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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 15

Even You (4)

Kirsey appeared to be reflecting in front of Cayden, but in reality, it was boiling inside.

After falling away from Cayden, the anger he had hidden grew even more rampant.

Because of that Ice family woman, he seemed invisible to Kaden.

I didn’t burp or yawn in front of him.

He looked fierce and cold.

Through it, I got angry and hated it.

The saddest thing is that he didn’t do anything wrong.

It wasn’t even a lie.

Indeed, the Ice Woman had a strange plot.

Even so, he stumbled, as if he had lied to Cayden.

…but everything was fine. I could forgive everything. After that, everything went well.

It’s inevitable that Kayden and Ice Woman are together during class, so aside from that, there won’t be a case where the two of them are together in the spare time.

He promised that Cayden would come to visit him in the future. The time wasted with the Ice family woman was gone.

It was an achievement that was achieved on a whim.

I didn’t lie. Men really talked to me a lot. It wasn’t bothersome or hard enough to complain to Kayden, but it was still annoying enough.

After coming to the academy, there were things that she became conscious of immediately.

She seemed to be prettier than others.

A lot of it too.

It seemed beautiful enough to help me make friends.

The silver hair that goes down to her shoulders is like silk.

The face is said to be cute like a puppy.

It is said that the character shines like the sun.

At first, I thought they were polite compliments as the family was a family member, but Kirsi realized that the eyes were following him over and over again.

It was to the point that I began to sense that the men had other intentions when they approached me.

Fortunately, because of that, Kaden comes to take care of him.

When it was time for class to end, Kirsey’s ass began to shake.

Soon he will come to find him.

You won’t find him, he will find you.

This fact made me happier.

“…today’s class will be over.”

“thank you!”

When the professor spoke, Kirsi gave a big bow and ran out of the classroom.

Her friends looked at her in amazement, but they didn’t care.

With common sense, there was no need to act so hastily. He has time to get here.

But I wanted to.

I wanted to wait for him as soon as possible.


Waiting for him at the fountain where there was no one there, rolling his feet, was a moment.

Several nobles were coming out for dinner.

People you’re seeing for the first time and people you’re familiar with.

Everyone is walking with flowers blooming in the story with bright smiles.

The sunset is gradually setting, and the birds are chirping.

The water from the fountain splashed very lightly, cooling Kirsi’s face.

Kirsi stared at the scene in front of him with rapture.

This was the daily life of the academy she had dreamed of.

Beautiful scenery and atmosphere.

Spreading smiles and happiness.

Here, even Cayden, who will come to see him soon.

As it is said that eyes reflect the heart, there was nothing that was not beautiful in her eyes in this happy moment.

I couldn’t understand why waiting for him was so much fun.

Only smiles kept coming out.

Kirsi periodically looked in the direction Kaden was coming.

The check cycle was so fast that even though I knew that nothing had changed, my eyes kept moving towards it.

To others, it would look like they were doing something wrong.

In Kirshi’s eyes, shaking his head like that and scanning the square, he saw a group of people in black.

Among the crowd, of course, she was also there.


Kirsi raises her hand high and shakes it.

Asena’s eyes sharpened as they were talking to her, and she made a brief beckon to her group and started walking.

“…Kirsi. What are you doing here. Aren’t you going to see your brother?”

“Hehe, my brother decided to come see me today. Are you envious?”

At Kirsi’s words, Asena’s eyes subtly narrowed.

“……Is your brother coming here?”

Asena’s head spins around and scans the square.

Kirshi tilted her head at the strange behavior.

“…why sister?”

“…can’t you go see your brother?”

Asena asked as if worried about something. But it was just her words, ignorant of the circumstances. Kirsey had no heart to break.

“…no. I have a situation. I’ll explain it to you tonight.”

“….still. Just come to you, Kirsi.”

“I mean, you’ve already made an appointment. What if things go wrong like yesterday..”


It was Asena who looked dissatisfied with something. Kirsey was very curious about that.

“…sister. Why?”


Asena seemed to be contemplating something, paused in that state for a moment, then let out a long sigh.

“…ha… no. Kirsi, if anything goes wrong, don’t leave me alone.”

“…what’s the matter?”

“…There is such a thing. I’m stuck with my brother Don’t think about falling. As soon as I get used to the student council, I will have time to eat together. Wait until then.”

After finishing her own words, Asena turned her body vigorously.

