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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 71

Paralyzing Poison (3)

I stood by Kirsi and Judy, waiting for Asena’s conversation to end.

Still, it seemed like I was about to burst into laughter without knowing how many thoughts were running through my head.

There can be no more bizarre relationship than this, as Kirsi, who cried in my arms yesterday saying not to leave, and my marriage partner are nearby.

Although Kirsi looked calmer than yesterday, his actions showed that emotions still remain.

She stood between me and Judy, as if trying to protect me from her.

In addition, it completely adheres to me and makes people conscious of their gaze.

“…Kirsi, just a little further away.”


I gently ask her for a favor, but there is no response.

“Kirsi, listen to your brother.”

I asked again, gently stroking her half cheek with one hand, but she felt my touch and ignored my words. I didn’t care if the ball changed shape in my hand.

In some ways, I can feel her earnestness, and in other ways, it’s just like a cute grunt, I just pinch her cheek lightly and give up.


At the same time, my eyes kept pouring on Judy. No matter how much I pretended to be focused on Kirsi, I was growing up with her, but my nerves keep focusing on Judy.

It was the first time I had seen her since I told my grandmother that I was going to marry Judy. Seeing her as awkward as me, she seemed to be conscious of me too.

Starting as a friend and being tied up in a somewhat compulsive kite called an arranged marriage, there was no way to know how to treat her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like her, but it was still difficult to breathe because the distance of so many emotions was narrowed at once. Although it may be a sense of distance that you have to get used to, and someday will be indispensable.

I pondered how to talk to her, and in the end I looked at her blankly.

Is it appropriate to say hello?

Or is it right to break this awkward mood with a soft joke?

I like to joke, but since it’s my first time doing something like this, my hair is gray and I can’t think of a funny joke.

All of them looked like idiots, and it seemed to ruin the atmosphere even more.


After looking at Judy for such a long time, Kirsi, who had been silent for a while, called me.





Kirsi called me and didn’t say anything. I wonder if I called Judy after seeing Judy for a long time.

I’m so afraid that I’m leaving, do I even hate this?

But she didn’t want to stop looking at Judy because she was gritty. It’s a bit like not being able to see the face of your future wife.

I wiped the cheeks of Kirsi, who had only complained once more, and I untiedly unwrapped my neck.

It seemed that Judy and I had to break up this awkward atmosphere first.



Just as he was about to call Judy, Kirsi interrupted once more.

“…Lend me your ear.”

At Kirsi’s request, Judy, who was standing awkwardly in the end, also glanced at me. At the same time, my eyes met her, and they gently turned their heads to each other.

Kirsi wrinkled her expression at the awkward relationship between me and Judy.

She grabbed my shoulder and pulled my ear down.

“Kirsi, heavy-”

“-brother. Don’t do that.”

After not understanding the context for a moment, I questioned Kirsi.


“Now with Judy.”

“I didn’t do anything…?”

“You’re looking awkwardly at each other right now…!”

“…no…it’s awkward, so I can’t help it…because she’s my fiancée-“

“-brother. really stop I hate hearing about my fiance.”

“…No, I call my fiance my fiance…”

The moment he was about to respond to Kirsi with natural words, the closer he got, the more vivid his expression became.

He looks up at me with a look like he’s about to cry. It’s inappropriate to think about it now, but it just felt cute for nothing.

In the end, instead of making her cry, I sigh and decide to lose.

It seemed like she still needed a lot of time. You have to prepare for the breakup step by step.

okay. It must be difficult for me to accept that I, who became my parent’s substitute, is leaving because of what they did.

But I think there will come a time when I think I’m lucky to be part of the Ice family.

They will know how powerful it can be to have a window to communicate with rival families.

I finally wipe her face with one hand.


Kirsi frowns at my hand. My hands stroking her face were wet with tears.

“..Stop crying. What if I still cry like this?”

“…Then you don’t have to leave my side.”

“Again, the days are too long to start this conversation. Calm down. Understand.”


Eventually I give up talking to Judy. Classes start soon anyway, but once everyone got in, it didn’t seem like it would be too late.

At that time, perhaps the conversation was over, Asena started walking towards me.

After patting Kirsi once, I started walking towards Daisy. Of course, it doesn’t mean much because she’ll be entering the classroom soon, but it seemed like she had to say her last goodbye.

Her feeling of uneasy feeling must have also played a part. It felt like I had to take care of her more perfectly and make her feel better.

…well, even this makes me feel complicated. It wasn’t Daisy, but after the engagement story, I noticed that she looked quite unhappy.

