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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 116

Venomous Snake (4)


Daisy’s thinking hardened.

I could feel what it was like to turn things upside down.

Now, in a situation where she thought she was Cayden’s number one priority, there was a huge incident in which Cayden was attacked, and in that situation, she could not do her job properly, so she felt pushed back.

Her body didn’t move properly, as if her body had stiffened, and her expression didn’t change, but it was all because of the violent clash of thoughts that were happening in her head.

She tried to figure out what Judy was saying.

So, if you rescued Cayden, did you promise to marry him?

Could it be that the person who saved him could have had him?

It is a passage that shows just how great Priest’s earnestness was, but there was no more bad news for Daisy now.

But she couldn’t say anything.

Because, it should have been the Hexters who saved him.

Because he was the closest to Kayden, and at the same time, it was the family he was going to form with him.

If he had saved him, his promise to Judy would not have worked.

Also, if Judy hadn’t saved him, Cayden wouldn’t be in this world anymore.

My head was convinced, but my heart was not.

But this selfish and ignorant thought was only on his own.

“…that…then… me, me…”

“Daisy, that’s not… Judy, when you say-”

“-I… am I… abandoned…?”

Daisy asked Kaden cautiously.

In fact, the fact that none of the Priests came to meet him was probably based on this fact as well.

Just as the Hectors treated Kaden as irrelevant and showed no favors, so did the Prysters.

Now and suddenly, Daisy began to feel resentful.

As the reality of losing him draws near, she has no room or anything, and she finds someone to blame.

‘Even if my father didn’t.’

‘I didn’t mean that.’

‘I tried my best too.’

I couldn’t get the words out, but I felt like I was about to burst into tears.

Again, she once again sympathizes with the twins.

I could feel the feeling of being separated from Cayden.

Sadly, in the past, Judy had also been torn from Cayden…but now she couldn’t sympathize with him.

Daisy thanked Judy for saving Kaden even now.

Thank you very much.

…but, if it was Kayden who paid the price for saving Cayden.

I had no choice but to accept it… but at the same time, it was a huge price.

“I didn’t throw it away, Daisy.”

said kayden. Daisy speaks, trying to understand the meaning of the words.

“…if it’s about going back to being friends…I can’t… be satisfied anymore…”

There was only one thing she could do.

After all, he wasn’t even mad at Judy.

It’s just that I’m pathetic to myself… that made it even more painful.

“Daisy, that’s not…”

Cayden grabbed Daisy’s shoulders. For some reason, that alone started to calm Daisy’s anxious mind little by little.

Caden took a deep breath, and then spoke carefully.

“…I’m sorry to say this when we haven’t even had our engagement ceremony yet-“

Once again, Judy intervenes.

“–I’ll tell you, Kaden.”


Daisy’s eyes shifted. Her eyes looked at Kaden and Judy at the same time.

All I had to say was that they were a really good pair.

…but I didn’t feel like celebrating.

“…I… allow me to become Cayden’s concubine…”


Daisy’s accident takes off again.

A ray of light descended as the rough waters entered the darkened heart.

“…a wife…a concubine?”

she asked

Judy was taken aback by the stuttering Daisy and added an explanation.

“…I’m not going to offend you. I won’t interfere with Daisy-sama’s relationship with Kaden. I just need to be by Kayden’s side.”

Kayden also said to Daisy, who was redrawing her future with Kaden.

“…I’m sorry, Daisy. I have already asked for this.”

“Oh no…! that-“

Judy didn’t stop talking to Daisy, who was grabbing hope.

“…I…if you really appreciate me for saving Kaden…! Ha.. just one time please. The Freisters also gave permission… My family is going to persuade me… Now, all I need is Daisy-sama’s permission. I wouldn’t ask for much if I were to connect with Kaden. If anything happens, I’ll yield. If it’s…my birthday or…anniversary, if you give up Kayden…”

Judy continued to ask, asking.

In fact, it was a perfect situation for Daisy, who had nothing to say even after giving her everything.

She wasn’t stupid enough to kick a chance.

As long as I could keep my place, I could accept anything.

“….yes. I know. I will allow it.”

She hastily accepted Judy’s offer, cementing her future with Cayden.


A bright smile began to spread across Judy’s lips.

Daisy continued to add.

“yes. Without you, Kaden couldn’t be like this… and she knew what their relationship was. Instead… Kayden. I also have a favor to ask you…”

“Tell me, Daisy.”


Contemplating whether to speak or not, she leaned over to Cayden.

In my heart, I thought that Judy had already started to push me, but it was Daisy.

Jung Shil will still be herself, but all of that is meaningless. It has to be the number one priority in Kayden’s mind, but it’s meaningful.

However, in the current situation, I could tell without having to ask who Kaden was more focused on.

So, I had no intention of taking advantage of this opportunity.

I am only preparing for the future that I do not want to imagine.

