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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 236

Viscount Hans, one of the smallest fiefdoms of the Empire.

A nobleman’s estate that is not very noticeable and not famous even among many, many nobles.

At some point, Viscount Hans, who was diligently attending exchanges to build a network, began to disappear.

Nobles got used to it. Assassinations happen frequently among them, and in their eyes, Viscount Hans was not a man with very strong arms.

However, the news that his entire estate was destroyed, and that there was not a single survivor, raised questions among the nobles.

Still, it wasn’t taken very seriously.

If the great nobility had done that, they would have been alarmed, thinking that something big had happened, but one viscount without power to them was not such a big deal.

A possible reaction because I had no idea that it was the beginning.

It would have been nice if at this time, even just a little bit, I had tried to find the reason.

Just like that, one territory disappeared and the territory of a new weak nobleman began to be eaten sequentially.


returned home

Unlike when I went there, the way back was very comfortable.

When going down to the south, you had to be careful of barbarian raids.

But the way back is different.

I wasn’t worried about the threat.

The war in the South has come to an end, and above all, the two Masters are together.

Rather than worrying about us, we had to worry about the opponent coming to attack us.

“Refreshing. I feel very good.”

Bane gave a pleasant smile as he loosened the joints in his body.

The southern problem was also solved, and there was an unexpected harvest.

Bane looks back at me.

He smiled happily with a face that looked like he was looking at his stomach.

Feeling burdened by that gaze, I unconsciously opened my mouth to him as if arguing.


“uh? no, nothing.”

Even as he said that, he let out a goosebumps laugh.

Why the hell are you doing that?

He shook his head and turned his head to the front.

“Then let’s break up here.”

After moving for a while, at the fork in the road to Warrug and Millennium, Bane adds that he did a good job.

And when he said to the knights that he would tell the superior about this incident well, the faces of the knights who were with him became very bright.

Although they pretend not to be because of face and pride, what knights generally want is power and honor.

Vane is an object of admiration among knights, and a person with great influence.

Having such a person say something good was like writing a letter of recommendation to the knights the principal wants for academy students.

For the knights, it can be seen as an opportunity.

Bane’s generous evaluation gives them a better position and a chance to easily get where they want to be.

“Yes. Thank you. Sir Bain. I hope to see you next time.”

“Thanks to you, I was able to open my eyes!”

“Sir Bane, it was an honor to be with you!”

The knights bowed their heads and left their seats with more liveliness and higher voices than during the war against the barbarians.

They boarded the gate and returned to their respective places.

“Then Raymond, see you next time. I suffered for half a year.”

“no. Sir Bane suffered a lot.”

“hahahaha, yes.”

He nods.

“And congratulations on your achievement. It’s a very good thing.”

“thank you.”

“Still, you shouldn’t be stagnant just because you’ve achieved something. Because you have potential, with a little more effort, you will be able to achieve the desired result.”

“Yes. I will keep that in mind.”

“Give my regards to Gerard.”

“However much.”

he backs away Selina, who was behind him, came out and looked at Bane.

Seeing that, Bane smirked and raised the corners of his mouth.

“Selina, you should say hello too. I’ll be there first, so say hello in moderation.”

Leaving her nodding head behind, Bane leaves the seat.

Selina and I are left alone. From a distance behind her, he saw Beatrice staring at her disapprovingly.

Ignoring her for a moment, I spoke to Selina.

“Good job. Miss Selina came to help me.”

“Yes… .”

oddly awkward It wasn’t like this when I met her in the South.

Rather, it could be described as friendly.

After the war, while I was recovering, my relationship with her became strangely awkward.

She didn’t even say a single word to me.

Beatrice came with Alice and said things like how are you feeling, are you okay now, is there anything you can do to help.

She didn’t even have that.

I felt a little bit sad, and in some ways I was thinking that.

It’s okay if we don’t get along completely.

“See you later. Good-bye then.”

“… I!”

She catches me trying to turn around.

What are you trying to say? Her eyes looking up at me are hot.

If I were to describe it in writing, would it be the eyes that are like fire burning in my eyes?

“Next time will be different.”

She spat out the words and quickly ran towards Bane.

She climbed the gate and waved at me.

I also waved my hand at her, a little dazed.

“what… Better than bad relations.”

Now I know why she didn’t say anything to me.

Seeing my achievements, I worried a lot.

Fortunately, I was not disappointed.

Some people despaired that they could not catch up no matter how hard they tried, and there were cases where they gave up everything buried in that feeling.

