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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 194

Eastern, the only city in the South.

The place, which had always been quiet and full of tension, somehow became somewhat busier than usual.

“Are you sure you haven’t come yet?”

“Yes. I looked all over the castle, but I couldn’t find it.”

“What do those who stand guard say?”

“They said they couldn’t find a single hair.”

“Hmm… .”

The knights wandered around the castle.

looking for someone. Despite their noisy appearance, people did not complain once.

Rather, he helped them move together.

Who the hell is the whole castle in such an uproar to find?

“Has it been seven hours already?”

“uh. Where the hell have you been? You usually come back in two or three hours.”

“So, it’s going to be even crazier. What will the elves do if they find out he’s gone?”

“eww… It’s terrifying to think about.”

“Have you ever been captured by savages?”

“what? a. no way. It’s not like he doesn’t know about this place. I’ve been living there for a week, but I’m sure you know the road to some extent. And how can you do something like that against the elves without the savages going mad?”

“Indeed, it is. I will be with the elves.”

“Sigh… Where the hell did he disappear to?”

“Yeah. I was going to ask for sparring when I come this time… Sir Raymond, where are you!”

They were looking for Raymond.

It’s already been 7 hours since I told the elves that I was going.

It’s already time to return, but he didn’t even think about coming back.

Since this was the first time something like this had happened, Count Warrug was also perplexed.

I wonder if he would have told Marquis Easton that he had to assemble a rescue party.

He was restless, afraid of what would happen to him if Raymond went wrong, and afraid of Selina’s gaze.

“I’m crazy. No matter how unpredictable he is, he doesn’t go out like this… .”

They didn’t know that Raymond was in the middle of a conversation with the World Tree.

That’s why I was worried about what happened to Raymond, and my heart was on the edge.

Easton brightened up a little because of Raymond.

Being able to borrow the power of the elves at any time was that great.

However, having a problem with Raymond, who was the source from which he could borrow that power, was not something to be taken lightly.

If done wrong, the peace agreement with the elves could be broken.

At least I had to know what was going on and where it was going.

So why not understand the situation and prepare for it?

But in the current situation, let alone prepare, I can’t even properly figure out what happened.

“I can call Gerard if things don’t go well, but… .”

It was the worst and last move.

At the end, pretending to be the last of the last, it’s when you can’t even handle yourself.

And the moment he is called, the entire central mage tower will move, and the royal family will have no choice but to move.

The central mage tower is neutral. A place where wizards from various countries who could not enter the Imperial Magic Tower gathered.

In terms of the power of the mage tower, it is comparable to the imperial mage tower.

Unofficially, it may surpass the royal family, but in public, considering the face of the royal family, the royal family may be one step higher.

As the Magic Tower Master is the Millennium Earl, in a way, that might be natural.

In any case, the Central Mage Tower never gets involved in personal matters.

That’s why Count Millennium doesn’t come forward unless it’s a dizzying situation.

When you go out, do it in the name of the count, not the name of the tower master.

‘In the first place, those lunatics can’t stay still while the mage tower is moving.’

It was the god who gave the magic tower to the magic tower itself.

It is said that they are going out under the name of Millennium, not the tower master, but even so, the wizards under him can’t stand still when the tower master steps forward.

There is no way that the Serion royal family, other kingdoms, and empires can stand still while the huge forces are moving.

‘Above all, it means that the price I have to give to him won’t be easy.’

Maybe he could become a test subject and suffer all sorts of torture.

In order to avoid it, you have to solve it on your own.

“Where the hell have you been?”

Count Warrug rubbed his throbbing forehead and sighed.

I’m sure I went to the village of the elves… I didn’t know what happened after that.

It may still be there, but… Maybe it came out and went down a different path.

No one who knew how dangerous the South was would do such a stupid thing.

‘Raymond is a guy who will still be there.’

He had the strength to protect himself, and considering what he had done to the elves, it was absolutely not impossible.

Rather, it was more likely.

You can wander around alone just because you’re curious.

‘If he’s a sword master, you don’t have to worry so much… The problem is that it’s halfway strong.’


Raymond was clearly one of the strongest among the knights.

If you look only at the current level, it is between the upper class and the upper class.

It seemed to be about that much.

But that was just the problem.

If you want to be strong, you have to be strong, or if you want to be weak, you have to be very weak.

In the south, Raymond, who had a strength comparable to that of a warrior general, was rather prone to danger.

If you met a barbarian higher than the warrior commander, or surrounded by dozens of barbarians, you were as good as dead.