As she leans to whisper, Kayden follows along and gives her ear.

Daisy whispered.

“…just tell me you won’t neglect me…”

It is bad to admit defeat under any circumstances.

It takes away your own power that you didn’t already have, while giving your opponent power in the opposite way.

As much as she knew that, Daisy didn’t want to put into words the fact that she was being pushed back, but in her uncertain future, there was also a situation where Caden and Judy looked only at the two of them.

They were both suitable for her eyes.

But Kayden’s surprised expression alleviated her anxiety to some extent.


He hid his expression and spoke without hesitation.

“I promise.”

Daisy nods her head.

“yes. If that’s the case…I have nothing more to say. I will allow it.”

I heard Judy’s shallow breathing, excited with joy.

She looked at Cayden and smiled brightly.

He was clenching his fists and waving slightly, enjoying the joy with his whole body.

Cayden smiled at Judy as well and nodded.

Daisy, on the other hand, rubbed her numb hand, relieved that the situation had not turned to the worst.

After being quiet for a while so that the two of them can be happy, he raises his head for a moment and looks at Judy.

At that time, Judy’s eyes were already looking at Daisy.


In a very fleeting time, we exchanged glances.

Daisy could faintly see the desire in Judy’s eyes.

Contrary to the words that he would give up a lot… His eyes were looking at himself as a competitor.

It was as if he was saying that one day he would have to monopolize Kaden’s love.

It didn’t look like Judy’s self-conscious gaze, but Daisy was awakened.

It was not a time to be relieved.

As for the second chance….certainly, I had to hold on tight.


What’s more, he had to do something to win Kaden’s heart.


Daisy’s day was not over. She made every effort to meet Mrs. Liana.

Even if Mrs. Liana didn’t want to see her, it was impossible for herself, a guest who had come to Freister’s estate, to rest in this land without meeting Mrs. Lyana.

It was Liana’s wife whom I met with the help of Cayden, but Daisy couldn’t talk much.

She had no choice but to back down to the apparent dissatisfaction of Mrs. Liana, whom we would like to talk to next time.

In fact, Daisy also took it for granted that Mrs. Liana was offended by Hexter.

Because Mrs. Liana had an appointment with her father.

The father and Mrs. Liana had sworn that even if Caden was reduced to a commoner, Mrs. Lyana would treat Cayden like a child, and that the alliance with Pryster would never end as long as she lived.

But the moment Cayden truly falls into a commoner, in fact… his father betrayed him.

Although Lady Liana seemed to understand her father’s anxiety about the special situation to some extent, she did not show any fierce anger, but Daisy thought that it was natural to show this level of discomfort.

After meeting Mrs. Liana, who was so eventful, there was only one thing left.

Prince of Priest.

The most… the toughest opponent.

Cayden’s younger brother and brother and sister.

At the same time, a love affair with Cayden.

Asena Fryster remained.

Like a married couple, Daisy was just hanging out with Kaden to say hello to his family.

“…Kayden. Then, the last person to apologize to is Asena-”

“Ah, Daisy.”

Kayden cuts Daisy’s request to go see Asena.

“…..Sorry. I don’t think I’ll be able to meet Asena right now.”

Daisy quickly understood his words.

Because she also knew how complicated Asena and Kaden’s relationship was.

While Daisy nods, Kaden says.

“…just for today, take a break. It’s dinner time, but I have a problem to solve for a while. If you wait a little while, I’ll come find you.”

“….I know.”

Daisy couldn’t say anything else.

It was a long day for her in the first place.

As much as I had committed a sin, I didn’t feel at all comfortable even when I entered the territory of the person I loved.


After the twins woke up, quite a bit of time had passed.

Now is the time to reveal some hidden facts.

Their bodies were not weak enough to accept uncomfortable facts any longer, and it was hard to hide the cluttered atmosphere with Daisy’s appearance.

Sooner or later, the whole territory will start preparing for war, and it will be impossible to hide the commotion.

Unlike the usual times we met separately and fed them dinner, I called Kirsi, who was stronger, to my room.

As Asena was sitting and waiting for Kirsi, Kirsi rushed into the room with a heavy breath.


However, as soon as she saw Asena with me, a light of disappointment appeared on her face.

…I didn’t know what to expect.

Kirsi’s aphasia still shows no signs of getting better, so it’s unknown.

“Come and sit down, Kirsi.”

When I told Kirsi, she approached me with a look of anxiety, stiffening her body in a slightly heavy atmosphere.

Soon, he sat next to Asena lying on the bed and looked at me.

“…I have something to tell you.”

I said with a very serious expression on my face.

Kirsi looked at me, blinking anxiously, and Asena slowly waited for my words.

“…when my brother was attacked.”

The twins shivered at the same time.

Whether this incident became their trauma, even the strong Asena avoids their gaze as if afraid to hear it.

