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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 231

I lived without knowing that I was trapped inside an egg, and without knowing the stuffiness.

When I didn’t know, if I didn’t know I was in an egg, nothing would have happened.

But now I know. What a small place I was.

It’s so frustrating to know that I can’t stand it.

I want to get out of this space somehow.

have to get out If I don’t get out now, I don’t think there will be another chance.

I will be locked up in this place, unable to get out.

I don’t like that. It couldn’t be.

In order for me to live, even to deal with Ahar, I have to escape.

‘Let’s destroy it.’

But how do you break it?

It was my first time doing this, so I didn’t know how.

It didn’t matter if it was visible in the first place, but this shell I felt was invisible.

wasn’t even touched

It’s not something that can be broken using an aura.

It was not something I could see on the outside, but a feeling of frustration that I felt inside.

So what should I do to break this down?

Shall I ask Bane?

not. It’s hard to even ask about it during a battle.


I couldn’t take my eyes off the chief who ran amok like a beast.

It was strange when I dealt with him before.

What was only possible because of Bane and Arjuna’s protection, now without those two, I shouldn’t lose sight of it even in the slightest.

And, for some reason, I felt like I shouldn’t open my mouth.

When you feel this, you have to solve it while the current sense is maintained.

‘The reason why I felt stuffy.’

It was because he felt that there was no freedom of swordsmanship.

And what is freedom?

that there are no rules. with no pattern.

To be able to stab when swinging the sword from top to bottom.

feel And try.

overloading the body When the brakes were applied to the body forcibly, the muscles twisted.

But the pain soon turned into joy.

“Cheuk… !”

The chief vomited blood.

It’s the first time I’ve hurt him that much.

In the first place, it was impossible to be able to do this against the master in the first place.

‘Freedom. What is the most free? wind?’

The wind can go anywhere.

What if my sword becomes the wind? If so, there is no place my sword cannot go.

The wind intensifies, turns into a typhoon, and turns into a disaster.

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Kagagak, Kagagagagak-

fast. Nameless attacks the chief with the same speed as the wind.

‘What if it’s water?’

If water changes depending on the container it is placed in, wouldn’t it be able to change according to the battle?

It moves smoothly like calmly flowing water, and draws a curve like a wave that occurs when a stone is thrown.

Like a wave that swallows everything in an instant, ignorance increases to dozens of bags.

Each attack has substance.

The power contained in it is such that even the chieftain cannot easily ignore it.

‘Should swordsmanship have a form? Do you need a pattern? Shouldn’t it be possible to stab and then cut, then cut and then lift?’

The sound disappears.

Slowing time only moved me and the chieftain.

As if I had escaped the rules of the world, my sword found freedom.


It cracks. Light enters through the gaps created by cracking.

I couldn’t see it, but strangely I could feel it.

Could know.

The egg that had imprisoned me all this time began to crack.

Cracking is just the beginning.

Starting anything is difficult, and once the egg started to crack, the cracks quickly spread throughout.

“Why, why is this even possible!”

The chief groaned.

As if I had seen something unbelievable, something that shouldn’t exist in the world.

He screams and denies it.

agitation of emotions.

He was in the most agitation he had ever seen.

Emotions flash in his eyes.

The authority that enveloped her body was shaking and slowly dissipating.

‘Look, why didn’t I see something like this?’

A line is drawn.

red line. I feel like my eyes are burning hot and dozens of lines come towards me.

Avoid that line.

Belatedly, the Chief’s attack moves along that line.

prognosis. The line was a forewarning of the Chief’s attack.

red line, blue line.

It was a different feeling from the various colored lines I had seen before.

If it was to show the color of mana of things that could not be seen then.

Now they were showing the attack using them in advance.

The red line is hostility toward me.

The blue line is the best attack I can do.

Between the hundreds of red lines, two or three blue lines appeared.

Compared to the red color, it is so pale that it cannot even be compared, and the number is small.

But I didn’t miss the line and moved the cotton.

Bleeding – blood spurts.

The solid line on the chief’s shoulder cracked and red blood gushed out like a fountain, soaking my face.

“This is impossible!”

The chieftain’s screams approached screams.

In the emotions that bloomed in those eyes, a glimpse of fear arose.

It was fear of the unknown.

The denial of the fact that the impossible happened, and that the prey, which was mere prey, became a predator.

‘Ah, this is it.’

Looking at that face, feeling the emotions, I felt refreshed.

The egg was completely broken and the stuffiness was lifted.

This is it, the moment I longed for, the moment I longed for, has arrived.

– Sees through everything.

It came naturally.