If I was weak, I wouldn’t go around recklessly, but since I’m moderately strong, I’m confident in my skills and wander around here and there.

“I wonder if I have to move alone.”

It wasn’t moving to fight.

No, we might get into a fight if things go wrong, but we just want to make sure first.

I will go to the elves and check Raymond’s safety before returning.

So there was no need to bring several people.

It’s enough to bring two or three rangers who can move moderately quickly.

It’s most comfortable to move alone, but… .

“I can never allow it. Since you are here, your body is not yours alone.”

The problem was that he was a sword master.

If that one was missing, it was like half of Easton’s power was gone.

The sword master’s influence was that great.

If he makes a hasty move, confusion may arise in the command system.

“First of all, we need to check Raymond’s safety. But you can’t move carelessly.”

I didn’t want to stay still because I was the Marquis of Easton.

Because he knew the importance of Elf better than anyone else, he wanted to check on Raymond’s safety more than anyone else.

But why not.

“Currently, they are encamped only two hundred meters away. It wouldn’t be strange if a battle broke out right away.”

The problem was that the Kairos tribe was approaching.

At least a few hundred, and as many as thousands, were camped not far from the castle.

Fortunately, there was a blockade made by the elves not far from the castle, so they stayed still, otherwise they would have had to fight right away.

In such a situation, if he, the sword master they were most wary of, was left out, the situation after that would have been obvious.

I’m going to take advantage of that gap and attack right away.

No matter how prepared I was, I had to take the damage.

“Now that Raymond’s safety has not been confirmed, there is no certainty that the elves will help.”

The elves know that Raymond is the reason they help them.

But if the elves find out that an important Raymond is missing, can they be sure that he will help them?

I could answer no to that question.

“Sir Vane stays in the castle. It is impossible for you, the greatest force, to be left out.”

“But… !”

“Instead, Zenon. I need you to move.”

At Marquis Easton’s words, everyone’s eyes turned to one place.

Next to Marquis Easton, a man whose presence had been dimmed in the shadows stepped forward.


A knight and ranger who is also called the right hand of the Marquis of Easton.

Dressed in black iron armor, he is a high-level expert, but he has power equal to that of the first-class, and even the Earl of Warrug is nervous in the forest.

“With two rangers, we must go to the village of elves and check on Sir Raymond. As a situation is a situation, we need to move quickly. Would that be possible?”

“If you ask me to, I will renovate my bones.”

Zenon lowered his head.

Count Warrug looks at him and nods.

“I’m sure you can trust him.”

After sparring a couple of times, Count Warrug backed off without further insistence.

“yes. If it’s Zenon, he’ll be sure to do what he’s entrusted with. I know that this matter is over. Move on to the next matter.”

The meeting lasted about an hour.

When the meeting was over and they were leaving the command barracks one by one, Count Warrug called for Zenon, who was just leaving the barracks.

“What business do you have?”

Is it because Count Warrug is a sword master?

Zenon’s attitude towards him was as polite as that to the Marquis.

His eyes were even filled with the emotion of respect.

“I have a request.”

“ask… You mean?”

Zenon tilted his head.

There was almost nothing he couldn’t do, and he looked puzzled at the fact that a sword master was asking him for a favor.

“Raymond… .”

“ah… .”

Zenon nodded his head as if he understood, but opened his mouth in amazement.

No matter how much they came together, it was surprising that the sword master took care of him personally like this.

Unlike Raymond, he had no interest in the others.

“It’s embarrassing to ask you like this… That guy came with me as my boss. So, please take care of me.”

“Please leave it to me. I will risk my life to check on your safety.”

“I don’t even risk my life, anyway, thank you for saying that.”


“yes. suffer.”

Count Warrug patted Zenon on the shoulder and moved on.

Zenon smiled strangely as he looked back alternately at his shoulder and at Count Warrug.

Then I moved my steps and headed straight to the lodging where the rangers were staying.

“Time to move! Barter, Ruth. We’re moving right now, so get ready in five minutes and come out the back door!”

He just said what he had to say and moved right away.

Dozens of daggers and daggers in preparation for battle. I took poison and some potions and headed for the back door of the castle wall with a sword.

“Are you here!”

“What is this mission? Leader?”

He nodded contentedly to the waiting rangers who came first and briefly explained what they had to do.

“Five. Are you finally going there?”

“I’m curious. What would the forest look like if it didn’t accept any living beings except animals and elves?”

Seeing them a little excited, Zenon warns them not to relax.

“This mission has to move quickly. The one who lags behind will come back and experience hell, so I move knowing that!”

The rangers nodded and followed Zenon out the back door.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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