After all, she was like the wind. Kirsi didn’t even bother to hold her any longer.

After all, the meeting I was looking forward to was not with Asena, but with Cayden.

At times, Kirsi also thought it was very strange. Even though we are from the same family, why are our feelings towards our older sister and our feelings towards our brother so different?

Even though they were twins, they seemed to be closer to Kaden. My heart seems to be more compassionate.

When he headed for Asena, the heartbeat he felt for Cayden did not come.

Just when he was thinking about something that was not important, a second visitor came.

It was the noble girls that Kirsi became friends with.


“merry! Guys!”

Kirsi waved his hand to welcome the most advanced ‘Mary Bones’.

All of a sudden, women surrounded Kirsi.

“Kirsi, after class, where did you go in such a hurry, was it just a fountain?”

Mary Bones smiles as if it’s ridiculous. There was a big difference in the status of the family, but Kirsi was so sociable to others that he stopped talking.


Kirsey smiled bashfully. The aristocrats around him made expressions that melted away at the sound of their laughter.

Kirsi proudly explained why he was here.

“Actually, my brother decided to come today. I am doing this to meet you here.”

Kirsey felt a little bubbly.

for a very short time.

“Are you Kaden Pryster?”

When someone calls out his brother’s name, he rattles. my heart is surprised

‘I see.’ Contrary to what they thought they would take it lightly, they were showing interest in Kaden.

It felt like an unexpected chin. It was natural to be surprised.

Again, that bad feeling started creeping up.

It felt the same as when I was an ice woman.

“….uh? You know… you know…?”

Kirsi asked cautiously.

“Because I am a member of the Fryster family.”

Mary answers. In an instant, the young girls blossomed and chatted among themselves.

His interest in Kaden continues to grow without ever stopping him.

‘The one who went to the Knights Department?’

‘Rumor has it that he is a very kind and talented person!’

‘Wow, you can tell just by looking at Kirsi. I think you’re caring.’

‘My brother is really disgusting… I envy seeing siblings who are so close.’

‘Mo… I heard you have a nice body..’

As the noble young-ae, who was originally shy and did not speak well, intervened in the conversation, Kirsey felt her expression hardening.

Something wasn’t right. She tried to change the topic of conversation.

“That… that’s done, where have you been going?”

“I was thinking of going for a walk after eating.”

“okay? Ahaha..jae… it will be fun.”

“Would you like to come too, Kirsi?”

“Yes. I’m done.”

Kirsey suggested looking more awkwardly.

“..that..I think I wasted too much time. go first I think I should stay a little longer…hehe.”

I wanted to let them go before Cayden came. It was an instinctive feeling. I got impatient.


At that moment, the voice that I love the most, but I do not want to hear the most, rings in my ear.

It was a call from afar.


Kirsty bit her lips and turned to Kayden who was calling her. He was approaching, waving his hand.

Why are you still so cool today? It’s not that kind of cool like a nobleman, it’s manly cool.

Kirsi’s heart, not knowing that well, was pounding again.

Sweaty hair from how hard he trained.

It’s hot, so he comes in wearing only white underwear with his academy uniform naked.

His clothes cling to him, revealing his muscles.

Is it so wonderful only in your own eyes?

Kirsey looked around.

And once again, I felt bad.

Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off him.

Swallowing his breath, he lowered his head slightly, and he blinked his eyes continuously.

The young girls who had been arrogant before had disappeared, and they were all pretending to be courteous.


He called himself once more.

Kirsi rushes to him and hugs him.

He wraps his arms around his body and hugs him tightly in front of everyone.

It’s like you don’t want to lose it.

“I’m covered in sweat and dust, Kirsy. Don’t stick.”

Kaden’s hands gently pushed his shoulders away.

Kirsey hugged him tighter the more he did.

It certainly smelled like he said.

It was a very addictive smell to her.

A manly scent just like his appearance.

Realize the gender difference.

Cayden gave up pushing her away and started whispering in her ear.

Kirsey felt her ears grow red.

“…so… where are those boys?”


Kirsi whispered in his arms and answered.

“No, you have to suppress those boys in advance so that they don’t cling to you recklessly.”

He spit cute words in a serious voice.

The young girls behind Kirsi quickly forgot and asked with a familiar smile.

“Oppa, why did you come here doing it so nicely?”

“yes? Are you okay today?”

“yes. Are you really cool?”

“I did a little bit of preparation, actually. Make your muscles look better.”