During that time, he was my favorite character and he showed me many favors as much as he supported me mentally, but now that I think about it, I realize that it can be poison.

Of course, it doesn’t look like she’s feeling seriously bad.

Still, looking at it like that, it sounds like she had a crush on me to some extent.

To predict, the stray cat he liked, found out that he liked someone else… Maybe he was feeling betrayed at the same level? I don’t know.

“Is the story over?”

I asked Asena who was approaching me lightly, and as I was about to go past her and go to Daisy,



Asena grabs my wrist. And it led me to that state.

“…? Where is Asena?”

“Oppa, you are my escort from now on.”


Asena dragged me around like it was a rush.

Once I stopped, she was drawn to me by the recoil.

“Asena, I need to explain.”

Confused, I turned to Daisy, but Daisy went into the classroom without a word.

I think I’m more angry than I thought. Later, when the opportunity came, I felt like I had to release her anger right away.

“…I changed my escort for a while. You will escort me and Judy will escort Daisy.”

Asena spoke aloud to Judy as well. Judy gently rolled her eyes and nodded her head.

I knew that the reason why I understood without saying anything was because it was awkward with me now.


Curious as to why, I asked Asena.

She placed her hands gently on my shoulders, lifted her claws and whispered in my ear.

“…Brother, you know…I am against your marriage.”


“I don’t like it being the Ice family, and I hate it even more for my brother to leave.”

“…Asena, I’m leaving anyway—”

“-know. I know you’re leaving.”

Contrary to the appearance of Asena, who accepted Asena more easily than expected, unlike Kirsi, I asked stupidly.


“Even if I die, I want to stop him… How can I stop him from going? And then you’ll just fight me.”


“I hate that more. So… I know. But brother.”

“….Say it.”

“…if you’re leaving us…you can give me time to prepare.”


“Rather than just leaving us all at once, step by step… we need to build up our last memories… and prepare us to accept the breakup.”

“…Asena, no matter how much, more than a year and a half are left.”

“And we’ve known each other for 10 years.”


“So, start with my escort. stick a little bit more. Can’t you do that?”

Asena’s breath tickled my neck. Her soft tone also kept lowering my alertness.

I had the same thoughts as her. As it was difficult for Kirsi to accept this situation, it seemed that he had to prepare for the breakup in stages.

However, since Asena suggested this first, my heart immediately became drawn to it.

Asena further explained.

“…and, I don’t want to see Judy Ice right now.”


“Your brother got hurt a while ago. Just stay by my side.”

My head nodded slowly. I couldn’t find any reason to refuse. I nodded, grabbed Asena’s shoulders and pulled them away from me.

“…okay. Well… so how many escorts do you have to change your life?”

“…I didn’t think of that. If I could accept Judy as my older sister then…?”

“…Yes, I see.”

I nodded and looked at Judy to tell her this story.


“- Judy. As I said before, your next escort will be Daisy Hexter. It’s awkward for me and you to face each other when we get married, so let’s stay like this for a while.”

Asena interrupted me and explained the situation to Judy. Judy nodded her head again without saying a word.

After a while, the happenings were over, and I said to the twins.

“Now, let’s go to class. I will be waiting here.”

But the twins shake their heads at the same time.

They stood by my bewildered sides and grabbed my arm, one by one.

Asena is indifferent but strong, and Kirsi wraps her arms around me and grabs me.

Asena said.

“Brother, I’m leaving class today.”


“…So good.”

Kirsi said while lying on my lap.

We suddenly came out on the green lawn and watched the flying clouds.

Asena sat quietly next to me, her head resting on her shoulder, and Kirsi was lying on my lap.

The twins skipped class.

I told them no, many times, but I couldn’t resist their pincer attack.

I ended up dragging myself out with various excuses, such as changing the escort to get along, skipping classes for a day, that my grades were at the top anyway, that my brother got hurt and never went out to play, the weather is nice today, and so on.

And I was happy to finally come out. It reminds me of the past when I open a mat with the snack basket they prepared for me.

The three of us went on many walks like this.

When we were in the Freister estate, when we had nothing to do, we went out for a walk in the wide meadow, and we spent time together peacefully.

Even if they seemed to be doing nothing, it was fun to have conversations from time to time, and even if they didn’t talk, the stress melted away when they gathered their thoughts or just stared at the beautiful scenery.

And we are so used to this kind of walk, the moment when the three of us feel the most peaceful is the time when the three of us gather to look at the wide plain.

