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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 1

The Villain Twins

As an adult, I didn’t have any major ups and downs.

Is it because I’m still working hard?

No stress at work.

I live alone, so I have enough money.

It wasn’t enough to buy a car or a house, but there were no complaints.

But life was a little boring.

There aren’t many fun things to do.

Nak is the act of returning home after work, ordering delicious food, opening three or four cans of beer, and reading web novels.

But even that today is not a pleasure, but only sweet potatoes.

The novel I was reading was an ordinary academy one.

The author gives only sweet potatoes throughout the first half.

The main character’s name is also weird.

Yet I persevered.

He was living such a loose life.

“…under. Still, this is…”

But now I’m getting a little frustrated.

If we consider this novel as a factor that can continue to spread, it is the character.

Whether it was the heroine around the main character or the main character’s collaborator, the character was three-dimensional and interesting and followed.

To be honest, it’s a novel that I’ve only seen with only one character.

However, the villains who can’t find any charm in such characters are constantly smashing them down.

“…ah… that’s so annoying…”

The villains were twins.

Asena Pryster whose older sister is the head of the household.

My younger brother is Kirsey Freister.

The two mercilessly trampled on the people around the main character because the duke was against the ‘Freister House’.

Their motto, ‘Let us not touch it.’ As if trying to put into practice, I thoroughly smashed everything outside my eyes.

No mercy was shown.

It was as if they were born without emotions.

Why are you driving this development?

He didn’t even explain the secrets of the twins.

If Asena or Kirsi attacked without any chance, the character was over.

It was as if the author lacked the ability of the author to use these two twins to get rid of the characters that had to be eliminated in the development of the story.

Are they device characters for the novel? It seemed to be used in the same way as the executioners.

Even today, my favorite character, ‘Daisy Hexter’, was mercilessly trampled on by the Priest twins and disappeared into the back of the novel.

In the end, I take action.

‘Daisy is so cute!’

‘Gather up, Daisy..!’

‘I love you Daisy really!’

….the same cheering comments were erased with tears in my eyes.

One-shot beer and put your hand on the keyboard.

‘Writer, I can’t understand the villains. To be honest, I think it lacks charm. I’m here.’

I pressed enter.

And so, I was possessed.


Of all the novels, I want the character I possessed to be the most absurd.

Of course, this was a very subjective criterion.

I possessed a child named Cayden who was growing up in the ‘Hexter Orphanage’.

I honestly don’t know who it is.

This ‘Hexter’ orphanage.

If it wasn’t for this orphanage sponsored by the family of my favorite ‘Daisy Hexter’, I wouldn’t have known that I was possessed by the novel .

As such, the characters of the novel did not appear around me. It didn’t seem like it would show up.

The Academy, the setting of the novel, was also a far-off place for me.

In this strict worldview of the class system, I was not a place where I, an orphan of common people, could be involved.

Only nobles can attend the academy.

Anyway, I was a person who had nothing to do with the novel.

So it’s insanely absurd.

If it was like this, I wondered why he was possessed.

But that didn’t mean I was discouraged or wandered.

As time goes by, you just naturally accept this life.

Because there was nothing else I could do.

For two years, I took care of the orphanage children.

It wasn’t difficult for me as an adult.

Gradually, I was also feeling happy.

My theory is that children should be treated unconditionally with care and respect.

so that’s good

Maybe it’s an adult’s duty.

So I poured out my affection by loving, scolding, and playing pranks on the orphanage’s younger siblings.

To be honest, I came to like my younger brothers a lot.

Ewin, an innocent girl, Knox, who dreams of becoming a chef, Kiela, who likes flowers, etc…

They gave back to me as much as I poured out my love.

The nuns looked at this with a lot of respect.

Always saying that my actions are so proud,

He complimented me like an adult.

…well, it wasn’t really a big compliment to me as an adult.

And the day came.

One day the nun called me and took me to the interview room.

For some reason, the nuns were shaking.

It was their first time seeing them.

Soon you arrive in a small room.

There was an old woman inside.

‘Hello, Kayden.’

She said.

‘My name is Liana Pryster.’


The former Duchess of Pryster, Liana Pryster, had a problem.

The son who was the head of the household passed away.

She was with her daughter-in-law.

I don’t know how many tears I shed.

He didn’t want to be seen by others, so he secretly hid in his room and cried.

Because the mighty Priest can’t cry.

I missed my husband who left, and I was envious again.

No parent should have the experience of burying their child in the ground.

This suffering was too great an ordeal to endure without a husband.

It’s been a while since I struggled in pain without others knowing.

The Frysters could not be weakened.

The family that my husband and son had protected could not fall here.

With other families staring at them, Lyana Pryster came to power with wrinkled hands.

‘Don’t touch us.’ She pondered the sage.

Still, there were a lot of things left behind by the husband and son, so it was easier for the Freisters to restore their balance.

The fires that had been ignited in his son’s absence were quickly extinguished, the alliances strengthened, and time was bought.

Then there were things that caught my eye.

Things I haven’t seen since I was too busy.

It had been three months since my son passed away.


legacy of son and daughter-in-law.

Asena and Kirsi have now confirmed their appearance.

He was busy protecting his family, so he couldn’t take care of his family.

