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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 193

I was at a loss for words at the sudden emotional change of the World Tree.

They pushed me, shed tears, and now even apologized.

I couldn’t figure out which rhythm to go with.

‘now… I don’t know.’

I’m starting to get confused whether saving the world tree was a good thing.

I didn’t risk being threatened by savages just to be treated like this.

“I like it all. I know you wanted to recognize me, and I know you were worried about me.”

-… .

“But that doesn’t mean I can just let this go.”

I didn’t even get a proper explanation, and I was beaten, but if I just passed this on, I wouldn’t be a human being.

At least they should have been compensated.

“I feel pretty bad right now. So, I just can’t go back.”

-… What do you want?

“What can you give me?”

The world tree fell silent at my words.

She wondered if it was difficult to answer right away.

I decided to ease her worries.

“I want two things. One thing is information… The second is how I can become stronger.”

– Uhm… .

The world tree fiddled with the teacup.

Is this such a difficult proposition?

I don’t think it’s that difficult considering what she did to me.

Didn’t you just say that you knew everything about me?

If you have that much confidence, I think you can fully answer my questions.

– I know you’re getting stronger. But information, what information do you want?

He shrugged his shoulders indifferently to her question.

“Simple. Why did I come to this world I want to know that.”

-Well… .

She let out a quiet voice as if in trouble.

She looked at me as if asking if I had to ask that question, then sighed and opened her mouth.

-Because you were chosen.

“So, why did you choose me… .”

– I can’t tell you anything other than that. Even if you speak, you won’t understand.



He frowned.

A terrible sound stung my ears.

sick. My head rang and something warm flowed from my ear as if my eardrum had burst.

I frowned and covered my ears, so she looked at me with a dark face and shut her mouth.

The sound that had been bothering me also disappeared.

“just now… what was that?”

My ruptured eardrum regenerated, and I frowned at my still throbbing hair.

My stomach rumbled.

– This is a constraint. The world has moved because you have been told not to.

How big is the scale?

The world moves just to block out a few words.

I couldn’t believe it because it was absurd.

However, to disbelieve, the pain I went through was still vivid.

‘I can’t help but believe this… driving me crazy.’

I couldn’t ask for the most important thing.

Honestly, the most curious thing was why I came here, but I can’t hear the answer itself.

“Then why was I chosen?”

– As I just said, I can’t tell you that. If you’re still wondering, all I can say is that no one knows. Only he would know.

If it’s obvious, the answer is obvious.

It wasn’t the answer I wanted, but I couldn’t read her thoughts, so I had no choice but to believe it.

It’s unfortunate, but it can’t be helped.

“What is that choice?”

– Literally. creator of the world. that he was chosen by him.

“Isn’t the opinion of the person concerned necessary for that choice?”

-that’s… .

The World Tree shuts up.

On that point, he said he couldn’t answer, and he just said he was sorry.

“Okay, that’s all good. I don’t know why I was chosen, and I don’t know why I was chosen… yes. I understand. So what should I do? Wouldn’t you say that you don’t even know that, that you can’t say it?”

If that’s the case, I’d be pretty upset.

If you don’t even tell me what to do, I don’t know what I’ll do here.

Maybe it’s going in a bad direction.

There must be a reason why I came here, but if I don’t tell you any purpose, it’s worse than garbage.

Can you at least tell me about your goal or purpose?

– You can just do it like now.

“… .”

Like now, like now… .

There is no more irritating word than now.

Anything, the next thing I don’t want to hear.

What the hell do you mean like now?

What did I do?

Oh, do you mean that I voluntarily put myself in danger?

If so… It seems absurd.

It seems that I will lose more motivation than I do now.

-You are doing well now. At least if what I’ve seen and heard is correct, yes. That’s right.

What the hell did you see and hear?

I can’t be mad at this. only sighs come out

It seems to be talking to the wall.

It wouldn’t be more frustrating to have a conversation with a doll that doesn’t give me the answer I want, but only talks to me.

“I hate going beyond Eoyeongbuyeong. It annoys me to rush through it like that.”

I took a deep breath.

I tried to hold back my anger, and I held it in so as not to shout.

Maybe because of the pain I felt earlier, my nerves were as sensitive as they would be.

No matter how much regenerative power has increased, it does not mean that you do not feel pain.

And the pain I felt was the kind of pain that pushes a person to their limits and fills the tantrum of irritation.

Even if I didn’t raise my voice right away, I was putting in a lot of effort.

“Tell me right. That’s exactly what it is like now. what am i supposed to do.”

