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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 72

Paralyzing Poison (4)

Kirsi tried to watch the net, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

The older brother and sister he fell in love with were kissing next to each other, and he couldn’t help but close his eyes.

Even if I didn’t want to look at it forcibly, the sound of moist kisses and Asena’s small moans I heard for the first time caught my attention.

Kirsey’s heart was beating like crazy. There was no way to know if it was because he was doing something wrong, or if it was because he was sorry for Kaden, or if he was expecting that he would soon kiss him too.

Asena glanced at her like that, and she was a completely different woman. The appearance of her older sister, who was still dignified, was nowhere to be found, and there was only one woman who satisfies her desire for love.

Asena, who gently folded her mouth, didn’t move much, but Caden’s ball that bulged out from time to time showed that Asena was violently mixing her tongue.


Kirsi was getting hot enough to feel that his cheeks were red. She was feeling complicated.

Reason kept telling him to stop now and telling Asena that this was not the case, but his sensibility was the opposite.

When I thought of Kaden looking awkwardly at Judy before, or no, when I thought of Kaden’s voice trying to call her name, my heart was pounding.

Whenever I think of Judy, I think of Kaden, and I want to monopolize him.

Suddenly, she realized that the depth of her feelings for Kayden was unfathomable.

The dirty minds that I didn’t know until another woman appeared, were clearly revealed when they appeared.

He continued to want to stop doing this, but he couldn’t, considering that Caden was engaged to another woman.

It was a dream to make him look at him someday…but it must have been partly because he couldn’t stand the desire for a kiss until then.

“Haap.. tuk…heep..”

Kirsi forgot to look at her, and looked only at Asena and his kiss.

It was the first time he had seen Asena so immersed in pleasure. I couldn’t help but be surprised at the new look of my sister.

But on the other hand, I didn’t like the way she bit and sucked Kaden so much.

how much time has passed From Kirshi’s point of view, he seemed to have endured a lot.

And looking at Asena’s appearance, it seemed like she wouldn’t come down from above unless she told me.


In the end, Kirsi called Asena, but Asena, who was deeply in love with Cayden, could not hear her voice.


“Ha..Brother…how do you say you’re leaving me and going to another woman?”

Kirsi eventually pulled herself up and approached Asena, grabbed her hem and dragged her a couple of times.


Only then, Asena sees herself. She blinks a couple of times and speaks as if trying to ignore Kirsi’s attention.

“Hold on a little longer, Kirsi.”

“My… it’s my turn.”

Kirsey, who had to say it was her turn, had her heart pounding again. It was the first time she realized that it was her turn to be such a heart-pounding word.


Asena finally sighed and wiped her lips. She never came down from Cayden after that.

I looked at Kaden for a long time, looking at where the mask had been thrown away, fondly or sadly.

Thinking about Cayden’s marriage, I wrinkled my eyebrows and grabbed both of his cheeks for a while before coming down from above him for the last time to put our foreheads together.

After wiping Kaden’s lips, Asena gave Kirsi a space and looked towards the academy.

“…After it’s over, I’ll do it again.”

She said.

Kirsey shifted his gaze to Cayden, who was lying alone.

At the thought that this is really the beginning, my heart raced again. When I was a child, I felt a similar feeling when I went up to the stage set up to show myself to Youngjimin of Priest.

The feeling you feel right before the tense moment arrives.

Kirsi licked her dry lips and slowly crawled towards Caden on all fours.

Thinking about what to do whenever he got closer, she thought of Asena.

And suppressing his beating heart, he crossed one leg to the other side of his body.

Then she moved her arm on the same side, and she was looking down at Cayden with her knees and both hands on the floor.

In the maddening tension, she eventually loses her strength and falls on top of him.

Kirsi took a deep breath with his face buried in his wide chest.

He was in his arms as before, but the excitement he felt was very different.

After drooling like that for a while, she raised her head and looked up at him.

His older brother, who is sleeping in a very relaxed state.

How did he get to be so handsome?

Kirsi slowly climbed up his body.

As the body ascended and his face drew closer, Kirsi slowly lifted his head and stopped in front of him.


Seeing him sleeping, my conscience kept stabbing me. What would he think when he saw them like this? would you be surprised would you despise will you be disappointed would you hate will you be angry

Either way, I knew it wasn’t going to get a positive response.