They still couldn’t accept that their parents had left.

They were getting thinner day by day.

The emotions that were expressed were also reduced.

Their eyes seemed to be dying.

Liana Pryster also tried to approach them, but it was not easy.

It wasn’t a friendly relationship in the first place.

Liana Pryster loved her granddaughters, but she didn’t express it in front of them.

It was the responsibility of the son and daughter-in-law.

When the two showed love, he wanted to show the dignity of the family.

This relationship could not be changed suddenly.

If I had known this was going to happen, I should have expressed more love… The same regrets were already too late.

I didn’t know what to do with the children.

Rather, it was Riana who felt that this was more difficult than politics.

What I felt even though I tried hard for another month to pass.

Liana couldn’t be their support.

The entrenched relationship was too strong.

The children do not depend on her,

I started to be more vigilant.

The twins kept their faces stiff in front of her.

It seemed that it was only uncomfortable for Liana, who had a hard expression, to come.

It was suggested by Thein, who was the butler at the time.

They don’t seem to be able to, so let’s find someone new.

Let’s find someone who will be a servant and friend.

If children of the same age give strength to them, they may be able to stand up.

Liana couldn’t help but nod her head.

It’s unclear whether the plan will succeed, but it’s hard to let go.

Turned out numerous families of employees.

In an orphanage, or in any other village, I wanted to find a child who was well-behaved and had a good personality.

A few weeks later, I received a list of possible children.

In the meantime, the granddaughters who were like flowers withered even more.

Lately, it’s been hard to sit down, so I’ve just been lying in bed.

Liana took action.

Since I was wasting my time, I thought it would be quicker to go and check it with my own eyes.

The results were disappointing.

No one liked Liana.

The common people can’t help it because they don’t have any education.

There were many children who acted according to their instincts, like wild animals.

Still, Liana was negotiating in her head.

Eventually someone will have to take it.

It was difficult to establish an edge, but he was choosing a candidate.

And the last orphanage we arrived at.

I visited the orphanage sponsored by the Hexter family.

The first thing I heard as soon as I arrived was the laughter of bright children.

Laughter and bright smiles.

It was the innocence of the children, which was hard to see in any orphanage.

It was the look he wanted to see in his granddaughters.

Liana blankly lost her gaze.

At the center of it was a child named Kayden.

She watched him for a moment, then watched him from afar.

He was my favorite child as he went on.

He is caring, thoughtful, and courageous.

A few hours to be like that.

Before I knew it, I thought it was a waste to keep her as a servant or friend of my granddaughters.

He was a lumber that could be a guide for his granddaughters.

I knew that if a child could grow up like that without parents, he would shine even more when he received the support of his family.

Although he was a commoner, he was a child who would help the family.

It was after Liana had erased all the candidates that she had written with difficulty in her head.

Now all he wanted was that kid named Kaden.

I visited the nuns in the orphanage and talked to them.

It was not difficult to reveal the family name.

The nuns crouched and brushed everything off.

Cayden was more of a gemstone than expected.

I have heard of many events and stories that the nuns admired.

So, Rihanna made a decision.

Let’s make Cayden the older brother of our granddaughters.

Even though she was from a commoner….and there will be many controversies, but Cayden was outstanding and her granddaughters were at risk.

Later, they adopted a child named Kaden.

I’m sorry, but I did it since adoption.

I met him after that.

No matter what he said, he was confident he would make him follow him.

I was going to listen to any request.

But on the other hand… I wondered if he would like it too.

The Frysters were wealthy.

You don’t have to wear bulky clothes, and you don’t have to eat dog food as rice.

It’s a chance he’ll never have again.

If it was a wise Cayden, it was an alter.

‘Hello, Kayden. I have decided to adopt you.’

So Liana revealed her name.

‘My name is Liana Pryster.’

He revealed his family and said that he would like to become a family.

After telling the story of the twin granddaughters, I asked him to take care of them like the brothers in the orphanage.

His expression turned to astonishment.

…Liana was a little puzzled.

For some reason, I was most surprised by the passage called ‘Pryster’.

Of course, I didn’t really care about that little thing.

More importantly, it was to change Kayden’s mind.

Cayden turned down his offer.

He said he was worried about the younger siblings who would remain in the orphanage. He seemed to be hiding another reason…

At first, it seemed that it was not a lie to say that the younger brothers were worried.

Moreover, it was an answer that made Liana’s face smile. Leaving your back on a comfortable life and choosing your younger brothers.

How reassuring it would be if this child could become the older brother of our granddaughters.

This was not a difficult negotiation for Liana. And if you think of the younger brothers in the orphanage, you just have to be his strength.

‘Kaden, if you follow me, I will take care of the orphanage’s younger sisters.’

He promised to spare no support so that Cayden’s younger brothers would not starve to death even in a bad year. As he came, he saw the condition of his brothers. Everyone was skinny.

Finding food for them for Cayden was not difficult for her.

There was no lie in Caden’s gaze at the orphanage brothers.

And if that heart was sincere, there was no reason for Kaden to make a different choice now.

‘…I’ll go.’

And Liana was right.

She smiled and said to her new grandson.

‘From now on, your name will be Kaden Pryster.’

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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