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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 203

A woman was kneeling in front of me, her head on the ground.

I stared at her.

He put his head on the ground and refused to raise his head.

“sorry. No, sorry!”

She shouted at me for the sky to leave.

I’m sorry, please forgive me

Watching her ejaculate on me, I kept my mouth shut.

My eyes were on her, but my mind was elsewhere.

‘Whose past was that? It is horrible. That dream wasn’t mine. probably ah ‘Cause I did it after I played him.’

I had a dream.

A dream in which villagers are chased by monsters.

Children were running away.

ran to live

Behind the scenes, the adults of the village stopped the monsters to protect the children.

I would have been afraid. They would have been scared and wanted to run away.

Even so, the reason they stand firm is because of the children.

They lived a long time, but the children did not.

The oldest of the children was 9 years old.

I didn’t want my children, who still have bright futures, to die in a place like this.

Their feelings remained clear in their hearts.

Yes, if they sacrificed themselves and the children escaped alive, I don’t know if that was the case.

If that were the case, I wouldn’t have hated the world so much.

dead. All the children who ran with him were caught by the monsters and eaten alive.

He couldn’t help but watch it.

He resented his powerlessness and was saddened by the brutal deaths of those who were like his family.

And he hated the escaped knights who should have protected the village.

After hating the knights, he came to hate the humans.

“Sigh… .”

A sigh came out.

It was the first such hatred.

It was the first time I had seen such a sight.

It was shocking that adults couldn’t do anything, that people were being eaten alive by monsters.

‘If you survived in such a situation… What if it was me?’

Unintentionally, I came to see Ahar’s past.

That was a side effect of acting.

I was overly immersed in acting and assimilated with him.

I read his past.

It felt like he and I became one.

‘Can something like this happen in the first place?’

Even if he had excellent acting talent, it was hard to believe that he had even seen his past.

what is smoke Within the given script, it is to act what you saw as yourself.

Of course, you become that person and substitute that person in various situations, wondering what you would have done if you were yourself.

However, it was not possible to see the past of that person like now.

If that was possible, if I had that kind of talent, I wouldn’t be living here as Raymond.

I would have become a top star and lived a decent life.

No matter how good the actor is, you won’t feel the character’s past as real.

He raised his hand and rubbed his face.

My head hurt.

I wondered why I had this ability.

His swordsmanship talent alone was excessive, but his acting talent surpassed it.

No, in a way, is it natural?

‘Because it’s a talent that could have been given by God.’

Something flickers in front of my eyes.

Blinking, he put it away and looked at the Impaler in front of him.

“I have committed a mortal sin.”

She still had her head down.

I sighed as I looked at her.

She couldn’t be the only one to blame for this.

It’s true that she was wrong, but I also reacted too violently.

More than anything.

‘I didn’t know that the bloodstone was attached to it.’

A bloodstone clung to her waist, stealing her life.

Fortunately or unfortunately, while fighting her, he attacked her waist, and as a result, he was able to consume the bloodstone full of vitality.

As soon as the bloodstone disappeared, she hit her head, and it remained that way until now.

He can’t lift his face, saying that he acted so pathetic and rude.

Bloodstone can steal life force, but when attached to a creature, it raises negative emotions such as violence.

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Knowing that, I know it’s not her fault.

“If you commit a mortal sin, you must die.”

“… !”

I heard the elves who were watching the situation gasp.

to die I must have never thought I would say something like that.

I looked down at the Impaler, ignoring their reaction.

She looked up at me blankly as if she was surprised too.

Then, as if he had made up his mind, he nodded and made an arrow in his hand.

She stabs herself with her own neck.

I looked at it and added a word.

“Of course, there are other ways to pay it back.”

“Cheuk… why now… !”

She coughs up blood and looks up at me with trembling eyes.

The arrow’s point was slightly pierced into her neck.

If it was just a little bit late, it would have pierced his neck.

Like its name, it seems to be really good at penetrating.

I shrugged.

And pulled an arrow out of her neck.

iron iron.

Blood flows.

It’s like a fountain gushes out because the hole is wide open.


Reems flew to my call and used recovery magic on her.

A piercer that heals wounds in an instant.

Because it was the dragon’s magic, the effect was very good.

Not only the wound on her neck, but the wounds all over her body were healed in an instant.

But it was also a natural reaction.

The reason why her wounds were slow because she was a master of regenerative power comparable to that of trolls was because of the bloodstone.

It was because he clung to her and extorted her life force, so his regenerative power disappeared as well.

But now that there are no such obstacles, recovery works properly.

