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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 208

The Great Warrior is glaring at me.

Even though he is not a master, he has a momentum similar to that of Count Warrug.

Just by looking at it, you can tell how strong he is, but that doesn’t make him a master.

It’s just a similar energy, but there’s something fundamentally different.

It only makes the body tingle, but like the Masters, it cannot break the will itself.

His level is top notch.

Although weaker than Master.

‘He’s stronger than me.’

Well, even so, if we fight together with Reems, we can win.

By the way, you’re making too many threats.

‘Think that I could kill you… .’

It was a provocation, and it was a rather severe provocation, so I flinched.

He wasn’t just talking about it, he was also showing energy.

‘How could it be that everyone is so impatient that they can’t stand up for themselves?’

It is said that he exudes momentum to figure out the opponent, but perhaps because he suffered so much, his heart was annoyed rather than trembling.

I have to get stronger really quickly, I do stupid things like that because I look weak.

If I become stronger, there will be no such threat.

“I know that the Great Warrior is strong.”

I told him who was still spreading his momentum.

Receiving the momentum calmly, I radiated the momentum as well.

“Well… .”

As if throwing a stone into a calm lake, the warrior’s brow furrowed.

The energy in my body was pushing away his energy.

“… !”

The warrior’s face hardened.

His momentum is gone.

To be precise, I attacked him to be swallowed up by my momentum.

I smiled and lost my temper.

“So why did you call me?”

turned the horse

With the current atmosphere, it seemed like it would only drag on the time, let alone the main topic.

The Great Warrior still didn’t want to be impressed and said.

“I am trying to get help.”

“Any help?”

He nods.


I had no idea what they might ask of me, since they don’t care about being in the South.

Their ideology was to fight and get what you need.

It was quite surprising that he used the word help when they needed something, rushing like madmen and taking it to the end.

To the point where I would have thought he was lying if I hadn’t heard it myself.

“You seem surprised that I asked for help.”

“It’s strange that I know what kind of tendencies you have and I’m not surprised.”

“You’re direct.”

I shrugged.

I didn’t tell them who they were.

It’s true, but what can I do?

But he nodded, as if that didn’t make him feel bad.

“right. Those who know us will have a hard time believing we are asking for help.”

He looks at me as if he understands.

And you keep saying different things.

If I left it as it was, the story would go to the mountains, so I let it go straight to the main topic.

“You will know. That the chief has become a Master.”

Are all the people here originally so out of the blue?

What if I didn’t know

“Yes. I know.”

“Then the story will be fast. I am going to drive out the chieftain.”

“… Yes?”

I was dazed for a moment.

who drives whom? Is driving out the right word I know?

Maybe I heard something wrong, I checked his face.

“… crazy.”

He was very calm.

In the first place, it must be strange to joke with me, who is the same as anyone else.

I mean, I mean, why the hell?

I couldn’t quite understand.

‘What makes him feel sorry for him, even among savages, who is being treated with respect?’

great warrior.

Among the savages, the word great warrior has great power.

An existence that even the chief cannot treat carelessly.

A warrior respected by barbarians.

A warrior who has fought in a thousand battles.

Warriors are treated second only to chieftains, and barbarians ask for their opinions before going to war.

To that extent, the great warrior receives great treatment.

To the point where I don’t think like that.

‘In the first place, I’m crazy about fighting, so I treat power as a burden.’

They consider going to war an honorable act.

Conversely, not being able to go to war was a disgrace.

Those who do not have to go to war are crippled people with amputated arms or legs, old people who have difficulty moving as they age, and children and women.

Except for them, all barbarians participate in the war.

They don’t need power.

It was like a title that came along naturally while fighting a war.

warrior general and great warrior.

That’s just the title they want, they don’t want power like a chieftain or tribal chief.

Chiefs and tribal chiefs couldn’t go to war just because they wanted to.

Chiefs and tribal chiefs are the ones who are responsible for the entire savage population.

‘The biggest reason is that the forces are divided among them.’

The Great Warrior is respected by all.

In other words, there were people who believed in the great warrior more than the chieftain and followed them.

There are five warriors among the barbarians.

Excluding the barbarians who follow the chieftain, the forces are divided into five.

The reason they can stay together now is because there is a chieftain.

Chieftain is the strongest warrior of all barbarians.

Every year, the chieftain changed through the duel of warriors, and now that the chieftain has become a master, it can be said that his position as chieftain has been confirmed until another master appears.

