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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 207

The outcome of their sparring was predetermined.

There was nothing they could do against the Master.

All they could do was run away like children from the Masters.

And their end was death.

Count Warrug and Arjuna never intended to let them live.

In my heart, I wanted to kill all the savages here.

But it wasn’t because I had to get out of here as safely as possible.

“This is an opportunity. A chance to find out their strength.”


The chance to enter the base of the savages and come out safely is extremely rare.

No, it was safe to say that there was none at all.

Barbarians never let an enemy enter their camp unharmed.

Rather, they use them to perform warrior ceremonies, or to ridicule and insult them.

Like putting a toy in front of a child, they even start a knife fight to take the intruder with each other.

Barbarians play with the intruders they occupy and eventually kill them.

Even if he killed the savage and ran away, that was not running away.

The savages are all over the place, and it is difficult to get out safely even if you are a Master.

Furthermore, the chief there is a master.

Even with the body they have, they have become masters, so I can’t even imagine how great their strength will be.

As hard as it is to become a Master, once you become a Master, you will have tremendous power.

So, the red hawk with the Aura user and the Master was defeated at once.

I told Count Warrug that he felt how dangerous it was now.

“If you can’t avoid it, you should enjoy it.”

Barbarians surrounded us back and forth, guiding the way.

In the midst of the savages, Count Warrag’s eyes shone as he followed the savages beside me.

His eyes surveyed his surroundings.

The road to enter with them, the savages who showed up in the middle.

He widened his eyes as if digging into the savages’ power.

“What did you do?”

Perhaps the savages felt the gaze, and the savages in front looked back at us and frowned.

Perhaps because Count Warrug’s gaze was so intense, he is scratching the back of his head.

“What do you mean?”

At my question, he rolled his eyes and looked at me and the others.

It had been a long time since Count Warug had erased the eyes that looked around him like a hungry lion.

The savage, unable to find anything strange, tilts his head.

“Don’t slow down, fool.”

The Great Warrior hit the back of the head of the savage who looked back with a hand the size of a pot lid.

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It’s not a pug, it’s a kwajik. With a sound like bones breaking, the head of the savage hit the back of the head fell to the ground.

The savage, whose head had dug into the ground to the extent that one could doubt that he was dead, did not move.

“Wake up. If you keep doing that, you can really kill them.”

The Great Warrior looked down at him disinterestedly and clicked his tongue.

Then the savage hurriedly pulled his head out of the ground and jumped up.

“We haven’t even fought a proper war yet, so we can’t die in a place like this!”

“If you know, move!”

The warrior kicks his ass.

The savage laughed and moved on, as if he wasn’t in a bad mood.

It was amazing to be able to laugh like that at the right topic.

“her… .”

After moving for a while, we couldn’t hide our surprise.

“How many people are there?”

Everywhere you look, there are savages.

As if the huge city held an annual festival, it was filled with countless savages.


The sound of swallowing dry saliva comes from the side.

I followed the sound and turned my head to see Count Warrug looking around with a hard face.

His hand rested on the hilt of the sword.

He was exuding a sharp momentum as if he would pull it out at any moment.

It was the same with Arjuna.

She fidgeted with her dagger and glared at the savages.

But I didn’t move hastily.

Even the visible savages numbered in the hundreds.

But that wasn’t the end.

Besides them there were more barbarians.

Watching the savages multiply as they walked, it was almost daunting.

“I am an outsider!”

“The great warrior has brought an outsider!”

The reason the savages were gathering was entirely because of us.

Unless they are prisoners of war, no outsider can enter their camp.

Even the helpers who help them can enter only after showing trust for more than ten years.

Even that is all outside.

There is almost no outsider who can come into the center like us.

So it would be very surprising to the savages.

It is very miraculous from their point of view that an outsider who is not a prisoner of war enters safely, especially with a great warrior.

Ignoring them, we continued walking until we stopped in front of a hut made of animal skins.

It was twice as large as the other huts.

The word tent is more appropriate than the word hut.

“Let’s go in.”

It was when the great warrior said that and tried to enter the hut.

“I’d like to take a look around here.”

Count Warrug said to the Great Warrior.

The Great Warrior stares at Count Warrug.

Earl Warrug calmly received his gaze.

The Daejeon looked at him for a long time and then glanced around.

At the words of Count Warrug, the savages were excited with strange anticipation.

“Wouldn’t be bad. My business is here.”

The Great Warrior looked at me and nodded.

Then he added a word to him.

“If possible, I want you to enjoy it with the warriors. Because it’s a long-awaited visit from a warrior, your body will be itching.”

“i get it.”