“Oh, great man!”

I can hear the exclamations of the elves next to me.

As soon as Liems showed up, the elves fell on their faces.

It was a sign of respect for the dragon.

“Ah, thank you. thank you.”

The Piercer also looked at Liems with hazy eyes.

There is no reason for Reems to appear in the first place.

In the first place, until Liems became an adult and until I developed enough strength, I had no intention of making him appear unless absolutely necessary.

But this time things went a bit wrong.

No, you can’t call this a bad thing.

It is said that Liems, who felt something strange, showed up when I was acting and causing a runaway.

At that time, it was said that only the elves could not stop me.

Still, I had no intention of showing up.

There was a saying that I should not show my face unless it was dangerous to the point where I was about to die, so I tried to listen to that.

The reason he showed up was simple.

‘I didn’t know that the World Tree would talk to me.’

The World Tree asked him.

They said that my condition was strange, and that I should not leave it as it is.

He said that if I did something wrong, I could ‘become not me’.

The world tree’s actions were such a good decision that it could be said to be God’s choice.

At that time, I couldn’t get out of that dark space.

If I had delayed a little longer, maybe then, as the world tree said, I might have lost my existence.

He would have been swallowed up by Ahar’s personality and become a slayer.

‘Oh, Mr. Come to think of it. If I did something wrong, the continent would have been destroyed.’

What would have happened if I had lost my mind and been swallowed by Ahar?

Ahar are united by their hatred of humans.

He had a degree of anger that made him regret not being able to exterminate humans right away.

I got that feeling.

Maybe then I would have destroyed the continent with everything I had.

And that would be quite possible.

There is a dragon next to me, and there is a Mahol who has bloomed his talent.

Also called the King of Darkness, William, who was the best in intelligence, was with him.

Even the 3rd prince and Princess Darian are on my side.

Besides that, there were many people who followed me.

Even without them, with only Mahol and Reems, I could destroy the continent.

Fortunately, that was alleviated by the actions of the World Tree.

Anyway, Liems, who showed up because of that incident, tried to stop me somehow.

However, it is said that he could not use magic.

You couldn’t attack me.


If I had used magic, I would have been able to subdue it more comfortably, but I wouldn’t have had to get hurt that much.

I felt sorry for Reems.

I feel like I should do well.

It was the first time he acted like he didn’t care if he died for me.

Would you say that Liems opened his heart a little more?

He reached out and touched Reems’ head.

I could feel the smooth texture of the scales.


Liems widens his eyes and looks back at me.

I stroked his hair a few times and said.

“How long are you going to call me human?”

-… ?

“Just as I gave you a name, I have a name too. Call me Raymond.”

– Oh, got it!

Reems nods.

I held Liems in my arms and looked back at the piercer.

She looked blank at the way I treated the dragon carelessly.

‘What shall I ask of that woman?’

she owes me

It is a huge debt that cannot be easily repaid.

I intend to pay off that debt.

Because she is a master, there were many benefits I could get.

I could ask her to tell me about her skills right away, or I could ask her to wipe out the Kairos tribe with me.

Alternatively, you can attack Kairos alone, kill the Great Warrior, and ask him to come.

The recovered Bow Master had enough strength to do so.

If you were a sword master, it might be difficult, but a bow master is different.

She had the precision and power to hit leaves from 1,000m away and even more.

If you use an arrow to come there, you will be told to go away as an assassin.

No matter how great a warrior he is, he cannot block all attacks coming from invisible places.

Even if you can’t kill it, if you seriously injure it, that alone is a great harvest.

‘But it’s too wasteful to let them do that.’

I almost died because of her.

So, we need to do something bigger and bigger.

How many opportunities would there be to pamper the Master?

‘uh? Pamper me?’

Come to think of it, the answer was unexpectedly close.

She owes me, and that debt is worth giving her life for.

At least from the fact that she stabbed herself right in the neck.

It was because he had attacked the benefactor of the World Tree and the owner of the dragon.

“Even if you roll in the sh*t, life is better, you wouldn’t want to die.”

“… ?”

she looks up at me blankly

I gave her a soft smile.

But her face turns pale.

I thought it was a soft smile, but I wonder if it wasn’t to her.

-sign… Raymond, your expression is evil.

He said while stroking Liems’ head.

“I don’t want to kill you either. Even though you are a master, it would be a waste to kill you like this.”

“What, what do you want?”

“Be my slave.”

“… !”

Her eyes widen to the size of a lantern, and she hears a choking sound behind her back.

Ignoring the madman’s gaze, I smiled brightly.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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