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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 61



Kirsi swallowed his saliva at Asena’s dignity. I didn’t know what to answer.

He captured the situation so perfectly that he would not have been deceived by any excuses Asena made, but he did not know that it would turn out like this.

“…Sister…what are you doing?”

“…I was kissing the cheek for a while.”

“……lie. You were kissing.”

“…I knew it. Then why did you ask?”

Her audacity was too much. At Asena’s absurd answer, Kirsi was only disappointed.


“Close the door and leave. See you later.”

Asena put pressure on Kirsi with a sense of intimidation that naturally emanated from her body.

Kirsey’s heart is pounding. If he closed the door and left, he could see clearly what Asena would do to Cayden, but he couldn’t leave it alone.

As if kissing her and Kaden was natural and decided. Kirsi was treating him as if he was an unrelated person.

As far as kisses were concerned, Kirsi had no thoughts. No matter how much Asena kissed Cayden’s neck or cheek, it was at an acceptable level since she had been doing it since she was a child.

But the kiss… it wasn’t. Obviously, it was an expression of affection that only lovers could do. As I read the book, I realized, imagined and understood. That said, it was not something that could be handled lightly.

When someone kisses Cayden… Kirsey hated it so much.

A kiss would be the only thing you would do with the one person you love. It was unacceptable to his brother that it was Asena.

“…what will I do if I leave?”

In the end, Kirsi asks without moving.

“……You saw it.”

“..sister. Oh, brother, you’re asleep. How do you do that?”

It was clearly not agreed upon. I wondered if Kaden had already allowed this, but Asena’s startled look and Kayden’s sleepy face told me that it wasn’t the case.

“Speak freely. ‘Cause I don’t care Stop disturbing me now.”

Now, Kirsi is starting to understand why he said that siblings shouldn’t love each other.

Of course, Kirsi knew Asena’s affection. As much as he was the same as himself, he recognized his people.

But seeing Kayden and Asena kissing like this in real life, it couldn’t be more wrong.


Then, someone whispers to Kirsi.

‘You just don’t like the fact that you’re not kissing your brother.’

Kirsi tried to ignore the voice in her head and looked at Asena again.

“For now… let’s go. I think I’m going to wake you up.”

At Kirshi’s words, Asena looked down at Kayden gently. The expression softens, and a woman in love appears. She stroked Kayden’s face softly and said to Kirsey with a confident look.

“….it’s okay. My brother in this state will never wake up.”

With that said, Kirsi is convinced that this wasn’t Asena’s first time. In line with that, it felt like a fire was burning in my chest.

The two fought for a while, and Asena just turned around.

“go back. It’s a waste of time. Opportunities like this… are rare for a fortress.”

Asena begins to lean back again.

It was a very natural movement. He acted like an animal trying to choke, as if he had to do it to survive.

Her mouth reached him.


For an instant, Asena felt that Kirsi’s horse had a hand growing out of it and grabbed her.

body stops

Kirsi, who only turned his head and looked over his shoulder, was exuding an atrocious look he had never seen before.

His younger brother, who had always been easy-going, was staring at her as if he had become a proper fryer.

Kirsi, as if radiating a glare from her eyes, said to Asena.

“…kissing is an act that requires each other to love each other.”

“…I know.”

“Then you shouldn’t be doing it. My brother loves me the most.”

In the end, Asena could not ignore the words and raised her upper body. He slowly turned around and faced Kirsi.

Kirsi’s words sounded like it had to be him, not Asena, who should kiss him.

“…Why do you love my brother the most?”

“I didn’t know because my sister was busy as a head of state… but the memories that me and my brother made when we were not together are just a bunch of memories. It’s even more surprising that you don’t know that. When you see me… can’t you feel the change in your eyes?”

“….okay. It certainly doesn’t make you cute. But that’s different from love. First of all, love is not in chronological order.”


Kirsey clenched his teeth. Asena does not stop and speaks coldly.

“….You know that. He loves us, but he only sees us as younger brothers. I don’t see her as a woman. So stop the bullshit that you are the most loved.”

“…If you know that, you shouldn’t kiss even more.”

The two had never revealed their true intentions to each other, but they already knew that each other loved Cayden, and they were having a conversation based on that. Because they were so clear to each other.

Asena let out a shallow sigh. As if frustrated, he slowly turned his head and blinked, and began to show his honest feelings.

