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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 53

Shining Knight (11)


At that shock, the door burst open easily. It was not difficult to break as the door was of poor quality.


A man standing right behind the door I broke is tangled in the fragments of the broken wooden door and falls over.

I start with the man and quickly look inside the room.

About 10 people. A lot of these people were holding their breath at my appearance.

I thought I had come to the right place. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to hold my breath, and there wouldn’t have been a need for all these people to gather.

When I appeared, I saw several men starting to pull daggers from their arms. Just as he was about to stop them by warning them first, a large man spoke more quickly.

“Don’t pull out your sword!”

Even my grip that was holding the handle of the sword loses strength. Fortunately, the person who appeared to be the captain seemed to make sense.

“Don’t pull out your sword.”

He repeats his words once more, calming his subordinates who were about to get excited.

As the room calms down, a large man walks up to me and asks.

“…without learning, I will not be able to recognize the Lord. Who are you?”

With his posture lowered, he asked carefully.

He certainly seemed to have the audacity and the brain to lead an organization.

“My name is Kaden Pryster.”

At the word Fryster, everyone is startled. A confused murmur also began.


After calming down his men again, he lowered his posture and bowed his head.

“…see you Pryster.”


“By the way…why are you so precious…”

“What is your name?”

“….Yes? Ah… I’m sorry. My name is Miles. Again, I forgot to introduce this because I didn’t learn. It was really wrong.”

“done. So Miles. You really don’t know why I came here.”


“Don’t roll your head.”

“…I know why you came.”

Miles agreed immediately, and lowered his stance again. Certainly, it was a moment when I realized that I was a person with whom I could talk quite a bit.

“…great. The story will be fast. Miles, you’re making the right choice. Don’t hesitate, spit it out. I won’t give you a few chances.”

“…..All right.”

“The object you are monitoring. Spit it all out.”

Maybe someone I didn’t know was watching. I guess I should know before I dry them.

“…Daisy Hexter and a woman named Ewin.”


I should have known, but when I actually got it confirmed with my own ears, my heart fluttered. Anger like a hot flame burns in my heart.

I’d like to change everyone in this place…but I know it’s not as easy as I thought. They were only monitoring, and they didn’t commit any wrongdoing that would cost them their lives. Also, if it was something I had to do after receiving an order, I was hesitant to touch them even more. If we were going to do it, we’d have to attack those who gave orders, not those who obeyed them.

“…I’m really sorry.”

Miles says it again.

At his apology, I nod my head to calm my anger. I take a deep breath and then ask.

Now an important question.

“…who ordered it?”


My question seemed to make the already quiet room even quieter. No one moved, no one breathed loudly, no one even rolled their eyes recklessly.

As the room gets quieter, I start to hear my heart beat louder.

There must have been tension about entering this crime den alone, but rather, it was about Asena. I want to believe her, but my doubts keep pointing to her.

If Asena ordered it, what should I do? It seems that my eyes are getting dark. Maybe it was because of this heart that he thought of coming all the way here.

I didn’t entrust Smith to the guard or ask Asena, but I came to inquire directly from those who received orders.

So that I can find the answer to my filthy suspicion of not trusting my brother without anyone finding out. to hear a solid story.


Even Miles was not ready to answer this question. He looks at me, now he looks at his subordinates.

“Kayden… to tell my superiors in front of everyone… especially in front of my subordinates…”

“You still don’t understand how precarious you are.”


His gaze meets mine. For a while we wrestled, Miles laid the snow first. But the mouth did not open easily.

I raised my hand.

“…was it Asena?”


“I mean, Asena Pryster ordered it.”


Miles looked at me and blinked. I thought I was surprised that I knew more information than I thought.

Then he opens his mouth to see if he has made a decision.


My heartbeat only grew louder.

please don’t be her I hope I’m trash who doubts Asena.

“………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Wow…we shouldn’t have known about this in the first place…but he told me to keep in mind that it’s not Asena-sama’s order and watch it…”


As if taking off heavy armor, I had the illusion that I could hear the unpleasant sensations pressing on my chest all at once.

My breath is tight and my face heats up.

For a moment, my head turned around. tension is released

After all, my suspicion was that I was wrong.

Miles began to make excuses on his own, as to what he thought as he saw my actions.