-Well… .

Did you feel my anger?

she was speechless Her brows furrowed, as if she was being careful about what she said.

-The chosen one… .

“Just say Raymond. There is no need to speak so grandiosely.”

-ah. Okay. What do you think Raymond’s path has been like?

What kind of pun is this again?

I narrowed my eyes at her question, which had nothing to do with what I was asking.

She continued talking without paying attention to my eyes.

– I think your path has been thorny. You walked down a path you didn’t have to walk.

“So, what does that matter?”

-no. I think you are amazing for walking that path. Because there are people whose lives were saved by your steps.

At those words, I couldn’t help but soften.

No matter how bad-tempered a person is, he becomes weak when it comes to praising himself.

Even people with a lot of doubts will have doubts at first, but when they feel the sincerity of what they say, they soften a little.

-You could not have stepped out. You could be still, you could just watch. You didn’t have to show your strength, and you couldn’t save someone weaker than yourself.

I was a little taken aback by her words.

Most of what she said was for me.

I was just looking for a way to survive, and it was embarrassing to praise it so much.

Perhaps she could read my thoughts, she continued with a soft smile.

– You may be sincere about being for yourself. But if it’s directly related to your life, it’s different again.

She said.

The things I’ve done, the work of saving Mahol and the work of going to the North. The events of meeting Ahr, the main character of this world. From meeting the Imperial Secret Service to coming to the South.

He even talked about small things that made it questionable how the existence only in the south knew.

‘Is this why it’s called the World Tree?’

A tree that supports the world.

She knew very little about what was going on in this world.

There was almost no place she couldn’t reach.

I felt goosebumps at the feeling that my every action was being watched.

She didn’t even care about my reaction.

– Among them, there were things you obviously didn’t have to do. I could close my eyes for a moment, and there was no problem with running away. But you didn’t.

Her eyes twinkle as she talks about the bloody battle with the monsters in the North.

-You could have escaped alone. That was enough. Since you are with the dragon’s hatchling, the strongest creature on earth, you were able to escape alone even if you couldn’t take everyone.

Even so, he did not back down. He said he was looking for danger.

She reached out and took my hand.

I didn’t avoid that hand, I couldn’t avoid it.

– Just as you have walked, you can continue to do so in the future as well. If you do that, the world can be saved because of you.

Good word.

It was strange that he disliked it even though he believed in me.

But after hearing that, I was a little taken aback.

“Knowing that, I did that… How am I supposed to take it?”

-uh… that’s.

At my question, she takes her hand away from me and backs away.

She wiggled her fingers as she lowered her sparkling eyes toward me.

-that’s… Sorry. I knew that, but I wanted to be more specific. And I wanted to know how you would react.

“… .”

I didn’t say anything, so she rolled her eyes as if she was uneasy.

Seeing her like this, the expression of emotion was unexpectedly clear.

Her gestures and facial expressions were so lively that it was hard to believe that it was a tree.

So maybe it’s more obsessed.

Because it’s so vivid that I believe it’s real.

“it’s okay. Because I decided to skip it.”

-ah… thank you.

“I know roughly what you mean. You’re telling me to do what I’ve been doing.”

To move to live like you did until now.

That’s what she was saying.

It was an action I did to live, but because of that action, the future that was set has changed.

Please do just that in the future.

‘Well, in a way, is that normal? Because in order for me to live, this world has to be fine.’

Conversely, the purpose of Ahar is the annihilation of mankind on the continent.

I’ve done my part, if only to stop his aims that are diametrically opposed to mine.

“By the way, what will happen to me when that job is over? Are you going back to the original world?”

– Do you want to go back?

Do you want to go back… Well, I don’t know yet.

I know I can’t go back right now.

When I can go back, maybe when this world becomes peaceful, when Ahar dies.

It will be then.

But if that’s the case, should I go back?

The reason I wanted to go back right away was to live, but that reason will disappear when this world becomes peaceful.

Wouldn’t it be better to live here?

Should I give up now, when I am peaceful and have the strength and power to do anything?

I am different from the main characters of other creations.

Unlike them who are trying to return to Earth somehow, my goal was safety.

Now is… I do not know.

I think I would hate it a little if I had to go back to my incompetent self back then.

– The choice is yours. And since we still have a long way to go to make that choice, why don’t we stick to the present now?

He nodded.

That’s right. You don’t have to worry about things you can’t do yet.

He shook his head and cleared his thoughts.

“Then, now give me a way for me to become stronger.”

Now that the question has been answered, it’s time to receive something else.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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