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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 235

Peace has come to the South.

A long, protracted war that had lasted for decades had come to an end.

The barbarians lost the war, and things went on peacefully in a very good mood in the South.

The Great Warrior kept his promise. They only want one thing.

steady battle.

Easterners did not reject the duel.

On the contrary, it inflamed the sense of victory.

No matter how much they won the war, they accumulated a lot of savages.

Winning the war wasn’t enough.

In the first place, they didn’t like that the Great Warrior took the barbarians.

They wanted to repay the ancients for what they had been subjected to by the barbarians.

But now that I can’t do that, it’s more strange that there are no complaints.

‘In that sense, in a way, this may have been a better thing.’

Easterners are the best hunters limited to barbarians.

Veterans who have analyzed and figured out their habits, fighting methods, and everything else, and studied ways to utilize them.

I couldn’t imagine them losing.

They rarely lose unless they are crippled, missing a leg or arm, or expending all their stamina elsewhere that day.

I don’t know if it’s a many-to-one fight, but they’re the ones who can win one level higher in a one-on-one way.

“Are you really going to follow me?”

“Yes. I swore to follow you as your slave, as your servant. And even if it were not, I have nothing to do here.”

At my words of preparing to return, Arjuna calmly nodded.

If she goes with me, it’s me.

Because the huge force called Master was moving with my words.

But she had tribesmen to be responsible for.

She may think she’s unfit as a chieftain, but her tribemates aren’t.

The red hawks were following Arjuna unknowingly.

As a member of the same unit, you can tell just by faithfully following Arjuna’s orders.

But apart from that, the red hawks wanted to remain in the South.

‘I said I didn’t want to come up right now.’

He said he wanted to improve stability. And Easton will help with that.

Seeing as they said right now, they were coming from the South anyway.

‘It’s a knight corps made up of Aura users… That’s great.’

Even if they came out, there was no right time to go, and Arjuna had the reason why they wanted to come out of the south.

If Arjuna wanted to stay, it was clear that they would not leave the South until she died.

But Arjuna said he would follow me, and the red hawks said they needed time.

It was literally only a matter of time before we got them right.

“My benefactor. Although we will fall, we will bless your journey here.”

“If you need help, you can ask for it at any time, and if it’s a benefactor’s request, even if it’s in the underworld, I’ll go and lend a hand.”

The elves showed regret towards me for leaving the South.

The elder handed me a leaf.

Even though it fell from the tree, the fresh leaves were full of vitality as if they were hanging from the tree.

I knew that it was a leaf of the world tree without much thought.

It was only possible because the World Tree was so full of vitality.

“I will be able to save my benefactor from danger once. And if you burn it, not only us, but all the elves on the continent will come to help the benefactor.”

No, if there was something like this, why didn’t I write it earlier?

If you used this, you could get help from elves elsewhere.

He smiled lightly as if he had read my thoughts.

“It is possible because he is a benefactor. How can we burn our mother’s body? Even if we die, we never will.”

“… Ah yes.”

Really, I live a complicated life.

Why not use the simplest means to bring everyone together for just that reason?

No matter how much she is a mother, to the World Tree, leaves are like hair, small hairs, or fingernails or toenails.

Bringing one of them and burning it didn’t mean that the World Tree was in pain or anything like that.

At least I could use the things that fell on the ground, but no matter how much I said that I should understand and respect the culture, I didn’t understand at all that I would rather die than that.

In my case, it was because I was willing to give anything to live.

what. I’ll have to go back then to find out exactly, but I couldn’t get rid of the fact that the elves looked foolish.

“Thank you anyway. I will use it well.”

“May Mother’s blessings be with you on your path… .”

Time goes by and flows.

Eyes recovered faster than expected.

One day, the eyes that began to see faintly recovered enough to be able to distinguish objects as the day passed.

Interestingly, as the eyes recovered, the sensitive senses died on the contrary.

As if I showed the world instead of my eyes, I felt a bit regretful at the sense of disappearing.

“Are we going now, great warrior?”

“… Yes.”

At some point, the great warrior called me a great warrior.

I said that I called him simply by his name, Raymond, but he was so stubborn that he did not give up the nickname ‘The Great Warrior’.

It wasn’t like that from the beginning.

It was like that from the moment I heard that I had survived against the chieftain.

Yes, if only one warrior was like that, I would have been able to endure it.

“Hey, what a warrior!”

“Wherever you go, great warrior!”

