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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 62


After pulling the stitches, getting a good night’s sleep, and chewing food steadily, my body definitely healed on the ninth day.

There were still places where more time was needed, but there were not many, and there was no inconvenience.

There seemed to be no problem in meeting Grandma. There seemed to be no sequelae after that.

“It’s all right.”

Suddenly, looking at my body, I said. If you think about the battle, it was truly a great fortune to be able to get hurt like this. Of course, his ability to avoid fatal blows with the senses he developed through his training played a part.

“It’s thanks to you.”

I gently stroked Kirsi’s cheek, who was sitting next to him, to express my gratitude. Kirsina Asena has taken great care of me recently.

The feelings that had been sad recently disappeared as if melted.

They came to me before I woke up and left when I fell asleep… It was a moment when I could confirm their affection once again.

Of course, there are times when they show the villainous side like in a novel….but the fact that twins with the temperament of such a villain take care of me as much as I can help bring me unavoidable happiness.

The feeling of betrayal was only for the moment when the circumstances of the family intervened, and I realize once again that there is no problem personally.

I stroked Kirsi’s face, but she was crying.

Looking at my exposed body, she says sadly.

“…Oppa…but the scar…”


Clearly, the traces of the sword have left ugly evidence on my body. There were long red scars here and there, as if a snake had devoured it on the smooth skin of the upper body.

Kirsi carefully touched the biggest wound I had on my chest. Her wrinkled expression did not open up.

But I was fine. Rather, I hated that Kirsi was so sad.

So I shook my head for a moment, and jokingly told her.

“…Kirsi. Are these scars a problem? Look At My Left Nipple how do you do this I ran away and didn’t come back.”

The scar left by the sword was not just the sword. It was after his left nipple had been cut off in battle.

The lawmaker told me not to worry about growing up again, and I heard information that I did not want to know in my life, but in the current situation, there is nothing more embarrassing to see.

And after the blood stopped, the bandage was removed… Many people who visited confirmed this appearance.

To be honest, it was embarrassing.

The swordsman has something to be proud of, but the cut nipples cannot be dismissed as a wound of glory.

Kirsi was in tears, and when he saw my tone and expression, he burst into laughter. Then, whether it was unfair to laugh, he frowned again and tapped my arm.

She smiled again and I smiled too.

“…Brother, I think it’s fine.”

At that moment, Asena interrupted from the side.


“As much as the wounds caused by sacrificing for others… it’s wonderful. I don’t feel sorry for it.”


I was surprised that Asena suddenly said something that wasn’t her, but it didn’t feel bad as she said it for me.

I looked at Asena to thank her. Asena wasn’t looking at me.

Looking at Kirsey with a hardened eye, it was as if he was paying attention to the fact that he felt sorry for my scar.

Following Asena’s gaze, I saw Kirsi again, but Kirsi, who had already burst into laughter at me, went somewhere, and she was glaring at Asena.

A strange current flowed.

“…Did you guys fight?”

I ask. In fact, I had to go through this quickly so that I could solve it quickly, so I intervened.

“…to fight.”

“No, brother.”


I ponder for a moment, then get out of bed.

“…brother..! You still have to lie down-”

“-Kirsi. The scars have all healed, but what else are you lying about? Rather, it should have happened sooner.”

I stretched out and loosened all over my body that had been stiff. I felt a cool pain.

After yawning neatly, I said to the twins.

“Guys. let’s go eat.”

A word I haven’t spoken in a long time. Anyway, if we fought, it would be better to act together.


A long procession of carriages continued to the Academy.

Classes for all students were also canceled, so my twin and I were sitting in the classroom with the wagons out the window.

As all classes have been canceled, the training of knights has also been temporarily suspended.

There was no need to stick around Daisy.

Perhaps she too is waiting for her family somewhere? Of course, Daisy doesn’t know where she can stay and study.

To be honest, it was Judy that worried me.

Judy never explained the situation directly to me, but as she said she had a hard time with her family, she might be nervous about her family coming.

Thinking of her who was struggling alone made my heart ache for a bit.

In fact, it’s because he’s the friend I spent the longest time with after joining the academy.

We sweated and developed our skills as knights, shared many concerns as we were in a similar position in the family, and passed the death line together, so the intimacy felt different.

Perhaps the twins didn’t know how friendly I was to Judy. Maybe even Judy doesn’t know.

Anyway, to her who helped me when I was having a hard time, the fact that I wasn’t helping was uncomfortable.

“…Brother, what do you think?”

Kirsi asks me who is thinking of Judy.

I didn’t bother to bring up Judy’s story.

“yes? no. I didn’t think much of it.”

Asena gracefully with a stiff face. Kirsi was clinging to the spear like an animal, watching the procession of the carriage.

Kirsi tells me in that state.

“This is real… After all, Grandma Liana, no. I can’t believe it happened because of you.”

“That’s me too, Kirsi.”

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to see my grandmother until graduation. Are you glad that I can still see your face?”


“Helen or Tane. Will Max or Lawrence come too?”

“I will come.”

“Ah… that’s what I’m looking forward to, then.”

-Bam! Bam! Bam!

As we quietly enjoyed the warm sunlight and looked at the carriage, a huge trumpet sound struck our ears.


Asena said.

I looked at the source of the sound. I’ve only heard rumors, I didn’t expect it to be this loud.

It was the sound of the Ice family’s trumpet.

From a distance, a wagon with huge bear paws began to appear.

Whether it was because they were dukes or all other members of their family had come, there was not one wagon, and accordingly, there were not one or two knights guarding them.

I felt strange that I could fight the knights if things went wrong.

I thought of Judy again. Even me, it sounded a bit startled, but Judy might have been even more surprised.

I thought about going to find Judy, but I also did something to leave the twins waiting for their grandmother.

“Asena. You must be under a little pressure.”


“I’m going.”


Asena has more power than anyone else, but it is also true that she is younger than any other head of state.

In the political world… It would be a huge burden to have to stand shoulder to shoulder with the heads of other families who could be called veterans, especially the heads of the Ice family.

“…but it’s okay.”

Asena says:

She was trying to be unique, trying to be strong.

Just as I was about to hug her head and make her lean on my shoulder, Asena continued.

“You just need to be by my side.”


My actions stop momentarily. A fact that she knows, Kirsi knows, and I know.

I have already decided to leave the family.

But the fact that she came up with such a thing, knowing that fact, was also a pressure to not go looking at me.

For a moment, I decided it would be better to pass it on without a word, so I retrieved my arm.

Again we looked out the window in silence.

Far away, the students who were sitting by the roadside watching the carriage procession felt a commotion.

All three of us instinctively realized why.

“You have come.”

Asena said.

I nodded.

At the same time, a low-pitched horn sound shook the earth’s axis.


It’s a sound you don’t know how to hear.

But to me, it was the most familiar and friendly sound.

Familiar and friendly faces that I haven’t seen in a long time were entering the academy escorting a carriage with two snakes on it.

Grandma had come.


I sighed. It’s like showing your report card to your grandmother.

In fact, I was more nervous than when the Ice family appeared.

After all, she came because of me.

“Asena, have you decided how to tell Grandma?”

“…about Shalon Payne?”


“I thought about it. Don’t worry, brother.”

“Let’s try so that Grandma doesn’t make a big deal out of it. Understand.”

“Okay, brother.”

Once again, after taking a deep breath, I think.

What would my grandmother say when she heard of my plans to leave the family?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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