Earl Warrug nodded happily, saying it was what he wished for.

and look at me When I asked what my opinion was, I nodded my head to do whatever I wanted.

He’s not stupid enough to do this without thinking.

what do you think

In particular, it seemed that he was thinking of destroying his power by dealing directly with the savages.

While I was exchanging glances with Count Warrug, the Great Warrior turned his head and looked at Arjuna.

“What are you going to do?”

“… .”

Arjuna looked at me without answering right away.

A face asking for my opinion. It is different from Count Warrug who moves by his own will.

Her hatred for the savages is visible in her, but she refuses to move.

Seemingly trying to follow my orders.

It was faithfully practicing as a slave.

The warrior who doesn’t know my relationship with her looks at me strangely.

“do whatever you want.”

It doesn’t matter if she follows me, it doesn’t matter if she follows Count Warrug.

Judging from the actions of the great warrior, it didn’t seem like he would attack me for no reason.

-Raymond, there are a lot of people. A lot!

Next to me was Liems, who was hidden.

And I myself was good enough to block his attack once.

There is no way Masters with superhuman bodies could not hear the sound of a single commotion.

He would come to rescue me right away, so I didn’t worry too much while maintaining a moderate level of tension.

‘Because there’s no way I’m going to be beaten after becoming a master.’

It doesn’t matter what she wants.

At my words, she ponders for a moment.

Turning back to me and the savages, she says.

“I will be with the author.”

When I was told that I would follow Earl Warrug, I looked back at the Great Warrior and said.

“I see.”

“Hmm… .”

The Great Warrior comes out and turns to look at her.

A look of doubt between her and me.

For a moment, he nodded and told me to do as I pleased.

Arjuna moved in the direction Count Warrug was facing, and the warrior grabbed my arm and entered the hut.

“Sit somewhere comfortable.”

The great warrior strode inside and sat down on a chair with the heads of a tiger and a bear.

He sat in the chair and watched my actions.

I looked around, ignoring her gaze.

Unlike the outside, which was full of sand, the floor of the hut was covered with animal skins.

Wherever they moved their feet, the leather was so densely covered that they could be stepped on.

I took a seat in the softest place and looked at Daejeonsa Temple.

‘It’s too big… .’

Partly because I was sitting on the floor and he was sitting in a chair, but perhaps because he was so big, I had to raise my head all the way to make eye contact with him.

Well, it’s a person over 2.5m, but this is normal.

‘It would be normal to give a chair to a customer… What do you want from savages?’

I’ll have to sit on the chair and he’ll sit on the ground to be the right height, but this is his area, so let’s just move on.

It is not acceptable to touch him for no reason and make work tiresome.

“So what brought me here?”

I gathered the skins of animals appropriately and made it like a chair and asked the great warrior.

He frowns as he watches the hides come together, revealing sand.

His brow furrowed openly, revealing that he was displeased.

“I think I said the other day, but you can’t just send warriors.”

“Honestly, isn’t that an excuse?”

At my words, he shut his mouth.

Looking at him like that, I continued talking.

“I went back and thought about it, but I just couldn’t understand what you were doing.”


“You and I are enemies.”

“… .”

He coughed as if he was uncomfortable.

It may not be necessary to come all the way to enemy lines and bring out uncomfortable facts, but this was a problem that should be addressed at least once.

I had to know his purpose.

It didn’t make sense to bring me and my party into the house for no reason, just because I became a warrior.

we are enemies

When we return, their power will be exposed as it is.

You wouldn’t know that, but why did you call me so far?

‘Moreover, the other savages were just uncomfortable, and they didn’t complain much.’

No, it was rather a welcome glance.

Yes, you can just like the fact that you have an opponent for Dalian.

But not everyone understood that.

Unless you’re really stupid, you won’t know how big of a deal it is for us to come here.

Especially if you’ve been at war all your life.

At least one or two people would have to oppose us.

‘There was none at all.’

Rather, I had a strange anticipation.

It made me feel uncomfortable and deja vu.

Their behavior was unnatural.

What the hell is it for?

“What difference does it make to say that?”

The Daejeonsa quietly exudes momentum and says.

“Yes, it can be strange. So, so what is that? Whatever it is, you guys have entered my territory. Is there anything more important than that?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

When I say I’m ridiculous, he laughs and laughs.

“I know what you are thinking. Yes, I let you in to expose our power.”

knowing that you do this

What the hell are you up to?

I didn’t think he would do this to kill me.

If it was for such a simple reason, he would have been able to attack me on the spot without wasting time.

Rather, it would have been more difficult to kill me now that I brought the party.

His bloody voice came through my troubled ears.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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