“Kirsi. let’s be honest I know you’ve been staring blankly at your brother’s lips lately. Do you have the right to insult me? You’re not just complaining about what I’m doing, not you.”

As his inner feelings were revealed, Kirsi clenched his fists and blushed.


“…but it’s no big deal. My brother loved me first. As the head of the household, I will find another mate, so stop thinking about your brother.”

Kirsi digested Asena’s words for a moment, then snorted.

“…Ha, why are you so irresponsible?”


“Like your sister said, you are the older sister. My older sister should get married to help her family. What are you going to do about loving your brother? Are you saying you’re getting married with your brother? Sister, you really need to break your heart.”

“You don’t know why I tried to kick you out of the family?”

“know. But it wasn’t funny. I feel like I’m dreaming in vain. And, it’s still the same thing that doesn’t help the family?”

Kirsey didn’t say anything that Kayden’s expulsion from the family would help him too, but Asena’s plans were uncomfortable.

“I think Grandma Liana will really like it. If you become the head of the household… and say that you will not be able to get married by arrangement.”

To Kirsi’s sarcasm, Asena responded lightly.

“Then you do it. house owner.”


“I do not care. we’re twins It won’t be a problem if you do. Go home and sacrifice as much as you like for the family as you said.”


“To be honest, I don’t even care about my family. All I need is my brother…. I am willing to do anything for that.”

Kirsi could perfectly understand Asena’s words. because he did too

…but that didn’t mean it was acceptable.


“And I warn you, brother…don’t even covet you. I will tolerate the actions of the janitor now. Don’t be greedy for more than that. Don’t worry. If all my plans go well, nothing will change in your relationship with your brother. My brother will still treat you only as a little brother. It’s me who changes Becoming my brother’s most precious woman. We kiss every day…I’m thinking of having a baby…”

Asena was unable to control her words. The inside that I didn’t say was my brother came pouring out. No matter how Kirsi is, she is another woman who can express her affection to Cayden without hesitation, so she is weak, but jealous.

Especially when Asena has to work as the headmaster and Kirsi goes out and plays with Kayden. At that time, I definitely envied and hated Kirsi.

He suppressed that feeling with a kiss…but still, he vomited out his stagnant heart. She didn’t act emotionally, but always. I always got emotional when Kaden was involved. Asena says to scratch Kirsi’s nerves.

“…Brother and my child. I think it’ll be cute. I don’t think I’ll be as great a Priest as Aiden’s grandfather.”

Kirsi’s heart swelled at Asena’s declaration. It was the first time Asena spoke so openly. It seemed like it was someone else.

And at Asena’s words, Kirsi felt fierce anger after a long time. She did not know that the day would come when Asena would have such feelings for her.

In the end, she uttered childish words that would hurt Asena the most.

“sister. dream up. My brother never liked my sister. If I had liked you, why didn’t we reconcile when we had a fight a while ago?”

Asena’s eyebrows twitched.

“I was reconciled. Just looking at it, my sister has no chance of winning. Don’t get hurt if you bump into your brother at random.”

Asena clenched her teeth and suppressed her anger. I didn’t want to show it, but Kirsi’s words had bones in them, so they couldn’t be easily passed over.

In the end, Asena also speaks coldly to Kirsi.

“….it’s okay. After all, my brother’s first kiss is mine. Oh, and thousands of kisses after that.”


This time, Kirsi glared at Asena. There was no significant influence on Asena, but Kirsi’s face had the same atmosphere as the Freister-patterned snake.

“…you will never know for the rest of your life, Kirsi. Your tongue…how pleasant it is.”

“Anyway, I used to do it while I was sleeping, but what? Can’t you feel any remorse?”

“Do you think I feel that way as the head of state who has sentenced hundreds of criminals to death? You don’t know…Kirsi. When I kiss my brother… I don’t think of anything else, I just feel happy. Words can’t explain it.”


Kirsi closed her eyes and vented her anger, proposing to Asena in a trembling voice.

“I can’t. sister. Let’s go back to the dormitory. If I stay here… I think I might be able to wake you up.”

“…I will never wake up, but…well. Okay.”

Asena looked down at Cayden and wiped the saliva from Cayden’s lips with a skillful hand.

Seeing that, Kirsi couldn’t stand it and left the room first.

The two eventually returned to the dormitory.

Cayden was still sleeping soundly.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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