Just as an engineer injects knowledge into artificial intelligence, I learned how to handle the power I gained and what authority is.

But that is only half power, power that is not perfect.

“ah… .”

The vision gradually darkens.

My achievements were half-baked.

It was something that should never happen, something that could never happen.

My realm is Advanced Expert, and I skipped the superlative level.

Of course, there are bound to be side effects.

My eyesight is shaking, and my body is limp.


Against my will, my body is collapsing.

-weird. Why not? Recovery doesn’t work!

Its side effects can also be restored with dragon magic.

Time was the only answer.

But you can’t just wait for the side effects.

was in battle

If there is even a slight gap, it is a situation where you can die.

But even though I know that, my increasingly heavy body makes it impossible to even lift a sword.

“Ha, then yes. It is strange that there are no side effects.”

The chief laughs bitterly.

As if he finally had a chance, he ran towards me as if he wouldn’t miss it.

It was obvious, but I couldn’t stop it.


It was when Liems was about to appear.

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An explosion occurred.

what? It was difficult to show such a reaction.

In my disappearing consciousness, I feel someone supporting my body.

“… Good job. From here on, I will do it, trust me and rest.”

Darkness came at the end of Bane’s voice, whose face seemed to have a lot to say.


Could it be that what you are seeing now is a dream?

Bane unknowingly denied what he was seeing.

Everything was so vivid that even though I knew it was real, it was such an incredible sight that I dismissed it as a dream.

‘What the hell are you… What happened to him?’

Seeing Raymond clash with the chieftain, Bane couldn’t hide his dismay.

At first, Raymond was pushed back, so he tried to help.

No, he was trying to deal with it. No matter how great a talent you have, it’s not something you can do right away.

Aside from talent, the Master is a superhuman who raises the morale of allies just by being there.

They were strong enough to be called a strong nation just by having a master, which is fittingly called a one-man army.

Talent? obviously good can be strong But not right away.

Raymond couldn’t defeat the chief, and Vane had no doubt that that too would soon reach its limits.

“Crazy… It must be crazy.”


In order to become a master, an opportunity was needed, and we called that opportunity enlightenment.

Even if you grow enough physically and with your aura, you can’t become a master without that realization.

But I didn’t expect it to be the other way around.

‘Are you already enlightened? The one who has only been holding the sword for a year?’

Raymond’s body is immature. The amount and quality of her auras were huge compared to her peers, but she was immature in her own eyes.

But what do you see now?

I knew I had talent, but I didn’t expect it to be that great.

Enlightenment in a state of lack of everything.

In addition to that, he also gained authority.

The youngest Sword Master.

It’s only half right now, but the growth of the body can be achieved.

The hardest reason to become a sword master is enlightenment, but it was only a matter of time before he became a sword master.

“That bastard Gerard gave birth to a monster.”

A family where the Archmage and the Sword Master coexist.

It’s horrifying to imagine how strong that influence will be.

The fortunate thing is that he and Gerard are friends.

“It’s not perfect, though.”

After the realization, I saw Raymond shake sharply.

Because it was an awakening after not growing enough, the body could not overcome it.

It’s a state where it’s not strange when it collapses.

‘How should I accept this.’

Contrary to his despondency, his lips are full of smiles.

I was excited to see how strong the owner of that monstrous talent could become.

As he gets older and has reached the limits of his growth, won’t he achieve the level he couldn’t achieve instead?

“Good work.”

He hugs the falling Raymond and swings his sword.

Distance yourself from the chief.

Thanks to Arjuna feeling the crisis and moving, it was not difficult to increase the distance.

“I can take you to a safe place.”

Arjuna nodded and carried Raymond on her shoulders.

And climb the cliff with light movements.

“Don’t miss it!”

Ignoring himself, the chief chases after Arjuna.

“Your opponent is me.”

He grabbed the chieftain by the ankle and threw it.

“Those like dogs!”

There are a lot of intruders, he shouts indignantly.

Whether or not it was, Bane didn’t care and aimed his sword at the chieftain.

“Rather than that, shouldn’t we be concerned about whether we can live here now?”

The chief’s body, exhausted by Raymond, found it difficult to find any more power.

black agitation. And with his tired body, he wondered if he would be able to escape against dozens of red falcons, elves, and himself as a master.

“You will die here today.”

Bane lunges at the chieftain.

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Knowing that he is in danger, the chief starts to run away gritting his teeth.

Anger can be felt while living.

Resentment can only be repaid if you live.

The thought that he would not lose disappeared, and the thought of running away filled his head.

And that became his fate.

His weary mindset stiffened his head.

As he fled with his back turned, a cut sword stabbed his neck.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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