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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 52

Shining Knight (10)

Ewin jumped into the commotion that occurred while subduing the man.

He seemed to notice my struggle from afar.

“Oh…Brother…! What is this…”

“Don’t come near me, Ewin!”

She reaches out a hand and blocks her approach.

Ewin freezes at the touch of my hand.

“..I’m sorry. It seems difficult to talk today.”

“S… Mr. Smith…?”

Ewin looked at the man I had suppressed and asked.

“Ewin, I know the situation is confusing, but don’t give up on this person. He’s been spying on you.”

“…uh…uh…that…is that really Mr. Smith?”

“…Ouch…! Please help me… I was wrong…”

“Quiet. I told you to answer my question directly to save my life.”


The man on me let out a stuffy breathing sound, but I didn’t care.

“…Ewin, I’ll explain the details later. Come back quickly today.”


“To the house.”

“…the dormitory is outside the academy…”


I blinked in response to Ewin.

I don’t know why I thought her dorm would be nearby, like twins’ dormitory.

Once again, if even Ewin is being targeted, you can feel how vulnerable she is.

But after Daisy, Ewin. I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t feel these two things in common.

The center was me. Most of the people around me are monitoring them.

I could feel my heart burning black.

It was because the people behind him gradually narrowed down to Asena.

Because there’s no reason for anyone else to spy on the people around me.

I ponder and get up from my seat. He lifted the man he had been holding down, and then bent his arms behind his back.

“Ewin, come with me. I’ll drive you home. It looks like you’ll have to leave the academy anyway.”

I started walking towards the stable, ignoring the man who was still holding his arm and moaning in pain when I got up.


Ewin didn’t say anything beside her.

I haven’t been able to completely solve the awkwardness yet, but it seemed like I couldn’t even speak out because of this situation.

I’m starting to feel sorry for nothing. You have to have this experience with me. So, in my mind, I decided to tie the knot today. I didn’t want to make a fuss around me with these people again.

Also, there are times when it’s better to act than you think.

Before this, I was at a loss as to how to solve the problem, but as I move on, the problems become clearer.

As Lord Hoslow said, a knight can talk with a sword. I have no talent for solving problems with words. you should act like this

On the way to the stable, there was no one I met. This one was rather fortunate. If this is really Asena-related… I’ll have to look into it, but I didn’t want it to get bigger.

However, upon reaching the stable, he meets a person.

It was Judy.

She was stroking her white horse, Goldie, and feeding her apples.

I didn’t even want her to find out about this, but I’ve come a long way to go back.

Judy turned her head at our popularity. And after seeing me and Ewin, a man named Smith, whom I had overpowered, he slowly opened his mouth.

“…Kaden… this is now…”

“Judy. I don’t have time for a long explanation. Let’s talk later. Do you have any strings?”


“Tie this guy up.”

It must have been the first time she had ever seen me behaving so wildly, but perhaps because of her trust in me, she brought a thick string from the horses in the stable and handed it to me.


she asks

I answered, tying Smith’s hands, still complaining of pain.

“The one who has been monitoring the people around me lately.”


“…I feel like I’m a member of some kind of organization. Whatever it is… I have to deal with it today.”

When I tie up his hands and feet, I connect him to the reins of my horse, Rush.

“…Solution? It’s a solution, Kaden. What are you going to do?”

“It’s just an action. I knew I couldn’t come up with an answer when I thought with my head.”

I get Rush out of Cannes. My black horse spit at Smith once, then passed him and stopped next to me.

I smiled once at Rush’s action, and then climbed onto him. He reached out to Ewin.

“Come on, Ewin. Get on.”

But it wasn’t Ewin who held my hand. Judy, who has not yet heard an answer, takes my hand.

“Kaden. What are you going for?”


Is it because Judy was born in the cold north? The hand holding me felt very warm.

I looked at Judy holding my hand for a moment, then said slowly.

“For now, I’m going to take Ewin home.”


Judy turns her head to look at Ewin.

“My orphanage brother. We met recently. This guy here is watching Ewin and Daisy. Not just this guy. There are quite a few, but we just caught this guy.”

