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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 93

Awakening (3)

– Tick Tick


At dawn, an unwelcome sound wakes Asena.

Transitioning from dream to reality, the sound grew louder.

– Tick Tick.


Asena woke up slowly blinking her eyes.

It had been a long time since someone woke him up. The last time someone woke him up… It was Kaden at the estate.

As he softly called his name, a smile appeared on Asena’s face, and he jumped on the flow, stretched out his arms and hugged him, feeling his body, feeling the warmth, and feeling his neck while he took him to the spear. or kissed the cheek.

Now it was the complete opposite.

Through the window, the blue color of dawn was dyeing the room.

The cold morning wind was blowing in through the unclosed window, and the candles that could not be extinguished melted and disappeared.

There is no warmth anywhere… Ah. There was only one place where I could feel the slight warmth.

It was neither a cozy luxury duvet nor a soft bed.

Kayden’s letter in his hand.

A gentle warmth flowed from there as if it were his own heart.

Asena knew why Kirsi had woken her up from early morning.

It’s probably to take Kaden’s letter.


So childishly, Asena did not answer. Then he continued to pretend to sleep.

At first, I thought that approaching from dawn like this had crossed the line.

By returning the next day, I didn’t mean as soon as the sun came up. I meant to give it to you the morning you go to school.

As there was no answer, the door creaked open.

– Quick profit…

Asena sharply cast her gaze towards the open door.


Kirsi trembled as she looked at Asena’s floating eyes.

“…were you awake?”


Even as she flinched, she glanced at the letter in Asena’s hand. Then he swallowed his saliva and said.

“……I’ll take it now.”

“…is this what wakes me up from dawn?”


Then Kirsey walked over and reached out for Cayden’s letter.

Asena unwittingly took the letter in her arms.

Kirsi’s expression wrinkled even more.


“…Sister. You were supposed to give it to me today.”

“…I was supposed to give it to you in the morning.”

“It’s morning.”

“It’s dawn.”

“…Where is that?”

“Kirsi. Didn’t you hand it over until yesterday morning too?”

“That’s because my sister didn’t take it.”

“…You wake up early in the morning and you’re good at talking.”

“Whatever it is, I’ll take it now.”

Kirsi puts her hand into her arms.

Asena reflexively grabbed the letter. I couldn’t let go of the only warmth.

It was just a piece that couldn’t even be compared to the warmth that Cayden gave him by his side, but now that there’s nothing, he couldn’t put it down.

Truly, holding the letter strongly was a reflex reaction to living, as if breathing in through your nose or mouth when you were choked, or hastily pulled out when you were sick.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to give it to Kirsi, or that his greedy greed was wriggling.

However, the results were terrible.

Kirsi’s touch was as clumsy as Asena herself, and as a result…

– Cheekyik!

The letter was torn.

The two were startled by the terrible sound and removed their hands at the same time, but they couldn’t turn back.


The letter was broken and its warmth disappeared in an instant, and the air in the room was cooler than that.

And as if blaming each other, the twins’ eyes collided in the air.

No one spoke, but their eyes were talking a lot, and neither of them turned back.


Kirsi was holding back his anger.

There are 9 days left. I didn’t know how to endure that period.

It was unfair. Did Asena still feel the letter until the day before? He hated that it was torn when his turn came.

I didn’t throw away the torn paper, but I was annoyed that something precious had been ruined.

Kaden’s existence and all traces of him are now gone.

It was very uncomfortable and difficult.

You realize how much you depended on him.

And it was scary, as if he was experiencing a future where everything went wrong and he left.

Kirsi nevertheless grabbed the ink and paper. While everyone was eating, Kirsey wrote a letter to Cayden from the dormitory.

The anger went to the top of his head, but the letter did not contain a single negative emotion. A story he might like. Or, write a story that you think is cute.

I wrote the handwriting with care, and I first corrected and corrected the words I wanted to write before writing.

And just as I was about to fold the paper after finishing the last line.

…the hand stopped. In the meantime, I have sent many letters, but I have not received a single reply from him. Now that even his letter was torn, she wanted his trace more than ever.

After thinking hundreds of times, Kirsi grabbed the quill.

Add your usual greetings to the end of your letter.

PS brother. miss you. Please reply only once. Are you busy?

A P.S. that contained all the personal requests and feelings that he did not show whether he would feel burdened.

Knowing it wasn’t right, the rage on her head made her act.

After contemplating several times, she swallowed her saliva and folded the letter. I thought I couldn’t do it, but I had no choice.

Maybe Kayden doesn’t even care. They may send you a reply right away. But Kirsi, who knew nothing, couldn’t take it easy.

Have you thought about it many times while melting the beeswax? Should I rewrite the letter without the PS or send it as is?

In the end, she couldn’t resist the urge. A letter longing for affection for him was completed by sealing it with a seal engraved with the Freister pattern.


– squeak

A voice echoed from Kirsi’s stomach, who was starving while writing the letter.

But it didn’t matter. Sending a letter to him took precedence over Bob.

If only this time a reply came, I could bear this kind of inconvenience.

And there were some extras.

Cayden’s torn letter.

He didn’t know how, but if the users of the academy were to take action, it might be possible.

“You came today.”

A familiar face reached out to her.

He was a servant of the academy that collects letters.

“In front of Kaden Pryster-sama of the Freister Territory, right?”

Before Kirsi even dared to speak, the user asked.

Kirsey nodded her head.

The user continued to talk to Kirsi to see if something happy happened.

“Kirsi-sama is on good terms with your brother.”

