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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 187

It was dark.

The place I was looking at was infinitely filled with black, unlike the seat I was in.

It was a place where the trees were thick and the sunlight was not good due to the nature of the geography.

It was fine until then.

Although it was dark, it was not blinding at all, and above all, there was a hatchling who could use light magic next to me.

The problem was elsewhere.

‘How many of them are there?’

Red eyes shone in the darkness.

dozens of eyes.

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The cries of the beasts were heard.

‘bear? No, this is more like a wolf.’

I heard something similar at the zoo.

The sound of wolves being alert.

However, it is terrifying and much more ferocious than the sounds heard at the zoo.

It was fine until there. It was dangerous when the wolves gathered together, but it wasn’t to the extent that they couldn’t get through.

“They said it smelled like dogs, so a dog from the south came to visit.”

The problem was them.

Warriors riding on wolves the size of bulls.

Warriors with red tattoos.

“Was this the area of Kairos?”

Somehow I came too far inside.

I thought I had come too far down through the elven forest.

I never thought that overdoing would eventually drive me into a corner.

‘Whether I should laugh at this or not.’

Combat is good.

It was an opportunity to grasp the power I had and to increase it even a little.

But there was a time and in moderation.

This kind of battle was a specification.

It wasn’t just one or two, it was close to ten.

If you add wolves, it increases even more.

‘Although there are hatchlings… .’

Hatchling could not be recklessly revealed.

I wonder if I could get rid of all the savages here.

If a hatchling shows up and misses a word… Just thinking about it is terrifying.

Surely the savage who survived here would brag about seeing a hatchling.

I hope it doesn’t come to that situation.

what does that mean soon?

It was as if I had to hit it alone.

“This is an unexpected situation.”

One of them stepped forward.

He was riding a wolf that was 1.5 times bigger than the wolves that other savages were riding.

Around the wolf’s neck was a leash made of human, elf, and red hawk skulls woven together.

So did the other savages.

Around the necks of the wolves they rode, each had the skulls of the humans he had hunted.

As if it were something to be proud of, as if it were a medal.

There was no feeling of ‘cruel’ to them.

If there was such a thing, there would be no way they would put a necklace of skulls on the wolf they rode, nor would they put a necklace on their necks.

“If the dwarves don’t want to die, they won’t betray us.”

A savage riding a wolf came out and looked over at the elf and said,

His body, stroking his chin, was almost plastered with tattoos.

The tattoo that came down from the hairless crown continued unbroken to the knees and wrists.

And there was a whirlwind pattern near the chest.

Warriors’ status is determined by the length and pattern of their tattoos.

‘A great warrior? Or maybe it’s something equivalent to that.’

great warrior.

It is a name that refers to those who have power and high status that cannot be compared to warrior commanders.

There were only five members of the Cairos tribe, and no one, not even the chief or tribal chief, could touch them until they were dead.

The reason is not only because they have great power, but also because their achievements were so great that they were dismissed as legends.

The way to find out that they are warriors was surprisingly simple.

The tattoo patterns on their chests could tell what status he had.

Normal warriors are straight, but as they rise in rank little by little, and as they become more active, the length of their tattoos increases, and colorful tattoos are added to the flat tattoos.

Among them, a tattoo resembling a whirlwind or a typhoon was a pattern that only those with a position of at least a warrior commander or higher could do it.

‘But why is the Great Warrior here?’

I know this is their territory.

But that doesn’t explain that the Great Warrior is here.

Daejeon is strong.

And I was in a very important position.

Even warriors with high self-esteem seek advice.

Being in such a position, the Great Warrior does not move easily.

When it is very important, when it is impossible to solve it with the strength of warriors and warrior leaders alone, they step forward.

That means that the current situation is so important that the Great Warriors step forward.

‘Did you know I was coming? no, it can’t be I didn’t know that something like this would happen today.’

In the first place, I did not expect that the elves would make a final counterattack today.

What more could you do?

It’s only a week.

Who would have expected that he would get scared and do something like this after only a week had passed.

“Did they get caught seeing that none of the guys I went with were there?”

“… .”

The Great Warrior asked a question to Elf.

However, the elf enchanted by the hatchling could not answer him.

He’s only supposed to answer my questions.

“Your condition is very strange.”

After a few conversations, he noticed that the elf was different from usual, and looked at me while taking his eyes off the elf.

“Are you like this?”

“… .”

I couldn’t answer.

My body atrophied at the momentum I felt from the great warrior.

Cold sweat broke out as my heart tightened.

The world is wide and there are many strong people.

