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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 14

Even You (3)

“Would you like to ride the rush, Kirsi?”


“Would you like to go on a date with your brother?”

She was startled, as if she had found out even the secrets of the world. Then he shook his head vigorously and refused.

“Oh, no, brother. D…I want to go on a date…but I don’t know how to ride a horse.”

“I know. I will help you.”

“……Is your brother?”

When she said that I would help her, the momentum changed quickly and she began to worry.

It was so cute that I had no choice but to stroke my hair.

If there is one thing that is different from usual, I caressed her a little more today.

She moved closer and ran through her hair long and softly up to the back of her neck, as if stroking a treasure.

Although it happened just before, I wanted to relieve the shock I received from Asena, even in this way.

“yes. Let’s go for a walk together in a rush. It will be fun.”

Kirsi stayed still for a while, and replied cautiously.

“……Take…a ride.”

“You made a good choice.”

The basket with sandwiches is closed once and handed to Kirsi.

Two apples were taken from the rest of the basket, one to Rush and one to Goldie.

Feeling a strange gaze, I turned around and saw Kirsi looking dissatisfied with Goldie eating an apple.

He seemed to know what Judy was talking about, who had a bit of an argument.

But as soon as she looked into my eyes, she relaxed her expression.

It seems like that’s unavoidable. I looked at Rush, closing my eyes at her actions.

“…let’s do it right this time, Rush. He is my brother.”

He whispered quietly to Rush and asked.

In the hope that he will behave well, he strokes the mane several times and then slowly pulls it out of the stable.

Kirsi was staring intently at the series of processes.


I smiled slightly and asked her,

“…because you’re cool brother.”

Kirsi replied.

Bewildered, I loosened my neck.

“You’ve seen me lead a horse a few times before.”

“yes. And it was great every time.”

After all, there doesn’t seem to be a man who doesn’t like compliments. It was a pretty comforting thing to say.

I led Rush to some extent and looked around Kirsi.

“Kirsi, let’s lift the basket a little higher.”

“like this?”

As I said, raising the basket to my chest, I grabbed Kirsi’s thin waist and lifted it.


With a cute scream, Kirsi crouched down, but as she grabbed her waist, she couldn’t move as she wanted.

Easily sat her down on Rush. She sat in a rush like a princess. His legs were all on the left side of the rush.

Without her worrying, I also get on Rush.

Step on the stirrup and swing the opposite leg behind Rush’s back.

“It’s okay. Kirsi, be still.”

Putting the horse body between her legs, with her right hand the reins, and with her left arm, she pulled her pelvis so that Kirsi wouldn’t fall.


Even though she cringed at the touch, I had a playful sense of humor.

“Shall I let it go? If you let it go, it may fall.”

“ah..! No… I like it. I was just surprised that it wasn’t a place I usually touch.”


“Yeah… I think I’d be anxious if my brother let me go too. I don’t mind pulling it tighter.”

Kicking Rush on the side and signaling ‘Hey!’, Rush began to walk more smoothly than ever before.

He goes out to the training ground, thanking Rush for not causing any problems.


Even with those gentle steps, Kirsi was terrified and anxious.

The way she hugged my arm and tried not to fall off the horse made me laugh.

I slowly got out of the training ground and found a place covered with green grass and flowers.

It wasn’t as far as the plains of the Pryster estate, but I was able to find a place with a pretty good view.

Kirsey gradually relaxed. The pressure from hugging my arm is lessened, and I enjoy the scenery more and more.

After a while longer, she slowly leaned her body against me. Her head touches my neck. There was a faint scent of flowers.

Me and Rush waited for her until Kirsi felt perfect comfort.

As time passed, I could see the smile on her face.

A walk seemed like a good option. It was like taking a walk again in the Freister estate.

“Kirsi. Don’t stop, feed me some sandwiches now.”

When I came to the place where the grassy smell wafted, I said.

“ah. Is not it.”

As if waking up from a good dream, Kirsi answered in a dreamy voice, then opened the basket on her lap and took out a sandwich.

I naturally opened my mouth, and Kirsi naturally fed me food.

“Five? It’s delicious.”

As I am genuinely admiring, Kirsey eats the sandwich I cut.

She patted me, wiping the sauce off the side of her lips.