The important thing here is that the death of the chieftain can cause a split between the savages.

If the chief holding the center dies, you can no longer tie them down.

Although we can re-establish the chieftain.

‘He hates gaining power, but he also has strong pride.’

It’s enough to become a chieftain, but he doesn’t want to admit that he is weaker than others.

If that happens, a great war will break out between them.

‘There’s no way other tribes would watch that.’

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Knowing that, chieftains don’t go to war well.

When they step out, they need solid power.

They don’t come forward unless it’s something like swallowing a red hawk.

Anyway, that’s why the great warriors who knew that didn’t try to push the chief.

This is because they are treated on a par with the chief without even pushing them away.

Not to mention, now that the chieftain has become a master, he won’t even think about that.

‘What, what are you thinking? There must be a reason. It’s not like I really want to push you away. Is a cause for war necessary? Have they ever started a war for a just cause in the first place?’

My head hurts.

It was different from what I expected, so I tried to figure out the current situation.

What the hell.

Really, really simply to push the chief?

why the hell

What a master For those who were already monsters, a strong man was born that made them think that they were overkill.

Confidence will develop.

That’s why I attacked the red hawk, and I definitely won.

The only enemies left to them now are Elf and Easton.

Are those war-crazy people trying to wipe out the surest force in that war?

“You must have a complicated head.”

The Great Warrior looked at me and smiled.

A face that seems to know what I’m thinking.

“Think simple. I hate chiefs. It would be good from your point of view. It’s an opportunity to deal with us who seemed like a nuisance.”

The Great Master stares at me asking if it’s not so, but I can’t answer easily.

I strongly felt that I shouldn’t spit out the wrong words here.

It’s like stepping into a bad place if you do it wrong.

At least you should know why.

“What is the reason?”


“I don’t understand. The reason why you want to push your chief. Do you have a grudge?”

“resentment? There is no chieftain who makes me enjoy war as much as the current chieftain. I like him.”

He shook his head, asking if he could do that.

I was even more dumbfounded by that answer.

It’s not that I don’t have a grudge, but what the hell is this for?

Looking at his face, he was grinning as if he was thinking of war.

So it got even more confusing.

“But, that is the problem.”

“… ?”

After laughing for a while, he hardened his face and said.

They said it was a problem because they started too many wars.

“What do you think of warriors?”

“… .”

he asks.

I didn’t answer. I don’t think he’s asking for an answer.

I just quietly watched his actions.

“Warrior is a struggle. Struggle is what a warrior is all about, and because he is a warrior, he struggles.”

“… .”

“The current chieftain? good. He is a great leader. Since he became Chieftain, we’ve made the greatest progress we’ve ever had. Is that all? He was the first to step on the stage of a master that seemed unlikely to come in his lifetime. He is our true leader… It is an idol.”

“… .”

The more I listened, the more I didn’t understand.

It’s so good, why do you think that way?

“But, while I was with him, I suddenly thought about it. He tried to start a war every day. But when the war is over, what will we have left?”

“… .”

“As it stands now, we can trample on the dwarfs and you too.”

At the last word, I was a little furious.

Yes, I understand that their power has increased explosively.

But that doesn’t mean they can beat us.

They say they have a master, but Serion has multiple masters.

At least, it’s over when the great wizard, Earl Millennium, steps in.

They may have an advantage in a person-to-person match, but it is different in a multi-person match.

If wide-area magic was dropped from the sky, how would they block and deal with it?

The reason they’ve been able to hold on so far is because proper power hasn’t come down to the South.

‘You can’t come down. Because I have to be wary of other kingdoms and empires.’

One by one, kingdoms and empires are on alert when they move, each possessing corps-level power.

The mercenary king is not a person belonging to one place, and Count Warug has often come down to the south from the past, so he doesn’t react much.

If Count Millennium moves, there will surely be restraints from other kingdoms.

“I don’t want the war to end. But the chieftain wants to conquer all lands through war.”

“… .”

“When the war is over, we can no longer exist.”

I seemed to know a little bit now.

Why was he doing this, he was worried now.

What should I do when the war ends because of the chief?

Because they exist because of the war, and the war can’t disappear.

Simply put, it can be seen as something that happened because of a difference of opinion with the chieftain.

“So you’re saying you need our strength?”

“I guess you understand now.”

My head is pounding.

It was incomprehensible from my point of view that he was doing this for just that reason.

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Killing Master because he didn’t want to lose his job.

‘They’re really crazy.’

A sigh came out.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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