At least she was the opposite of that.

On the contrary, he burned his desire to compete and made up his mind to follow me.

I like the idea.

After she disappeared through the gate, only Beatrice and her group were left.

“Raymond… .”

As soon as Selina enters the gate, she approaches me and starts talking to me.

“Ah, good job. Thanks for helping me a lot.”

“you also… Good work.”

As she spoke, she was strangely shy.

It seemed that he wasn’t used to praising others or himself.

I didn’t pay much attention.

It was only recently that I started getting along with her.

I don’t expect to talk comfortably with her and laugh.

“Get some rest when you get back. It must have been very difficult down there. Especially you.”

“… It is the same for you.”

At her words, I shrugged.

I was used to this, so it didn’t matter too much.

“Because I’m sure you’ll get it. Even if your body is a little tired, good is good.”

She closed her mouth and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Take care of yourself. Your body is no longer yours alone.”

As soon as I said that, I was slightly dazed at the sight of her running away to the gate.

What does it mean?

My body is no longer my own.

Depending on how you think, the meaning will also change, so I became cautious about thinking.

It would have been better if she had told me what the words meant.

Her face blushed, and she immediately disappeared through the gate.

As I was absent-mindedly, Alice, who had been observing the situation from a place neither far nor near, approached and spat out a word.

“You are very popular.”

Before I can say anything, she starts walking towards the gate.

The emotions in those words were strangely sharp, so I couldn’t say anything.

As I stare blankly at her, she urges me with an expressionless face.

“What are you doing? You have to go. The Count is waiting for you.”

“uh? Uh uh.”

I nodded awkwardly and got on the gate.

Along with the bright light, you can feel the waves of mana.

When I was wondering about a more foreign feeling that was different from usual, the mana wave that surrounded me disappeared.

“Im here. I have to report to the Count right away, so I don’t think I can guard him together.”

“Oh, yes. Don’t mind me and go do your thing.”

Elise bowed her head and headed for the office of Count Millennium.

As I was about to move on, Ellis spoke to me.

“Oh, and maybe you’d better sneak in.”

“… ?”

Before I could ask what she meant, she was out of sight.

I was scratching the back of my head, but there was nothing wrong with listening to what she said, so I left the road I used to use and fell to the shoulder as she said.

When I climbed over the fence and glanced toward the front door of the gate, I could understand why Alice said that.

“crazy… What are you gathering there to see?”

Even knights and family servants.

Everyone was gathered in front of the doorway leading to the gate.

It seems like everything is crowded.

If he had ignored Elise’s words and left, he would have been engulfed in that crowd and left in a mess.

“When the hell is the Bocchan coming out?”

“Didn’t you say you were coming today? Considering the departure time, it’s normal to arrive by now… .”

“You didn’t say you were going anywhere.”

“uh. there was no He probably said he would come today. The young master’s condition is also not good, so he needs to rest.”

“Then let’s wait a little longer.”

Watching them from a distance, I laughed without even realizing it.

The first day I became Raymond, they looked at me with contempt.

incompetent nerd.

Until I changed their minds through various incidents, that nickname followed me steadily.

Thanks to that nickname, there were some benefits, but there were also more damages.

And I didn’t like myself either.

It’s fine until Mannani. no, i like it

Because of that, there are many things I can do on my own.

But the word “incompetent” really sounds like a dog.

It follows that I can’t do anything because I’m incompetent, so I can’t rip that mouth off.

It was hard to get him to stop thinking about it.

But it’s not now, so it doesn’t matter.

“If you come in, you should come to me first. Where are you snooping around like that?”

Then, a familiar voice was heard.

I didn’t feel anything, but when I turned my head, the Millennium Earl appeared as if painting paint in empty space.

“Ah yes. I’m home.”

“Is that all?”


He slightly frowned at my silent nod.

He looks at me with a frown on what he doesn’t like so much.

Then my gaze landed on Reems on my shoulder.

The spark in his eyes, like a tiger glaring at its prey in anger, was fleeting, but it made me nervous as it seemed to recognize Reems.

But even that was short-lived. In an instant, he returned to his unique expression and met my gaze.

“What about the body?”

“Not bad.”

“It’s not bad, it means there’s something inconvenient.”

“Yes, what… .”

I didn’t deny it.

The aftermath of using the Authority hasn’t completely disappeared yet, and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to avoid his eyes if I hide it.

He sighed and took something from his bosom and threw it at me.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

눈떠보니 망나니 검술천재
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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