“…it’s true. Very tasty.”

We made eye contact and burst into laughter.

We also walked around and enjoyed the scenery.

Flowers are in full bloom and butterflies are flying.

Rush didn’t cause a single problem, as if it had become another word.

The atmosphere is gently relaxed.

I thought it was around this time.

“…Kirsi. From now on, as long as I like you, let’s come out like this more often.”



“I love you so much, brother.”

“yes. But you shouldn’t show the same side as today.”

The cold appearance of Kirsi that I couldn’t help but be surprised at earlier. I said carefully so as not to offend her.


As if she was also reflecting on herself, she bowed her head and spoke sinfully.

It was fortunate.

’cause I know I’m wrong

Will she know how I feel?

She planted anxiety in my mind.

I was confused now.

Was it right that I reincarnated them?

Before coming to this academy, I thought that the reason they became the villains of fiction was because they couldn’t find someone to completely lean on.

…I found out that Asena wasn’t leaning on me, but still.

Still, I believed that the development of the novel would have been twisted with my existence.

However, Kirsi’s appearance shook that belief once more.

Maybe it was fate for them to become like this?

Where does that ruthlessness lie in nature?

Was I nothing?

I hope you don’t.

“It’s never going to look like today. Are you promising?”

“…yes. I promise you, brother. I don’t even know why for a moment…”

“it’s okay. You may be angry all of a sudden. Let’s be careful next time.”

“I’ll be careful, brother. Sorry.”

“I have nothing to apologize for.”


I opened my mouth and pushed the side of Kirsi, who had become depressed while reflecting on it, with my chin.


Kirsey fed me a sandwich without a word.

The direction is slightly different and the sauce is applied to the tip of the lips.

“Oh, I asked a little. Kirsi, please clean this up.”

My hands were already full and I couldn’t do anything.

Kirsty nodded and looked up at me.

Her hand came over and brushed my lips, and as if for a moment, her body stiffened, she stopped.

My lips stop at her fingers.


As I looked down at her, it was as if I had seen her swallowing saliva.

“Oh sorry.”

Kirsi sucked the polished sauce with her fingers, put the sandwich in my mouth, and began to chew.

Moving more here and there, we enjoyed the peace on our horses.


Whatever he was thinking, Kirsi, who had been quiet for a while, opened his mouth.


“Can I just ask you a favor?”

I closed the gap between my elbows and hugged her, placing my chin above my head.


“…Can you come visit me from now on?”


“After class, I’m the only one who comes to visit my brother. Can’t my brother come visit me?”

It was a very reasonable suggestion, so I nodded my head.

“Of course.”

I didn’t mean to ignore the efforts that came to me every time.

If she comes once, it’s right for me to go once.

“…that…that continuation. Moving forward.”


Perhaps he thought it was an unreasonable request, Kirsi buried his head in my arms with an agitation.

The posture was a little uncomfortable, but it wasn’t a big problem.

“Do you want me to keep coming?”




“Can I be late to take care of Rush?”

“…Take care of me too.”

It had been a long time since she had been whining.

I’ve always been like that, but today I’ve been tolerant of her.

I wanted to hear everything through to the end.

“Is there a reason?”



“…that… so…”

“…… Without it, it’s a little difficult every time. You never know what’s going to happen with the rush.”

“…ah! Those…boys keep talking about it…Uh…it’s a little annoying when you do.”


I doubted my ears, bowed my head and tried to make eye contact with her.

The more Kirsey did, the more he buried his face in my arms.

“Do boys bother you?”

“….Yes. Come and have a look Really.”

“Huh.. Really.”

I couldn’t go without it.

It’s an unexpected problem.

Unlike the novel, she has a bright personality, and unexpected side effects occur.

“Oh… it’s your brother’s knight department. Can’t you protect me like a knight?”

The words to protect him like a knight light a fire in his heart.

Kirsey seemed to know how to handle me again.

It was like playing aegyo, choosing words… It seemed like he instinctively knew how to persuade me.

As the years together had been long, it seemed that they had learned their own way.

“Okay, Kirsty. I will keep going.”

The decision was quick.

I plan to see with my own two eyes what kind of guy is working.


Kirsi asks.

“It’s a promise. I will keep going.”

I answered.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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