I was the only one who realized now that I had never taken a walk like this after coming to the academy.

I took care of my younger sisters, but now that I come back, I didn’t even go out for a simple walk.

I do the reflection as well, and I stroke Kirsi’s hair lying on her lap.

“…I want to be like this for the rest of my life.”

Kirsey said suddenly. It would have been something I would pass on if it was normal, but I knew that Kirsi meant it with his intentions.

Once again she was begging me not to leave.

“…you know it’s hard.”


“…still. My heart will always be with you.”


Kirsi took her head off my lap and sat up.

And with his back to me, he started rubbing his eyes.

It wasn’t hard to realize that she was wiping away tears.

Then, for a moment, she said in a bright voice.

“brother! Let’s all take a nap.”


“Why did you do it a lot at home?”

“It is. But today is not a holiday. You have to go back to class.”

“Are you going to leave today?”

Asena stands by and says what she wants.

“….brother. I want to drink tea.”

“…unni, I told you to take a nap first.”

“…But you always drink tea when you go for a walk.”

After a moment’s hesitation, sparks started flying between the twins.

I hated the two of them fighting in this situation, so I intervened between them and quieted the fight.

“Sleep, stop. Then drink tea and take a nap. Understand?”



“But Kirsy. Brother, I’m not very sleepy right now.”

“…Then just lay down with me.”

“If that’s enough.”

Asena, with her skillful hands, takes out the teacup and kettle that she has carefully placed in the snack basket.

After lightly removing the cork from the kettle, she started pouring the tea.

The fragrant smell made me feel at ease.

“Come on, brother.”

“Thank you.”

“Kirsi too.”


I smelled the tea, crawled into a nearby tree and leaned my back.

Lying in the shade of a tree, smelling the scent of tea, and looking at the wide plain, I couldn’t get more comfortable than this.

Kirsi also sat next to me with her legs straight.

– Horok.

“Five. This smells good, Asena. What car is it?”

“It’s white tea made from tea leaves that my grandmother gave me as a gift.”

“Did you reconcile with your grandmother?”



I keep my mouth shut and speak to Asena.

“…Reconcile quickly. It must be all the words Grandma says for you.”



“…yes. I will do as you say.”

A cool wind blew.

Seriously, being like this keeps reminding me of the Freister estates. I didn’t think of it then, but when I left, I started to miss home. There doesn’t seem to be a place more peaceful than that.

However, if there is one fortunate thing, it is that when you come to a plain like this, you can make the illusion that you are at home.

Is that so?

I wasn’t very sleepy before, but I started to fall asleep.

“…suddenly I’m sleepy. Kirsi, I just want you to take a nap too.”

“….yes. If you wake up early, should I wake you up too?”


After making a light promise to each other, I closed my heavy eyelids.


– Color.

As Cayden fell asleep, the twins woke up.

“…Hey…how long does the medicine last?”

Kirsi asked anxiously.

“…about three hours.”

Asena said calmly.

She secretly added diluted poppy juice to Cayden’s tea.

Clearly, after joining hands with Kirsi, it became easier to seize a chance with him.

She didn’t even want to do it like this, but she felt like she was going crazy with jealousy, so she had to do it.

She had seen it all while talking to Daisy. Caden creates an awkward atmosphere with Judy.

…It’s awkward because he likes his words, but in other words, he created an exciting atmosphere.

Asena was deeply envious…. That I can naturally flirt with him.

Asena’s head warmed just thinking about it. I had to use all my strength to contain that anger.

For Kaden, this moment was wrapped up as a time to prepare for parting, but of course, that wasn’t her true intentions.

Asena climbs on top of the sleeping Cayden so naturally.

“…Your brother can’t go anywhere.”

Then he looked down at him as he slept soundly and said.

She began to lower her face gradually.

At that moment, Kirsi’s hand stopped her.

Asena, who was disturbed, threw sharp eyes at Kirsi.

But Kirsi was not pushed either. Although it was the first time Caden had fallen asleep like this, she swallowed her saliva and spoke straight to Asena.

“…I do it too.”

“…for the first time. Can you do it?”

Kirsi swallowed his saliva without answering. Her eyes were replacing all the answers.

Asena speaks in the end.

“…look at me.”

Asena lowered her head slowly and said, “I didn’t like that Kirsi would taste his lips too, but now I can’t help it.”

Immediately after, Asena puts her hair in her ears. Then, without hesitation, he closed his mouth.

– lower pressure.

Then he pushed his tongue in, pinching his lips open.

Kirsi turned his head, then began to look into the net.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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