Kirsey giggled and covered her mouth with her hand.

Just the two of us whispering like this was as if we were telling a secret under the blanket, just like when we were young.

This was possible because his arms were as wide as a winter blanket.

Upon feeling that, Kirsi unconsciously swallowed his saliva and felt his trustworthiness.

…but he wasn’t the only one.

‘Wow.. that’s really cool..’

‘…I think you are very reliable.’

‘I’m envious of Kirsi..’


Voices that break this peace.

Kirsi wakes up from a sweet dream.

I looked around.

As if Kayden had heard the voice, his head was turning in that direction.

‘Hey! I’m looking this way!’

The murmur grows louder.

Cayden raised his hand as if to say hello… but Kirsi snatched it up in the middle.


Caden’s startled reaction turned back, and she grabbed the snatched wrist and led him.

“I’m hungry. I’m hungry! Brother, let’s go quickly!”

There was resistance for a moment, but Caden followed her lead.

On the way to the restaurant, Kirsey, who began to recognize something she didn’t know, had to roll her eyes and look around.

“Are you that hungry?”

Kayden asked, but Kirsey didn’t answer because he was paying attention.

Suddenly, I remembered the advice of my older sister, Asena. Advice not to leave him for a moment.

‘Did you tell me not to fall away from you because of this?’

she thinks

‘…uh? So, does your sister feel as bad as I do in this situation?’

Kirsey stopped walking and turned to Kayden.

Her hair combed with sweat shook Kirshi’s heart.

If Asena had anticipated this situation, it would be right to do what she said.

You have to go find him yourself.

The promise I made yesterday had to be broken.

I don’t like women of House Ice, but I hate seeing so many women see Kaden.

It was Kirsi who unknowingly started weighing the scales with her head.

“Oh, brother.”


“I thought about it, but there are too many people to gather at the fountain. Is not it?”

“Ummm… you have a lot of friends.”

“yes. I know once I’ve done it. I think it would be better if I just go find my brother as usual. It’s too complicated.”

Cayden rubbed his chin.

“…Is that so?”


Kirsi affirmed with a confident tone of voice.

I thought that this would calm the problems that popped up.

The next day, before entering the classroom.





The next day, as Kirsey entered the classroom, he felt a sticky interest in the air.

This feeling that is directed towards you, but doesn’t seem to want you.

The atmosphere was spreading around the noble girls.

Kirsey felt a sense of insecurity for an unknown reason.

it was a feeling

This interest was Kaden Pryster, who showed up yesterday.

I could feel it towards my brother.

My sister, Asena, wasn’t in the classroom yet.

Kirsi pretended not to notice the interest, and deliberately exuded an atmosphere that was difficult to talk to.

Normally, when I came in, I greeted with a bright voice and was busy chatting.

Today, he just quietly entered the classroom and sat in his seat without a word.

Is it because of this atmosphere?

The women who seemed to be ready to approach them were also hesitating again.

Mary Bones was the only one who carefully invaded the veil she had created and approached.

“…Kirsi, what’s wrong?”


“….Are you sick…?”

“….no. It’s just that I’m feeling a little bit better.”

Mary looked at the girls standing behind Kirsi’s words.

One of the young girls who stood like that showed a blatantly disappointed look.

Kirsey didn’t like that.

He seemed to understand why he was so disappointed.

I wanted to ask about Kaden through myself, but I’m disappointed that the opportunity is gone.

Kirsey was not used to this level of stress.

When I lived in Freister’s castle,

Thanks to Kayden, I always had fun everyday life.

I haven’t felt this dirty feeling in years.

Sometimes Kaden doesn’t hug me.

Or even if there have been times when I forgot to give a kiss on my forehead before going to bed, it had been a long time since I felt this bad.

Kirsi felt the urge to speak harsh words.

But… I saw what was going on with that situation a few days ago.

It’s said that Kaden isn’t in front of you, but if you make a fuss here, of course, you’ll get into his ears.

Then he would not be able to keep his promise to him that he should not show his evil side.

Moreover, Kirsi knew that nothing had happened to make him angry.

You just feel dirty for no reason.

She had no choice but to suppress this feeling alone.

“Mary… I’ll lie down for a bit before class starts.”

“Ah, yes…! Rest, Kirsi.”

Kirsey laid her arms on the desk and fell down.

I didn’t want to talk to anyone right now.

