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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 2


I had no choice but to follow my grandmother.

It was a good opportunity to solve the food problem, which was the biggest concern of the orphanage, at once.

It was unthinkable that I would be taken to the Frysters, but… I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

I was conflicted.

My brothers and sisters will be sad if I leave. …and Asena and Kirsi, who will meet if they are taken away.

At first, I didn’t plan on going.

But the moment Liana brings up the story of food, the scale leans strongly.

I still think it’s the wrong choice.

Through the story with Liana grandmother, I learned a lot of circumstances.

The Pryster twins are said to be eight years old.

They were two years younger than me.

…and, they said, they recently lost their parents.

I had expected

Everyone who has read

Readers expected it.

Unlike other characters in the novel, Asena was the head and duke of the Freisters from the moment she appeared.

Most of the characters were children of aristocratic families, so it was natural that Asena and Kirsi were not opponents in the first place.

Anyway, now it’s clear. From an early age they had no parents.

When it was confirmed that they had lost their parents, my heart was moved.

I felt a sense of unity.

They were just like me.

It wasn’t that I suddenly liked them, or anything like that, but I understand a little bit.

Maybe it wasn’t from this moment that they grew into such a ruthless and insensitive figure.

Well, maybe they were just kids who were greedy from the beginning.

The estate of the Frysters was in a secluded place.

Plains reached after driving a few days south

There was a large castle in the middle.

The peasants live like the kings of a small country, and that seemed understandable.

That’s how I entered my new home.

Numerous maids bowed their heads and waited for Liana Grandma.

A middle-aged butler named ‘Tain’, who walked in the middle, reported the twins’ status to the grandmother.

After introducing me to Thein, Grandma Liana went somewhere first to see the twins.

The middle-aged butler immediately accepted me at the words of my grandmother.

I don’t know what’s inside, but he treated me with sincerity.

And I was led by his hand and started to prepare this and that.

Thousands of users washed my body, cut my hair, and put on new clothes at the command of Thein.

In front of a certain door where I was dragged after everything was over.

Behind the slowly opened door were Asena and Kirsi.


The first meeting wasn’t that cool.

introduce me to them

Liana’s grandmother’s efforts were in vain,

Asena and Kirsi looked at me with dead eyes.

didn’t say anything.

Her older sister, Asena, has black hair and a sharp impression.

Kirsi has silver hair… and a gloomy impression.

The two were sitting together on a large bed.

It looked like a straw doll.

I can’t believe it, but Liana’s grandmother said they were bright kids.

But in front of my eyes were the ruthless, insensitive twins I had read as a novel.

I thought it was already hopeless.

Then I saw a lot of handkerchiefs lying next to the bed.

The moment you see them, you realize how much they cried.

I just don’t cry because it’s in front of me. It was said that he did not become a robot without emotions.

I came to my senses.

I was looking at these girls with too many stereotypes.

The scenes in the novel were so intense, I couldn’t recognize what was happening in front of my eyes.

These children are just struggling with losing their parents.

He was sad until several months had passed and he had not yet recovered and his body became like this.

In the words of Liana’s grandmother, they said they couldn’t depend on anyone.

They had no one on an equal footing.

The users had a hard time with them, so the girls couldn’t lean on them, and Grandma Liana said that she didn’t want to lean on them because she was too tall.

I knew it the moment I saw them. As Grandma Liana said, I should be their support.

Yes, my theory is that young children should be treated unconditionally and with care.

In fact, Asena and Kirsi will rise again without me.

In fiction, they win.

But the way he stood up was the problem. If they couldn’t depend on anyone like this, it was obvious that they would become the villains I hated.

I asked everyone to leave their seats.

As an orphan of a commoner, I am sensible to ask for, but the son of the new Freisters can ask for it.

Everyone, including Liana’s grandmother, left the room.

Only me and the twins were left in the room.

I did not approach them with any burden from the beginning. I didn’t even respond anyway.

I just kept spitting out my words.

Let me introduce myself lightly.

after that

Just talking about the weather.

Today’s landscape story.

The story of a flying bird.

It was very light, but it was a story that drew attention nonetheless.

They just don’t respond, they’re listening.

He also told the story of a fairy tale that was originally in the world. I’m going to tell you an interesting story, so if you’re interested, I told you to listen, and then I just spit out the story to myself.

Arabian Nights. Aesop’s Fables. fairy tales, etc..

These were stories that even the children of the orphanage liked. I’m not sure if you’re listening, but he told me a lot of stories.

He also helped wash the twins.

If you’re messy, your mind gets messy.

They stood still as they wiped their faces like dolls.

I wipe away the tears and wipe away the sweat.

Kirsi’s eyes seemed to have turned towards me.

Feeding was the most difficult time. It was difficult to open their mouths to children who could not elicit any response.

But for me, who lived in an orphanage, patience was enough.

He persuaded them several times with words, and made some really light jokes to make them open their mouths.

In the end, they succeeded in feeding two spoons each.