“…that…but for us it was a command from the High enough. Please understand that we had no choice but to follow.”


“Maybe we went our own way. But…but…”

“Isn’t that Sharlon Payne’s order?”

“…that… yes. You know everything.”

“Is Payne…recklessly monitoring Pryster?”

As the wave of relief passed, an unpleasant feeling arose. The mental stress I had to go through because of Sharon wasn’t the only one.

“K..I wasn’t directly monitoring Kaden-sama! Because Asena-sama has recently been thinking about Ewin and Daisy Hexter-”

“Even if it wasn’t me, you were monitoring my surroundings. Since Asena has both of them in mind, I’m not saying that she started monitoring her arbitrarily. Even without any orders.”

“……you’re right.”

I was concerned that Asena had Ewin in mind, but it wasn’t to the point of being a problem. Wasn’t it enough that I was curious about finding my orphan brother through Kirsi?

Just because you care, that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s more of a problem to spy on you and try to dig up information.

I felt like I had to talk to Shalon Payne. In some cases, actions taken accordingly.

“….okay. done. At this point, I asked all the questions I had. Thank you for answering without turning back.”

“….no. It was something I had to do.”

“ruler. that’s what happened then From now on, don’t even go to the academy.”


“I don’t feel comfortable. Bring me this organization’s ledger. All rats should be counted out.”

“…Kaden, that’s too…!”

“Miles. I’ve warned you many times. I want you to know for yourself how precarious you are.”

I put my hand on the handle of the sword.

Miles looked at my hand gestures, then relaxed and slowed down. Very slowly, he raises his eyes and looks at me.

It was a provocative look. If you threaten with force, there is a sense of refusal to do it. Because of his status, or because he was a Priest, there was a lot of confidence that he would not be fooled by force.

“What are those eyes, Miles?”

“……..Kaden, more than half of our organization works at the academy. If I tell you to leave, how will you live?”

“It’s not my job. Then, did you know that I would leave you guys influencing me? I cannot tolerate you even stepping into my realm.”

“…you seem to be following Priest’s advice well.”

“…because it’s our hypothesis.”

It wasn’t just Miles who changed the mood when everyone said they had to leave the academy. Perhaps there are people working at the academy in this room as well.

So they too, gradually began to change the atmosphere.

“…we just followed the orders of Shalon Payne.”

“And that Sharon Payne obeys Freister’s orders.”

“…are you here alone?”


In an instant, Miles begins to examine my powers. Even if they were cancerous, they wouldn’t attack me. Of course, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life without a back, but if you still think about it, you’ll know that you shouldn’t attack me. I couldn’t understand why he was asking such a question.

Of course, for this moment.

If they attack, that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of winning.

About…there are a line of men who look like about 10 people. My side is only me. In one-to-many fights, there are barriers that are difficult to overcome with technology.

So I started to sharpen my nerves. I came to have a conversation, but I was prepared for this situation. I expected this moment to come. I assumed that it could be very dangerous.

Raising the thumb of the hand holding the scabbard, he gently pulled out the sword. A blue day shines as it emerges.

Cold air hovered around us. Miles looked at me and seemed to ponder.

So I tell him

“…Miles. no need to bleed I’ll take care of this disrespect, put out the ledgers as I have ordered, and let all the bastards in the academy leave.”


Miles looks at me for a while, then closes his eyes and sighs.

“…..All right. There you… bring the ledger.”

He eventually took a step back. I don’t know what thoughts were going through him, but his choices stopped a lot of blood flowing.

At that moment, the sound of a cat’s cry resounded.

– Whoa…

At that sound, everyone in the room hardened.

As it became so quiet, the cat’s cry resounded again.

– Aww…

It was a sound coming from the depths of the room, from another door. The sound grew louder and clearer. I could see Miles biting his lips from the back.

– Aww…!

The more I listened, the more my doubts grew.

This wasn’t a cat’s cry…it was a girl’s cry.

He repeats what Miles said as he unwinds his throat.

“..hmm… there you! Bring the ledger!”


I called him.

His eyes glanced at me once, and his expression became increasingly distorted.

“Erai… you’ve already made up your mind. Pull out the knife!”

he’s right The moment I heard the girl cry, I made up my mind. Because the article is like that.

– Shreung!

I also gently pulled the sword out of its sheath.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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