He knew what they were curious about, and Kirsi didn’t want to say anything about him.

So I pretended to be asleep, but I keep hearing their gossip.

‘Aren’t you so kind?’

‘How would you do that to your sister..?’

Kirsty closes her eyes tighter.

No matter what they say, they won’t respond.

If you wait a little bit, this moment will pass, and your reaction to Kayden will be quiet.

‘It was the first time I knew that the article was so cool.. I didn’t know it because there were only elderly people in our family.’

‘You had a nice body..’

However, once the conversation of the nobles broke out, they did not know how to stop.


Kirsi clenched his fists.

It’s a compliment from Cayden… It’s supposed to be good to hear, but I didn’t like it.

‘I wish someone could love me so much…’

‘…I’m envious of Kirsi-sama..’


Kirsey tossed and turned.

It was so uncomfortable.

I wanted class to start.

‘…I want to hang out with Kaden-sama.’

Someone whispered in the crowd.


Kirsi’s knees hit the desk.

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound.

Kirsi, who suddenly stood up

He was looking at the women with ferocious eyes.

The friendly Kirsi was gone, and the giant snake-like Fryster was there.

Everyone could only be frightened.

It was as if a predator who had been playing with food was revealing its true nature.

Everyone tensed at the freezing air.

Even Mary swallows her saliva.

But soon after, Kirsey smiled at him.

Some of the ignorant nobles breathed a sigh of relief, but the quick-witted few did not loosen their tension.

“What are you talking about, guys?”

The woman who said she was not feeling well went somewhere, Kirsi, who jumped into the group of women with her unique youthfulness.

She couldn’t stand it any longer.

All of them began to look like thieves.

I knew there was no malice in them. In fact, it was the opposite.

Excessive favoritism was the problem.

Why do you keep showing interest?

Why do you keep getting greedy?

Saying that he wanted to date him was the most ridiculous thing Kirsi had ever heard in his life.




‘…okay. Oppa isn’t interested in such things, but I think about what you guys are dating and not doing.’

Kirsi began to create reasons.

Otherwise, I couldn’t stand this anger.

For a moment, he imagines the woman in front of him becoming Cayden’s lover.

Cayden, who always hugged her, hugs this woman instead of her.

His kind words change course and turn to others.


I hated it so much that I unknowingly let out an exclamation point.

It was the first time I had such a bad feeling. It was surprisingly terrifying.

Suddenly, he felt the gazes focused on him, and he changed his expression again.

It was Mary who spoke first among the hardened youngsters.

“Oh, that… Kaden’s brother is so-”

‘It must be Kaden. Who are you, call me brother.’

Mary’s words, which Kirsi was so familiar with, were now annoyed.

I didn’t tease though.

“-You’re cool…we were talking about that.”

Kirsi endured these unpleasant words with a smile fixed on his face.

head turns violently

How do I deal with this problem?

It was clear what Kirsi wanted.

I didn’t want them to pay any more attention to Kaden.

no more coming closer.

I didn’t want to covet any more.

come up with ways

Should I warn you?

No more interested?

That wasn’t it.

It lacks justification, and it just looks weird.

Although the Fryster family is strong, it was almost impossible to live in a backlash only when they abused their power, a warning in front of everyone.

So, should I beg gently?

Kayden has something to focus on.

It wasn’t either.

It seemed that a gentle method would not be able to completely silence this commotion.

There was only one way left.

It doesn’t ruin their relationship, and there’s a way to turn off their interest in Kayden.

Luckily, they don’t know anything about Kayden yet.

Among his many charms, they are the flying flies that gather only by looking at the light of a single thread.

If this is enough, you can get rid of it just by covering the light with your palm.

“I… didn’t say anything bad! Really. I just thought it was cool.”

Mary said in excuses.


Kirsey opened her mouth.

The goal was so clear, acting was easy.

“Huhu. Do you think your brother is cool?”

Kirsi asked the noble girls standing behind Mary.


A noble woman blushed and nodded her head.

Kirsi stared at her for a long time,


He laughed out loud as if he had heard a funny joke.

Everyone looks at her in surprise.

It wasn’t hard to laugh.

It was so funny that the woman in front of me wanted to replace her.

Because it was ridiculous that I wanted to win the likes of Kayden.

After laughing like that for a while, Kirsi lowered her voice and whispered.

“Haha. It’s fun. But that’s because you don’t know what your brother really is.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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