Rather than my achievements, I think it is because of the skill of the chef.

Still, I praised the twins like crazy and tried to make them feel better.

And this lasted, every day, for several days.

Gradually the children started allowing me to do one or two actions.

I think my constant stories throughout the day and the affection I poured out for them played a part.

It’s not like saying hello when I come in, but at least the eyes are on me.

It was as if the dead eyes were slowly coming back to life when they told a fairy tale.

When I blow my nose while washing my face, I get excited. …well, it must have been because they were uncomfortable rather than for me.

I also ate up to three or four spoons of rice instead of two spoons.

Two months to act like that.

The moment I got to the room, I had a gut feeling that this was going to be the most important day.

In Asena and Kirsi’s eyes, the difference was gradually coming to life. Their hardened expressions moved little by little, and the doll-like girls became more human-like.

Asena was looking straight at me. With frustration and a little bit of anger.

were showing emotions.

And, unsurprisingly,

He ignored it and shouted at me for talking about the weather.

please turn it off

It’s noisy and I can’t stand it.

Everything you say is not funny,

I don’t even want to hear

I don’t want a new family.

Please bring Mom and Dad.

Signs of an explosion have been seen many times before, but only now have exploded.

It was the first time I heard her voice. Kirsi was crying next to her.

Without a word, I approached them and held their hands.

Asena shook her hand and kept screaming, but I erased the lightness I had always shown and continued to watch this sad girl.

Enduring all of her verbal abuse and violence, she waited patiently.

And gradually the anger was removed from Asena’s face, and it was colored with mourning and bitterness.

The two girls started crying in front of me for the first time. cried out and cried.

I continued to pat them. These children were becoming important to me as well.

As I worked hard, they soon settled in my heart. I wanted them to be healthy as the days went by.

The more I looked, the more they were just children struggling with pain. These weeping children were the Freister twins, not the ruthless figures seen in the novel.

I whispered to the crying girls.

Now lean on me. I will support you.

They continued to weep, but didn’t respond.

But after this incident, the children changed quickly.

The next day, the same person came to me and asked for my name.

In response to Cayden’s answer, Asena turned her head slightly, and Kirsi pondered the name.

Now, when I put the spoon in front of my mouth, I ate everything that opened those little lips.

As the mood became lighter, more playful jokes were handed out.

Each time Asena turned her head, not wanting to show her expression, and Kirsi bit her lip to keep her from laughter.

I thought Kirsi’s smiling face was really cute.

It was also a good sign that jokes started to work. If you grow up like this, you may not see a novel-like appearance forever.

When I think of that, I feel happy. Have you already become their brother?

No, it may be the pride of being a person.

I thought it would be worthwhile if two girls who would have had a cold future could live the rest of their lives smiling like now because of me.

As these little pranks continued, the twins opened their hearts.

A few months passed again.

The two gradually got better. He received and ate everything he gave, so his recovery was quick.

Gradually, he seemed to be getting healthier.

My mourning was still somewhere, but it prevented me from thinking nonsense, as I was botheringly visiting.

No matter how much time passed, I took care of them with utmost sincerity. Now, I got out of bed and went for a walk a few times.

When morning comes,

“Kirsi! Wake up and exercise! Asena! Open your eyes!”

He opened the window to let fresh air in, grabbed his leg and pulled him straight to wake him up and started exercising.

It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

At first, it seemed awkward, but as time went on, he took it lightly.

when it’s lunch

“Let’s eat a little hard food today. Can you chew it, kids?”

I tried to eat healthier food.

Now I didn’t even need to feed it.

It was a happy time for me too. I was also able to eat a lot of delicious food.

When evening comes,

“Let’s go out to see the sunset. To get some fresh air. Kirsi, Asena, put on your outdoor clothes!”

mostly went out. Every time I went, I saw new scenery. This place, where the Priest family was located, was beautiful.

My heart was open to the expansiveness of the plain where the bushes spread, and I was moved when I saw the sun set on the horizon.

Every time the cool breeze smelled of fragrant grass, all my worries seemed to be washed away.

It wasn’t just me. When I looked at Asena and Kirsi while resting idly, they also closed their eyes with a relaxed expression and enjoyed the breeze.

at night,

“Good night, guys. See you again tomorrow.”

He gently stroked the twins’ hair. Asena and Kirsi now nodded their heads with girlish, moist eyes, and lay down on their bed.

One day Asena said, ‘You have to come the next day.’ I will never forget what he said so bluntly.

One year after coming to the Pryster family, the children fully recovered.

Now completely out of bed, the twins ate at the same table with Liana’s grandmother.

It was my first time having dinner with my grandmother. I always ate with twins.

The twins said they were sorry for the trouble, the young 9-year-old children begged for an apology, and Grandma Liana showed a solemn expression saying that everything was fine.

After eating, the twins went back to their room first.

grandma and me It was just the two of us, the man, and the grandmother began to weep.

Then, holding my hand tightly with both hands, and showing a weak side saying thank you very much… It was also touching to me.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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