Compared to the warrior commander I met then, the gap was so large that it could be seen as the difference between an adult and a teenager.

“Did you all conspire to make me feel bad? If so, I will tell you that it was definitely successful.”

“… .”

What should I answer?

I couldn’t find even the slightest gap in the leisurely warrior.

It seemed that every single gesture he made was deliberately showing an opening to lure me in.

“Should I call this a guy with good senses, or should I call him dull.”

Whether the Great Warrior had given up on asking questions, he didn’t ask any more questions.

Instead, he held the halberd he had hung on the wolf’s side in his hand.

“Well, I don’t need to hear the answer right now.”

He approaches, brandishing a halberd.

It seemed to be swinging lightly, but it was very menacing.

-Human, am I going?

‘No, you’re waiting.’

Still, it’s not yet time for hatchlings to step out.

I really didn’t want Hatchling to step in unless the situation was right.

Especially now, with the great warrior in front, it could have become more dangerous if Hatchling stepped forward.

‘The Great Warrior is a creature as warlike as a monster. If you meet a dragon, which is said to be the strongest creature on earth, your eyes will turn and you may chase it to the end of the continent.’

Unless you want to kill him here, you should refrain from hatchlings as much as possible.

As I was guarding him, a warrior suddenly jumped out from behind him.


“Please, Grand Master. Could you please yield the glory of battle to us, Akas?”

He bowed his head as politely as possible, then raised his hand and pointed to one place.

There, compared to other savages, there was a savage whose tattoo only came down to his cheek.

He was breathing heavily as if he was excited by the thought of fighting, and heat radiated from his body.

The Great Warrior glanced at the savage and touched the blade of the halberd with the hand that was not holding the halberd.

“Oops. Well, that is enough to enjoy the glory of the first battle.”

He licked his lips with great regret and spoke to me as he put the halberd back into the wolf’s side.

“I will give you a chance.”

“… ?”

“We have someone who hasn’t fought a proper battle yet, hasn’t become a warrior. Become his opponent and help him become a warrior.”

The fact that he took it for granted that I wouldn’t reject his opinion made me feel repulsive inside.

But it’s not good to move quickly just because you’re angry.

I calmed down and figured out the situation.

And I felt they wouldn’t kill me easily.

‘Help me become a warrior… It’s supposed to be one-on-one.’

Doing one-on-one, that’s not something I would lose.

Rather, it is something to be welcomed.

Rather than having them attack at the same time, especially against the great warriors.

It was better to deal with one warrior.

But there was a contradiction there.

“… What will I get if I accept the offer?”

I only put forward their demands, but there was nothing I could get.

At least there was no word saying that if I won, he would let me live.

“Battle is an honor and an honor. Do you need a price to do it?”

As if my question was strange, he frowned.

“That’s only you guys… It’s a good thing among warriors. I don’t think so. Tell me what I can get from that battle.”

“If not?”

“There’s no way I’ll ever accept that offer.”

“Do you think we need your opinion?”

“Well. That’s something you don’t know. I could run away from here… .”

As I said that, I pulled my foot back, and the savages rushed out and surrounded me.

He never even made a gap so I couldn’t escape.

“Or you could commit suicide.”

I lifted the cotton and pointed it at my neck.

The Great Warrior laughed at my actions.

Laughing at my behavior, he shook his head.

“We don’t care if you kill yourself.”

“I don’t think so. Do you think that newcomer doesn’t like being a warrior?”

“… .”

I’m not doing this for no reason.

The Kairos tribe considers being a warrior as the most important thing, and it is an honor to die on the battlefield.

There is only one way for them to become warriors.

To win a one-on-one fight against an enemy who is not a member of the same tribe.

Not being able to become a warrior is considered the worst disgrace and is not treated properly.

i was aiming for it

Because they knew how important it was to be a warrior, and they couldn’t afford to miss such a great opportunity.

“… Even if it’s not you, there are many opportunities.”

“no. no more You only recognize as warriors those who win through one-on-one combat. If you lose me now, you will never get another chance.”

“under! The only human being is you… !”

“Yes, we can wage war. But you’ll never have one-on-one combat. We’ll always be together, and it’s the same with elves. And even if I get caught by you, I will kill myself right away, so there is absolutely no chance.”

“… .”

They all shut up.

As if at a loss for words, they all looked at the Great Warrior.

They will follow the commander’s opinion.

For them, this situation was unfamiliar to them and they do not like to use their brains.

That’s why they leave everything to the great warrior who is in charge of their decisions.

Everyone’s attention was focused on him, and after thinking for a while, he opened his mouth.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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