As someone who works at the academy, he knew all the children of any family. It could be said that it was the basic knowledge of the user.

Of course, because there were so many people, I couldn’t read them all.

Kirsi immediately nodded at the user’s words and wanted to say yes, but for some reason only a sly smile came out.


She wanted to change the subject.

Not wanting to have a more intimate conversation, she pulled out a torn piece of paper that had now turned yellow from her arms.

“…that…can you put this on?”

Talking Kirsi felt ashamed. He himself didn’t know exactly why. Maybe it was because he himself had become like this, he didn’t know.

Until then, hugging his brother. being stroked getting cute I kissed him… and even kissed him.

He didn’t know that he felt a sense of shame that he had to be like this because he couldn’t let go of what he couldn’t even become a fault of now.

The face of the user is dyed with regret.

“…I’m sorry, Kirshi-sama. There is no way to glue the torn paper together…. If the content is important to you, even if you write it-“

“-No. It’s fine.”

Kirsey bit her lip and gave up. He didn’t want the same content, he wanted the letter itself with Kaden’s touch.

Without knowing how much he wrinkled his expression, the user rolled his eyes in surprise.

Kirsi didn’t want to reassure the surprised user. The simple consideration not to be afraid did not come out of his mouth.

Instead, he let out a short sigh and tried to turn around.


At that moment, a familiar pattern caught my eye.

A letter engraved with Freister’s seal. It was not written by herself, nor was it written by Asena.

It was a letter from the Pryster estate that the Academy had received.

Kirsey immediately leaned her body against the desk.

“I…! That…Did your brother sent you…?”

The user, who had been withdrawn, straightened up his posture again at the voice of Kirsi that was getting brighter.

She followed Kirsi’s finger and moved her eyes to a letter.

“…Ah, yes…! It was from Kaden Pryster.”

Kirsi’s heart pounded, and a smile appeared on her face. finally. It’s finally here. 9 days before the end of the semester. It has been about 20 days since Kaden left. It had been 14 days since the last letter.

what did he send Will the warm words he originally said be written down this time?

…I wonder if I should have it secretly, etc., etc. ran through my head.

Kirsi stretched out his hand and said.

“Oh, then I’ll take it. Can you give it to me?”

The user blinked, and rolled his eyes here and there as if in trouble. Just as she is about to get annoyed by the hesitating user, she says:

“…all…if it’s not the other party…”


Kirsey felt her heart sink soggy.

The words, which she did not understand at first, gradually melted into her over time.

“I am the party…”

“…It’s not a letter from Kirsi.”

Really, I missed the letter every day. I’ve been waiting for this moment I even had a childish fight with Asena. it’s not your own

At that moment, Kirsey fixed her expression that had almost hardened and kept her bright.

“Oh, it was. okay though. I’ll bring it to you. Who is the letter addressed to?”

The user finally relaxed and sighed in relief.

“Today… I came to Daisy.”

“……..Today is…?”

Kirsi repeated those ridiculous words without realizing it.

I also realized that it wasn’t the first time Kaden had sent a letter.

I couldn’t keep up with the story at all.

For that long time, I’ve been sending three letters every day. I haven’t sent any responses to myself. To Daisy… maybe he sent Judy to him?

Kirsi lightly picked up the letter from the user’s hand, Gingaminga. She would not have been able to vomit at Kirsi’s words.

But Kirsi couldn’t afford to pay attention to that. I turned around and looked at Kayden’s letter.

have endured all this time. I’ve been struggling with this all this time. The reason he was able to hold on, though… was that Kaden was safely in the estate. At least when he’s there, he doesn’t talk to other women. Because the relationship is not developing.

However, he continued to approach other women through channels they did not know.

They didn’t even reply to the words they sent, but they had kindly sent replies to other women with their fine handwriting.

Upon realizing that, they realize that he wasn’t too busy to find time to write to them. He realizes that it wasn’t because he didn’t have enough time to write a letter.

They just didn’t write anything to them.

The older brother, who had always been their number one priority, was now doing nothing to them. No, I was ignoring it.

I could have guessed the reason, but that’s why I was desperate, and that’s why… a strange feeling arose.

It was hard to explain. As it was a sudden shock, it took time to understand this feeling.

It was too. how much do you miss him I can’t breathe without him. Because of that, I endured my desires and followed his words unconditionally.

….was this the price?

As a good-natured little sister, do I have to be pushed aside by what he pushes?

….don’t listen to me?

I was about to cry, and my hands were shaking with sadness. In the meantime, fighting with Asena for a single letter without a word of affection was foolish.

Kirsi immediately returned to the room.

Then, sitting in the nearest seat, without hesitation, he removed the Priest seal that had sealed the letter. You just have to close it again with your own seal.


And there it was. All the words she had wished for.

Not the hard-spoken letter he sent to them, but the letter he left with his warm tone. The image he had missed was still there.

It wasn’t the last Cayden who told her to leave the room, but the Kaden who felt affectionate when she saw herself and cared for her affectionately.

Be careful with the heat. Would you like to finish the semester well? see you later

It contained greetings written in his sincere handwriting, asking for every little regards.

Kirsi smiled involuntarily. Even she couldn’t figure out why she was laughing.

Maybe it was because the torrent of emotions he felt for the first time was strange.

From her mouth, the first words she had ever heard came out of her mouth.

“Wow…oppa, are you ignoring my love…?”

Kirsi’s smile didn’t leave her mouth.

“You don’t know that I love you the most…?”

It was Kirsi who was now weary of crying. I knew I had to take action.

One promise settled in her mind.

Stop negotiating.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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