“…you probably didn’t know because you haven’t talked about it yet. Actually, I wasn’t attacked by a gang of thieves.”

The twins, who had been trembling, opened their eyes wide and looked at me.

“…..What are you talking about?”

Even Asena opened her mouth and asked. It was confusing because the big incident that I almost died was different from what they had been told.

I was contemplating how to softly convey the shocking facts they will hear next…. In the end, I spit out the truth.

“…Shalon Payne. I was attacked by Shalon Payne.”

Kirsey blinked her eyes and swallowed a breath… and let out a rough breath, and began to spit out words she didn’t understand.

“Ahh… uh…”

She was sad for a long time as if she was about to cry. It was sad and it hurt. I was terrified as I recalled the situation in which I might have died.

Then, slowly… changing the sound of his breath to a rough one, he exhaled.

“……Ugh…!! Whoa…! Ahhh…!!”

Gradually, the dark and cold emotions turned into fierce, hot irritation and anger.

A deep resentment began to appear in her eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and his body trembled. Biting his lips, he was trying with all his patience to put up with the anger he couldn’t express now.

I was surprised that the innocent Kirsi’s expression could change so much…but I also felt that it was the right choice to talk about now that she is healthy.

And Asena, who was by my side…

Asena was hardened on the spot.


In fact, it was said that he was more concerned about Asena than Kirsi and postponed it.

It was a fact that must have been a big shock to her.

From what he had heard directly from Shalon, Asena had told him that he had been ordered to be executed.

Asena would have immediately understood where this extremely sharp resentment had come from.

Unlike Kirsi, who was angry, Asena’s head gradually began to point downward.

She clenched her fists tightly and, for a moment, relaxed her whole body and spit it out like a person giving up everything.

“…I…I am…”


“……Everything I do…is only hurting my brother…”

Even my heart ached at that blaming voice.

In the end, as it happened, I knew that no matter what I said, it would not be a comfort, so I told a more important fact.

“…So, now that I’m back alive. The war has been decided.”



The twins look at me at the same time.

The two of them had opposite feelings, but they changed to the same expression at the word war.

I couldn’t help but be surprised by the look on their faces.

Contrary to my expectations, I thought I would be told to destroy everything, or to ask Sharlon to bring me back alive, or to mobilize all the power of the family…

The two had a common expression of embarrassment and fear.


In particular, Asena was greatly shaken by the word.

Of course, the war was not without danger, but despite the fact that it was a war with the Payne family, a family that was difficult to even compare to the Priests, they were embarrassed.

“…Yes, war.”

“My… I didn’t even allow it… uh… how could a war…?”

I was just puzzled by Asena’s reaction.

I spoke slowly to her, continuing my own explanation.

“…while you fell, I was making decisions for you. Because Kirsi also has aphasia.”

I too was opposed to war, but the embarrassment evident on the twins’ faces was enough to agitate me.

As if from the beginning I was pro-war, I began to uphold this decision.

“…Shalon did not accept any of our punishment and ran away. I knew it was just the end, but the Payne family was protecting her. The entire family disobeyed our orders and deceived them. Besides, she attacked me when she attacked me, but she also has a big grudge against you. I’m not saying I’m going to attack you if given the chance. We cannot afford to leave such a family alone.”


“…Like our motto, we need to let them know that we can’t touch us recklessly.”


“I should have known that, no matter how unfair I was to her, I wasn’t the person to be rude to.”

Seeing Asena’s expression on her face that could not be resolved no matter what she said, I asked directly after turning the words round and round.

“Asena, did you have to leave the Payne alone?”

There was only one reason I was against war.

Because he was worried about the lives of members of his family.

I wondered if Asena might be like that…but, in the novel, she wasn’t too attached to such things.

Of course, Asena in the novel and Asena in front of her are completely different characters, but she was so terrified that I could not understand it no matter how much I thought about it.

Because he wasn’t like this usually.

she says

“……no. I want to tear it apart.”

Contrary to the terrified expression on her face, bloody words came out of her mouth.

“I know I brought it all up…but anyway. I still want to kill you I want to give you all the pain of the world.”

She swallows one gulp.

“But…but brother…”

Asena trembled.

For a moment, time seemed to slow down.

My eyes scanned Asena, trembling in front of her.

Then I saw a lot of things.

It wasn’t just her body that had weakened.

My heart was also very weak.

Now I can see what I hadn’t seen very well.

“……Isn’t your brother going to war too?”

“……I have to go.”



“No… no war.”

“What do you mean-”

“Ah…or your brother is out of the war. There’s Lawrence… huh? then…..”

Asena grabs my hand in an instant.

she looked up at me

Tears welled up in her eyes, now so weak.

“…If you don’t go out, I will allow you to go to war. I don’t want to lose my brother anymore… even if I die.”

…..A trembling hand conveyed his feelings.

It was so easy to know that I wouldn’t take the slightest risk of losing me.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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