Kirsi wanted to see the end of this act, but he had no choice but to whisper to him at the contradiction that he did not want to be hated by him.

“…Your brother is bad…”

Kirsi says he knows better than anyone that he is a bad person, but there is no one to point him to.

“…I told you not to leave. If you were by my side, I wouldn’t have been like this.”


Of course, Kaden, who was asleep, did not respond.

“If you leave me and kiss Judy… I can’t help but go crazy. I have no choice but to do this.”

At the same time as speaking to Cayden, Kirsi justified herself. It seemed like it wouldn’t work otherwise.

Kirsi then closed his eyes firmly, and opened them again with eyes full of determination.

He fixed his head and began to lower his head slowly.


At the speed the ant crawls, his lips and his own come closer.


And at the last moment, Kirsi turned his head and rested for a while.

Asena said, looking at Kirsi like that, I wondered when she had been watching.

“Come down if you think you can’t.”

“……I can’t…”

“If you feel guilty, don’t do it. You look crazy.”

Just as Asena was about to approach Kayden once more, Kirsi muttered.

“…I can’t because my heart is going to explode.”

Kirsi raised her head again, her eyes open and her cheeks red. His breathing was rough, and anyone could tell he was excited.

Kirsi couldn’t help but feel the sense of immorality for the first time. She had always been kind for Kayden.

Because he always complimented me and stroked my hair when I did a good deed.

But now that he put his older brother to sleep. Being able to do what I want with his body like that. To rule the man who always controlled him now. Maybe he stole him from a woman named Judy. being able to kiss him. that he is his brother

Even though it was something a bad kid would do, Kirsi was excited.

It was as if an unknown self had opened its eyes. A self that likes to do bad things.

And as excited as she was, she couldn’t go any further.

I started to worry about whether my heart would burst like this after going on like this for nothing.

Asena, feeling the change in Kirsi, moved and approached her.

He put his hand on Kirsi’s back, which was wrapped around Cayden, and said.

“Kirsi. Can’t you-“

“-sister. Now is my time.”


“…Look at me. Understand? I will take care of it.”


And perhaps that was the last decision, Kirsi slowly kissed Cayden’s left cheek once. Next, a kiss on the right cheek.

Finally, he kissed his lips.

Asena turned her head at that moment, but at the sound of Kirsi, she had no choice but to look at her again.

She closed her lips for a moment, then buried her face in Cayden’s collarbone once more.

Judging by the trembling, it seemed that Asena was enjoying a crazy level of pleasure.

But if there was a difference from Asena, it was that Kirsi’s recovery was quick.

She lifts her head again and kisses Cayden’s lips.

She trembled again with her eyes closed, and slowly she began to open her mouth. After that, as her pink tongue squirmed into Cayden’s mouth, Asena turned her head once more.

Asena’s tongue rubbed behind her back, and I had to hear a moist sound.

Both fists were clenched, but Kirsi was a hundred times better than Judy.

It’s much better to share than not to do it.

So she endured the sound and stared into the distance.

After a while, Asena noticed a sobbing sound from behind.

But I turned my eyes away and didn’t want to see Kayden kissing Kirsi, so I didn’t turn my head and waited for Kirsi to say something.

Unsurprisingly, Kirsi was the first to cry and say.

“Sister…how are you doing?”


“…I know I’m doing something very wrong…I’m so happy…”


“Ugh… what if I get addicted? I knew this happiness…what if my brother really left us?”

“…to prevent that from happening, I joined hands with you.”

“…I hate giving my brother so much…”



And at that moment, a certain sound resounds that is definitely not the sound of his lips.

Asena was startled by the sound and turned to Kirsi.

Kirsi was still clinging to him.

The only difference was that her lips were on his neck, not his.


Asena’s hand hurriedly dried Kirsi, Kirsi fell from his neck.

But there were already traces of it.

A trace called a kiss mark in the world.

Fortunately, as it was removed quickly, only a very light trace remained… It could even be called an insect bite.

However, the traces were enough to provoke Asena’s wrath.

“Kirsi…!…what are you doing now?”

There was obviously anger at the base of leaving his mark on Kaden. As if engraved with a name on an object, he didn’t like Kirsi’s kiss mark on Kayden.

However, Kirsi shed tears and raised his upper body.

And said with a big smile.

“I don’t know anymore. If you get caught… I will tell you my heart.”

No matter who it was, it could not be denied that she had a reassuring smile.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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