“How about sparring with me? A great warrior.”

All the savages I met called me a great warrior, as if they were the same.

I was embarrassed and annoyed.

What if I was an embarrassingly great warrior, something that I wanted to be noticed by others?

I wasn’t a coffin

I didn’t even want to get that much attention.

‘In the first place, a great warrior is a warrior for short.’

The fact that I found out belatedly was that the great warrior they were talking about was talking about the great warrior.

It was a very irritating situation for me, who hates getting involved.

I wondered if he was making fun of me a little.

Time continued to flow, and the day to return came.

“Sorry. I couldn’t even treat you properly because I was taking care of it… Do I have to send it like this?”

“it’s okay.”

“Especially, I feel sorry for you, Raymond. We, Easton owe you a lot of favor.”

“no. I was able to have a good experience.”

That’s not wrong.

It wasn’t a sarcastic remark. It was said as it is.

Where can I experience war?

none. Now that the countries are checking each other, we can’t start a war rashly.

Above all, for a war to break out, there had to be a justification.

And no one is trying to give the other person a justification.

Giving a justification was like offering a wolf to bite your neck.

In that sense, the war here gave me a valuable experience.

Because of this, I can not panic even if a war breaks out outside.

“It makes me feel a little relieved when you say that.”

After reading my thoughts, he smiles.

“Still, not giving anything back to the benefactor is insulting Easton. I can’t give you anything, but I can give you one thing.”

What are you trying to do?

Looking at me, he raised an eyebrow. And in front of everyone, in the eyes of the supply corps and people in Easton, he raised his voice so that everyone could hear.

“I, Wilton Easton, swear. Easton’s close friend and savior, that he would become the strength of Raymond Millennium, who saved him from danger. If he’s not against the realm, I’ll give him my all to help! This oath is a sacred oath, a knight’s oath. I swear my everything. I, Easton, swear on my aura that I will be Raymond Millennium’s eternal ally!”

I couldn’t help but be surprised at his solemn declaration.

What he did was not something to be taken lightly.

It was an oath of aura that he never wanted to do as a knight, only when he decided on his lord.

If the oath is broken, mana will break the dantian of the person who broke the oath.

If a knight loses his dantian, it is no different than becoming a disabled person.

No one here was surprised even though he made an oath that didn’t have to be made.

The people of Easton were rather looking at it as if it were natural.

I didn’t know what the hell was going on, so Bane put his hand on my shoulder, where I was blankly.

“Congratulations. With this, you have gained the most solid backing.”

You knew.

Well, you wouldn’t be able to do something like this alone.

However, it was a little too much for not giving me a word in advance.

Still, it didn’t feel too bad.

Rather, I was a little moved and happy.

Like Bane said, I gained a strong force.

There was a halo called Millennium, but there were times when that was not enough.

Especially when dealing with marquis or dukes, when dealing with royalty, each and every action had to be cautious.

But now it is no longer necessary.

It was with the name Easton on his back.

Easton’s weight is enormous.

They manage an entire area, and each of the knights they have is a warrior of reversal.

The duke, the marquis, and even the king couldn’t do anything to the Marquis of Easton.

It was as if those who had already been oppressed by the name Millennium could no longer even speak to me carelessly.

Easton, like Millennium, is neutral, so now royalty will crave the existence of a country.

Acquiring me was like having the power to defeat the current crown prince.

Millennium with a Mage Tower and Easton’s halo that swallowed an area.

Anyone is the object of desire to swallow saliva.

‘If it was like this, I wouldn’t have to send Daria to the Empire.’

If I get her to support me, the current power structure is reversed.

Furthermore, looking at the current situation, if I make a decision, even the neutral Bane could follow me.

Or maybe Selina can help.

‘Ah, Beatrice is there too.’

But she doesn’t have high expectations.

Because we haven’t gotten very close yet.

Anyway, I got the power to change the power structure of the kingdom.

Well, it’s not bad to have power in the empire anyway.

Still, it was an achievement that exceeded my expectations, so my heart was filled with joy.

I was happy enough just to step up the stairs to the Master, but this… .

‘It’s so good.’

The return step seems very light.

“Okay then let’s go.”

It was time for the water to recede.

One of the reasons the supplies can’t come down is because there is a river on the way to the south, and almost all of it is swollen.

Still, this time there is magical help, but it was the time when the water started to recede, so I was able to go back.

It moves.

On the way back, unlike when I came, the luggage was simple and the number of people increased.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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