“Apart from my brother, where are you taking this guy? Can’t we just leave it to the guards?”

“You said you were going to tie the knot in this thing. If you leave it to the guards, it won’t solve anything. Ewin and Ewin, but… we’ll have to get this out of the way before Daisy is finally ambushed.”

I waved my hand to shake Judy’s hand away.

He handed over to Ewin again.

But this time as well, Judy persistently held my hand.

“Go with me.”


“So, to tie the knot… means to enter the base. It means to uproot the roots. It’s dangerous.”

“Judy, this is my job.”

“It has to do with what happened to Shalon Payne a few days ago.”


“If I could be wrong with what I said, how would I feel guilty?”


“Kaden. It’s you who said we were friends. I didn’t want to keep you as a friend, but you insisted on coming to me. That’s how we became friends, so why do you stop me from acting like a friend?”

Judy reaches out and opens Goldie’s partition. After that, when she nodded to Goldie, her white horse naturally came out of the Cannes and stopped next to Judy.

Judy then got on the horse and reached out to Ewin as I did.

“You’re tying him up. Yeah… I’ll take care of my brother. Get on.”


Ewin looked at me for a moment, then grabbed Judy’s hand and rode on her horse.

“There you. Guide me to the base.”

Judy also ordered Smith with the same hardness as me. I look at Judy like that and say.

“…..Thank you.”

I thanked her because I knew she wouldn’t go back if I tried to convince her.

We finally went out of the academy with one sword at a time.


After we got Ewin back safely, we got off our horses and pressed Smith. He was still weeping and pleading.

“Please look at me… If I go back like this, I will die.”

“Even if you stop walking now, you’ll die. Don’t you know that your life doesn’t mean much to me?”

Ignoring him begging, I whipped him with words. Of course… I don’t really think of Smith’s life as a fly. I also wanted to solve the problem without bleeding if possible. I don’t know if it will happen again…

Even walking with Smith’s arms crossed was getting harder now. The more he walks, the closer he gets to somewhere, the more his feet begin to drag on the floor. I kept feeling like I didn’t want to go.

Eventually I made an offer.

“If you just take me nearby, I’ll let you go.”


“I’ll let you go. So just guide me.”

After all, Smith’s life is not my goal. It was more important for me to visit their home base first.

At my words, Smith wiped away his tears and, with strength in his legs, began to walk.

Soon we entered a dark alleyway.

Judy watches my back. To be honest, it was very helpful. I felt blessed to have my first friend like this.

“I… it’s over there.”

Pointing to some distant door, Smith stops. I pushed him further, but soon he didn’t move with his feet on the floor, and he fell to his knees. He didn’t come any closer.

“D-Didn’t you say that if you take me, I’ll let you go..”


I glanced at the door with him, and told Judy.

“…Judy. I’m looking at this guy.”


“I’ll check to see if you’re lying or not. Maybe that’s not where you’ve been.”

“Are you going alone?”

“I’m fine. It’s more of a problem to lose this guy. If I miss him, I lose a clue…”

I handed Judy the cord that had tied Smith on, then tapped her on the shoulder.

“I didn’t come here to fight. I came here to check a few things… and tell them to stop.”

“Kaden, you really don’t know the dangers here-“

“You know. So I’m going alone. You’ve helped me enough with this. It’s my problem from now on. Please wait here.”


Judy calls me, but I turn around.

I slowly approached the door. Step by step, the light around him decreased.

As I told Judy, I’m not here to fight. I’m here to talk and warn you.

Soon he arrives at the door Smith pointed to and knocks on the door.

– Knock Knock Knock.


There was no reaction. It was the same over time. No response.

I turned my head to look at Smith. He was on his knees, covering his face from afar. Like someone who doesn’t want to be found out.

Seeing him like that, I thought that he would not have guided me with lies. Then… did you already know I was coming? Or was there something wrong with the way he knocked on the door?

I put my ear to the wooden door.


As I sat still with my eyes closed, I heard a faint sound.


As soon as I hear that sound, I lean back and hit the door with all my weight.


Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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