with a firm expression on her face, she realized that she had truly forgotten the letter.

…..Even Asena started to feel anxious.

Then, in the meantime, why was Kirsi acting like that?


I waited 9 days.

Realizing that he could afford to send a letter. Realizing that he was sending it to other women.

Kirsi waited nine days.

Every day, he went to the post office and asked if there were any letters to him.

In the last letter that I could afford to reply back to, didn’t I ask you to send me a light message because I miss you so much?

Haven’t you been begging like that?

If even one bottle came, the sadness I felt at that time was all about to be forgotten.

But no words were returned from him.

Oddly enough, I could only check the other letters he sent to Judy or Daisy from the post office multiple times.

He was deliberately ignoring himself.

He knew why he was doing it, but it didn’t put out the fire that had ignited in his heart.

The only thing I could do was not get angry with Daisy or Judy. It was best to groan so that this heart wouldn’t leak out.

Sometimes she stared intently at Daisy from the same department, desperately wishing for her to give her any excuse…but such an opportunity never came.

So, Kirsi had no choice but to return to the manor in this way.

My mind was already eating.

I didn’t know how that feeling would be expressed…but I knew it wouldn’t come out very nicely.

In all this rage, she could only see clearly the burning love for him. So I feel this crazy jealousy, and my inner side is changed and twisted.

yourself to listen well. He has a lot of aegyo, and he only sees him as cute. only see him as a brother

…. look down.

So I couldn’t do that any more.

Kirsi started rolling out the words he would utter when he met him. He tried to find the sentence that could most clearly convey his meaning to him, pondering over each word.

…it wasn’t that easy.

He seemed to know how to act only when he met him.


– Tick Tick.


Someone called me while I was drinking tea.

“come in.”

Tomorrow was the day the twins arrived. As expected… it was supposed to arrive tomorrow at noon or evening.

The door opens, and Helen enters.

And through the cracks in the open door, the voices and footsteps of the users who were moving noisy could be heard.

“…..What’s going on?”

I asked Helen first in the commotion, and she nodded and answered.

“Kirsi-sama and the Duke arrive today…”

I put down the teacup and asked.


“This is the fact that the Duke’s escort’s scouts arrived and informed us.”


For a moment I paused, and nodded.

I was wondering if something like this could happen. I had read that feeling in the letter.

In particular, Kirsi seemed to miss me a lot.

I thought about sending a reply several times, but it didn’t seem like that, so I gave up every time.

What do you mean by sending affection to them now? It will be more difficult to separate from me, and it may give hope to a heart that should not be continued.

I got up.

….Even though. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, so I felt like I had to prepare myself.

I think Kirsi is already wrong… but I hope they have a different mind. Other than that, there was nothing I could respond to.



As the echo of the trumpet passed, the slurs of the horses leading the chariot became clearer and clearer.

It was late evening. The smell of colorful food prepared by the busy users was wafting out.

Me and Liana Grandma and the workers waited for the house to come down soon after.

How should I react?

What should I say?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but when the situation comes up, it doesn’t seem like anything is appropriate.

Now, I had a lot of trouble expressing even the joy of welcoming my family.

The fact that the twins had different feelings for me is now a burden even for me.

That’s why I felt uncomfortable to treat him coldly like anyone else….

I wanted to welcome them on an appropriate level, while letting them know that my heart had not changed.

I just wanted to convey the nuance that it would be good for us to live as normal siblings.

– Bump.

When the horse stops, the carriage door opens before the driver can even open it.

It was Asena who raised her head first.

Her eyes were the first to find me, not anyone else.

I am not a grandmother, nor a user I haven’t seen in a long time.

And I didn’t know that those eyes looking at me would fall.

She blinked her eyes three or four times, then immediately closed and opened them strongly.

It was as if she was trying to swallow her tears.

In fact, you might resent me for leaving so suddenly.

But at that moment, my head felt like it was going to explode and I couldn’t help it.

She walks out gently and gets off the carriage.

After that, Kirsi raised his head.

When she raised her head, she felt a strange tension.

Kirsi begged me in a letter. please send me a reply i miss you so much

Every time that happened, I had to endure by forcing the force that went into my fist.

What would she do if she saw me like that? will you cry Shall I express my sadness? Anyway, Kirsi’s feelings towards me didn’t seem to have changed, so it was difficult. He still wanted me and seemed to love me, so he was only looking for a way to push me away.

But it’s weird.

…Unlike Asena, Kirsi was not looking at me. He kept his head upright and looked straight ahead.

My gaze was fixed on Asena, who came down first.

She still hadn’t looked away from me. He walked slowly and stood in front of me.

Usually, when she said this, it meant that I wanted to hug her. This street meant it.

She doesn’t show affection in front of others, but she doesn’t refuse me to do it first.

…so I meant hugs. I had seen her for so long that everything was clear.

But I didn’t.

“….Long time no see.”

It’s a general greeting, but it was very hard to talk about between us. He didn’t even caress the cheeks or the hair. just said hello

She wrinkled her expression, then looked around for a moment and said to me.

“… go inside and talk.”

Those words seemed to mean that I should receive a hug or more affectionate expression in a place no one was looking at.

Soon after, she began to greet her grandmother and users lightly.

As soon as I finished greeting Asena, I looked at Kirsi.

While I opened my eyes for a moment, Kirsi was approaching me with straight, unhesitating steps.

If she tried to hold me, I gently raised my hand, thinking I would push her away.



She passed by without even looking at me.

Rather, I went by doing what I called a shoulder bunk, pushing my shoulder to my own.

She didn’t even greet other users.

The shoulder bread he gave me was the end. So she went inside the mansion and disappeared.


– Kick, thump.

While expressing dissatisfaction with me… her behavior as if she only cares about me.

Everyone exchanged glances at Kirsi’s completely changed appearance. They were trying to understand the situation.

Knowing why, except for me.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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